iNADO Live Chat

By inadolivechat

“The Institute of National Anti Doping Organisations (iNADO) is an umbrella organization uniting NADOs and RADOs around the world to speak with one voice and to share best practice. Our vision is to develop effective tools and platforms for our members and the wider anti-doping community to share expertise, best practices, and to promote the diversity of opinions and good governance in anti-doping. Our “Live Chat” podcast is the opportunity for us to take a pause and reflect about anti-doping, what it entails, how it has progressed over the years and how we, as a community can collaborate to reach a world in which athletes, at all levels, participate in clean sport. In this series of Podcasts, we will call to the MIC different experts from anti-doping organizations, sport governing bodies, the academic community and athletes. We hope you enjoy listening!”

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