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Breathe Again Radio Show is a moment of hope,faith,inspiration and solutions. Interviewing everyday people with amazing stories of overcoming adversity.

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In the midst of what you may be feeling right now, the world does not care. It continues to function all around you and you are expected to show up. Your heart may be broken, but you still have to go to work, pay bills, attend school functions etc. Listen as Nicole Cleveland shares how the world just kept on going.

Nov 6

15 min 29 sec

On our last episode I interviewed, Lisa Kearse. On this episode I interview her husband, Calvin Kearse. Having overcame a suicide attempt, abandonment, divorce and so much more; Calvin was prepared to help Lisa, because he understood what she needed. Calvin loved Lisa during her healing journey. Listen as he shares how the love of God and patience were key factors in building a firm foundation for their marriage.

Oct 9

29 min 18 sec

No one gets married to get divorced. We get married, start families and dream of growing old together. Along the way life happens. People fall out of love, they grow apart and sometimes abuse raises it's ugly head. Listen as Lisa Kearse shares her victorious testimony of marriage, overcoming abuse, ministry and divorce.  

Sep 8

26 min 43 sec

Welcome to our New Series: Starting Over After Divorce with Nicole Cleveland "The Sucker Punch of Divorce" "Divorce was like someone sucker punched me in the throat and stabbed me in the back; all at the same time" - Nicole Cleveland If you are in shock or in that, "what just happened" phase, you are not alone. Thousands of women are feeling the same way right now.  Today we are providing tips on what to do if you find yourself in this phase.   Are you struggling with Starting Over after a Breakup, Betrayal or Divorce ? Visit

Apr 13

17 min 55 sec

Welcome to our New Series: Starting Over After Divorce with Nicole Cleveland Eavesdrop on the high and lows of starting over after a divorce. You may be in the beginning stages of your divorce, in the middle or you may be at the end.  If you are asking, "How do I put my life back together after it being torn apart?" or  "How do I overcome a shattered heart ? Well, you are in the right place. Listen to real, authentic self talks, along with conversations with divorcees that have rediscovered who they are and put their life back together again…..One heart string at a time Are you struggling with Starting Over after a Breakup, Betrayal or Divorce ? Visit    

Apr 13

13 min 59 sec

After losing four babies Ebony Ford found herself pregnant, once again. At twenty six weeks she became gravely ill and was rushed to the emergency room. Holding on to her faith, she put the pregnancy in the Lord's hands.  Listen as she shares her victorious testimony and the miracle blessing sent from God. Her name is Reign.

Mar 15

40 min 16 sec

Chon Jackson is a pillar of strength. She is a gospel artist, songwriter and singer. Her greatest title is mother. Three years ago, her only child was killed in a car accident. After prayer, counsel and supernatural faith, she is here to share her story. Chon is on a mission to help other parents that have lost children. Moving forward is not easy, but it is possible. Listen to her victorious testimony.

Jan 29

23 min 11 sec

Vanna Nguye had big dreams for her 18 year old daughter. Queena was a high school senior, with a full scholarship to college. She worked, volunteered with hospice patients and was a joy to be around. That all changed the night she went to return books to the Bloomingdale library. That's the night everything changed. Queena was viciously raped, beaten and left for dead. Listen as I chat with Vanna, Queena's mother about survival and how it runs in their family. In 1982, an 18-year-old Vietnamese girl named Vanna escaped communist oppression in her homeland; sailing in a rickety boat and braving violent pirate attacks to get to America.

Jan 13

20 min 43 sec

Author, Yvonne Morgan went through a horrific event. After the excitement of giving birth to her son, she was told her son would not survive. Listen as she shares how the loss of her son led her to start an orphan relief effort, along with two orphanages.

Dec 2020

23 min 42 sec

Divorce rates are climbing.Everyday we hear the news about another couple calling it quits. For some, it's a simple process. For others it's a complicated, hot mess.  Listen as Tonya Carter shares how it's not enough to just divorce legally. Some of us must divorce our story.  For years, she was stuck because she was holding on to the story of being divorced.   Listen as she shares how she broke free. 

Dec 2020

26 min 48 sec

For 27 years Sandy Phillips Kirkham had a secret. As a teenager she was sexually abused by her Youth Pastor and it was covered up. The person she trusted the most and looked up to,  took advantage of her vulnerability. Sandy loved the church and the Lord. For 27 years she did not open a bible or go inside a church. Listen as she shares her victorious testimony, her healing journey and how she helps other victims of clergy abuse. 

