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The Devil's Mouth podcast invites musicians and artists from all corners of the underground and alternative music world to chat with host José Carlos Santos.

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Time flies by, and 2021 already marks the tenth anniversary of one of  the most decisive albums in the history of Icelandic superstars Sólstafir. 'Svartir Sandar' was everything anyone could have wished from  the cowboys of the ice - a massive double album, moody and thick with  atmosphere, but also boasting some of the quartet's most notable songs  every, including the show-stopping 'Fjara', which has been capturing  hearts all over the world ever since. Having been recently  announced the band will signal this important landmark by playing 'Svartir Sandar' in full at the famous Roadburn Festival, we thought it was time to get their frontman "Addi" Tryggvason to reminisce a bit on  it. Because we know few bands are as full of stories as Sólstafir,  expectations were high, but we ended up with the longest Memory Lane episode so far and Addi's tales did not disappoint, as always. Tune in now and discover why Addi often says jokingly that a book could be written about each Sólstafir album

Nov 4

1 hr 8 min

The Memory Lane returns, and this  time we got together with Daron Beck to remember the very first Pinkish  Black album, almost a decade old by now. Written and recorded in a  rather dark period for the Daron Beck/Jon Teague duo, shortly after the  tragic ending of their previous band The Great Tyrant, it is a sombre  yet exhuberant collection of songs, and a solid foundation for what was  to come, as the experimental, unexpected and quirky traits that we today  associate with the band's very peculiar kind of songwriting already  present. During the conversation, we also learn a whole bunch of  stuff about it - from the "minor" detail that we've been getting the  album title wrong all these years (it's actually called 'Everything Went  Dark') to the revelation that Daron's favourite Pinkish Black song is  on it, it was an engaging, informative and super fun chat as always with  this unique musician.

Oct 15

46 min 45 sec

This is a very special episode, as we premiere a brand new feature on The Devil's Mouth - the Memory Lane, where musicians will pick an album from their past and reminisce about all aspects of its creation and subsequent influence on their careers.  Released on July 15th, 1991, on Wiiija Records, 'Babyteeth' was the debut album by Northern Irish rockers Therapy?, the first step on a long and illustrious trajectory that lasts to this day and is still going strong. We asked bassist Michael McKeegan - who also premiered the Ten Rounds feature way back already - to go back 30 years with us and talk about this historical release. Visit to find all other features and episodes.

Oct 7

42 min 52 sec