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Liana Huang

Join Liana Huang, life coach and the host of 'The Shine & Impact Podcast' for a heart-led conversation designed to give you the tools, ideas, and inspiration to take massive action towards realizing the life of your wildest dreams. If you're ready to RISE HIGHER, SHINE BRIGHTER, and CREATE A MASSIVE IMPACT, let's get the party started! New episodes launch every two weeks on Sundays.

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Are you someone who wishes to find less pressure in your life and more calm and purpose? Or maybe you're contemplating making a big change in your life but is too scared to make the jump. Can't shake off the fear of constantly worrying about what others may think of you? Then this episode is for you! I'd love to know what you thought of this episode! Feel free to leave me a review or connect with me on social media! IG: @lianahuang_ --- Send in a voice message:

Sep 2020

23 min 36 sec

Find out how knowing your Ikigai is beneficial in building a career you love, and how knowing yourself better can help your relationship with others and yourself blossom. Follow me on Instagram at @lianahuang_. --- Send in a voice message:

Aug 2020

14 min 55 sec

Is there something you've been thinking about taking the leap towards? A change, a shift, a new direction you want to take in your life? It's time to make the jump before you're ready. Follow me on IG: @lianahuang_ --- Send in a voice message:

Aug 2020

9 min 40 sec