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Most of the time we get excited about growing into the person we’ve dreamed of, and accomplishing our wildest dreams, but we don’t really sit down and think about how much we’re going to have to do (or go through) to get there. For every goal you are focused on, there is a blindspot that […] The post Check Your Blindspots appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Nov 22

20 min 49 sec

Everyone will not love who you are and what you do. The real question is, do you though? Your gifts, talents, ideas, and all the things that make you the bomb person that you are, will not be for everybody. No matter how hard you work at something, and no matter how hard you try, […] The post You Won’t Be For Everybody appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Nov 15

15 min 19 sec

You don’t have to wait until the clock strikes 12 on December 31st to start over sis. You don’t have to wait until the end of the year, to enter a new level of growth. You can move forward, with all that you have and all that you have been through, today boo. When one […] The post Finish The Year Strong appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Nov 8

17 min 35 sec

Life has a way of grabbing us by the edges, and hitting us when we least expect it. No matter how great you may be feeling, life can just punch you out of nowhere. But at some point, when you’ve had enough, you have to learn how to look life square in the eye and […] The post Stand Up & Fight Back appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Nov 1

17 min 54 sec

Sometimes we don’t like enforcing boundaries because that means we might have to say something we don’t want to say to someone. We don’t want to hurt their feelings, and we don’t want to sour the relationship so the boundary is never enforced. But as we know, boundaries are not for them sis, boundaries are […] The post Respectfully Declined appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Oct 11

17 min 57 sec

It can be scary standing up for yourself, and speaking up for what you want. You don’t want to upset anyone and you don’t want them to look at you in a negative way. But at some point sis, you can’t keep setting yourself on fire to keep others warm. You can’t keep bending, and […] The post Speak Up So They Can Hear You appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Oct 4

18 min 49 sec

You can’t do everything, with everybody sis. When you elevate in life, not everyone in your circle will elevate with you. As you seek new levels of growth in your life, and as you go after new experiences, sometimes you might have to do them alone. This level, this journey, and this experience is yours, […] The post You Can’t Be Bougie With Everybody appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Sep 20

19 min 19 sec

Some days you feel super confident and beautiful, and just feeling yourself, and literally the next day you can feel raggedy. Some days you can feel like you are in perfect alignment, and you love your life, and you love where it’s going, and the next day can feel completely opposite. Both days you are […] The post Stop Being Mean To Yourself appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Sep 13

16 min 56 sec

When we feel like we’re not progressing, and not doing as good as we think we should be doing – we find ourselves wishing we “had it all together”. But wishing we had it all together, or believing in this false sense of perfection is doing more harm than good sis. There is no destination […] The post You Are A Work In Progress appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Aug 30

16 min 37 sec

Your life can change in an instant boo. Literally, our lives can change at the drop of a dime. If your life changed today, are you happy with how you’ve been living? Are you proud of how you show up each day? If your answer is no…that’s okay sis. We get so caught up in […] The post It Is A Privilege To Be You appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Aug 23

16 min 46 sec

You can’t always be what everyone else wants you to be sis. You have to learn how to take a step back, and to do what is ultimately best for you. You have to do what is best for your life, and your well being, not the lives and well being of the people around […] The post Do What’s Best For You appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Aug 9

14 min 33 sec

You have to have discernment in who gets to experience the best parts of you. You have to have discernment in who gets to know everything about you. Making moves in silence isn’t just for your haters, and the people that want to see you fail. Sometimes, you have to protect your dreams, visions, and […] The post Keep Your Mouth Shut appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Aug 2

18 min 58 sec

How you feel everyday, has the power to dictate your every move in life sis. But just because you feel a certain way, that doesn’t mean that feeling is coming from a true place. For example: Just because you feel unproductive today, that does not make you a lazy person. Just because you feel bad […] The post Facts Over Feelings appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Jul 19

19 min 47 sec

We know you’re over the work, and you’re tired of putting in hours at your jobs, or your businesses, and you’re ready to sit back and just enjoy the fruits of your labor. Because who dreams of work? But the reality is, when you want big things in life, big work is required sis. Because […] The post The Struggle Of Doing Hard Things appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Jul 12

18 min 5 sec

You never know the impact you can make on someone’s life sis. You don’t have to have your life “together” to change the life of someone else. If you have it on your heart to be kind to someone and be a blessing to them, do it. Believe it or not, being kind to others, […] The post It Costs Nothing To Be Kind appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Jun 28

19 min 56 sec

The space between where you are now and where you want to be is BIG. There’s a lot of time and effort that will you put in. But who says you can’t start living your dream life today? Why wait for big moments to happen in your life to celebrate, feel success, and be acknowledged […] The post This Is Not Your Practice Life appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Jun 21

19 min 50 sec

Raise your hand if you had every intention of coming back outside looking like a snack, but instead you’re still eating them? *raises both hands* Outside is open again, and let’s be honest…we fell off in some areas of our life. Whether it be our fitness goals, putting in effort into our appearance (because let’s face […] The post If You Fell Off Just Say That appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Jun 7

