Awareness and Consciousness

Gary van Warmerdam

Explore changing beliefs, discovering unconscious beliefs, emotions, and how your mind works. Using conscious awareness to step outside your mind and ego patterns you will have methods of change that were unimaginable.

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Daniel's journey from misery to happiness took a lot of work. There were many ingredients essential to making his transformation happen and he shares it here in this interview with him.  The post From Misery to Happiness appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Nov 5

1 hr 11 min

The narrative story in our mind is what produces those negative thoughts, self-judgments, and emotions. It arises from the core beliefs we acquired earlier in life, and that can be re-programmed with awareness.  The post Why am I Unhappy appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Aug 19

22 min 1 sec

The mind is dreaming all the time. It is dreaming when you are awake, and when you are asleep. The consciousness process involves waking up from these dreams that run through your head. Most often they appear as narrative stories. What will change your life is when you take charge of the dreams in your mind during the day instead of allowing them to dream you. The post #72 Conscious Dreaming appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

May 3

1 hr 57 min

I've been doing a digital detox. I gave up news and social media for lent. I wanted to pull my attention out of the habitual cycle of opinions, fears, needing to be informed, emotions, and addictive social media scrolls. I wanted to clean up and clear space in my mind.  In the process, I had this dream last week. It represents part of the Deam of Maya, or illusions we live in. If you want to be happy and fulfilled, you will need to move your attention out of such stories. The post #71 The Dream of Maya appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Mar 16

22 min 1 sec

Pauline Victoria was born without arms or legs, Despite this physical challenge, she has done what many would think impossible. I wanted to know how she did things like drive, swim, and scuba dive. She said it was how she played the mental game to overcome her physical challenges. In this interview, I got to explore how Pauline masters her mental game. The mental game includes desire, faith, presence, surrender, and calming your nervous system with control over your attention. The post #70 Mastering the Mental Game appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Feb 25

55 min 29 sec

Figuring out the truth isn't straightforward.  Consider this; the mind is the mechanism that we use to discern the truth. However, this is the same mind that generates stories, false narratives, daydreams, and fictional realities in our heads.  These two uses of the mind are contradictory. It's no wonder people are having difficulty seeing the difference between truth and a made-up story.  The post #69 Self Awareness – Why do people believe crazy lies, conspiracy theories, and illusions? appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Dec 2020

32 min 45 sec

The voices in your head are normal. They are the patterns of thoughts arising from unconscious beliefs. They can be funny, frightening, random or chaotic, and possibly cause deep suffering. The post #68 Voices in your Head appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Oct 2020

29 min 38 sec

Eva Beronius and Gary van Warmerdam explore moving from identifying with the mind to realizing our Self as Consciousness. The post #67 Consciousness and moving Beyond the Mind appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Aug 2020

1 hr 25 min

Trauma is often the cause of anxiety, depression, ADHD, anger, harsh self judgment, suicidal thoughts, and other mood disorders. It is much more common than you think. You don't just get PTSD from wartime combat. Your brain and nervous system can be altered from sexual assault, abuse, bullying, emotionally abusive parents, even if they never hit you, surgery, or a car accident. The post #66 Trauma symptoms and treatments appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Aug 2020

43 min 32 sec

To change a belief sometimes it helps to understand where and how it came to be. When you understand why and how you started to believe your thoughts about being wrong, bad, unlovable, or broken, you have new perspective on those ideas. You can understand their time and place from who you are today, instead of who you were when those beliefs may have helped. You can also see why it is not true today, or not true before that moment you began believing in your false ego identity as who you were. The post #65 Beliefs I’m Broken and Unlovable that Produce Shame appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Jul 2020

15 min 14 sec

My interview with Anna and her journey out of trauma reactions using the skills and perspectives she learned in the Self Mastery practices. Combining them with EMDR treatments and other modalities to go from anxiety, depression, anger and suicidal thoughts, to Living Happy. The post #63 Overcoming Trauma and Living Happy appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Jul 2020

1 hr 9 min

Where do you start making changes when you are overwhelmed with emotions? Understanding the deep sources of emotions help us move into compassion, and decrease the impact of the Inner Judge. Beginning steps include acknowledging where you are, accepting it, and then finding one small change to get you started. The post #62 Overwhelmed with Emotions – Why am I so Angry? appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Jun 2020

