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The Forward Line is a female-led, Sports Law Podcast, born and bred out of Melbourne Law School. We discuss the latest news and conduct guest interviews with Athletes, Sports Administrators & Academics.

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Hello & Happy Saturday! Thank you for joining us for our third instalment of the Saturday Series. Today we are speaking to Australian Diver and 3x Olympian, Anabelle Smith! Anabelle holds multiple medals from various competitions across the years including the Rio Olympics, World Championships and the Commonwealth Games. But today she's here to talk to us about her journey to Tokyo. During this conversation, Anabelle takes us right to the heart of the competition of the Women's Individual 3m Springboard. We talk the morning of, the wait in the call room and her individual performance.  We then take the conversation a little more broad, as Anabelle discusses some of the challenges for up & coming divers including what its like having your body constantly on display.   To keep up with Anabelle's latest news you can follow her on the Socials @anabellesmith and @beingbelle_ and via her website  Anabelle was so generous with her time and a delight to talk to! We hope you enjoy the show. 

Oct 8

17 min 42 sec

Hello & Happy Saturday! TFL is very excited to be back with another instalment of the Saturday Series. Today we are speaking to triathlete, Emma Jeffcoat. Emma is a former Surf Life Saver, who turned to international triathlons in 2015. Since then, she's had raging success. Emma was part of the team  who took home a Bronze Medal at the 2019 Hamburg ITU Triathlon Mixed Relay World Championships, and in 2021 she was crowned the Australian National Champion for the Elite Sprint Triathlon Championships held in Devonport.  But on today's show, Emma is here to talk to us about her latest achievement as a member of the Tokyo 2020 Australian Olympic Team. As you’ll hear throughout the episode, Emma competed in both the Women’s Individual Triathlon and the inaugural Mixed Team Relay. We discuss what it's like making your Olympic debut in a COVID year, handling a typhoon on race day and Emma’s life outside of sport, including her passion for Nursing. Emma was a ray of sunshine to interview, so down-to earth and generous with her time! To keep up to date with her latest news, you can follow her on Instagram @emmajeffcoat.  Enjoy the show! 

Sep 24

20 min 54 sec

Hello & Happy Thursday! On today’s episode, we are sitting down with prominent road cyclist, Tiffany Cromwell. Tiffany is one of Australia’s most experienced female cyclists, boasting a decade of professional riding experience, two Commonwealth Games appearances and several other impressive accolades. Since 2016, Tiffany has been racing in the UCI Women’s World Tour with the Canyon//SRAM Racing Team, which sees her competing in road cycling races all over the world. She made her Olympic debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where she captained the Australian Team in the Women’s Cycling Road Race. In this conversation, we discuss career pathways, the Australian Cycling Team’s Olympic campaign, and the challenges faced by the sport in 2021. We also touch on the 'Zwift movement' and how the Canyon//SRAM Racing Team are identifying new talent in a virtual world, as well as Tiffany’s creative side designing freelance cycling kits and other items. Tiffany was a candid, open and wonderful person to sit down and talk to. We hope you enjoy the chat as much as we did. To keep up to date with Tiffany and her latest news, you can follow her on Instagram - @tiffanycromwell or via her website. The Canyon//SRAM Racing Team’s website can be found over here.  Enjoy the show!