18 min 54 sec

Just because people are offering it, doesn’t mean that you have to take it. That goes for your relationships, friendships, careers, your family, and even your life. You can’t elevate to new levels, with subpar, mediocre, and low standards sis. When you go higher in life, your standards must be raised too. Side note: who […] The post Don’t Settle For Just Anything Sis appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

May 31

19 min 53 sec

Believe that you are built for the life you prayed for sis. Whatever dream lies ahead of you, there is no issue, situation, or obstacle that can stop you from getting there. You are equipped to handle anything that is thrown your way. Just pause, take a breath, find your solution, and handle it.  Continue […] The post Sit Down & Stop Stressing appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

May 17

15 min 11 sec

Sis, we are no longer giving people the watered down versions of ourselves. You know, the small, quiet versions of us that shrink to make others feel comfortable around us. The version of you that can’t be her full, powerful, blossoming self. The watered down version of you. When you elevate to new levels, the […] The post Unapologetically Speaking appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

May 10

19 min 25 sec

Some days you feel great, and you’re high on life, and feeling unstoppable. Then, there are days where you don’t feel so great. You feel really low, and you feel like you’re going to break. But guess what sis, that is 100% okay. Sometimes you have to just exist in the “not so good days”, […] The post Do The Next Best Thing appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Apr 26

13 min 3 sec

Full time jobs don’t get the credit they deserve. Even if you don’t love your job right now, it’s serving a way bigger purpose than you might think. If your goal is to make your side hustle a full time reality, this week we’re giving all the goods on how to make that happen. So […] The post Balancing a 9 to 5 & Your Side Hustle appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Apr 19

19 min 44 sec

With all the pressure there is to being present on every app there is, and do all the trendy things everyone else on social media is doing, it’s totally cool to do your own thing boo. Instead of trying to keep up with everyone else, you have full permission to set your own rules, and […] The post Forget What Everyone Else Is Doing appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Apr 5

13 min 21 sec

You can’t have a different life, and do the same things you’ve always been doing. To see changes in your life, you have to start doing something different. You are either constantly living in a state of change, or your life is repeating itself. The decision is yours sis. Continue The Conversation With Us on […] The post Evolve Or Repeat appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Mar 29

17 min 47 sec

Let’s be honest sis…how many times have you looked up to another woman and wanted to be like her? Instead of looking at her as inspiration, she only served as a constant reminder of all the things you didn’t have. Here’s an even better question, how proud are you of yourself? It’s so easy to […] The post Be Your Own Goals Sis appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Mar 15

19 min 29 sec

We’re back with Season 4 of the Slay Girl Slay Podcast! Oh, how we have missed you Boo. We are hitting the ground running in our first episode of the season, and not holding back from the minute this episode starts. Ashley is back after her hiatus, and picking up where she left off from […] The post By Any Means Necessary appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Mar 8

21 min 4 sec

So many changes happening in our world! Thank you for such a great season, and cheers to this finale episode. Sometimes you have to give up something great, to gain something even better. Big dreams come with big sacrifices, and either you’re going to make those dreams come true, with all the sacrifices you may […] The post Dreams Require Sacrifice appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Dec 2020

19 min 7 sec

Do you tell yourself that you’re proud of yourself often? That was kind of a mouthful, but really sis, how often do you gas yourself up? How often do you celebrate your accomplishments? With all of the power moves you’ve made thus far, career changes, acceptance letters, new jobs, new relationships, reaching business milestones, etc., […] The post Be Proud Of Where You Are Today appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Dec 2020

15 min 45 sec

Tis’ the season boo! This holiday will be quite different for everyone, but taking steps to take care of ourselves is they key. With everything that is happening, this holiday season won’t look like seasons from the years prior, but it can still feel good. This week Ashley is giving her best self love habits […] The post Self Love Habits For The Holidays appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Nov 2020

19 min 41 sec

You may not be finishing the year the way you planned, but you can still finish the year with some joy. Even though you may not have hit your sales goal this year, went on that vacation you planned, or finished that book you wanted to write, finishing the year with your sanity and peace […] The post Get Your House In Order appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Nov 2020

20 min 10 sec

Reflecting on what it was like last week waiting for the election results to come in, Ashley talks about how fear and anxiety can paralyze us when we are waiting for something we want. As much as we want to control situations in our life, the reality is we can’t. We can’t control everything that […] The post You Can’t Control Everything Sis appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Nov 2020

16 min 13 sec

We have no control over how other people feel. We have no control over what other people say, and we certainly have no control over what other people do. But what we do have control over is ourselves, what we do, and how we respond. Your life is yours, and yours alone. No matter what […] The post The Show Must Go On appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Oct 2020

15 min 42 sec

100 EPISODES THOUGH?!?!! That’s how ya’ll feel?! Today we’re celebrating a huge milestone for the Slay Girl Slay podcast. Our story started in Chicago with just a $20 microphone, and a few dedicated listeners (mostly family). To now reaching hundreds of thousands of you across the world. Thank you for every time you’ve pressed play, […] The post 100th EPISODE! Motivation Comes & Goes Sis appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Oct 2020

