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Nov 24

6 min 57 sec

Alan Jones, Tribune of the People, will not be silenced | Take Back Your Country, Ep. 61 by Good Sauce

Nov 24

8 min 59 sec

Citizens are being punished because weak politicians backed themselves into a corner, promising salvation from the virus if people gave up their liberties. READ:

Nov 22

11 min 58 sec


Nov 22

14 min 56 sec

This is one of the most important articles to be written in this century, from one of our greatest legal historians, Prof Augusto Zimmermann. Great is the ignorance of the differences between formally legal & the Law of God. READ:

Nov 19

16 min 29 sec

TODAY the Livingstone Shire Council, located nearly 8 hours drive North of Brisbane, voted to become "pro choice" by rejecting government advice to medically discriminate between who they serve and employ in local businesses. The Council gathered in an extraordinary council meeting with the sole purpose of sending a message to Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk following a passionate meeting attended by over 500 people, a majority of whom were local business owners. The Shire has achieved a remarkable demonstration of unity and mateship in the face of divisive fear-mongering by the Government. This movement was sparked by a handful of concerned locals who wanted to know what others thought, and got the ball rolling. Their story in this video can inspire and encourage business owners in every city and shire around our beloved Australia.

Nov 18

35 min 58 sec

Senator Alex Antic is a member of the Morrison Govt and has demanded the PM stop the vaccine mandates, & will not support any Govt bills until he does. Dave Pellowe chats with Senator Alex Antic this afternoon about what the Federal Govt could and should do to stop Australian Apartheid, the "apartness" being mandated by state governments, and we Aussies can do to intervene in this injustice.

Nov 16

36 min 28 sec

Recording from live radio interview on Neil Johnson's 20Twenty - "Christians and the Coming Federal Election" - Dave Pellowe (Church and State Summit) - 10 Nov 2021

Nov 12

42 min 44 sec

Former Premier Campbell Newman joins Dave Pellowe live to discuss Annastacia Palaszczuk's generous gift of freedom to selected people she won't further imprison. What a gal! WATCH the full interview here:

Nov 10

1 hr 8 min

Take Back Your Country, Ep. 60 by Good Sauce

Nov 7

15 min 2 sec

This week on Macquarie Street with Lyle Shelton… ● The injustice of “marriage equality” ● Virginia voters reject the brainwashing of their children ● Dr Steve Chavura on political activism ● Covid policy and the fracture of trust

Nov 4

38 min 31 sec

Claiming we need a Digital Identity framework to recover from Covid is a lie manufactured to scare people into accepting a permanent surveillance state. READ & SHARE:

Nov 2

20 min 13 sec

Take Back Your Country, Ep. 59 by Good Sauce

Oct 31

12 min 50 sec

Macquarie Street, With Lyle Shelton, Ep. 42 by Good Sauce

Oct 28

38 min 57 sec

The law. It is an ass, according to an old saying, usually employed to give expression to our frustrations when we don’t or can’t understand its ways. READ & SHARE here:

Oct 27

8 min 2 sec

Take Back Your Country, Ep. 58 by Good Sauce

Oct 25

8 min 40 sec

Is net zero logicial - we dive into pre-Glasgow politics. Senator Claire Chandler is a hero but why won’t the Morrison government act? The ABC sexualises little children so you and I deliver a message from mainstream Australia.

Oct 22

16 min 30 sec

LYLE SHELTON | Macquarie Street, Ep. 40 by Good Sauce

Oct 19

53 min 29 sec

John Kerry confirms, 'net zero not enough' | Take Back Your Country, Ep. 57 by Good Sauce

Oct 18

8 min 5 sec


Oct 15

20 min 41 sec

Joel Agius wrote an excellent piece about the SMH and others in that industry publishing bigoted opinions about the new NSW Premier's faith and family, areas normally off-limits when discussing any "progressive" / Leftist politicians. Dave Pellowe discuss the article further with Joel, exploring some of the doctrinal points "journalism" hastily presumed to educate its readers about, while actually leading them blindly into the ditch. WATCH & SHARE: • •

Oct 13

1 hr 1 min


Oct 12

11 min 44 sec

Sen ERIC ABETZ - Cyber Security Summit Needed by Good Sauce

Oct 11

8 min 27 sec

Take Back Your Country, Ep. 56 by Good Sauce

Oct 3

5 min 32 sec

DAVE PELLOWE - Victorians pay the price for justice, health and safety from the Victorian Government by Good Sauce

Sep 30

4 min 28 sec

Take Back Your Country, Ep. 55 by Good Sauce

Sep 26

8 min 27 sec

DAVE PELLOWE - Separation of Medicine And State - A Common Sense Review Of Ivermectin Safety Data by Good Sauce

Sep 22

17 min 22 sec

Read & share:

Sep 20

10 min 38 sec

Take Back Your Country, Ep. 54 by Good Sauce

Sep 19

8 min 14 sec

What do we think we know about ourselves as Australians, culturally and politically, and what is actually true? How are we changing, and what remains constant? Mark McCrindle is a social analyst with an international following. His passions lie in tracking emerging issues, researching social trends and analysing customer segments. Mark is an advisor to executive boards and committees across Australia. As a sought-after demographer, futurist and social commentator, he’s delivered over 100 keynotes in the last year.

Sep 16

40 min 21 sec


Sep 15

8 min 50 sec


Sep 14

12 min 18 sec

Take Back Your Country, Ep. 53 by Good Sauce

Sep 12

11 min 46 sec

Ask Us Anything | Pellowe Talk 61 by Good Sauce

Sep 9

1 hr 41 min

Watch the video, read the transcript and share at

Sep 8

7 min 57 sec


Sep 6

8 min 39 sec

Take Back Your Country, Ep. 52 by Good Sauce

Sep 5

8 min 28 sec

Find the video on, and become a supporter today!

Sep 2

1 hr

Biden betrays America and the West | Take Back Your Country, Ep. 51 by Good Sauce

Aug 30

9 min 39 sec


Aug 27

7 min 59 sec


Aug 27

47 min 7 sec


Aug 26

15 min 31 sec

Take Back Your Country, Ep. 50 by Good Sauce

Aug 22

13 min 48 sec

Government IS the pandemic We discuss the biggest problem killing and hurting Australians since March last year. Craig Kelly joins Dave to discuss his bill to outlaw vaccine mandates and passports (by any name). WATCH & SHARE:

Aug 20

51 min


Aug 20

3 hr 22 min


Aug 19

9 min 1 sec

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Aug 16

7 min 32 sec

Getting paid to take the vaccine? The government spreading myths about global warming? All addressed by Prof. David Flint in this episode of Take Back Your Country.

Aug 15

8 min 40 sec


Aug 13

7 min 19 sec


Aug 13

20 min 2 sec