Good Things Come In Threes

Trinity Camp Hill

A trio of personable Lutheran pastors from south central Pennsylvania reflect on relatable topics. Pastors Jack Horner, John Brock, and Liz Frey from Trinity Camp Hill draw you in with their camaraderie.

Often light-hearted, their conversations confirm how God is at work in your world.

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What are you thankful for? Listen as the Pastors chat about the three things that they are grateful for in this season of Thanksgiving. From weddings and family to church liturgy and worship life, our Pastors are thankful for so much at this time....

Nov 17

31 min 52 sec

From Tanzania to Camp Hill, Moses Kavishe is a disciple on a mission to make disciples. Listen to hear from our new Director of Faith Formation about his own personal faith journey and how it guided him into his current role at Trinity. His passion...

Nov 3

32 min 47 sec

It’s that time of the year again…Reformation Sunday is coming! Wait, what? No…Halloween is coming! Listen as the Pastors talk about their favorite Halloween memories – scary movies, costumes, candy, and of course Trick or Treat! We will throw...

Oct 20

28 min 21 sec

Listen as Jack, John, and Liz dive into the Bible in a unique way. Hear them discuss the different ways the Bible has been interpreted over the years. Learn what Martin Luther had to say about the Bible and how that impacts the way we interpret it.

Oct 6

31 min 52 sec

After a little summer break, our pastors are back with Season 2! Listen as they share what they were up to this summer. From Florida to Chicago, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, and some time down the shore, our pastors did it all. One of them even...

Sep 6

41 min 29 sec

On September 1, 2017, like a bolt of lightning, trouble struck for Trinity Council member Serena Fedor and her family. Serena credits the powers of love, community, and prayer for saving the life of both herself and her son, Luke. Listen to our...

Jul 21

37 min 6 sec

Did you ever wonder how our pastors came to be pastors? How did they know that this was the path they were called to follow? Was it a big moment or a gentle tap on the shoulder? Listen to this week’s episode to hear Jack, Liz, and John share their...

Jul 7

46 min 21 sec

June is for the fathers! Listen this week as Jack, Liz, and John share fun stories about their Dads and lessons that they have learned from them over the years. They will also dig a little deeper into the lives of some fathers in the Bible and see...

Jun 23

40 min 52 sec

Trinity has been blessed to work with many wonderful ministries in our local community, across the country, and around the world. One of those partners is Tree 4 Hope, an organization committed to providing a bright future of long-term hope for...

Jun 9

37 min 9 sec

Keep Calm, Summer is Coming! Memorial day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer and we are counting down the days! Listen as Jack, Liz, and John talk about some of their favorite summertime memories and what they have planned this year. Grab a...

May 26

33 min 35 sec