Raw Nomadic Lens

Sheri Meshal

Join me for a fun, raw vegan, yearlong sabbatical on the road. Let's spread the word that nine times out of ten, we can heal ourselves.

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Join us for some laughter, tears (mostly laughter) and a smidge of profanity, as we reflect on some of our biggest challenges... aka opportunities for growth.


Nov 28

1 hr 54 min

Balance & comfort

Oct 31

29 min 33 sec

Join me for a travel, adventure and healing update. When you say you want to grow as much as possible, the universe delivers, lol.

Oct 18

52 min 3 sec

A quick catch-up on my raw travels and adventures!

Oct 7

19 min 57 sec

Dog sitting in Santa Clarita, Weight Loss, Old Friends, RAW RESTAURANTS, Autobiography in Five Chapters, UCNDOIT, High Vibrations & Angel Cards

Sep 18

23 min 4 sec

Join me on the road for an update on my yearlong raw sabbatical! It's going GREAT. The universe rewards leaps of faith. I see this more every day. Take more leaps!

Sep 8

45 min 31 sec

Raw relationship challenges, travels - Ireland's Malin Head & Skelling Michael, then on to Copenhagen and finally hitting the road!

Sep 3

24 min 32 sec

See how my little experiment went!

Jul 16

25 min 23 sec

Join me for a fun first interview with my Canadian friend Kara. She's been my raw buddy for 13 years and going strong. Kara's a teacher and I just love the way she presents information. She's very logical, practical and hilarious. I'm so grateful she took the time to really pack a lot of great information into this interview and as always, was completely honest about her experiences.

Jul 6

1 hr 25 min

Catching everyone up to speed and announcing a major adventure!

Jul 4

24 min 41 sec

An introduction to RNL, a little background and lots of love!

Jul 4

55 min 34 sec