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Ever curious about how some people seem to live extraordinary lives while others can’t seem to free themselves from the well-trodden path? This show explores the hidden side of seemingly every day topics and reveals the pivotal moments, habits, tools and tricks of those who are truly living life differently. You’ll leave knowing how to apply the

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Warrick Kernes is South Africa's leading e-commerce expert. In this episode we chat about the myths of e-commerce, how hard (or easy) it really is to start, what the *real* reason to start and e-commerce business is and why.You can learn more about Warrick on https://differently.life/ecommerce

Sep 21

52 min

Leave knowing what it takes to down size, pack up and leave an ‘old life’ behind - she shares what it took to prepare including working remotely, starting an online business, clearing out and hitting the road.You can learn more about Tracie on https://differently.life/tracie

Sep 8

46 min

Leave knowing what motivated Michelle to start her own online business teaching others how to become Online English Teachers.She shares what’s hard about creating a online course, what’s easy and why everyone should consider her business model.Find the show notes to her episode on https://differently.life/michelle

Sep 1

61 min

Leave knowing Ricardo’s 5 Key ingredients  to being “unstoppable”, what we can take from martial arts to help us recover from setbacks and keep our energy high and take a peek and what books and podcasts Ricardo listens to to keep him sharp, inspired and focused.Ricardo Teixeira is a serial entrepreneur and online business owner, serving  the global Portuguese speaking community.Find the show notes to her episode on https://differently.life/ricardo

Aug 25

50 min

Leave knowing what Thembi’s #1 recommendation is for accomplishing anything worth doing, what it takes to start again from scratch and the secret ingredient to grow your business without employing staff.Find the show notes to her episode on https://differently.life/thembi

Aug 19

52 min

Leave knowing Patricia’s easy-going process of making her major life decisions, hear her story of going from stuck and confused to in-flow and location independent.A fun, uplifting listen.Patricia is an online business owner teaching students all over the world how to use Feng Shui to bring money into their lives, like a magnet.Find the show notes to her episode on: www.differently.life/patricia

Aug 11

45 min

Leave with Ann’s key decision making metric she’s used to guide her to financial freedom in her 40s, how she ensures all aspects of her personality and desires are fulfilled and how she knows if she is on the right track or not (and what to do about it).Apply all these tools to your life, and reap the rewards.Ann Wilson is an online business owner teaching thousands of students globally how to create asset generated wealth. She’s a best selling author, speaker and general power-house.Find the show notes to her episode on https://differently.life/ann

Aug 5

74 min

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