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By Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief at Guinness World Records

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  1. 1.
    RotD: 11th March - This week in records: First disabled person to row from Europe to South America, farthest distance survived in a tornado, farthest distance fired by a human cannonball, largest structure made of toast
  2. 2.
    RotD: 4th March - This week in records: Longest beards and moustaches, largest paper ball fight, first centibillionaire, first woman to win a Best Director Oscar, largest beaver collection, highest-insured tongue
  3. 3.
    RotD: 25th February - This week in records: Longest-lasting pirate hostage, oldest land mammal, highest and fastest concert, longest time to hold your breath, first spacecraft to land on another planet, largest coprolite
  4. 4.
    RotD: 18th February - This week in records: Strongest natural material, oldest-ever crocodile in captivity, fastest hearse, most powerful rocket, most consecutive boy-girl births in one family, most Best Actor Oscar wins
  5. 5.
    RotD: 11th February - This week in records: First music video filmed on a reduced-gravity aircraft, oldest vomit, fastest time to alphabetize a can of alphabet soup, longest kiss on TV, largest litter of goats, most chilli con carne eaten
  6. 6.
    RotD: 4th February - This week in records: Largest onion bhaji, highest mid-air collision, most zoos visited, longest fingernails, tallest living man, first female commander of the International Space Station, largest organized crime trial
  7. 7.
    RotD: 28th January - This week in records: Most bee stings survived, most pubs visited, fastest "sheep to suit", most knuckle push-ups by a woman, deadliest space-flight disaster, largest hole-digging competition, oldest cookery TV show
  8. 8.
    RotD: 21st January - This week in records: First mother and son to row an ocean, first person hit by space junk, heaviest object ever weighed, longest airmail delay, Martian land-speed record, most nationalities in a group hug, longest indoor long jump
  1. 9.
    RotD: 14th January - This week in records: Greatest temperature range in one day, most successful aircraft ditch, most tricks by pig, greatest age gap in a married couple, most expensive kidney stone, oldest US President
  2. 10.
    RotD: 7th January - This week in records: First artificial ice rink, tallest giraffe ever, first undergound train, longest gum-wrapper chain, longest time to live at the same address, first person to be cryonically suspended, most expensive toilet
  3. 11.
    RotD: 31st December - This week in records: Longest time spent with the head covered in bees, remotest (aka loneliest) island, longest time trapped in a lift, rarest conjoined twins, tallest building, most expensive tuna fish, largest litter of bears
  4. 12.
    RotD: 24th December - This week in records: Largest commercially available Christmas dinner for one, highest-grossing Christmas Day movie, first free climb of El Capitan's Dawn Wall, first cinema in operation, first woman to drive around the world
  5. 13.
    RotD:17th December - This week in records: First power-driven flight, first land-speed record, heaviest vehicle pulled using earrings, fastest ice-mile swim, first gorilla born in captivity
  6. 14.
    RotD: 10th December - This week in records: Tallest living human, largest ukulele, fastest predatory strike by an animal, most goals in a football match, first person to reach the South Pole, largest lightspeed saber battle, most humans rescued by a dog
  7. 15.
    RotD: 3rd December - This week in records: Longest NBA losing streak to start a season, most connected actor, fastest Cape-to-Cairo on foot, longest mammal tongue, fastest time to construct a Yule log, longest-running TV soap opera
  8. 16.
    RotD: 26th November - This week in records: Most Brussels sprouts eaten, first face transplant, first plane crash caused by a dog, first person injured by a meteorite, first recipients of the Dickin medal for animal bravery
  9. 17.
    RotD: 19th November - This week in records: Highest-fired "bullet", oldest person to divorce, most expensive reel of film, first murder on live TV, heaviest object sword-swallowed, first overland crossing of Antarctica
  10. 18.
    RotD: 12th November - This week in records: Largest animal exploded, largest rubber-band ball, oldest dog ever, most expensive artwork, first stratospheric skydive, longest fingernails, most expensive wine
  11. 19.
    RotD: 5th November - This week in records: Most expensive tooth, fastest spacecraft, most tattooed woman, fastest bath-tub race, youngest pirate, heaviest building moved intact, first selfie in open space
  12. 20.
    RotD: 29th October - This week in records: Most expensive sandwich, most powerful bomb detonated, largest Jack O'Lantern, oldest ghost, largest collection of Hello Kitty memorabilia, first dog in orbit, fastest roller coaster
  13. 21.
    RotD: 22nd October - This week in records: Earthquake-inducing car stereos, first person to barrel over Niagara Falls, most animal traps released on the body, most motorcycles driven over a body on a bed of nails, most sugar cubes balanced, oldest animal
  14. 22.
    RotD: 15th October - This week in records: Land speed record, tallest house of cards, fastest time to visit every square on the London Monopoly board, fastest circumnavigation by bicycle (female), first videogame tournament
  15. 23.
    RotD: 8th October - This week in records: Fastest speed on water, fastest window cleaner, first James Bond song at No.1 in the charts, first inflight meal, oldest climber of Mount Everest, fastest 100 m on fire, oldest man to be hanged
  16. 24.