Sep 16

51 min 21 sec

Hello & Happy Saturday! Welcome to the launch of TFL’s new segment, The Saturday Series. Today on the show, we are sitting down with Australian Rower, Lucy Stephan. Born and bred in Nhill, Victoria, Lucy learned to row as a boarder at Ballarat Grammar. She marked her presence on the international rowing stage in 2012 and since then, she has taken the rowing world by storm with an impressive list of achievements. She is a multiple-time Australian Champion, two-time World Champion, dual Olympian and Tokyo 2020 Olympic GOLD Medalist. In this conversation, we discuss Lucy’s Tokyo 2020 journey, her fabulous crew consisting of Rosie Popa, Annabelle McIntyre and Jessica Morrison, what’s next for Lucy and the importance of a Mecca Face Mask on the eve of an Olympic Final. Lucy is humble, candid and what we would describe as a force to be reckoned with! We hope you enjoy this chat as much as we did. To keep up to date with Lucy and her latest news, you can follow her on Instagram - @loosey_stephan. You can also follow her incredible crew on Instagram, Rosie – @rosie.popa and Annabelle – @mcintyre.annabelle. Jess is not on social media, however, you can keep up to date with her via the Rowing Australia website – Enjoy the show!

Sep 3

23 min 22 sec

Hello & Happy Thursday! Can you believe we are in mid-August!? Sending especially good vibes to all our Aussie listeners who are currently in lockdown. On today's episode, we start with a deep dive on the GOAT or as some of you may know her, Simone Biles. We discuss mental health in Sport following her very brave withdrawal from 5/6 of her Artistic Gymnastic Finals at the Tokyo Olympics. Then, if you are anything like us you may also be feeling a little post-Tokyo despair BUT do not worry... we have your back. Join us for a conversation on our favourite medal moments, the stories that broke our hearts & the athletes who best encapsulated the Olympic Spirit. We also have a surprise new ‘Seasonal Host’ to introduce to you. Watch out for her 'G'day'.   Lastly, we recommended you read Sally Jenkins article on Simone Biles in The Washington Post, and listen to the 'Story of Simone Biles' by The Daily Podcast. We'll see you soon guys! *TFL Media is an independent organisation run entirely by young women. Our creative artwork is designed and produced by Molly Mathews.  

Aug 12

42 min 14 sec

Helloooooooo & Happy Thursday! It's finally time. We are back for Season Two. If you're an old listener, welcome back, thank you for your patience. If you're a new listener, welcome too! It's lovely to have you here. Today we sit down with Riley Wolff. Riley is a digital creator who founded the international running blog, 'Tempo Journal' - though Tempo is SO much more than just a blog. But before he was shooting for Nike New York, Riley was a self-proclaimed rascal. Today, he takes us back to the beginning at Uni and through his early career path working at Adidas and MAAP. We talk founding Tempo, international success and his other baby, Hunter Athletics.  Riley has also just written a book. It is called A Lifetime For A Moment: Brett Robinson's Marathon Journey. It's currently available for pre-order with the Ballarat Running Company so go, go, go & get your hands on it. Thanks team, we hope you enjoy the show! 

Jul 14

56 min 31 sec

Hello & Happy Thursday! On today’s Episode we are sitting down with an incredible woman who needs little introduction – beloved Netballer, Jo Weston. Jo's a renowned Melbourne Vixens and Australian Diamonds player, often adorning the Goal Defence bib on court. In the midst of her seventh season, she has an impressive list of accolades including as the recipient of numerous awards with the Vixens and a Diamonds squad member at both the 2018 Commonwealth Games and 2019 World Cup. Off the court, Jo is a hard-working student at Deakin University, currently completing her Masters. She is also on numerous Boards and continues to use her platform to advocate for player rights and social change. It was an absolute pleasure to sit down with Jo and hear about her intelligent and fun insights into life on & off the court. We hope you enjoy the show!

