The History Singer

By Jan Nichols

The myth of Star Wars meets the medieval of Game of Thrones in this science fiction podcast from Jan Nichols Creative. Apprentice Arianthe Grace is poised to make her debut as a history singer until the day that a dead man asks her to sing — insists actually. The sole witness to this horrifying event is Xanderin Bacanyi, envoy, scholar, and on occasion, something far more dangerous. An ancient catastrophe has been shrouded in lies for millennia. As warring factions vie for control of Nerth, the truth of what happened on Old Earth remains hidden in the myths and music of the distant past. It falls to Arianthe, her mute brother Toby, and the troupe of traveling entertainers who have raised them to find the truth even as they are caught up in a dangerous game of intrigue, lies and betrayal whose winner will command the stars.

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