The Paris Review

By The Paris Review and Stitcher

An audio odyssey behind the scenes at the world's most legendary literary magazine. A phantasmagoric blend of stories, archival tape, and interviews with the likes of James Baldwin, Ernest Hemingway, and Dorothy Parker. Plus, the cutting-edge writers of our time.

  1. 1.
    BONUS: Celebrating N. Scott Momaday
  2. 2.
    BONUS: Crucial Handshakes (A celebration of issues 233 and 234)
  3. 3.
    18. A Tree Grows Live in Brooklyn (A Live Recording at On Air Fest 2020)
  4. 4.
    17. Odd Planets (with Charlotte Rampling, Simone de Beauvoir, Danez Smith, Griffin Dunne, Henry Green, Sarah Manguso, and WS Merwin)
  5. 5.
    16. Lift and Fall (with Tennessee Williams, Charles Wright, Bill Callahan, J.M. Holmes, Anne Sexton, and Jenny Slate)
  6. 6.
    15. Memory, Rich Memory (with Dylan Thomas, Salman Rushdie, Sharon Olds, Alexandra Kleeman, Devendra Banhart, and Paulé Bártón)
  7. 7.
    14. Making Light (with Philip Roth, Jason Alexander, Lucille Clifton, Quincy Tyler Bernstine, Brenda Shaughnessy)
  8. 8.
    13. Before the Light (with Toni Morrison, Molly Ringwald, Mary Terrier, Alex Dimitrov)
  1. 9.
    Season 2 Trailer: The Paris Review Podcast Returns
  2. 10.
    Time Has Stood Still: Philip Roth (1933–2018)
  3. 11.
    12. Thunder, They Told Her (with Jamaica Kincaid, James Salter, Dick Cavett, Sadie Stein, Frederick Seidel, Robert Bly, and Caitlin Youngquist)
  4. 12.
    11. Tomorrow's Reason (with Hunter S. Thompson, George Plimpton, Terry McDonell, Pablo Neruda, Antonio Gueudinot, Amie Barrodale, Paul Heesang Miller)
  5. 13.
    10. The Occasional Dream (with Frank O'Hara, David Sedaris, Joy Williams, Mary-Louise Parker, Roberto Bolaño, Dakota Johnson, John Ashbery, Steve Gunn, John Jermiah Sullivan, Robert Johnson)
  6. 14.
    9. God, Etc. (with Jesse Eisenberg, Benjamin Nugent, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Kristen Dombek)
  7. 15.
    8. Questionable Behavior (with Dorothy Parker, Stockard Channing, Anna Sale, Alexia Arthurs, Helga Davis, Blair Fuller, John Guare, Idra Novey, Elena Wilkinson, Jeff Gleaves)
  8. 16.
    7. The Listening Forest (with Eudora Welty, George Plimpton, Denise Levertov, Ottessa Moshfegh, Glynis Bell)
  9. 17.
    6. The Beetle and the Butterfly (with David Sedaris, Eudora Welty, George Plimpton, Sharon Olds, Peter Ho Davies)
  10. 18.
    5. To See You Again (with Lucia Berlin, Alison Fraser, Brian Cullman, Eileen Myles, Caleb Crain)
  11. 19.
    4. Missed Connections (with Marc Maron, Sam Lipsyte, Robert Pattinson, James Wright, Sadie Stein, George Plimpton)
  12. 20.
    3. I Was There (with James Baldwin, LeVar Burton, Morgan Parker, Dorothea Lasky, Dakota Johnson, Raymond Carver)
  13. 21.
    2. Always Leaving (with Jack Kerouac, Hailey Gates, Erica Ehrenberg, Shelly Oria, Donnetta Lavinia Grays)
  14. 22.
    1. Times of Cloud (with Eileen Myles, Wallace Shawn, Maya Angelou, Sadie Stein)
  15. 23.
    Coming soon: The Paris Review Podcast

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