The NEXT Normal

By Dave Trafford and iContact Productions

NORMAL: Characterized by what is considered usual, Typical Routine Expected It sounds safe and staid. But our NORMAL, usual, typical, expected, routine – turned Chaotic, dislocated, disorderly and out of control when COVID 19 hit us. The pandemic sent the world reeling, forcing us to shut down economies, forcing us to recalibrate our NORMAL, forcing us to confront the WHAT’S NEXT? What’s next for jobs, for education, for families and our health and well-being. This podcast ponders how we will live in this COVID era. What’s on the horizon? What should we expect? Where are the opportunities? Our hosts, Lisa Taylor, President at Challenge Factory, Dave Hardy, President, Hardy Stevenson and Associates Limited, Sarah Thorne, President and CEO, Decision Partners and Ujwal Arkalgud, Chief Anthropologist & CEO, MotivBase explore "what’s next" in the NEXT NORMAL.

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