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Elizabeth Sutton created this podcast to motivate and inspire positivity through creativity, resilience, hustle, and kindness.

Success By Design With Elizabeth Sutton
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Joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is Elena Cardone - mother, businesswoman, bestselling author, motivational speaker. The woman who simply has it all. But in her path, she has come across many hardships that she openly shows her wounds with pride and leads conversations on this topic because her scars and stories help people become the best version of themselves. Listen to this inspiring story and take responsibility to become greater. 

Jun 22

40 min 18 sec

Joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is Cyril Ranque. He has been a president of the Expedia group for fifteen years now and before that, he has traveled the world with his family and business. When I first met him he completely mesmerized me and I am lucky to call him and his family, my friends. A person from whom I learn every day and the one who has the knowledge to make you, and me, a better boss.

Mar 23

43 min 38 sec

Joining us today is my dear friend Tobi Rubinstein, a female rabbi, Jewish mother, and a woman with a long career in fashion. Throughout her life, she has worked with many fashion brands including Victoria’s Secret and Nicole Miller. Her path has not been an easy one, but yet a rewarding one which she describes in her first book The House of Daight&Fashion, coming out in April. In her words, style and creativity I found my inspiration and she will continue to be my inspiration for many years to come.

Mar 16

48 min 16 sec

Joining us today is Hadassah Greenberg, a grief counselor. She started her career as a grief and healing counselor eight years ago when she realized that something in her life was harming her well-being. Throughout the years she had the chance to work with people from different communities and backgrounds all over the US and help them recover from their loss and trauma. Through her work she helps people find peace in uncomfortable situations, dig deeper and reach their full potential.

Feb 23

50 min 3 sec

Joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is Vinnie Potestivo - talent development executive, media adviser, and content coach. He began his career on MTV as a talent and series developer and worked with many celebrities such as Beyonce, Mandy Moore, and Dj Clue. Now he uses his knowledge to help public figures and small businesses expand their audience online. Vinnie is the magic behind this podcast, a true friend, and inspiration.

Feb 16

49 min 33 sec

Joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is Batsheva Haart - An influencer, content creator on platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube. She comes from Atlanta, Georgia, but moved to New York when she was 11. Now she is 27 and happily married for 8 years. Trying to focus on a successful, goal oriented, business career while growing up in a religious Jewish community wasn’t easy. She made it by working very hard and having a great attitude. This is her story.

Feb 9

47 min 13 sec

Joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is Ari Zoldan - husband, father of three. A serial entrepreneur, CEO of Quantum Media Group, LLC, who started his career in Telecom, but later founded his own firm that mostly does B2B. A big contributor to Fox News, CNN, CNBC. Born and raised in New York City, but currently not residing there due to the pandemic.

Jan 13

42 min 46 sec

Joining us on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is Christy Whitman - a wife, mother of two, who is currently residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. Christy Whitman is a prominent figure in the world known for her outstanding work as a life/energy coach. She inspires you to take matters into your own hands   Subscribe & Review!

Sep 2020

42 min 14 sec

Stacy Garcia is joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton. She gives great examples of how to stay creative, innovative, and have successful business ventures in the world of design. She also advises young artists who want to make a name for themselves, on how to protect their intellectual property and patents. A leader, role model for many, she passes her knowledge and experience in a podcast you will definitely enjoy.   Subscribe & Review!

Sep 2020

50 min 5 sec

Our guest on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is Asher Gottesman, a person whose story you will love to hear and will be inspired by the man himself. Imagine not being able to experience joy; having hardships growing up and wanting to be a positive member of the community. Wanting to be well-accepted by others is what a lot of people throughout the world have struggled with. Born and raised in California, Asher is a husband and father of five. Asher Gottesman is such a great figure in this world, a real friend and a genuinely good person who is willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. He inspires us and enlightens us with his life story. This brilliant mind is somebody whose perspective on life you need to hear.

Sep 2020

40 min 41 sec

Joining us on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is a Grammy winner, producer mastermind Jose Garcia better known as IAmChino, born In Havana, Cuba. He currently resides in the U.S. where he moved to when he was 10 years old. IAmChino has worked with many well-affirmed musicians such as Pitbull,Jenifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Daddy Yankee...and is one of the music industries biggest hitmakers. Long-term grind in music business makes IAmChino cemented as one of the biggest producers of popular latin, reggaeton, and house music. Being a mastermind behind some of the world's greatest and recognized hits is what DJ Chino is all about.