Nov 2020

25 min 8 sec

Learn steps to optimize your happiness, improve your productivity and enjoy more of your life by getting the proper rest. Most people think that getting eight hours of sleep is all you need to a better day. Dr. Saundra Dalton- Smith shares why sleep is not enough and how she overcame burnout in her life.  

Nov 2020

32 min 34 sec

It's a miracle my guest is alive today. Andre McGee was in the hospital for six weeks battling this dreadful virus.  Unable to see his family, it was just him, the hospital staff and God. At one point, he didn't think he'd make it. Today, he is grateful to be here to tell the story.

Oct 2020

37 min 7 sec

Low self esteem and trusting the wrong people can lead a person down the wrong path. It led Renette Davila in the clutches of a cult. Listen as she stops by the show to share her story of how she broke free, along with her experience of finding the love of her life behind bars.  

Oct 2020

32 min 6 sec

Imagine preparing for Thanksgiving holiday with your family and receiving the shattering news that your four year old has cancer. That's exactly the news Adriana Lewin received about her precious baby boy. Listen as she shares her journey of faith and hope, She is the founder of Family Chemotherapy; an online hub full of resources for parents dealing with pediatric cancer.

Oct 2020

32 min 44 sec

Is Your Marriage Thriving or Dying during this Pandemic? Every day we hear reports of couples calling it quits. Husband and wives are both working from home, incomes have been lost due to COVID-19 layoffs and health disparities are at an all-time high. Marriages are faced with insurmountable pressure these days. But not every marriage is on the verge of divorce. Many marriages are thriving. Pastor Lemuel and First Lady Carolyn Eaton stop by the show to share tips on how your marriage can thrive and not die during this pandemic.

Sep 2020

28 min 33 sec

Listen as I chat with Rev. Myrna Brown, mother of Wali El Shabazz. At the age of 19,  her son was sentenced to a life sentence, plus 47 years in prison. What did I do wrong? How did this happen?  For years, this mother lived with guilt and shame.  Tune in to learn how she moved past the guilt and realized it was not her fault.      

Sep 2020

29 min 31 sec

Meet Wali El Shabazz, sentenced to a life sentence,  plus 47 years, at the tender age of 19. Imagine that ! In life we all make choices, make sure you are making the right ones. Today, Wali is a free man and on a mission to help those coming after him. He spent most of his adult life locked up, behind bars, over a foolish choice.  Listen as he shares his story and gives some advice to single mothers and kids making the wrong choices.   

Aug 2020

38 min 19 sec

After a divorce, many ask the question, "Who Am I?". They are no longer the wife, lover or "Mrs." Struggling with self-identity is common. Listen as host, Nicole Cleveland chats about discovering who you are after a divorce, breakup or betrayal.  

Nov 2019

22 min 27 sec

Married after just three months, divorced after nine. Mechelle shares her story of how being alone and vulnerable led her to marry someone she barely knew. Listen to her victorious testimony of faith. Today she provides hope to thousands through her instagram account - @hopeafterdivorce.    

Nov 2019

23 min 48 sec

Married for twenty three years to a Pastor, Paulette Harper's divorce was two-fold. She didn't just go through a divorce with her husband, she also divorced the congregation. Listen as she shares her victorious story of starting over.

Sep 2019

29 min 46 sec

It's Labor Day and cookout invites are coming in. Will you go? One of the worst things to do after a breakup or divorce is to isolate yourself from your friends and family. Today, I talk about why it's important to be around people that love and care about you.     

Sep 2019

15 min 26 sec

Dr. Lexy was married for 7 years and fought to save her marriage. Today she knows her worth and her brilliance. Listen as she shares her victorious story of starting over after her divorce. 

Aug 2019

29 min 26 sec

This too shall pass. The pain will pass.The tears will pass. You can begin again and "breathe again" after a breakup,beatrayal or a divorce...Just ask Tiffany Beverlin. Tiffany Beverlin was much like any other divorcee after her divorce, a single parent to three young children, deemed unemployable after so many years as a stay at home mother. Being a female entrepreneur or women in business was the last thing she ever thought she was capable of. Tiffany started her company after her divorce to help others going through a divorce. Dreams Recycled has grown into a community of like-minded divorces, a rich resource or information, blogs and secondary services and a marketplace to sell those items that hold no use after divorce. She said her story is the quintessential story of taking divorce lemons and recycling them into lemonade for millions of other divorcees.