Sep 2020

58 min 47 sec

Hello & Happy Thursday! Last week of August - only 4 months of the year to go! Today, we’ve got a pretty varied episode lined up for you all. 1. With the F1 up and racing, a few eyebrows were raised by the sudden appearance of a PINK Mercedes! And no, we don’t mean an actual Mercedes car turning pink, but Racing Point developing (coughplagiarismcough) a pink doppelgänger of the 2019 Mercedes car that has landed them in some serious hot water. 2. The AFL’s Sir Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round started on an interesting note with the announcement that they would not display the Aboriginal flag, leading to some serious increased awareness around the fact that the flag is COPYRIGHTED. This led to all 18 clubs adorning Free the Flag tees and supporting the movement. We take you through the basics of copyright and what it means, the #freetheflag movement, and some potential pathways to getting freedom for the flag. 3. Stage 1 of the Tour of Poland ended with a bang - and not a good kind. A huge collision resulting from a sprint battle between Dylan Groenewegen and Fabio Jakobsen rocked the cycling world on a number of fronts. We talk through a few practical and legal issues that have been thrust into the spotlight - such as the downward sprint and event organiser liability. To find out more about the free the flag movement, check out the great work being done by @clothingthegap.You can find an explanation of the movement here: a timeline of the journey so far here:

Aug 2020

46 min 58 sec

Hello and Happy Thursday! We hope you are all well. On today’s episode, Chloe is sitting down with Australian Rules Football player, Allen Christensen. It was an absolute privilege to talk to Allen and have such a raw & powerful discussion. We kicked off the conversation with some footy chat, discussing Allen’s journey to playing AFL. We talk about the day he was drafted to Geelong Football Club and then follow his career through to the present day where he now plays for the Brisbane Lions. We then take the conversation off-field where Allen opened up about his challenges including a gambling addiction. As a proud Tiwi man, Allen also talks about his experiences as an Indigenous Australian in the AFL during the Adam Goodes era. We explore the changes Allen inspired within his own footy club and he offers some fantastic insights into how the Australians can better educate themselves about our national history and First Peoples. Additionally, we give you the inside goss on what ‘hub’ life is really like for AFL players. And by the end of this episode, we’re 100% positive you’ll have found a new podcast to add to your weekly repertoire after you hear about Allen’s own podcast, Addicted to the Game, which he runs with his brothers Luke and Aaron, and friend Jimmy. To keep up to date with Allen’s news, you can follow Addicted to the Game via Instagram and Twitter @attgpodcast We hope you enjoy the chat as much as we did!

Aug 2020

1 hr 5 min

Hello & Happy Thursday! We hope you are well and if you're stuck in the Melbourne Lockdown 2.0, we hope you are staying SANE (if not, don't stress...Chloe's got an unrelated sports tip to offer you). Our first story today considers the ‘Netflix effect’ of Athlete A and the impact of the documentary on the Gymnastics industry. We chat about the bravery of the athletes who have come forward, the #gymnastalliance movement and the institutional responses both Internationally & in Australia. We then look into a potential corruption scandal currently dominating the Championship after the SNEAKY SALE of Wigan Athletic FC. We run through the tumultuous events as they unfolded and provide an update on the most recent appeal. **Content Warning: Please note our final segment discusses sexual assault. If you find this content distressing, please pause the episode at the 27 minute mark. This segment compares the treatment of AFL player Jordan De Goey against NRL player Jack De Belin. Both athletes were charged with sexual assault but following intervention by the criminal law, their playing careers have taken two very different paths. De Goey was allowed to play on the following week. De Belin has been banned from competition for the last two years. We ask, why? Please note, the mainstream media is labelling De Goey's charge as, "indecent assault". Following amendments in the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic), "indecent assault" is now called "sexual assault" and is located in Section 40 of the Act. However, these terms are interchangeable and are used synonymously throughout the show. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, please reach out to organisations such as Beyond Blue (1300 22 4636) or Lifeline (13 11 14). They are here to help