Aug 2020

38 min 47 sec

Joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is one who wears many hats, Amanda Lauren. Originally from New York City, aka the Big Apple, on the upper Eastside. She is first and foremost a journalist/ writer, who is currently freelancing as an interior design expert writer for the very prestigious Forbes Magazine. Lauren is also a host on EverTalkTv and She is also engaging in an art collaboration with Art Sugar called the Hamptons collection. You can also learn from her new course she has recently launched called Pitch Pleased PR, with lessons on how to pitch yourself to journalists and publications. Tune in for our discussion on the versatility of entrepreneurs and the idea of taking a ‘generalist’ approach to business ventures with the successful freelancer and entrepreneur Amanda Lauren on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton.     Rate & Subscribe!

Aug 2020

38 min 31 sec

Joining us today on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is Ritch Erani. Originally from a Jewish community in Brooklyn, Ritch is a father of twins, a husband, and an entrepreneur. He started out as a salesperson with his brother and is now a very successful designer and owner of a boutique luxury shoe store in Lexington Avenue. He has owned several established retail stores called Chucky's with celebrity clientele, from Britney Spears to Cindy Crawford. He then started his shoe line called Ritch Erani NYFC collection that has been worn by the likes of celebs from Madonna to Beyoncé.  Listen to Ritch interview me and get my story on his podcast at Ritch In Life, which also premiered today!    RATE & SUBSCRIBE!

Aug 2020

38 min 46 sec

There has never been a bigger hustle than being a full-time entrepreneur and a mom at the same time. Join us now as we discuss how to balance life, family, and the hustle with successful business owner Pamela Pekerman on Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton.      Originally born and raised in Brooklyn, Pamela Pekerman now resides in Westchester. She is a mom, a wife, and a successful entrepreneur. Pekerman is the founder and owner of the company “Hustle like a Mom,” which is a multimedia platform geared towards building a bridge from mom-life to entrepreneur life and the key to balancing both. It is all about community accountability and business growth together, as moms and business owners who strive to align their personal or professional aspirations.   Rate, Review, and Subcribe!

Aug 2020

34 min 50 sec

It is time to change the sigma that is associated with victims of sexual assault. The term has always been seen as a taboo in society to speak up about the very real experience both men and women face.   Joining us today on episode 11 of Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton is the original boss lady herself, Vanessa Coppes. Vanessa Coppes is an educator and owner of Bella Magazine. She was a teacher for over fourteen years and is originally from the Dominican Republic.   Listen Along 2m 27s      Meet Vanessa Coppes 17m 32s    Vanessa is sexually assaulted at age 5 28m 9s      Women who are afraid to confront sexual assault and trauma 35m 33s    Liz Sums it up two different ways 38m 21s    Vanessa's current focuses and special projects   Listen and Subscribe! 

Jul 2020

41 min 10 sec

In today’s world, everyone and everything is interconnected. Just by accessing the internet, we can communicate to close family members living miles away, or witness events and celebrities that we would never have had a chance to meet. It can be a wonderful and welcoming experience as you share and grow with other like minded individuals. These bonds are priceless.   In episode of “Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton” we meet Elizabeth Savetsky (@ElizabethSavetsky) and Kate Sands (@honestlyKate). We dive into the positives of social media from the perspective of these women and the negative feedback that arises from the societal pressure to be something they are not.   Let us know what you think of this epsiode! Please Rate & Subscribe.   03m 38s   Meet Katie Sands 04m 52s   Meet Elizabeth Savetsky 07m 58s   Always being expected to show your life 09m 40s   Compartmentalizing my emotions 11m 55s    This quote changed my life 17m 30s    You really wear your heart on your sleeve 20m 39s   A conscious effort to live in the moment 26m 44s   Fit the mold and check all the boxes 47m 30s   Best and worst lesson you've learned

Jul 2020

51 min 45 sec

How do you stand out in a world of shouting content? What does the new resilience look like in the face of such a volatile human climate? How will we continue to build our businesses and communicate through the noise of the busiest news cycle in memory?   My guest Michael Kempner and I discuss the shift in content strategy that happened almost overnight, and what it’s like living in a moment where it’s critically important to be aligned with purpose. In Kempner’s words, “The era of silent CEOs is over,” and we explore what that means for brands, entrepreneurs, and marketing communications in this time of fierce division and limited reach.   Michael Kempner is the founder and CEO of MWW, one of the biggest independent PR firms in the world. He is a husband, a dad of three, oversees MWW, works in progressive politics, sits on multiple philanthropic boards as well as the board of American University. He also founded ConnectOne Bank, one of the nation’s most successful community banks.   Tune in. Listen. Rate & Review. 