26 min 16 sec

Just because people don’t see you out here working, doesn’t mean you’re not out there getting the job done. Just because people don’t see you securing the bag, doesn’t mean the bag hasn’t been secured. Don’t let social media punk you into believing that you have to post everything, to prove everything. Your purpose in […] The post You Don’t Have To Post It To Prove It appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Oct 2020

17 min 40 sec

How many times have we started doing one thing, and then jumped into doing something else? Started a blog, a business, a non profit, a new career path – but then jumped into doing school programs, teaching, writing a new book, a new YouTube channel, and so on. That’s just an example boo, but it’s […] The post Shiny Object Syndrome appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Sep 2020

21 min 6 sec

How many times have you sat down to crank out some work, create content, write your business plan, or put your to do list together for the week, and got distracted by something? Distracted by your phone? Distracted by the television running in the background? Sitting down and getting something done seems like the easiest […] The post Your Attention Is Costing You appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Sep 2020

21 min 28 sec

When we have a new idea, or embark on a new journey, somehow in our minds we only see the end product. We forget all the steps and phases we have to go through to get there. We forget that there is a process to everything. With anything that you do, you’re not going to […] The post It Gets Ugly, Then It Gets Beautiful appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Sep 2020

18 min 2 sec

Whether you realize it or not, we are all authors of our own stories. Every day when we wake up, we are deciding what type of character we are going to be. The gift you were born with can come in any shape, size, or form. What you choose to do with that gift, is […] The post We Can All Be Superheroes appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Aug 2020

18 min 59 sec

If you can change your mind boo, you can change your life. It’s never too late to start fresh. It’s never too late to change the narrative about something negative, and find the positive. This year has been a whirlwind, but it’s not over. Your dreams, goals, and desires for success are not over. The […] The post Change Your Mind, Change Your Life appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Aug 2020

13 min 53 sec

We often miss our biggest opportunities because they don’t look like opportunities at first. Not all opportunities are going to be big, loud and in your face. What if, the big life changing moments you were looking for were quiet, subtle, and right in your face? What if opportunities didn’t just tap you on the […] The post Don’t Miss Out On Your Opportunity appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Aug 2020

19 min 40 sec

Sometimes we think we need all the steps, all the resources, all the software, and all the programs to be successful in our fields. But that’s not the case boo! You have everything you need to make it work, whether you believe it or not. So use what you have, to get to where you […] The post Work With What You’ve Got appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Aug 2020

17 min 40 sec

Sometimes we’re so focused on just trying to get to a “good place”, that we don’t open our eyes and see the good place we are already standing in. You can’t get so wrapped up into crossing the finish line that you fail to realize how blessed and fortunate you are to even be running […] The post Live Fully In The Moment appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Jul 2020

18 min 10 sec

This week Ash shares a personal story about how far crying will get you vs. how far you can go when you sit down and figure out the solutions to your problems or “results”. As much as we want someone to rub us on the back, life isn’t always so sweet. Sometimes you have to […] The post Girl, Wash Your Face appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Jul 2020

16 min 59 sec

We can’t be out here blocking all the haters and then get home and be hating on ourselves. Hating on our creativity. Hating on our own ideas. Hating on our dreams and hating on our looks. We can’t bock haters and be haters at the same time. You have a responsibility to be kind to […] The post Stop Hating On Yourself appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Jul 2020

17 min 44 sec

 Indecisiveness and your lack of ability to make firm decisions, can be doing more harm than good. A lot of us tip toe around our ideas, our desires, and our plans and haven’t fully made a decision to go all in on them. We get stuck in the middle or the “in between” as Ash […] The post Full Body Decisions appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Jun 2020

21 min 3 sec

We have gameplans, we have to do lists, and we know what we want – but our excitement won’t get us there. We wait for “motivation” to carry us to the finish line, but when we’re not motivated how can we still get the job done? One day we can be super motivated to work […] The post It’s Not Your Plans, It’s Your Habits appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Jun 2020

26 min 57 sec

This week as we march, protest, and pound our fist in the air demanding justice and equality…never forget the fight starts with you. This year has been more than overwhelming. More than stressful. More than scary. But no matter how overwhelming, stressful, and scary things might be – the fight to win, and the fight […] The post The Good Fight appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

Jun 2020

15 min 29 sec

We get so caught up in friendships and relationships that we sometimes forget they aren’t meant to last forever. Just because you were homegirls this year, doesn’t mean you’ll still be the same homegirls next year. Some of our girlfriends and boyfriends are only meant to be around for seasons of our life. Some seasons […] The post Thank You, Next appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

May 2020

19 min 29 sec

You deserve people at the finish line cheering you on. You deserve your name on a sign that says, “Job Well Done!” But in life, there won’t always be people there to celebrate your wins. There won’t always be people there to pat you on the back. So the real question is: Are you still […] The post Throw Your Own Party appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

May 2020

16 min 56 sec

Everyone wants the cheat code to building followers online and growing their social media presence but no one wants to do the dirty work. News flash boo! YOU are the cheat code! Put in the work behind your social media presence, and do your best at where you are TODAY by serving the people that […] The post Influencing To An Empty Room: How To Build Your Online Presence appeared first on Slay Girl, Slay.

May 2020

23 min 25 sec