Aug 2019

43 min 58 sec

Starting Over after a long term divorce can be difficult, but it can be done. Listen as I share three simple steps to starting over. Just call me the Starting Over Sister!

Aug 2019

24 min 41 sec

Suicide is on the rise. It's the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Prince Cre McEntyre is on a mission to change that statistic. He is a strong advocate for suicide prevention.Listen, as he shares his former struggles with suicidal thoughts and how he overcame them. Event Spotlight Prince is also the writer and producer of the stageplay, "My Life Matters". A play shining a light on suicide prevention. 

Apr 2019

38 min 50 sec

In the Bed of A Broken Man - The Untold truth about why husbands cheat and abandon their family is the true account of why one man cheated and abandoned his family. My guest is RAW, the author of "Confessions of a Cheating Man" and In the Bed of a Broken Man.  

Mar 2019

37 min 41 sec

Everyone is Necessary" - That's the motto of Donna Janel. Donna overcame a traumatic life, including going in and out of foster care, sleeping in parks and train stations all throughout high school, being married at 19, giving birth to a medically challenged son and  then being left by her husband; with 2 kids to raise alone. Three years later, Donna would find herself devastated by the death of her sister/best friend, just 24 months after the death of her sister’s husband. Donna was faced with raising her sister’s two daughters who were traumatized by the back-to-back deaths of their parents. " How can I raise broken children, when I'm broken myself" - Donna Janel Lisen as she shares her journey of overcoming many obstacles, but in the end, coming out with the victory.  

Feb 2019

37 min 49 sec

Crystal Danielle knows what it's like to be broken. Rejected by family for being a product of an affair, growing up alone, losing her mother at an early age and being in an abusive relationshop are a few obstacles she's had to overcome. Today, she is the founder of Unbroken, LLC and shows women that they are "more than the sum of their broken pieces."

Feb 2019

46 min 39 sec

ShaChena Gibbs is an award winning Association Executive, Business Coach, Trainer, and a sought after speaker and networking guru. A survivor of several domestic violence and sexual abuse acts, ShaChena is a single mother to two daughters in NY and started a women's business network from home while living in a homeless shelter. She spends the better part of her day “Helping Women find the Diamond in their Destiny.” The author of "Confessions of a Domestic Violence Survivor," her focus is to assist hundreds even thousands of women business owners in creating success by moving past their fears of not being able to make money due to life's challenges. She is also the founder of Real Sisters Rising Women Business Association.

Feb 2019

56 min 22 sec

Nancy Virden is a suicide attempt survivor who is passionate about sharing hope. She is an author, Mental Health and Recovery Advocate, and Founder of Always the Fight Ministries. Diagnosed with Major Depression Recurrent in 2005, and finally addressing food addiction and a forty-year eating disorder in 2013, Nancy encourages those who struggle and teaches and supports how to help loved ones without becoming overwhelmed. She offers a revealing look into major depression and recovery and speaks on abuse, boundaries, other mental health topics, and faith-based issues. Her books are titled, Called to Live: A Chronicle of Recovery After Attempted Suicide, and Always the Fight: A Living Testimony of What Only God Can Do. | Author Spotlight Marcy Heath Robitaille is a heart-baring, faith sharing Mom and author who shares her journey of grief, hope and healing in her new book, Wish You a Goode Journey – Living Life with Eyes and Heart Wide Open. After losing her 17-year-old daughter Kenzie in a tragic accident, she recounts the story of her sudden loss—from the depths of depression to soaring new heights, finding joy and surprising treasures along the way. |

Feb 2019

35 min 55 sec

We often hear women talk about sexual abuse, but rarely do we hear men sound the alarm on what happened to them when they were children.  Tremayne Moore is a Sexual Abuse survivor sounding the alarm.  Abused at the age of 10 and recently diagnosed with PTSD from the abuse;Tremayne is a living witness that this is a real issue, but we serve a real God that can heal. Listen, as we chat with Tremayne about his story,his journey and what he is doing to raise awareness on Child Sexual Abuse. 

Feb 2019

37 min 11 sec

Many single parents have asked, How can they balance thier lives as a single parent?, How can they better relate with their children?, and How can they initiate God as the center of their home? Dr. Willie Mae Hawkins and her son offer a few suggestions by giving a brief understanding of spiritual transformation, promoting leadership among single parents, upholding Christ-centeredness in the home and encouraging a special bond between the parents and children.