Jul 2020

48 min 49 sec

Lamar Sanchez is an iconic fashion artist. He is literally a walking piece of art, aka. Legend already made. Lam is a true artist that creates art through his outfits. His idiosyncratic style has always been a way of expressing himself to the world. His creative skill and imagination has made everyday a new day to be the conspicuous master of art that he is. But because of his eccentric fashion sense and versatility, Lamar had been often called names, pointed at, judged and labeled. He has been called all sorts of things like special ed, a clown, outcast, when really he is just a kind, inspirational, positive and supportive human being. Through his confidence and motivational speeches, Lam has been able to inspire and motivate so many people around the world and make a true impact. He refuses to change, because expression of character through fashion is in his blood. Listen to Legend Already Made, to hear his thoughts on social influence.

Jun 2020

35 min 10 sec

Turning a passion or talent into a career, means living a dream. Making money doing something you love is the most fulfilling feeling in the world. Becoming an entrepreneur of talent involves sacrifice, hustle, networking, asking for help, promoting work, and constantly pushing forward, never giving up. Believing in yourself, your work, your worth and your success is essential for pushing through. The phrase “Struggling artist” definitely exists for a reason. The seventh episode of the Elizabeth Sutton Podcast, Success by Design features Shane Anderson, a creative entrepreneur, who made a successful career at the age of only 23. Listen to this young, talented and well-known photographer to gain insight into the founding blocks of his entrepreneurship path and learn from his experiences.

Jun 2020

27 min 51 sec

Life is a journey, an adventure, and a privilege. Living in a cage to avoid judgement is not a life but mere existence. Letting our voice be heard, shouting it as loud as we can, may help others do the same. The sixth episode of Success by Design with Elizabeth Sutton, called Defining Beliefs, invites Isaac Rosenberg, a successful residential broker for Compass. Isaac sells luxury properties in New York and Miami and has an extremely interesting story regarding faith, religion, and upbringing which correlates with his first steps into entrepreneurship. Listen and Subscribe.

Jun 2020

29 min 18 sec

Resilience is a skill that we learn through hardship. Tough circumstances mold us, they turn us into sharks and force us to keep going, keep pushing forward in order to succeed. Self-esteem takes a lot of believing in yourself and believing that you can conquer and overcome everything. It means being imperfect and confident with your imperfections. The fifth episode of the Elizabeth Sutton podcast, Success by Design, called Learning to Love Yourself, features Alvina Alston, media and PR guru. Alvina has experienced serious trauma and loss throughout her life and is the epitome of a resilient human being. Hearing her story, hearing her struggles - you’ll almost be shocked by how incredible she is. She is a role model for her community. Let her experiences inspire you to love yourself. We are only able to love others when we truly love ourselves.  Listen to her story.

Jun 2020

28 min 55 sec

Success never comes easy, especially for female entrepreneurs. In the world of business, history has shown that women have always had a tougher time climbing the ladder. Beautiful, motivated, young, and intelligent women are usually a threat and more often get asked out then offered a job. That’s just reality. The World of Female Entrepreneurs, Episode 4 of Success by Design, features Stephanie and Courtney, co-founders of a well-known NYC based social media agency, Socialfly. This Entreprenisita duo shares their experiences and advice on entrepreneurship. Enjoy. Rate and review.

Jun 2020

32 min 45 sec

The world is full of change. How will you embrace it? How will you adapt to it?  To examine this topic further I invited Tiffany, the legendary musician (who has sold over 15 million records worldwide since the debut of her first album in the 80s - I Think We’re Alone Now), to share her perspective on change. She also shares details on her exciting new business venture, a digital cooking club called Let’s Food with Tiffany.

May 2020

20 min 26 sec

My career began the day someone 1st noticed and purchased my first painting from Instagram. The power of social media is undeniable.  I invited Mike Heller, owner of Talent Resources (the go-to influencer marketing agency that connects brands with celebrity influencers), to discuss this topic as well as the emerging ways digital platforms are impacting business growth and communication. Mike is super accomplished, an ultimate hustler and really well connected in this industry.

May 2020

37 min 13 sec

“Turning a Mess Into a Masterpiece” is a true depiction of my life story. How can we be best prepared to seize opportunities and use misfortunate occurrences as mechanisms to build strength and achieve dreams?  I asked Jack Ezon, founder and Managing Partner at Embark (a luxury lifestyle partnership specializing in bespoke travel experiences) to share his insights on the topic. Jack is a personal friend, true hustler and team leader. Learn from Jack and his take on failure. I did. 

May 2020

26 min 36 sec

Hosted by a self taught artist, designer, entrepreneur, and single mother of two, Success By Design With Elizabeth Sutton was created to motivate and inspire positivity through creativity, resilience, hustle, and kindness. 

Nov 2019

2 min 59 sec