What The Q?

By Liz & Mickey

What The Q is an exploration of Queer culture, specifically the Queer identity, in conversions with Queer identified guests. All guests are asked the same starting question, "What does the Queer identity mean to you?" From there, the conversation grows, and together we learn more about Queerness and related topics. What The Q is poised to present conversations discussing: growing up Queer in isolation, how fatness & Queerness are related, non-binary gender & pronouns, bisexuality, Queerness & parenting and many more topics which will surely pop up with guests. What The Q is hosted by long time BFF's Liz & Mickey. Mickey is Queer, Liz is not. After many years, Mickey nonchalantly came out to Liz as Queer in 2017. Liz, knowing Mickey only as a "gay man," had no idea what Queer meant or where to begin on the topic... hence, "What The Q?" This is Liz & Mickey's first time hosting a podcast. They live on opposite coasts and you will surely hear about their technical trials and tribulations of recording WTQ throughout the podcast. Is Liz's mic on? Find out on the next episode of What The Q.

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