Jul 2020

46 min 39 sec

Hello & Happy Thursday! We hope you are all staying safe and we are especially thinking of our Melbournian friends. On today’s show we are sitting down with the Australian Olympic Committee’s (or the AOC’s) Social Media Coordinator, Georgia Thompson. Growing up in Armidale NSW, Georgia developed a passion for sport from a young age with the support and encouragement of her parents. After graduating from high school, she went on to study a Bachelor of Communications (focusing on journalism) and a Bachelor of Sports Science, at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst. It was whilst she was studying that she gained some incredible experiences in the media. She worked at Bathurst Producers and New England Broadcasters within her first year of university, and then landed her first role as a content producer at the Netball World Cup in 2015! By October that year, she was employed by the AOC as a Digital Media Assistant. Since then, Georgia has continued to work her way up the career ladder to her current role. Today, as Social Media Coordinator, Georgia has been imperative in keeping the Olympic spirit alive in Australia after the delay of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics through campaigns such as #OlympicDay. In today’s episode we chat with Georgia about her career pathway and experiences with the AOC, her insights about how athletes handle their relationship with social media in contrast to their sponsorship obligations and how she copes with the challenges of being a young female in the sports industry It was wonderful to sit down with Georgia and have such an open and honest discussion and we hope you enjoy the chat as much as we did!

Jul 2020

51 min 22 sec

Hello & Happy Thursday! Happy July! Only 8 weeks of Winter to go and for some of our fellow Victorians, you’ll be spending the next month back in Stage 3 Lockdown. We are sending you big love, please stay safe. So what else is making headlines this week? Firstly we have a big announcement (excuse us for being self-indulgent) but after 6.5 years of study, Chloe and Annie have finally finished their Juris Doctor degrees, officially joining the club of ‘unemployed law graduates’. To other students deciding when to graduate, we would 110% recommend a mid-year finish so you can go travelling in Europe for 6 months before you start full time work….oh wait… Alas, onto ACTUAL sports news. Today we start over at Netball AUS HQ where the Super Netball League is in some serious hot water. Did you hear about how they introduced a wild rule change but didn’t consult with any of their players beforehand? Cute. We then go State side and examine the NBA’s newest bling – Not the Championship Ring but the Oura Ring. Made by a Finnish company, the Oura Ring is helping the NBA with the early detection of COVID-19… but is it simultaneously jeopardising the players’ right to privacy? **Content Warning:Please note our final segment discusses the racial vilification of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples. If you find this content distressing, please pause the episode at the 22 minute mark. You may have seen last week that some pretty abhorrent comments were made about AFL Legend, Nicky Winmar on another Australian Sports Podcast titled, You Cannot Be Serious. Today, we take a deep dive into Australian Defamation Law and offer some thoughts about how Winmar’s upcoming legal action might play out. We also recommended you read this article by Associate Professor, Gregory Phillips if you are looking for some further commentary on this issue; Enjoy the show

Jul 2020

42 min 32 sec

Hello everyone & Happy Thursday! Today on the show Annie and Emily sit down with professional golfer, Lucas Herbet. Ranked #64 in the World, Lucas is among the top 5 Australians on the list, not too far behind superstars Jason Day and Adam Scott. Lucas grew up just outside of Bendigo, Victoria and turned pro in 2015. He’s now 24 years old and has been an official player on the European Tour for the last 3 seasons. In today’s episode we discuss Lucas’ self-proclaimed “love-hate” relationship with his sport, exploring the highs and lows of life on the road. We chat about his first professional win at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic in January this year, playing practice rounds with Tiger Woods at his first British Open and what it’s like having everyone on the Internet being able to find out EXACTLY how much money you are making. Lucas was so generous in giving up some of his time before he hopefully jets back off to US in two weeks to FINALLY start playing again. To keep up to date with Lucas and his latest news, you can follow him on:Twitter @lhgolf5 Instagram @herbznspices_ There’s some absolute cracking stories in this one and we hope you enjoy the show!

