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Dari Poli

Solo traveling across Europe, backpacking in Balkans, or hitchhiking in Brazil - she has done it, and now Dari Poli wants to bring the nomadic life closer to you. Dari is relieving her top travel tips and tricks on how to save money for adventures, stay with locals and spend up to 50$ on a trip. Together with her friends, Dari Poli wants to share the most exciting stories from the trips all over the globe. After visiting 40+ countries, living in the USA, Brazil, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, and Spain, Dari will inspire you to pack a backpack and hit the road right away. Stay #outbubbled!

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In this exclusive Travel Podcast Episode, Dari Poli is having a discussion with a Travel Instagrammer @godricvstheworld who has traveled all the world exploring countries from the exotic Dominican Republic to picturesque Indonesian islands. They are discussing dancing lifestyle, London life, skateboarding, sexism in Bachata, and Instagram Algorithm when growing your account. They are bringing up the importance of Video Creation and whether it is vital to have your 'own' niche when being a blogger.Junior's IG -'s IG - Tips and Tricks -

May 2020

38 min 37 sec

We are continuing with a Pelumi's story and this time we are discussing not African continent, but Eastern Europe. Pelumi is sharing her experience in Ukraine, Georgia, and Kosovo and if it is safe to go to the Balkans for Black people.Pelumi is also one of the first people to found Black British Travel Meet-Up and work together with media to promote the travel movement in London.Pelumi's IG - Poli's IG - British Travel Meet-Up -

Apr 2020

24 min 58 sec

In today's episode, Pelumi - a traveler from Lagos, Nigeria will give us unique insights into traveling in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and across all Europe. A young lady who has over 60 countries in her bucket and still counting will share her tips and tricks on staying safe on a road and what kind of travel attitude keeps her positive vibes on.We will raise an issue of passport privilege and how to deal with racism on the road when being a female traveler and not speaking local languages.Pelumi's IG - Poli's IG - Travelers -

Apr 2020

26 min 36 sec

Today Dari Poli is sharing here Quarantine To-Do List and why she decided to learn twerking and cracking an egg with one hand. She is also revealing some of her most fav and inspiring books.Books mentioned in the podcast episode:1. The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib2. Atomic Habits by James Clear3. The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris4. Woke Up In The Balkans by Dari Poli5. The Little Book Of Lykke by Meik Wiking Dari Poli's IG - Blog -

Apr 2020

37 min 22 sec

In today's Travel Podcast by Dari Poli, we are going to deep dive into volunteering in Latin America and India. Everyone has to go volunteering once in life. Do something for society not expecting anything in a return. Yet volunteering abroad might hurt local communities and leave the teachers jobless. Anna Mikulska, a Polish traveler and a lady, who has volunteered all around the globe, is sharing her unique approach to traveling and the concept of Responsible Volunteering. Let's get it started!Get to know Anna on Instagram - @ordinary__worldsFollow My Out-Bubbled Trips on - @travel_out_bubbled

Mar 2020

46 min 3 sec

In today's travel podcast episode, Dari Poli is sharing her top tricks on saving the money when traveling to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland. She has been living in FREE accommodations for over 4 years and has been spending no more than 10€ on food, transportation, and entertainment per day. Now she sharing all her tips on how to request a free bed using Couchsurfing, find free events and food-sharings in Scandinavia. Backpacking is cheaper and easier than you have ever thought!Websites mentioned by Dari Poli:How to Couchsurf (free accommodations)CouchsurfingAlbanian Hostel - Travel StoryTravel Tricks for European TripFree accommodations - websitesSleeping in Airports - GuideCollapsible Water Bottle - Option #1, Option #2Collapsible Lunch BoxEco-friendly Reusable Snack BagsFood-sharing AppCar-sharing - BlaBlaCarHow to hitchhike - GuideEvent App - MeetUpActivity Deals - Groupon

Sep 2019

36 min 59 sec

In today's episode, Dari Poli is introducing her friend Tim Knögel, a German young guy, who has succeeded to create the biggest volleyball community in Barcelona called "Multicultural Volleyball". He quit his 9-5 job so to organize volleyball training and tournaments 3 times per day. Plus, Tim runs CrossFit, kickboxing, and yoga classes every week. He has created an extremely loyal and multicultural community that travels, parties, and live together.Tim is sharing his pro-tips on how to establish a business in Spain, cooperate with world-known brands like Nike, and still have work-life balance.Useful links:Multicultural Volleyball BarcelonaNike Box BarcelonaOnefitBarcelona ActivaBook "How To Win Friends and Influence People"Event Application "Meetup"Social After-Work Party in Monkey Factory (every Thu from 20.00)Sports Photographer Angela @barcelona_sportlife

Aug 2019

32 min 28 sec

In this episode, Dari Poli is sharing her first time experience of self-publishing a book with Kindle. Her book "Woke Up In The Balkans" is a true backpacking, hitchhiking, Couchsurfing story of Dari and her friend Maja all around the Balkans. She talks on how the idea of becoming a writer popped up in her head, who helped her to make the process smoother, designed the cover, and how Amazon people were rejecting it for a long time.Dari Poli published her first book in Ibiza while sitting on a bench using free Wifi from a hotel nearby and later got an email that it went live while on a boat to Formentera."Woke Up In The Balkans" is available for E-books and paper version for worldwide shipping!Useful links:Kindle Direct PublishingInterview with a Cameroonian-American  (EP. 3 MOVING TO GERMANY TO STUDY ON A SCHOLARSHIP)

