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Hello and welcome to the Soul Companion Podcast for women who want to live their desires, generate wealth and make a positive impact whilst honouring their spirituality and connection to nature with me your host Fay Semple.

I’m a spiritual entrepreneur, psychic, wisdom holder of earth magic, nature lover, geomancer, feminist, mother of 2 and perpetually curious seeker of knowledge and learning.

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In every culture and in every age, there have always been people who have recognised, felt and understood the importance of spiritual beings.  Every culture around the world has names for these invisible beings. In Hindi and the ancient oriental language Sanskrit, one word is used to describe many different types of Spirits and living patterns and that's deva.  There can be a deva for something as small as a tiny flower and as large as a planet.  These devas work with the living things of nature but also the inner world of concepts, thoughts and inspiration.  So you have Devas of communication, justice and commerce! In semi-scientific language, these are also called energetic blueprints or morphogenetic fields but quite simply it's that everything has an essence and inspiration, a spirit and your business has a spirit of its own. Yes, of course, we want to add quality to our activities and experience and we want to be more successful in our lives. But there's a deeper element. When we engage with nature spirits, elemental beings and earth energies, we receive education, practical aid and inspiration. Both a personal and spiritual transformation comes from working with spirits. So how do we make that deep connection?

Nov 11

15 min 44 sec

Selling and Marketing transformation is a soul skill. In this episode, I talk about marketing and how we are best placed to sell programs, courses or offers that are designed to achieve a transformation. Traditional marketing tells us to address pain points. And create urgency. I don't think you can Market transformation effectively in that way. I think that's a mug's game in that it’s manipulative and will leave your clients feeling dishonoured. What I do, think we can talk however is how transformation work serves and benefits our community, our clients. Even if those benefits aren’t traditionally valued in the world of marketing and business previously. But everyone understands the benefits of transformation work and it's those benefits that we need to articulate. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what makes you feel uncomfortable about marketing. Does creating urgency, FOMO, or pushing on pain points, feel to you to be a negative way of engaging with your clients by drawing, attention to the aspects of their life or business that they are feeling challenged by or struggling with? Would you feel more positive about working from a benefits point of view solely in your marketing? I'd love to know so drop some comments below and I'll see you again very soon for the next edition of sole companion. If you know anyone who would benefit from today's topic please share the link, and leave a review.  This helps me to reach more people and I am truly grateful for your support and engagement. 

Nov 4

11 min 33 sec

Are the arms of your business open wide to embrace clients? Your business, whether physical or online creates an entire experience for clients, from the moment they become aware you exist to entering, purchasing and leaving your business (with a second visit already in mind!) Is your business well signposted? Is the doorway into your business welcoming and enticing? Is it easy to see what you offer? What is the buying experience?  How do clients exit your business? The soul of your business wants to welcome them into its embrace.  With a bit of careful thought focusing on hospitality, welcome, comfort and ease you can create an experience that your client will want to repeat and be confident in recommending.

Oct 29

6 min 41 sec

In today's episode, we're looking at the soul of your business. What is it? How can it support us? Is working with it applicable in our contemporary world? The Soul or Deva of your business holds the energy patterning for the perfect unfolding of your success.  In today's episode, we're going to look more in-depth at what is the soul of your business, how working with it fits into our contemporary world and why making a leap in understanding around the work of deva in thoughts and concepts can benefit you, your team, your clients and wider humanity and all life. The spirit of your business wants you to be successful. It accompanies you on your journey. It wants to be helpful and support you with love and benevolence. By its very nature, it's attuned to how best we can fulfil our potential in our business and holds the underlying pattern of perfection. Your business Diva does not come only to intervene in a crisis or when your business is not as successful as you would like it to be.  It is a constant companion which holds you and your business in its aura.  The Deva of your business is perfectly attuned to your business, in its essence, its Soul qualities and its incarnational purpose. In much of modern Western society, we are only beginning to reignite our spiritual connection to invisible beings and energy patterns outside of ourselves, and this is the big leap that spiritual women in business can make to add their energy to the rising tide of positivity creating a fairer and more suitable society for humanity and wider nature.

Oct 19

23 min 48 sec

I have a big issue with Imposter Syndrome. Its a concept that I believe pathologises in women perfectly normal feelings, fails to address systematic misogyny, stereotypes and biases implicit in work culture and wider society. You do not need fixing. Creating your own business is challenging. In today's episode I'm sharing some ways you can reframe "Imposter Syndrome" and accept your feelings.

Oct 7

24 min 30 sec

Using Mercury retrograge as a powerful tool for reflection and review is far more productive than worrying about impending marketing, communication and tech dusaster!

Sep 30

5 min 45 sec

The Celtic Wheel is a means to work with the cycles of nature and life. The Autumn Equinox marks the last harvest, and the energy shifts from fertile and active, to inactive and fallow. It a time to pause, reflect and honour completion as we move from the masculine energy of summer towards the dark feminine period of winter, inner work and contemplation.

Sep 29

7 min 24 sec