Jun 2020

47 min 49 sec

Hellooooo & Happy Thursday! Winter is here and for all our University listeners…so is exam time (we wish you well). But most importantly…SPORT IS BACK…Well, kind of. Today on the show we start with a debrief about Netflix’s latest sensation; The Last Dance. Did you watch Episode 5? Were you confused about all the drama with the Nike Air Jordan vs Reebok logo? Same! So today we are breaking it all down before leaving you to decide the big question – did MJ do the right thing? You may have also seem some headlines around about a Go Fund Me page set up to help Richmond Superstar, Marlion Pickett. But why won’t the AFL allow Pickett to benefit from the public purse? Lastly, we take a quick squiz at Sport in post COVID-19 world. Will there be new rules? Apparently ‘No Spitting’ is a thing? Maybe more injuries & interchange? And what on EARTH is happening with those fake crowd noises and cardboard cut-outs!? We answer it all. Enjoy the show!

Jun 2020

36 min 13 sec

Hello everyone & Happy Thursday! Today on the show we are sitting down with Australian Artistic Gymnast, Georgia Godwin. Georgia is a 6x All-Around National Champion, a Commonwealth Games Medalist and soon to be Olympian. We discussed her transition from a competitive junior to global star, pressure & motivation during the face of adversity and what it’s like preparing to make the biggest debut of your career, a year later than you had planned. It was an absolute delight to get to know Georgia and a bit more about the intricacies of her sport of passion. She was candid, hilarious and humble, offering so many pearls of wisdom throughout this conversation. If you would like to follow Georgia’s Olympic journey, you can find her Instagram page here. In the show we also asked Georgia about the hardest skill she’s ever nailed. She said it was “a front layout, double front” and as promised, you can watch her land it over here! To keep up to date with all of our news, you can follow our various social media pages. We are on:- Twitter- Instagram- And Facebook Enjoy the show and we will be back in your ears in two week’s time!

May 2020

38 min 43 sec

Helloooooo and Happy Thursday! We hope you are well & staying healthy during these uncertain times. From the TFL team, we would like to say A BIG THANK YOU for your patience as we set up our new WFH Recording Studio. We are thrilled to be back after our short hiatus and reporting live from a Stage 3 Melbourne lockdown. Although we look & sound a little different, the gist is still the same; How cool is technology right? Today on the show we unpack a recent judgment from an LA Court. In the case, the Judge rejected an argument by the US Women’s Soccer Team who sued their governing body for gender discrimination. We then shift our focus to domestic news. We examined the impact of COVID-19 on the Sports Gambling Industry and the subsequent effects this is having on match-fixers. Finally, we take a deep dive into how one of Australia’s most Senior Sports Administrators, Raelene Castle, was ousted from her role as CEO of Rugby Australia. We consider whether she was treated fairly in her dismissal and ask why it is seemingly SO difficult for Women in Sport to secure the top job. Annie recommended you watch this short video of superstar Genevieve Gregson setting a new record around the Tan Track. Chloe sends her apologies for the unexpected cameo by her puppy Rocky around the 26 minute mark, but is also happy for you follow her on Instagram if you wish to see more dog content. Enjoy the show!

May 2020

28 min 4 sec

Hello and Happy Sunday! Don't mind us popping into your feeds unexpectedly. We know it's not a normal release day but we decided to hold an emergency recording, while it was still logistically possibile to do so! Today on the show we have an entire special dedicated to the Coronavirus. We talk about its effect on global sport at the elite level and take a deep dive into two case studies in our hometown of Melbourne, Namely, the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix and the decision by the Australian Football League to continue with Round 1 of its 2020 Men's competition. We then consider the effect of "no sport" at the grass roots level and talk you through what WE are doing to keep active and healthy throughout this period of social distancing. Lastly, we've got a couple of good news, sports stories to put a smile on your face, amidst these challenging times. We hope you enjoy the show and please take extra care of yourself and your loved ones over the coming weeks and months. We are all in this together!

