The Think Different Theory With Josh Forti

By Josh Forti

Hi, I am Josh Forti, and I firmly believe that you can do, have, and accomplish anything you want in life. It has nothing to do with where you grew up, the color of your skin, or how much money you have. It has everything to do with the mentality you have, the questions you ask, and permission you give yourself. Things that aren’t being discussed in politics, talked about on the news or taught in the school system. Questions that may be “politically incorrect”, taboo, or out of the norm. Those are things that truly put you ahead in life. Growing up blue collar middle class, I was confused a lot. I started questioning things like “why are so many people unhappy?”, “why am I still struggling to get ahead, even though I did what I was ‘supposed to do’’, “is this it? Is this all life is about?” and seeking out answers to those questions. I discovered a whole new reality of what’s possible, simply by thinking different and changing the way I viewed everything. I was blessed to discover this at a young age, and create a reality that has taken me on a journey across the world that I couldn’t have ever imagined. My goal with this podcast is to take you on a similar journey and help you discover what is possible. I believe that anyone, anywhere, at any moment, is just one consistent set of actions away from a totally changed life… and that starts with a mentality shift. Join me, as I share my stories, life lessons, and ask the critical questions about life, success, and reality, in an attempt to help you go and accomplish more than you ever thought possible. This podcast is for people that want to take off the limits and pressure of society, and experience life in an entirely new paradigm.

  1. 1.
    (S3. E26.) 27 Things I Learned Before Age 27 (Full List)
  2. 2.
    (S3. E25.) 7 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read
  3. 3.
    (S3. E24.) My Review Of The Controversial Book "The Power Of Now" (And What I Like & Don't Like.)
  4. 4.
    (S3. E23.) How to Instantly Impress a Billionaire.💵
  5. 5.
    (S3. E22.) How To Get FREE Money With Credit Card Points. Mind Blowing Credit Training With Jack McColl
  6. 6.
    (S3. E21.) Riots At The Capitol & Joe Biden Being Confirmed President Elect
  7. 7.
    (S3. E20.) 2020: Top Lessons, Reflection, And The Year In Review.💥
  8. 8.
    (S3. E19.) The Purpose Of Christmas, My Fallout With The Church, & What Led Me To God. (Merry Christmas!)
  1. 9.
    RESTREAM: "How To Create Financial Freedom In 10 Years Or Less." - With Brad Gibb
  2. 10.
    (S3. E17.) How He Built A Business That Landed Million Dollar Contracts. (Sales Methods & Business Talk With Rahul Alim)
  3. 11.
    (S3. E16.) Elon Musk Says Too Many MBAs Running American Companies (My Reaction)
  4. 12.
    (S3. E15.) Why I started talking politics... and do I regret it?
  5. 13.
    (S3. E14.) My Experience With Covid (And Did My Views On Masks & Lockdowns Change?)
  6. 14.
    (S3. E13.) A Perspective On Racism I'd Never Heard Before.
  7. 15.
    (S3. E12.) Freedom Over Fear. (Introducing 31 Days Of Positivity.)
  8. 16.
    (S3. E11.) Thanksgiving was started on the idea of FREEDOM.
  9. 17.
    (S3. E10.) Legal Freedoms Vs. Personal Beliefs. (And why the promotion of men wearing dresses is bad for society.)
  10. 18.
    (S3. E9.) How To Become A Professional Podcaster, Land PR Gigs - With Jeremy Ryan Slate
  11. 19.
    (S3. E8.) Is America At War? (If we are, that changes things.)
  12. 20.
    (S3. E7.) Capitalism, Covid Rules, And Bailing Out Airlines - With Jeremy Adams
  13. 21.
    (S3. E6.) He Moved To America At 15 Years Old With Nothing & Became An Olympic Champion - With Georgi Ivanov
  14. 22.
    (S3. E5.) From Bullied & Depression To YouTube Sensation & Entrepreneur - With Liz Germain
  15. 23.
    (S3. E4.) From Hood To Millionaire, Breanna Taylor, And Being Black In America - With JR Rivas
  16. 24.
    (S3. E3.) What It Takes To Live A Successful Life - With Ex-Pastor Cody Jefferson
  17. 25.
    Atlas Shrugged: A Breakdown & Analysis - With Josh Forti & Russell Brunson
  18. 26.
    [SPECIAL ELECTION EPISODE] “Trump Vs. Biden” - Who should you vote for? - With Ryan Moran (Founder Of
  19. 27.
    (S3. E1.) Entrepreneurship, American Values, & Taking On Clickfunnels - With Jordan Mederich
  20. 28.
    (S2. E92.) Let's Talk About QAnon, Conspiracies, And Trump Saving The World
  21. 29.
    (S2. E91.) Fred Smith Had US Top Secret Security Clearance, And Fed Information To CNN & Fox News
  22. 30.
    (S2. E90.) Update On Operation Underground Railroad (Why I Am Taking The Time To Do This Right)
  23. 31.
    (S2. E89.) Former Microsoft Consult Alex Charfen's Advice To Business Owners (And What Happens Next With The Economy)
  24. 32.
    (S2. E88.) Guns, Aliens, Politics, And Morality - With Paul Van Bloem
  25. 33.
    (S2. E87) How to Get What You Want in Life
  26. 34.
    [REPLAY] (S2. E13) Does Absolute Truth Exist? Is Good & Bad Relative? With Nik Robbins
  27. 35.
    [REPLAY] (S2. E8.) How To Create Financial Freedom In 10 Years Or Less - With Brad Gibb
  28. 36.
    (S2. E86.) I Challenge You To Do This. (And An Update On My Move)
  29. 37.
    (S2. E85.) How To Rewrite Your Internal Mental Story - Dave Woodward Interviews Josh Forti
  30. 38.
    (S2. E84.) Joe Rogan & Elon Musk Join The Show. (Motivational)
  31. 39.
    (S2. E83.) The Backstory Behind The Viral Video (500,000 Views)
  32. 40.
    (S2. E82.) We Will NOT Be Silenced. #SaveTheChildren
  33. 41.
    (S2. E81.) Kathryn Jones Is Living Her Best Life. (And She Has An Announcement!)
  34. 42.
    (S2. E80.) Be Selfish Sometimes
  35. 43.
    (S2. E79.) The Only Time You Should NOT Publish Content. (The Sam Ovens Effect)
  36. 44.
    (EXCLUSIVE EPISODE) - Sex Trafficking. Pedophiles. And The Moment I Broke. (NSFW)
  37. 45.
    (S2. E78.) Why It Is Important To Do Things OUTSIDE Of Work. (And How It Leads To Making More $$$)
  38. 46.
    (S2. E77.) The Drug That Almost Killed My Career (That No One Knew About)
  39. 47.
    (S2. E76.) Welcome To The Game (It Isn't Suppose To Be Easy)
  40. 48.
    (S2. E75.) How To Make A Million Dollars In 3 Easy Steps
  41. 49.
    (S2. E74.) I'm Overwhelmed (The Message I Sent To My Team)
  42. 50.
    (S2. E73.) FREE YOURSELF (You've Been Lied To. And You're Slowly Dying.)

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