Executive Learning REWIRED

By Headspring

Learning REWIRED introduces leaders to the people and insights that are shaping the future of learning in organizations. Every week we challenge established patterns of thinking, inviting the audience to reassess what, how and why they learn. Learning REWIRED is proudly presented by Headspring, executive development specialists, as part of Headspring's commitment to fostering cultures of continuous learning. To continue the conversation elsewhere, find us at Website: https://www.headspringexecutive.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/goheadspring Twitter: https://twitter.com/goheadspring

  1. 1.
    ELR #017: Embracing the evolutionary career with Beth Davies
  2. 2.
    ELR #016: AI and the evolution of executive learning, with Joel Hellermark
  3. 3.
    ELR #15: LGBTQ+ and inclusive organisations, with Victor Nieves
  4. 4.
    Resilience in a post-pandemic world
  5. 5.
    ELR #014 - Moving beyond learning towards development, with Dr Alan Watkins
  6. 6.
    ELR #013: Embracing the zeitgeist of inclusion, with Stephen Frost
  7. 7.
    ELR #012 - The power of humane workplaces with Vlatka Hlupic
  8. 8.
    FLASH INSIGHTS with Alex Edmans

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