Mar 2020

41 min

Today on the show we are sitting down with Australian Rules Football player, Mitch Hannan. With the Men's Australian Rules Football 2020 Season due to commence next Thursday, we felt Mitch was the perfect person to introduce this competition. During the show, we chat all things footy, including Mitch's path to AFL, life as an AFL player, career highlights and Melbourne Football Club's 2020 pre-season. Off the field, Mitch continues to kick goals as the co-founder of Mendl, a non-profit fashion label with a mission to encourage men to start conversations about their mental health. We chat about the inspiration behind Mendl and the recent positive changes in society surrounding conversations about men's mental health. If you would like to join the Mendl Movement, you can find out more information and purchase pieces at or follow the movement on Instagram: @_mendl_. To read more about Mendl (from those who know fashion better than we do) check out this feature article in GQ: To keep up to date with Mitch's latest news, you can follow him on Instagram: @mitchhan19 Thanks for listening!

Mar 2020

34 min 34 sec

Today we discuss the disruption in the Administration of Australian Sport, covering the "Sports Rorts Affair" and the money battle of the two Johns: John Wylie, Chair of the Australian Sports Commission and John Coates, President of the Australian Olympic Committee. We explore the effect of Netflix and other streaming services on how we consume sport and lastly our producer Emily, reflects on her time at the International Labour Organisation's inaugural Global Dialogue Forum on Decent Work in the World of Sport held in Geneva, Switzerland. During the show we recommended you LISTEN to this episode of Tracey Holmes' The Ticket podcast: and READ this article in the Atlantic by Amanda Mull which examines some of the more problematic behaviours evidenced in Netflix's Cheer documentary: Enjoy!

Feb 2020

30 min 36 sec

Today on the show we are sitting down with Catriona Bisset. In 2019, Triona sprung to prominence after a shock win in the 800m event at the Track & Field National Championships. Two months later she broke a 43 year old Record, making her Australia’s fastest EVER 800m female athlete and ensuring her eligibility for selection at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In contrast to her competitors, Triona’s journey has been unconventional. After dominating the junior ranks, she spent a lengthy period of time away from the sport. This has allowed her to pursue other passions including a Masters of Architecture and Diploma of Chinese Language. It’s this time spent outside athletics that has given Triona such a unique perspective on the sport she loves. Today you’ll hear from an incredible critical thinker as we chat about agents, athlete advocacy her relationship with social media and what its like to have your toughest rival, Caster Semenya, banned from your event. To read more about Triona's journey head to her website here: or follow her on Instagram here: @catrionabisset. Thanks for listening!

Feb 2020

25 min 15 sec

Today on the show we discuss the air quality policy that had players up in arms (to read more on this see also:, the role of ballkids when it comes to banana peels and the interesting timing surrounding the media's coverage of Nick Kyrgios.

Jan 2020

28 min 5 sec

Hello friends and Happy Thursday! Today on the show we are doing things a little differently. Last week, we headed to the Australian National Road Cycling Championships in Buninyong. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Nick White and Sarah Gigante who both won the 2019 Road Race. In this episode we chatted about the course, their wins last year and how they were feeling about their 2020 seasons. Enjoy the show

Jan 2020

40 min 23 sec

Hello lovely listeners and Happy New Year! Today on the show we are doing things a little differently – our first guest interview with our very own Sports Law lecturer, Professor Jack Anderson. Jack has been instrumental in the creation of the podcast and hence it was only fitting that he was our first guest. We sat down with Jack just before Christmas to talk all things Sports Law. Throughout the chat you will hear about Jack’s career as a university lecturer, his time working as an Arbitrator for the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and his expert opinion about the latest sporting disputes and news that are sure to dominate headlines in 2020. We had so much fun recording this episode and we hope you enjoy getting to know Jack. Wanting more of the TFL? We will be back in your ears in two weeks’ time but as always, to stay up to date with our latest news simply tune into our social media accounts. Stay safe over the holiday period and we will see you soon!

