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Welcome back to Building Blox, a podcast where we talk about all things Real Estate, designed for Real Estate Agents, Teams, Brokers, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs and Young Hustlers trying to build a career in Real Estate or scale their business. Join us as we discuss all the advantages to becoming a licensed Real Estate Agent while still in college. Our conversation will be about educating and training college students to leverage Real Estate as a first career option. Stability, security and success is available to our new, tech-driven, forward-thinking college students ready to make Real Estate their first career.

Nov 24

28 min 44 sec

Building Blox, a podcast about all things real estate designed for real estate agents, teams, brokers, lifestyle entrepreneurs and young hustlers trying to build a career in real estate or scale their business. Each episode sees industry veteran Sarah Richardson take a journey through the latest and greatest in real estate, alongside a host of inspiring industry leading pioneers, as special guests have dedicated their time to research and provide easily digestible and highly relevant strategies on the systems, tools and the successful mindset needed to scale in real estate business today and into the future. Visit for more resources and additional information on each episode on the show.

Nov 11

1 hr 1 min