Goonj is a platform for fictional storytelling podcasts run by the students of Whistling Woods International which aims to tug at your heart strings and leaves you with a satisfying aftertaste that stays with you for a long time.

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Set in the colourful city of Varanasi, Banaras Bank is a comedy that takes you on a rollercoaster in the mundane life of bank loan officer Mishra.

Dec 3

9 min 35 sec

Even the most harrowing days have some stories that can bring a smile to your face. Ayesha and Kabir walked into the doors of the Taj Mahal Palace with the happiest faces, but stories like theirs haunt the city of Mumbai till date. Beyond just a love story, this is a story of friendship set in the backdrop of religious turmoil. A birthday that gifted memories, but ones that crushed their souls.

Nov 26

8 min 36 sec

Two conflicting attitudes clashing at the edge of a building. Once is a coincidence but is it still considered a coincidence if it happens again ?! And can coincidences change one's life ?

Dec 2020

16 min 39 sec

Very often or not we feel that patriarchy is harmful for only the woman, but here's one example where the effects of patriarchy attempts to destroy the peace of an otherwise happy family.

Nov 2020

17 min 13 sec

Harrowing tale of a morgue keeper, who struggles to hold on to his sanity while facing his inner demons. This is a story about death, and the inherent romanticism in it.

Oct 2020

16 min 42 sec

The story revolves around the character named Satya, whose life has taken a set of unseen turns which makes him dwell and reminisce the past.

Oct 2020

14 min 7 sec

Set in the 1990s, the era of handwritten letters and vintage radios, Masnavi is a coming-of-age tale revolving around the 19 year old Abdul struggles to find the true meaning of love. Masnavi makes you dive deep into nostalgia, reminding you of all your friendships, romantic relationships and college life.

Oct 2020

22 min 1 sec

A story of a man living next to two annoying neighbors convinced of the tales they've spun in their minds only to find that the reality might be worse than the lies?

Sep 2020

23 min 46 sec

Madaari is an inter-generational family drama which spans over a period of 25 years and finds its setting in the middle of the lockdown. The play talks about how families have changed over time and makes you ponder over pertinent questions raised in every family. Written and Directed by- Rachit Daruka and Vedashree Adige Voice Artists Anjum Rajabali Smaran Tiwari Caron Picardo Rishika Chandani Falaq Rahi Avirup Dam Rachit Daruka Sound Editor- Rohitendra Chatterjee. BTS- Kanak Arora Poster- Bidisha Nath and Sharmista. Music Credits Tajdar Junaid - The First Year Indian Flute Music by Nu Meditation Music Barbican Sessions- Soumik Datta Indian Flute Meditation Music - Meditative Mind Kabir Bhajan- Shabnam Virmani Kindle the Prayer - Tajdar Junaid Udd Jayega Hans Akela - Kumar Gandharva (Kabir Bhajan) Raga Yaman- Saurabh Alwadkar Esho Shumali Sundoro (Rabindrasangeet) - Prithwidev Bhattacharya

Jun 2020

20 min 31 sec

Meri Shayeri. A love story between a duo who are completely different from one another, yet it is fate that brought them together. Let's see how their beautiful story unfolds. Written & directed : Sneha Aggarwal Voice Cast : Sai Armaan Tanmay Tandon Anuj Shaw Sromona Kshitij singh Rawat Sound Designer - Shubh Tandon Poster - Bidisha Nath BTS - Rahul Choudhary Social Media - Anvesha Khillar, Sarah Zia, Tanya Verma, Dhruv Shah Producers - Sneha Agarwal and Armaan Kaul

Jun 2020

15 min 53 sec

A love story - jealousy, destruction and hope somewhere..... Writer and Director- Armaan Kaul. Voice Cast - Sai Godbole, Armaan Kaul, Rohan Mehta, Rachit Daruka, Dhriti Agrawal. Sound Designer - Shubh Tandon. Poster - Arnab Bose BTS - Jayant Kishnani Social Media - Anvesha Khillar, Sarah Zia, Tanya Verma, Dhruv Shah Producers - Sneha Agarwal and Armaan Kaul

May 2020

14 min 35 sec

What happens when we start ostracising the one we called family over petty laws and doctrines which aim to separate? What happens when a family is caught in the crosshairs of such a choice?Khala is the story of how easily humanity can forsake family,over so-called laws,like they never existed. Khala is the story of unrequitance and for a longing to belong. *Goonj presents a story of love found and lost : Khala*

May 2020

15 min 44 sec

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to experience the joy of receiving a letter from a loved one, you’d know how special that feeling is. You’d cherish it. This story is somewhat based on that feeling. Based on those who make that connection possible, without whom you’d never experience that feeling. Tune into Goon, to listen to one of the most beautiful tales ever, of realising dreams and the importance of delivering happiness, in the form of letters.

