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In this episode, we go back to our biggest takeaways as to what it takes to add more value to your PT offerings. Whether you’re just starting as a PT or you’re a gym operator looking for a model change, our guests have the strategy for success. Join us for a recap of season 2 of mPowered! 

May 27

40 min 43 sec

Joining us today is fitness entrepreneur and sales expert Mike Gelfgot, who is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Activate Brain & Body Inc.We talk about his success with operating 21 Anytime Fitness locations in the United States, how to empower your PTs as a gym owner and what it takes to drive the revenue numbers up.

Apr 29

1 hr 15 min

With over 25 years experience in personal training, Carl Smith created Concept Fitness Consultancy to support PTs with their goals and aspirations. From a National Health and Fitness Manager at Xercise4Less to a Fitness Business Founder, Carl’s joining us to talk about choosing the right PT models for fitness clubs to drive revenue and build trust. 

Apr 21

41 min 24 sec

As the Research and Development Lead at Future Fit, Paul Swainson helps shape UK's most-recognised PT training courses. What qualifications do trainers need after COVID-19 and how can we prepare our PTs for the future, join our conversation with Paul to find out!

Apr 14

45 min 21 sec

With over 30+ years combined as personal trainers, today they manage hundreds of PTs as the National PT Managers for PureGym. We welcome two absolute fitness legends, Nik Hanley and Ant Park, to talk about their own PT Mentor Academy and how trainers can begin to add more value to their offerings.

Apr 7

47 min 59 sec

From the UK’s largest PT Management company operating in over 400 facilities, YOUR Personal Training, we welcome Aaron and James who both know a thing or two around being successful in the PT space. In this episode, we’ll be talking about the available resources for PTs and what the IR35 legislation means for the fitness industry.

Apr 1

58 min 38 sec

From PT to a global fitness business owner, Jack Malin - Founder and CEO of Membr - knows digital is here to stay, whether the fitness industry is ready to catch up or not. In this episode, Jack looks back to his PT days, why the self-employed PT model is set up to fail trainers and how fitness clubs can help.

Mar 30

36 min 33 sec

Are incentives the way to keep exercisers engaged with your brand? Apparently so! We welcome Will and Max from Athlete Perks, the community that rewards gym members for living a healthy, active lifestyle with access to some of the hottest perks and discounts in the UK.

Feb 24

47 min 11 sec

Do gym members and professional athletes train differently? We asked Ric Moylan. With 20 year's experience working at the highest levels of human performance and elite sport, today he is one of the UK's leading athlete coaches and as Mancunian as it gets. His straight-talking, no-nonsense approach is certain to give you some useful takeaways!

Feb 1

47 min 5 sec

He became a Guinness World Record holder in 2013 when he took part in the longest rugby game that lasted nearly 25 hours. Today Dominic is part of the digital movement that looks at how technology is reshaping the health and fitness industry.

Dec 2020

40 min 6 sec

He's one of the UK's leading experts in gym and health club pre-sales and a Managing Director at Uplift Fitness Marketing. Neil's the person you go to if you want to ramp up your gym's marketing! He knows it all, from prospecting systems and referral programs to SEO and social media.

Dec 2020

38 min 23 sec

You might know him as the Director of Digital Experience at Life Fitness. But did you know that Leon Rudge is also an adrenaline sports junkie? A digital fitness consultant and speaker, Leon's previous roles include programming for Microsoft, working in the banking sector, design and telecoms. In this episode, Leon shares his insights as to how digital is reshaping the fitness landscape.

Dec 2020

40 min 38 sec

In our first episode, we welcome Guy Griffiths from GG Fit, who talks about gym retention during the challenging unprecedented times we've all faced in 2020. Guy's a long-standing coach to independent gym owners, a proven member retention specialist, and the author of Stick Around.

Dec 2020

34 min 30 sec

Join us for conversations with global health and tech experts for groundbreaking leadership ideas and the latest fitness industry innovations. What are the challenges gym owners are facing after COVID-19? How do you keep exercisers engaged during a global pandemic? Did 2020 change the fitness industry for good? We are launching mPowered with the mission to answer those questions and more. Subscribe to be the first to listen!

Nov 2020

1 min 20 sec