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Brian Fleming

Combat-Wounded Afghanistan War Veteran Brian Fleming discusses resilience & leadership in business and everyday life.

Discover practical, combat-proven strategies and solutions that can help you overcome your own daily struggles and win your battles.

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Knowing exactly what to do when you feel stuck is your key to personal, professional, and financial freedom. But what exactly IS your next step? How do you know it's the right step? In this episode (live from the tropical island of Roatan), I unpack 3 simple ways you can "get unstuck" right now and exactly what you need to do next to move forward- no matter what challenge you're facing.  *Get your FREE copy of "The Resilience Booklet" at:

Sep 2018

16 min 25 sec

Everybody wants to win in life, but not everybody does.  In this episode, we discuss 5 concrete lessons about winning learned from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that you can immediately apply to your own life or situation to dramatically increase your chances of winning. The funny thing is that these 5 tips are things anybody can do, starting right now.  Want to start winning more? Take these hard-won lessons learned on the brutal mats of a Texas Jiu-Jitsu gym.    SHOW NOTES: *Quit feeling stuck and finally move forward. Use proven military war strategies to get from where you are in life to where you want to be. Join us at our next live workshop. Space is limited: 

Jul 2018

26 min 40 sec

We all seek meaning in our experiences, especially in our painful ones (we often refer to these as "hell"). But can we actually find meaning in those experiences and move forward? In this episode, I share a couple of quick stories about how me and a few others have experienced unusal "miracles" in spite of the hell we've been through and how you can, too.   SHOW NOTES: The Online Resilience Course that helps you take back control of your life- all from the comfort of your computer or mobile device: www.TakeBackYourLife.ME Book: REDEPLOYED- How Combat Veterans Can Fight the Battle Within and Win the War at Home: Get it on Amazon, Click Here!

Mar 2018

18 min 43 sec

A lot of people want a happier, stronger marriage, but just can't seem to get it right. Here's how you can start right now! In this episode, my wife Jamie joins me in Cancun, Mexico as we talk about 5 things that can make your marriage and relationship better.  You'll hear blunt transparency from both sides, how we've been able to remain happily married for over 12 years, and how you can start having a happier, more fulfilling marriage today.   SHOW NOTES: *Discover 6 Keys to Communicating Better With Your Spouse so you can be happier and more in love every day. Click here:   

Feb 2018

55 min 24 sec

Every business owner wants more customers so their business will grow, but many are making mistakes that are costing them thousands unneccesarily. There are a lot of things businesses, small and large alike, fail to do that cost them tons of money in lost revenue that they could otherwise easily enjoy. In this episode, I cover 7 simple reasons more people aren't buying from you and what you can do to fix it right now!   SHOW NOTES:  A Step-by-Step Process to Simplify Your Marketing Message So You Can Make More Sales, to More People, More Often. Simplify Your Marketing Message So More Customers Respond & Get Your Team on the Same Page:  Become a Master Communicator so more people will listen at:

Feb 2018

25 min 42 sec

Hate change? You may be leaving millions on the table.  If more people understood how transitions and change reveal new hidden opportunities, they wouldn't fear it so much. In fact, they'd look forward to it. Now, you can too! In fact, today's guest has literally built her entire business for those who are burdened by transition & change and has leveraged it to grow a successful, global business that outsources and creates career opportunities for military & veteran spouses who have a marketable business skill. Do you know a military/veteran spouse who has a marketable skill and is looking to make money in the little time they do have? Connect them with Laura and her team today at:  ---------- SHOW NOTES: Become a Master Communicator so more people will listen at: Simplify Your Marketing Message So More Customers Respond & Get Your Team on the Same Page:   

Feb 2018

33 min 17 sec

A lot of people think finding business opportunities is difficult. But the truth is that it can be pretty easy, if you know what to look for. What do you look for? Simple: a problem. When you find a problem someone is willing to pay money to fix, you may be on to a great business opportunity. Today I interview my friend and fellow war veteran Jimmy Compton (from the war in Iraq, not Afghanistan as I said in the episode).  Jimmy enjoyed creating leather goods for himself, but when one of his creations got shared on Instagram it blew up like a firestorm on social media and he was off to the races in his own high-end leather goods company. What do you do that people will want to pay for or enjoy? SHOW NOTES: Find Jimmy at: and on Instagram @thepropergentleman  Become a Master Communicator so more people will listen at: Simplify Your Marketing Message So More Customers Respond & Get Your Team on the Same Page: 

Feb 2018

32 min 23 sec

Are you tired of struggling to barely get by? If so, you're in luck!  On today's episode, I interview my good friend and finance guru Sean Hyman ( Sean has spent decades in the finance industry working for companies like Charles Schwab, NewsMax, and sharing the stage with Steve Forbes and other financial industry giants. You'll learn where Sean has found the best financial advice for every person who wants to get ahead (trust me, it's not where you think!) Give Sean a shout and grow your money today at  ---------- SHOW NOTES: Simplify Your Marketing Message So More Customers Respond at: Become a Master Communicator so more people will listen at:    Please leave us a rating and review!

Feb 2018

51 min 32 sec

A lot of people destroy their most important relationships because of something they gave away or received for free. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? It isn't! Everything free comes with hidden baggage most people don't foresee until it's kicking down their front door and destroying them or someone they care about. Listen to this week's AAR (only 12 minutes long) to learn what these hidden dangers are so you can avoid them, be smarter in your communication, and enjoy stronger, healthier relationships. ---------- SHOW NOTES: Learn how to simplify your marketing message so more customers respond:  Discover your life language so you can communicate clearly so more people listen. 

Feb 2018

12 min 26 sec

We've all felt like quitting at one time or another. We get frustrated, our situation becomes too much to handle, and we fizzle out and quit. But not everybody does this. Some people are able to press through the tough times, endure, and ultimately win. In today's episode, we discuss the simple 6-part process used by the world's most successful leaders who don't give up when others do. Brian discusses the Battle of Marathon which took place in the 500's BC and how the Athenians used this same process to defeat the Persians, who outnumbered them by more than 2 to 1.  You'll learn how to simply and immediately apply this same process to your situation, life, job, or business so you can outlast your own enemies and get the outcome you want. ----- SHOW NOTES: IMAGE LINK: "The Formula For Not Giving Up:" Simplify Your Marketing Message So More Customers Respond: 

Feb 2018

25 min 2 sec

This episode is going to make a lot of people angry. But if you want to succeed in any area of life, especially as a leader, you have to own this ONE thing... Take back complete control your life in the next 11 minutes. 


Feb 2018

11 min 11 sec

Part 2: Combat-proven team building tactics for leading and growing your team's confidence while under extreme pressure- forged in over 100 years of war that will make your teams stronger and grow your organization.  Show Note/Links:     

Feb 2018

37 min 30 sec

Discover practical, combat-proven team building tactics forged in over 100 years of war that will make your teams stronger and grow your organization.  Show Note/Links:   

Jan 2018

33 min 58 sec

Everybody wants more money, but not everybody has more money.  In this episode, Brian discusses the common practices and myths people believe that keep them stuck financially and outlines simple ways the wealthy take control of their money, have more, and how you can, too.


Jan 2018

32 min 11 sec

Everybody struggles, but not everybody overcomes their struggles. What separates those who overcome from those who don’t? Great leaders from average leaders? In this episode, you'll discover how this podcast will help you struggle less and win more in your life, relationships, and business. Show Note/Links:   

Jan 2018

9 min 26 sec