May 2020

11 min 8 sec

Two long lost college friends decide to have one last conversation after their graduation before they take two separate roads ahead in their life and career. It's only after this conversation over Chai do they realise that what college life is actually about and how much they have gained in the last threeyears.Soft,Peaceful, Inspiring Background Music Instrumental - Michael Yaariyaan - Pritam The Journey - Procus sound Coffee houser sei addata - Manna Dey Raag yaman sarod - Pritwidev Bhattacharyya Gratitude - Soumyajit Pyne Indian flute meditation music - Meditative mind Reunion - Anoushka Shankar Tere jaisa yaar kahan - Kishore Kumar

Apr 2020

16 min 40 sec

A horror audio experience which delves into the emotions of regret, anger and retribution , Goonj is proud to present the fourth episode of its second season : Ankahi.

Apr 2020

11 min 54 sec

Sometimes our love hurts the people who we love the most. Goonj presents Episode 3 : The Mark of Beauty directed by Anuraaj Barua is out now!

Mar 2020

19 min 10 sec

An unflinching ode to the evergreen melody of Bollywood. Goonj Season 2 Episode 2 : Kasak by Sneha Agarwal is out now!

Mar 2020

13 min 3 sec

A melody which takes you on a journey of love, loss, regret and guilt, Goonj Season 2 Episode 1- 'Manju' by Rachit Daruka is now out! Earphones are highly recommended.

Mar 2020

14 min 33 sec

Our panel consisting of Rahul Puri, Shubh Desai, Rohitendra Chatterjee, Paras Vora and Sarah Zia talk and hype about the biggest cinematic event of this year – Avengers : Endgame on the final episode for the season. Sound Recordist – Yash Govias Sound Editor – Saransh Roongta. Goonj will be back. With even bigger stories and collaborations. Stay tuned on Whistles and Echoes.

Mar 2020

32 min 39 sec

"Kho diya sab kuch sath kho gaye hum Door itna aakr kahi aaj bhi aakhein nam Desh se to prem tha, zindagi thi tum Sab kuch khokar pa liya Na mile bas tum"- Vais Siddiqui A story about love, separation and unfulfilled desires, Goonj presents its eighth episode- Meri Pyari Indu. Written and Directed by Rohit Prakash.

Mar 2020

9 min

Is it the Colt or the guilt within ? Directed by Anuraj Barua. Written by Abhas Jain and Anuraj Barua. Voice Cast – Ragini Mathur, Rachit Daruka, Sromona Bhaumik, Anvesha Khillar, Siddharth Dixit, Abhas Jain. Sound Recordist- Yash Govias. Sound Editor- Saransh Roongta. Special Thanks to Laili Datta and Bhaskar Roy.

Mar 2020

7 min 59 sec

Some journeys are a delicate balance between life and death, past and present. Goonj presents its seventh episode- The Train at 12:05 AM

Mar 2020

12 min 9 sec

"Sometimes the only way to move forward is to move on." Inspired from Tagore's Station-Master and Kabulliwalah Directed by Rachit Daruka and Rohitendra Chatterjee. Written by Shubham Kumar and Rohitendra Chatterjee. Voice Actors- Rachit Daruka, Suman Rai, Kalpesh Chaudhary Edited by Kalpesh Chaudhary Album Art by Rohitendra Chatterjee.

Mar 2020

5 min 17 sec

Sometimes Entrapment is a choice. Goonj is proud to present its fourth episode - Taa Umr. Check it out. Show some love. Constructive Criticism is always welcome. Written and Directed by Vais Siddiqui. Voice Actors – Sromona Bhaumik, Anshuman Rai, Rachit Daruka, Shubh Tandon, Radhit Arora, Vais Siddiqui and Rohitendra Chatterjee. Sound Recordist – Yash Govias. Sound Editor- Saransh Roongta. Special Thanks to Laili Datta & Bhaskar Roy.

Mar 2020

5 min 46 sec

The strongest friends make the worst enemies......The third episode of Goonj Rangmanch has finally released. Check it out! Show some love! Directed and written by Rachit Daruka and Rohitendra Chatterjee. Starring Sromona Bhaumik, Anshuman Rai, Vais Siddiqui, Janhavi Padawe, Rachit Daruka and Rohitendra Chatterjee. Sound Recordist- Yash Govias. Sound Editor- Rohitendra Chatterjee Album Art by Ansh Goyal Special Thanks to Laili Ma'am and Bhaskar Roy Sir.

Mar 2020

7 min 7 sec

For those who love the blues in particular and music in general, this podcast with our special guest, Brian Tellis is a must listen. Goon presents its second episode- Talking Music and the Blues with Brian Tellis.

Mar 2020

20 min 31 sec

A Stormy Night. A Stranded Car and a Mysterious Stranger. Presenting to you, Goonj's first episode -Roganjosh. Written and Directed by Rohitendra Chatterjee and Rachit Daruka.

Mar 2020

9 min 34 sec