Feb 2019

31 min 27 sec

My Daddy, the Devil, and Me is the true story of a daughter who was sexually molested by her father for more than two decades. Her father gave her cocaine to keep her under his control, trained her to be a prostitute, physically abused her, and used her as his chief accomplice in a series of bank frauds. Although it sounds fictional this was Debra Ann Brown- Davis's former life. Today she is free.

Jan 2019

33 min 31 sec

How would you feel if you found out you were conceived by rape? Would you be angry ? How about bitter ? At the age of 38, John Donelson discovered the shocking secret of his conception. His mother was raped and chose to keep the innocent child- that child was John.

Jan 2019

34 min 18 sec

We've all heard, "Let Go & Let God". It seems simple but for some reason it's the hardest thing to do. Listen as Nicole chats with Regina Baker, the author of "Let Go & Let God". Letting go means to “cast all your cares” to God. In other words, you’ve done all you could do on your own to save your marriage, mend a broken relationship, find the right job and so many other things. We hold on to things that we have absolutely no control over however, the most important aspect, is do we REALLY want to let go or are we just saying something and not really meaning what we say?

Jan 2019

31 min 47 sec

Sherri Jackson was married to a crack addict and alcoholic. For years she tried to change her husband. She stayed in the marriage because the church said not to divorce. In the midst of trying to "fix" him she almost lost her mind.

Jan 2019

32 min 6 sec

Living for Christ as an adult is hard, but living for him in High School has additional challenges. Listen as we chat with Alexis Cole, author of "So You're Living For Christ in High School". About the Book The most blessed people are the ones that find Christ early on in life, especially in high school. The fact that we know that God is by our side gives us a head start in life. Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but life is so much easier when you choose to follow Jesus.

Jan 2019

26 min 44 sec

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I’m chatting with a few single sisters. Each year, thousands of women are sad and depressed because they have no "boo" to share it with.Some women are at peace with being single and others are ready for a relationship. Are you Single & Satisfied like Beverley LaShawn or Single & Ready for a relationship like Levetta Lampkin Nesbitt ? These ladies speak truth and are not shy when it comes to what they want.

Jan 2019

48 min 14 sec

After hearing Tawana Williams's victorious story, you can't help but evaluate the reason you make excuses. If anyone had reason to complain, it was her. Born with no arms, Tawana NEVER gave up..  Author, Speaker, Mother, Artist and so much more. She has a story to share and on a mission to share it all over this world. Tune in as we chat about life, lessons and NO EXCUSES!!

Jan 2019

39 min 7 sec

Thanksgiving is not always laughter,joy and giggles. Some of us are depressed. Some of us don't want to get out the bed. We are missing our loved ones we used to share this holiday with.  For me, it’s my mama. I miss her so very much. It’s my fifth Thanksgiving without her and every year it’s hard. Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday. Join me as I share a holiday prayer for those experiencing their first holiday without that special loved one.

Jan 2019

27 min 48 sec

Charmaine Carter went from growing up in a dysfunctional family to chasing after her destiny.The verbal and sexual abuse led her to drugs addiction and prostitution. Her life changed once she returned to God Author Spotlight My Beautiful Brown Bouncing Curls by child author, Egypt Brit.t This book is about a young girl who does not like to go to the hair salon. She ends up facing her fears ,and to her surprise, it was a pleasant experience.

Jan 2019

31 min 17 sec

After being a successful mortgage broker for over 12 years, Davian lost it all when the housing market crashed. He lost his business,personal finances, his home and his pride. He was broke and charged with a felony.He spent 2 years in the state correctional facility. Listen how this college graduate went from having it all, to flipping burgers to take care of his family after being released from prison.

Jan 2019

44 min 11 sec

As a way to heal from the hurt of an impending divorce from her husband of 12 years, Erin walked a 550-mile pilgrimage across northern Spain. Along the Camino de Santiago, she discussed the idea of forgiveness with fellow pilgrims and filmed the interviews. Author Spotlight - Keeping it Real by Shirley T. Burke is filled with stories that will warm your heart,make you laugh out loud, shed a tear and make you want to embrace life.

Jan 2019

41 min 42 sec

Anthony Durden is also know as "The Street Minister" in the streets of Miami. For 20 plus years he was addicted to drugs. At age 13 Anthony had his first experience using drugs which resulted in a 20 year addiction to drugs and alcohol. Anthony ended up becoming homeless, broke and during worst times eating out of garbage cans to survive.

Jan 2019

44 min 57 sec