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From the team at D6, this podcast is focused on building an excellent family ministry. Filled with useful tips and great interviews, we help ministry leaders and parents take practical steps to disciple families.

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We are led by Tony Myles on how to be obedient in our conversations to leverage the gospel and engage on a deeper level with our children. 

Nov 29

33 min 57 sec

Children's ministry leader Michayla White challenges church leaders to assess if they're striving to create space to embrace the inclusion of children as full members of the family of God. 

Nov 22

30 min 6 sec

Dr. Tim Kimmel teaches us the necessity for grace in our marriages and what that looks like on a day-in, day-out basis as he discusses his book, Grace Filled Marriage: The Missing Piece, The Place to Start.

Nov 15

35 min 23 sec

Guest Scott Turansky guides us through practical strategies for shepherding our children's hearts instead of focusing on simply changing their negative behavior. 

Nov 8

27 min 35 sec

As the author of The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams, Dale Hudson shares outstanding strategies for recruiting, keeping, placing, and empowering our volunteers. 

Nov 1

24 min 31 sec

As the author of the book, Parenting Redefined: Finding the Confidence to Parent Your Teen, Britney Dent gives key strategies to gain a better understanding of teenagers and provides hope for discouraged parents of teens.

Oct 25

32 min 52 sec

Intentional inter-generational discipleship is possible, and our guest, Jim Wideman, gives personal examples of ways that he incorporates discipleship into his relationships with his grandchildren and his adult children. 

Oct 18

32 min 7 sec

We learn from Mike Trimble the best ways to communicate appreciation and value to our volunteers.

Oct 11

28 min 45 sec

As COO of HomePointe, Inc., Tim Goodyear gives us "three Cs" for creating a family ministry culture and tells us how churches can use both teaching and tools to effectively encourage parents to lead in discipleship at home.

Oct 4

21 min 19 sec

Hear from Matt Markins on disciple-making strategies that will effectively influence children of today who are living in a self-focused environment. 

Sep 27

27 min 54 sec

Sean Sweet gives us guidance on having a thriving preteen ministry, addressing the uniqueness of this age group and how to best help them grow in their faith. 

Sep 20

34 min 19 sec

As executive pastor in Carrollton, Georgia, Corey Jones provides easy-to-follow guidance on how ministry leaders can connect, encourage, and develop volunteers that are utilizing their God-given gifts to further the Kingdom of Christ. 

Sep 13

33 min 33 sec

Author Nicki Koziarz discusses her new book, Flooded: The 5 Best Decisions to Make When Life Is Hard and Doubt Is Rising. Nicki shows us why Noah is so relational and what we can learn from him about faith during seasons of loss and doubt. 

Sep 6

33 min 22 sec

As president of Connect Ministries, Ken Thomas gives strategies churches can use to connect with families in their communities and keep them coming back after that first visit. 

Aug 30

31 min 28 sec

Children's ministry leaders can find inspiration and a sense of belonging through our conversation with Trey Brooks about his organization, Equip to Engage. 

Aug 23

22 min 37 sec

Guest Valerie Bell discusses three components that are essential for shaping long-term faith in a child and challenges ministry leaders to assess if their ministries are adequately discipling children to stand strong in their faith in the culture we live in.

Aug 16

27 min 56 sec

Hear the incredible testimony of Scott Humston who overcame medical obstacles to pursue an astounding career that utilizes his passions for faith and magic. 

Aug 9

23 min 17 sec

Mary Blosser shares her experience of implementing a faith-at-home D6 principle in her church. She provides practical steps and examples to adopting a family-centered discipleship model. 

Aug 2

36 min 26 sec

Grandparents play a major role in family discipleship, and our guest Chris Shirley gives practical examples of what grandparent discipleship looks like. 

Jul 26

38 min 36 sec

Increase awareness and gather practical strategies from guest Jay Strother on how to re-engage young adults and create the relational connection this valuable age group is hungry for. 

Jul 19

32 min 30 sec

You can lead children in worship with excellence! Yancy Richmond gives us great wisdom and tips on utilizing the power of worship to usher children into the presence of God and to hide His truths in their hearts. 

Jul 12

32 min 52 sec

Josh Proctor, the founder of Caleb Micah Ministries, joins us to discuss the fight for holiness against pornography and the hope for freedom that can be found in Jesus Christ. 

Jul 5

32 min 1 sec

Gain wisdom on navigating the entire family's screen time as Arlene Pellicane, co-author of Screen Kids, guides us through healthy technology choices and how to make necessary changes. 

Jun 28

42 min 32 sec

Jim Musser guides us on preparing our kids to leave home and transition well by providing how-tos, "homework", and hope. 

Jun 21

38 min 32 sec

Gender identity has become a popular, yet difficult topic for the church. Dr. Shelly Melia coaches the ministry leaders and parents in the areas of policy, urgency, and ministering with a balance of truth and grace.  