Aug 2019

35 min 37 sec

Traveler, Dari Poli, is sharing her last 4 years of experience in 5 countries. She started her way in Ukraine where she finished high school, and later her parents decided to send her to Poland to study Journalism. However, Dari Poli got addicted to travels and during the first year visited 14 countries. So far, she has done her volunteering in Brazil and Spain, while studying and graduating in Poland and Germany. Right now, she is based in Barcelona and is eager to share the best tips on relocation and traveling all over the world.

Jul 2019

40 min 19 sec

First time Skype episode with Dari Poli and a Ukrainian girl, Masha Sobolevska, who moved to Poland to study branding and styling. Masha has completed her Erasmus Study Program in Sweden, and currently is doing her internship in Milano, Italy. The girls are talking about the ways to go travel to the USA and across Europe on a tight budget, so to find more inspiration for the projects, and to discover your personal style. Maria is sharing her story of participating in Erasmus+ Internship and the brands and people who have inspired her.Useful Links: Work&Travel USAErasmus InternNYC bambiOldcélineKatimóLitkovskayaAggieMom, I'm FineNanushkaDari Poli

Jul 2019

44 min 20 sec

In this episode, Dari Poli is sharing her recent experience in Barcelona where she has been living for the last two months for FREE. You will get the step-by-step guide on how to move to Spain and start living with the expenses of almost 0 euros.Dari is sharing her latest tricks on her Travel Blog and everyday life in Spain on Instagram @travel_out_bubbled.She has been using multiple exchange and volunteering programs (Workaway and AIESEC) in order to move to Brazil and later to Spain.Useful links: Meetup App, Open Mind Barcelona.

Jun 2019

42 min 15 sec

In today's episode Dari Poli together with Dennis Sasi, Ecuadorian-British traveler, are talking about the importance of being self-aware when traveling the world, how to adapt to traveling solo, and how to motivate yourself to always try new things. Dennis has lived so far in Ecuador, in the UK, in the USA, and in Spain, and has traveled all around South America, Asia, and Europe. He is sharing his best tactics on finding friends when moving to a new country, and how to try new sports every single day. Dennis is also sharing his biggest challenge that he is about to face in South America, and why he decided to spend 3 months volunteering in Brazil.Follow Dari Poli's adventures in Spain - @travel_out_bubbledAnd see Dennis' Photos from around the world - @dennissasi


Jun 2019

41 min 52 sec

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a digital nomad? Being location-independent? Explore the globe while still working remotely for a company in your home country? Alex Capezza is sharing his experience of being a digital nomad and traveling to the UK, Australia, and Spain. He is sharing his best tips of becoming a remote worker, while still meeting people, building a successful career and integrating with new cultures. Alex is telling his stories of living in the London hostel for a year, working for a media company in Australia and having his start-up in Italy.Follow Alex on Instagram: @alexnomads

May 2019

46 min 35 sec

We all had that fantasy once to go and live an American Dream, move to the USA, go to US high school or just become successful at work, become a head of a department, or found your own brand, become a designer, and influence people's taste. Kate has done everything before 30. This young lady has experienced the US culture to the fullest, worked as a marketing director in Paris and founded her own brand When Koala Met Fashion. She is relieving her biggest challenges in working for the international company L'Oréal, becoming one of the best marketing experts and starting her own business. Kate has also shared some vital marketing tips for future entrepreneurs! 

May 2019

36 min 59 sec

German degree has become a dream for young people who chase the best European education, prestigious universities, international experience, and career. Today, Mokia, a Cameroonian-American, and Daria, a Russian, are sharing their stories about moving to Germany for studying on a scholarship. They are revealing their biggest challenges in learning the German language, finding the first internship, and applying for work. Get to know how German mentality has affected the young people and the most surprising situations for young people while living in Germany.

May 2019

32 min

Karin and Dari talk about their biggest challenges when moving to a new country for studying, work, or fun. Karin has lived in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden, and Germany and is relieving her top tips on how to find new friends, integrate with locals, and learn basics of the language in a month. Dari is sharing her best tips and tricks on how to go to a tropical country, the language of which you don't speak, but still, find friends, live for less than 5$ a day, and be ready to move again. The girls are talking about their biggest mistakes made when relocating and what it takes to be ready to leave your family and start life over.

May 2019

39 min 37 sec

Travel blogger of Out of the Bubble Blog, Dari Poli, is here with her first ever podcast on how to travel cheaply and adventurously. Dari has visited 38 countries so far and has lived in Ukraine, Poland, Brazil, the USA, Germany, and just moved to Spain so to teach you how to start solo traveling, hitchhiking, burst the imaginary bubble so to become #outbubbled and explore the world on a small budget. She is presenting her childhood in Ukraine and why she never traveled with her parents in 90s. Dari is talking about her first ever hitchhiking trip in France and how she survived in Paris with only 20$.

May 2019

10 min 56 sec