Jan 2020

27 min 6 sec

Today we discuss the proportionality of Cricket Australia’s ban handed down to Hobart Hurricanes star Emily Smith after an Instagram joke gone, why a new building at Nike HQ is causing mass controversy amongst its employees and the potential fate of the Russian athletes who had their hopes pinned on attending the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. For more on the Russian scandal, this week we also recommend you watch Bryan Fogul’s Icarus documentary, see here → ( We also discussed some recent Russian cases that went to CAS. To read about Russia's former Sports Minister Mr Mutko, check out this decision → CAS 2017/A/5498 Vitaly Mutko v. IOC. And for individual athlete cases see here → CAS 2017/A/5422 Zubkov v IOC whereby the IOC ban was upheld and here → CAS 2017/A/5379 Legkov v IOC for a case where the IOC lost. The Forward Line would not be possible without the creative minds of Liam Halverson, our audio-editor and Molly Mathews, our graphic designer.

Dec 2019

33 min 41 sec

Today, we discuss the landmark settlement in the legal stoush between Israel Folau v Rugby Australia [2019]. The Forward Line would not be possible without the creative minds of Liam Halverson, our audio-editor and Molly Mathews, our graphic designer.

Dec 2019

36 min 54 sec

Today, we discuss the Matildas momentous CBA with the Socceroos, F1’s ambitious plan to move to Net-Zero Carbon and the Drama in the Pool finally heads to Switzerland - Sun Yang v WADA arrive @ CAS. The Forward Line would not be possible without the creative minds of Liam Halverson, our audio-editor and Molly Mathews, our graphic designer.

Nov 2019

30 min 54 sec

Today, we discuss the debilitating effects of concussion via the voices of Joey Didulica and Paddy McCartin, Chelsea’s Transfer Embargo and alarming OHS Concerns with the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The Forward Line would not be possible without the creative minds of Liam Halverson, our audio-editor and Molly Mathews, our graphic designer.

Nov 2019

39 min 10 sec

Today, we discuss the Dark Side of the Spring Racing Carnival, the Paid Parental Leave Policy hitting sixes and Techno-Doping in the Age of Eliud Kipchoge. The Forward Line would not be possible without the creative minds of Liam Halverson, our audio-editor and Molly Mathews, our graphic designer. Further Reading as Recommended in the Show! For the GQ Piece, click here; Age piece by Chip Le Grand click here;

Oct 2019

33 min 17 sec

Today, we discuss the Mystery of Rohan Dennis, a CBA debacle for the AFLW and the Spectacle of UFC.Edit: minor error in our third story. TKO stands for “technical” not “total” knock out. The Forward Line would not be possible without the creative minds of Liam Halverson, our audio-editor and Molly Mathews, our graphic designer.

Oct 2019

44 min 12 sec

Welcome to The Forward Line where we debate three of the biggest sport stories from the fortnight. Today, we discuss Steve Smith's concussion @ the Ashes, the USADA case that may help Shayna Jack and the return of Jaidyn Stephenson to the footy field. The Forward Line would not be possible without the creative minds of Liam Halverson, our audio-editor and Molly Mathews, our graphic designer. Song credit: Inspiration to Travel - Antarticbreeze. See also: The 'Downfall' Documentary for an overview of Sandpapergate!15011/season-special!15012

Sep 2019

36 min 33 sec

Today, on the show we discuss corruption in player transfers to the English Premier League, eSports landing in Melbourne and a horror weekend for sport in Australia and abroad. The Forward Line would not be possible without the creative minds of Liam Halverson, our audio-editor and Molly Mathews, our graphic designer. Song credit: Song credit: Inspiration to Travel - Antarticbreeze. See also: For more on eSports

Sep 2019

29 min 2 sec

Today on the show, we discuss all things footy! Willie Rioli's drug test debacle, what it means to play within the spirit of the game and Toby Greene - a serial eye gouger? The Forward Line would not be possible without the creative minds of Liam Halverson, our audio-editor and Molly Mathews, our graphic designer. Song credit: Inspiration to Travel - Antarticbreeze.

Sep 2019

42 min 18 sec