Jun 14

37 min 34 sec

Rachel Price provides us with the "Five Ps" of time management to help us choose wisely how to spend and invest our time. 

Jun 7

31 min 1 sec

Generation Z has been greatly impacted by the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Leneita Fix explains how the pandemic has affected this generation and what ministry leaders and parents can do to come alongside them to provide help. 

May 31

48 min 20 sec

We dive into discussing The Relationally Intelligent Child, with the authors of this brand new book, Dr. John Trent and Dr. Dewey Wilson. They advise on raising children who connect well with others and have fulfilling and lasting relationships. 

May 24

34 min 42 sec

Generation Z has been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Tim Elmore talks with us about how we can bring hope to this anxious generation as he discusses his new book, The Pandemic Population. 

May 17

27 min 59 sec

St. Louis Cardinal pitcher, Daniel Ponce de Leon, speaks with us about his new book, One Line Drive: A Life-Threatening Injury and a Faith-Fueled Comeback, which details how a near-fatal accident on the field impacted his faith for good. 

May 10

26 min 10 sec

Founder and artistic director of Courtney's Corner, Kelsey Gothard, speaks with us about how our churches can create inclusive environments that serve children and families of all ability levels. 

May 3

44 min 41 sec

As Executive Director of Faith at Home, Mark Holmen shares his findings from a new survey, the Faith Life Pandemic Impact survey, and tells us how our own churches can use this tool to assess the state of our churches. 

Apr 26

33 min 55 sec

Carol Reid speaks on the importance and impact that grandparents have in the life of a child and provides practical tips and takeaways you can use today! 

Apr 19

33 min 16 sec

With many misconceptions of introversion, Holley Gerth has authored the book, The Powerful Purpose of Introverts, and enlightens us on what makes introverts special and the unique gifts that introverts have to offer. 

Apr 12

36 min 1 sec

We continue our conversation with Amanda Dunlap on the importance of mental health, speaking directly to those who sit in the pews of our churches week in and week out. 

Apr 5

47 min 57 sec

Expert Amanda Dunlap sits down to share her expertise in the area of mental health, advising and encouraging church leaders on their role in this area of need.

Mar 29

41 min 31 sec

Pastor Mike Trimble encourages other pastors with his adaptive leadership as we discuss the major disruption that COVID-19 caused among our nation's churches and how we can leverage what was learned for the future. 

Mar 22

39 min 13 sec

Guest J.D. Greear discusses his newest book, What Are You Going to Do with Your Life?, calling believers to a worthy life over a wasted life. 

Mar 15

32 min 46 sec

The D6 Conference 2021 is coming up in just a few short weeks! Our hosts, Marianne Howard, Josh Wooten, and Dr. Ron Hunter pull back the curtain and let you in on what to expect this year! 

Mar 8

40 min 32 sec

Baseball legend Darryl Strawberry shares his incredible story of hope, restoration, and redemption as told in his new book, Turn Your Season Around: How God Transforms Your Life.

Mar 1

34 min 35 sec

We discuss "open-handed living" as we receive guidance from Tisha Smith on raising generous givers. 

Feb 22

46 min 31 sec

Worship leader and Christian music artist, Elias Dummer, discusses the heart posture and value of corporate worship, spontaneous worship, as well as challenges that arise between performance and authentic worship. 

Feb 15

44 min 28 sec

Senior associate editor for Plugged In, Paul Asay, talks to us about making wise decisions when it comes to entertainment and how we can teach discernment in this area to our children. 

Feb 8

48 min 45 sec

Jeff and Terra Mattson, co-authors of the book, Shrinking the Integrity Gap: Between What Leaders Preach and Live, describe how gaps in our integrity affect leadership, the importance of prioritizing mental health, and how confession plays a role in our integrity gap. 

Feb 1

51 min 50 sec

Stewarding finances can be a difficult topic, but Garrett Dickerson provides astounding advice, tips, and tricks to stewarding what God has given you and shares how to pass that legacy down to your children. 

Jan 25

49 min 33 sec

We learn how to use our social media presence to glorify God as we speak with Daniel Darling, author of A Way with Words: Using our Online Conversations for Good.

Jan 18

51 min 30 sec

Former MLB All-Star Matt Holliday and his wife Leslee visit with us about their ministry calling after baseball and how the "caught, not taught" philosophy works in evangelism through relationships.     

Jan 11

51 min 56 sec

Former ZOEgirl, Alisa Childers, speaks to us on the Progressive Christianity movement and her book, Another Gospel? A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity.

Jan 4

46 min 30 sec

We dive deeper into the command in Deuteronomy 6 with our guest, Dr. Michele White, as she helps us in finding the teachable moments "as you go" through daily life. 

Dec 2020

33 min 4 sec

Our co-hosts, Marianne Howard, Josh Wooten, and Dr. Ron Hunter, discuss their own family traditions and pray a special blessing over this season and the coming new year. 

Dec 2020

18 min 29 sec