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The Generation To Generation Podcast is a seven-part series that will help you tackle the tough questions that you have in areas like: helping your parents age in place, how to deal with family conflict, and when you should take away the keys to the car.

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Why is it important to stay fit even when we get older? Personal trainer Heidi Weinberg joins us to talk about what can be gained with a little bit of physical activity -- no matter how old you are.

Jan 2020

21 min 32 sec

When is the time to take the keys away? How do you know when it's not safe for a loved one to drive? We talk to Allina Health Courage Kenny Rehabilitation's Manager of Driver Assessment and Training Services Kathy Woods for how they assess the ability to continue to drive, and what some signs you can look for are.

Jan 2020

17 min 53 sec

How can you take care of others if you aren't taking care of your self? Yoga and meditation teacher Charlotte Bayala joins us to talk about the importance of self-care and some suggestions for easy things you can do to de-stress.

Dec 2019

20 min 23 sec

Some times, not all conflict is bad. Mediator Dan Simon explains how he can help families with aging parents navigate some of the challenges that come.

Dec 2019

11 min 36 sec

How do you help a loved one that wants to stay in their own home as they age? Bonnie Jaffe, the care coordinator at Jewish Family Service of St. Paul offers some tips to get through this tricky situation.

Nov 2019

14 min 9 sec

Learn about a new series that will help give advice to children who have to take care of parents who are aging.

Nov 2019

1 min 13 sec