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Cole Weintraub & Luke Profaci

Cole Weintraub and Luke Profaci, two die-hard New York Yankee fans, talk all about the Bronx Bombers with news, hot takes, and much more! Tune in weekly.

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In the twenty-third episode, Cole and Luke tensely break down the American League Wild Card game between the Bronx Bombers and the rival Boston Red Sox. We go over roster construction, give our thoughts on the LeMahieu injury, talk about the Cole-Eovaldi pitching matchup, and much more!

Oct 5

36 min 19 sec

In an all-new episode of the Monument Bark podcast, Cole and Luke talk about the current state of the Yankees, the insane sweep in Fenway, and an outlook for the last six games. You do not want to miss this episode!

Sep 28

51 min 34 sec

In the twenty-first episode, Cole and Luke summarize the last ten days, talk about our playoff chances, the 9/11 game, the beef with the Metropolitans, and much more. This is an episode that you don't want to miss!

Sep 16

51 min 58 sec

In the twentieth episode, we talk about the ups and downs of the west coast trip, speak on our feelings on the division race and the wild card, Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton's hot streaks, and much more! Thank you all so much for the support and we are super excited for the future of Monument Bark!

Sep 5

37 min 47 sec

In the nineteenth episode, Cole and Luke talk about moving into Syracuse, breakdown the sweeps of the Minnesota Twins and the Atlanta Braves, and preview the crucial road series against the Oakland Athletics. We've loved the support lately and have way more coming soon...

Aug 27

40 min 35 sec

In the eighteenth episode, we talk about sweeping the Sox out of the Bronx, the doubleheader, Andrew Heaney's field day, our experience at the Stadium, what comes next on the schedule, injury & prospect updates, and much more! Playoff talk is back...

Aug 19

47 min 43 sec

In the seventeenth episode, we breakdown the Chicago White Sox series, walk through our emotions of the Field of Dreams game, go off on Andrew Heaney, speak on Aaron Judge's hot streak, give injury updates, and much more! Keep your eyes peeled because more frequent episodes are coming soon!

Aug 16

56 min

In the sixteenth episode of the Monument Bark podcast, Cole and Luke talk about the Yanks' success, breaking down each game since July 31st. We also talked about all of the injuries & positive COVID tests within the organization and each host gave their reliever trust tree. This is an information-filled episode that you do not want to miss!

Aug 12

1 hr 2 min

In an all new episode of the Monument Bark podcast, hosts Cole Weintraub and Luke Profaci talk about and analyze all of the deadline deals. They also recapped the series win against Tampa Bay along with the first game of the three game set against the Miami Marlins.

Aug 1

1 hr 9 min

After a bit of a break, Cole and Luke are back to talk about the depressing New York Yankees. After winning four out of five versus Boston and Philadelphia, the Yankees traveled to Fenway Park for a major four game set. Although the Bronx Bombers had a lead in all four contests, they still dropped three out of four, falling nine games out of first place in the AL East. The two hosts breakdown the upsetting series and write off the season as a whole.

Jul 26

1 hr 2 min

In an action-packed thirteenth episode, Cole and Luke talk all about the Yanks' west coast trip heading into the All Star Break, breakdown some of our recent draftees, touch on the All Star Game festivities, and talk trade rumors. You don't want to miss out on Cole's rant on a certain left-handed hitting slugger...

Jul 15

1 hr 1 min

In an all new episode, Cole and Luke reiterate that the season is over. We go over this past week, talk about potential trade chips, and how this team could look in the future. Short and sweet episode. Give it a listen.

Jul 6

45 min 51 sec

From a 5-1 week to a 2-4 week. Where's the consistency? The New York Yankees put up another brutal week, erasing all of last week's success. Cole and Luke talk about the miserable week as a whole and take a couple calls from the listeners. Episodes that follow getting swept by the Sox are always a doozy. Check it out.

Jun 28

1 hr

Time flies when you're having fun! The tenth episode of the Monument Bark podcast is here! Cole and Luke give their thoughts on the Yanks' success, a glimpse of throwback Gary, our insane amount of triple plays, the MLB's regulations on foreign substances, and much more!

Jun 21

1 hr 16 min

In the ninth episode, Cole and Luke carry on with the bad vibes as the Yanks keep struggling. After showing life in the first two games against Minnesota, they followed up with two walk-off losses and a blow out in Philly. The two hosts talk about the trade deadline, give roster analysis, debate on who should stay, who should go, and tons more. This was an action packed episode that you don't want to miss!

Jun 15

1 hr 8 min

When you thought things couldn't get worse, they did. The New York Yankees had a very unsuccessful week which included getting swept by the Boston Red Sox at home (first time in ten years). Cole and Luke are very angry. They are even questioning if the Yanks will crack a Wild Card spot. In this episode, the two enraged hosts broke down each game from the past week (including umpire rants), took a deeper look at the Yanks' recent failures, and previewed the upcoming matchups. Definitely give this is a listen if you like angry Bronx Bomber fans.

Jun 8

1 hr 5 min

From one of the most exciting weeks to easily one of the more depressing. Cole and Luke break down the disappointing week with game analysis, talk injuries, preview the upcoming (important) divisional games, and much more! Don't miss our reactions!

Jun 1

57 min 22 sec

What a week to be a Yankee fan! In an all new episode of Monument Bark, hosts Cole Weintraub and Luke Profaci talk about the fantastic pitching performances (including Corey Kluber's no-hitter), all of the walk-off wins, Gleyber Torres' offensive rampage, more trade targets after the Hicks injury, and much more! You do not want to miss this exciting episode!

May 24

1 hr 20 min

Cole and Luke are back to talk Yankee baseball. Despite Sunday’s brutal loss to Baltimore and Luke’s spoiled milk disaster, the New York Yankees did their business winning their first series at Tropicana Field in two years. The two hosts analyze the successful week, speak on Aaron Judge’s hot streak, and potential trade targets following a lack of production and injuries early on in the season.

May 17

1 hr 2 min

In an action-packed fourth episode of the Monument Bark podcast, Cole Weintraub and Luke Profaci recap this past week's games, including a series against the enemy Houston Astros. Although the Yankees have been successful recently, the two hosts feel as though this has been an upfield battle... and it's only May! This episode was full of laughs and rants about solely on coach's decision making. Give it a listen!

May 9

1 hr 20 min

In the third episode of the Monument Bark podcast, hosts Cole Weintraub and Luke Profaci discuss the fluctuating success, analyze the solid pitching performances, breakdown the Tauchman trade, and tons more!

May 2

53 min 36 sec

In the second episode, Cole and Luke break down each game from the past week, talk about the recent momentum, preview the Yanks' matchups after the Cleveland series, and lots more!

Apr 24

55 min 14 sec

In the inaugural episode of the Monument Bark podcast, hosts Cole Weintraub and Luke Profaci discuss the Yankees' recent struggles, their offensive inconsistencies, the ineffective starting pitching, and much more!

Apr 18

56 min 5 sec