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Everything we know about the media, marketing and advertising business is being completely upended thanks to technology and data. We're talking with some of the top industry leaders as they steer their companies through constant change.

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    "Brands Aren't Going To See It Coming" Why Marketers Are About To Be Rocked by the Creator Economy
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    "The Market Is Huge" - Spotify Wants To Transform Podcast Advertising Just Like It Did Music
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    Why Google Is Going Its Own Way in a Post-Cookie World
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    “Traditional TV Is No Longer Delivering Mass Reach" - Why Roku Is Poised to Own the Streaming Ad Boom
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    John Kosner Thinks Amazon May Hold the Future of Sports Broadcasting and Advertising in Its Hands
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    Digital Transformation Has Only Just Begun: How the Pandemic Permanently Changed Restaurant Marketing
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    Why Global Ad Agencies Still Want Their Say in the Digital ID Wars
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    Bonin Bough wants every CMO to be obsessed with getting your cell phone number
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    Harry's Gabby Cohen Believes People Are Almost Ready to Get Dressed and Go Out Again - and That Brands Have a Chance to Reinvent Experiential Marketing This Summer
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    IBM's Bob Lord Welcomes Testing Google's Cookie Alternative, but Expresses Concern About "Attacks on the Open Web"
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    YouTube Wants to Get Really Personal Despite All the Big Changes in Ad Targeting
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    The News Industry is Battling a Misinformation Crisis Amid Ongoing Business Model Uncertainty
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    How Disney Fell Deeply in Love with Programmatic Advertising
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    Why TikTok May Soon Be Ready to Go After TV Ad Money
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    Pinterest Aspires to Be the "Connective Tissue Between Inspiration and Action"
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    David Jones Thinks Ad Holding Companies Are Hiding Behind Covid
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    Why Publishers Like Complex Can't Wait for Someone Else to Replace the Cookie
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    "The Battle for the Soul of the Internet" - Adweek's Ronan Shields on the Coming War Between Apple and Google Over the Future of Digital Advertising
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    Terence Kawaja and Dave Morgan are Bullish on the Ad Economy Bouncing Back Post-Covid, but Think Some Media Investors are ‘Whistling Past the Graveyard’
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    Advertising Disrupted: What User Privacy Means for Marketers
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    Brian Morrissey on Why We'll Never Escape Advertising and Why 2021 May Represent a Return to Sanity in Digital Publishing
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    American Express Believes Machine Learning is Going to Radically Reshape Just About Every Industry
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    Kiwoba Allaire is Pushing Silicon Valley to Move Outside of the Traditional Hiring Lanes
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    TikTok Says it Can Help Advertisers Reach Gen Z and Measure How Well Their Ads Work
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    Harold Klaje is on a Mission to Demystify Reddit for Brands
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    Crypt TV Wants to Build Marvel For Horror Fans By Scaring People on Their Mobile Phones
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    Big Brands Need To Reset Their Expectations Around Data, According to M&C Saatchi Performance's Guillaume Lelait
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    Why Netflix's Data Scientist Jeffrey Wong Wants the Digital Ad Industry to Make a Bigger Bet on Incrementality
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    How Magic Spoon Launched a Direct-to-Consumer Cereal Startup in the Middle of a Pandemic
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    HER’s Shana Sumers Wants Marketers to Move Beyond Catering to the Black Community in February & the LGTBQ Community in June
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    TV Advertising is Finally Becoming More Data Driven - Which Means Everything About the TV Ad Business Needs to Change
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    Visa’s Matt Story Thinks Madison Avenue is Making Big Strides on Privacy But Has a Ways to Go on Diversity
  25. 33.
    Tastemade Says Its Thriving During the Digital Media Apocalypse
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    Snap is Bringing Digital Ad Creative Out of the Dark Ages - Though Traditional Agencies May Not be Ready
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    Why It’s Becoming Much Tougher For Brands to Use Consumer Data for Marketing Purpose in the Shift Toward a Privacy Centric Ecosystem
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    Why MediaLink Believes the Streaming Wars will Inevitably have Some Major Casualties - and Why Brands are Facing an ‘Existential’ Challenge in this Era
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    How Digital Ad Veteran Sarah Hofstetter is Trying to Help Legacy Retailers Become E-commerce Juggernauts in the Age of Stay-at-Home Shopping
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    YouTube’s Debbie Weinstein Provides an Inside Look at Their Plan to Steal More Ad Dollars From TV - By Proving Its Ads Deliver Tangible Business Results
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    Activision Blizzard Knows The Video Game Industry Hasn't Done Enough to Cater to Big Brands, But Jonathan Stringfield is Working to Change That
  32. 40.
    Twitch’s CMO Doug Scott: Brands are Still Wrapping their Heads Around the Engagement Power of Live Streaming
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    NBCUniversal’s Chairman, Advertising & Client Partnerships, Linda Yaccarino Only Wants to Shake Up Measurement, the TV Ad Experience, and the Industry's Fundamental Business Model
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