    RotD: 1st October - This week in records: Deepest concert, farthest journey on a stand-up paddleboard, largest beer festival, fastest quadruped robot, fastest time to duct-tape oneself to a wall, largest slot machine payout, tallest human pyramid
  17. 25.
    RotD: 24th September - This week in records: Oldest woman accused of murder, oldest ever sloth in captivity, fastest steam-powered motorcycle, shortest stuntman, farthest distance run in 1,000 consecutive hours, deepest underwater wedding
  18. 26.
    RotD: 17th September - This week in records: Largest full-size LEGO house, deepest underground balloon flight, largest ball of lint, largest gathering of people with the same first and last names, longest unbroken wood shaving, fastest garden shed, most e
  19. 27.
    RotD: 10th September - This week in records: Most electric animal, deadliest terrorist attack, longest time in space, tallest inukshuk, most kidney stones produced, first sheep-counting championships, longest bout of sneezing
  20. 28.
    RotD: 3rd September - This week in records: Largest object left inside a patient, longest run of defeats in international soccer, most coffins made in a career, most graves dug, most skips of a stone across water, youngest woman with a full beard, longest
  21. 29.
    RotD: 27th August - This week in records: Heaviest woman, loudest sound, longest domestic cat, first polar circumnavigation, first arena music tour, largest bog-snorkelling competition, longest banzai skydive, plus the youngest professional rock band
  22. 30.
    RotD: 20th August - This week in records: Oldest mother to conceive naturally, fastest piston-engined aircraft, highest-ranking penguin, oldest shipwreck, most Big Macs eaten in a lifetime, tallest living tree, first blind person to climb the Seven Summit
  23. 31.
    RotD: 19th August - Largest strip poker tournament, longest time to survive with the heart outside the body, fastest time to smash 1,000 roof tiles
  24. 32.
    RotD: 18th August – Most delayed mail-order delivery, farthest malley root toss, first robot to be arrested, first solo east-to-west flight across the Atlantic
  25. 33.
    RotD: 17th August - First pedestrian killed by a car, first passenger killed by a car, longest time juggling bowling balls, first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by helium hot-air balloon, first crossing of the Pacific Ocean by helium hot-air balloon, olde
  26. 34.
    RotD: 16th August - Highest humidity, oldest person to circumnavigate using scheduled transport, fastest time to pull a bus over 50 m, fastest time to print a stamp, youngest person to write a musical, best-selling solo artist in the world
  27. 35.
    RotD: 15th August – Largest object removed from the skull, heaviest longbow draw weight, longest canoe journey
  28. 36.
    RotD: 14th August - Last World War II veteran to surrender, longest time without a pulse, most pool balls potted in 24 hours, largest pepper mill, farthest distance to throw a cow chip, longest model railway
  29. 37.
    RotD: 13th August - Highest artificial temperature, largest piece of fallen ice, longest bagpipe marathon, highest straitjacket escape suspended from a hot-air balloon, most cartwheels in one hour
  30. 38.
    RotD: 12th August - Most vets involved in one procedure, largest prosthetic limb, oldest convicted bank robber, first sculpture on the Moon
  31. 39.
    RotD: 11th August – Longest lasting hurricane, lowest resting heart rate for a human, fastest escape from a straitjacket
  32. 40.
    RotD: 10th August - First space wedding, largest dive-access cave wedding, largest horse race, first woman to win the Mongol Derby, darkest planet
  33. 41.
    RotD: 9th August - Largest serving of rice pudding, first person confirmed to have survived two atomic bombs, first talking robot in space, oldest great panda triplets
  34. 42.
    RotD: 8th August – Most times to squeeze through a tennis racquet in 1 minute, most remote inhabited island, tallest structure to collapse
  35. 43.
    RotD: 7th August - Largest collection of beer labels, longest beer garden, most people collecting litter, largest litter of domestic cats, most expensive pop-star costume sold at auction, most lightning strikes survived
  36. 44.
    RotD: 6th August – Longest-lived goldfish, first woman to swim the English Channel, heaviest Mars rover, first person to vomit in space
  37. 45.
    RotD: 5th August - Fastest time to visit every square on the London Monopoly board by foot, first land-speed record set in an internal combustion car, most powerful trebuchet, largest didgeridoo ensemble, largest whoopee cushion, largest game of musical c
  38. 46.
    RotD: 4th August – Loudest drummer, largest traditional Irish dance, oldest person to fly, oldest person ever
  39. 47.
    RotD: 3rd August - Most watermelons pierced by paper airplanes in one minute, most expensive football player, fastest time to play a concert in every US state, fastest "field to loaf", oldest cat ever
  40. 48.
    RotD: 2nd August - Most prolific serial killer partnership, longest wing walk, first sculpture on the Moon, most Oscar nominations without a win, longest percussion marathon, first trillion-dollar company
  41. 49.
    RotD: 1st August – Heaviest rainfall in one year and one month, most powerful microburst, first person to row across the Atlantic Ocean
  42. 50.
    RotD: 31st July - Longest time trapped in an elevator, deepest concert, oldest radio DJ, first ascent of K2, first amputee to win a Summer X Games gold medal, most manure spread

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