21 min 58 sec

There is a fear virus going through people's minds and emotions at the same time there is a biological Corona virus infecting people's physical bodies. The spread of fear is a lot faster and more widespread. There are things you can do to protect yourself, and improve your emotional state. The post #61-Fear Virus – Live Self Mastery Get Together appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Mar 2020

1 hr 19 min

Emotional wounds show up as our "baggage" in relationships. They are our unhealed emotions and beliefs from past experiences and affect our current relationships. Physical wounds can be seen but emotional wounds are invisible. They are experienced as emotional reactions, negative thoughts, and sabotaging behaviors. Understand them and you will be more compassionate to yourself and others. The post #60 Emotional Wounds and Relationship Baggage appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Feb 2020

38 min 48 sec

Interview with Eva, a Self Mastery Course subscriber who worked her way out of panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and career burnout to build a completely different life. Letting go of fears and eventually feeling joy and love was a surprise change, until it became the new normal. The post #59 Self Mastery Interview with Eva appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Nov 2019

1 hr 15 min

This podcast will guide you through a breathing practice using specific techniques to relax your nervous system and brain. There are reasons that breathing techniques can help you relax. Breathing. When done properly it bypasses your intellect and directs your nervous system to switch off the tension and hyper-vigilance. This is something that you can’t do by thinking better thoughts or trying to be positive. The post #58: How to Relax appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Nov 2019

25 min 53 sec

The critical voice in your head telling you whether you are succeeding or failing at things is actually pretty stupid. It sounds smart, acts confident, and pretends to be an expert. However, it hasn't actually done any of the things it is criticizing you about. The post #57: Critical voice in your head appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Nov 2018

25 min 59 sec

A man shares what he discovers as the source of his social anxiety that began when he was in 3rd grade. In this podcast I describe a process to dig into the layers of your unconscious beliefs, and release the emotional beliefs trapped there. The post #56: Social anxiety from unconscious beliefs appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Aug 2018

35 min 50 sec

What are the false beliefs that form our Ego?  Where do our false beliefs come from?  When did we begin to get these false beliefs o our identity and lose touch with our authentic self? The post #55: Origin of ego and false beliefs of identity appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Nov 2016

24 min 37 sec

From a consciousness perspective, even statements that are factual are still not the Truth. Words are what we use to describe a thing, or facts. But words are not the thing itself. The post #54: How do you recognize the truth? appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Nov 2016

14 min 22 sec

Lying to your self can cause a response in the reasoning part of your brain that makes you feel good. Sometimes people confuse this good feeling with being right, or feeling that they have just agreed with an explanation that is truthful. The post #53: Why lie to your self? appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Oct 2016

32 min 21 sec

Self loathing is a strong hatred towards oneself.  You will also find with it a lot of internal thoughts of criticism and self judgment. Underneath that there will be a layer of beliefs relating to worthlessness. The post #52: Self loathing appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Aug 2016

44 min 33 sec

Unconscious beliefs are agreements we have in our mind that we have no awareness we are holding. In spite of not having any intellectual knowledge of our own beliefs, they can still cause us to have emotional reactions and sabotaging behaviors. The post #51: Unconscious beliefs appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Jul 2016

24 min 35 sec

When you take responsibility for your life, you also accept a power over it. Taking responsibility for the good stuff is easy, it is the not so good stuff that feels uncomfortable. But this is what you want the power to change. The post #50: Personal power and responsibility appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Jun 2016

19 min 35 sec

Attempts to overcoming or at least reduce anxiety tend to fail. Perhaps our efforts fail because we are applying the wrong understanding, and therefore the wrong model for changing it. The post #49: Anxiety – understanding it differently appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Feb 2016

34 min 45 sec

When we act in the way of a neutral observer we notice different things. We notice when thoughts are arising from parts of our ego and the emotions they produce. We can also notice the idealized version in the background of our mind being used as comparison. The post #48: Becoming the observer – mindfulness practice appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Jan 2016

25 min 1 sec

Once you realize that the mind that is distorting things is at the beginning of our perception and interpretation of events, you become aware that perceiving reality is much more difficult. The post #47: Reality, projections and illusions appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Dec 2015

32 min 18 sec

Sometimes people get poor results with affirmations. When they say positive things about themselves the dialogue of thoughts in their head pushes back with harsh negative comments. The post #46: Affirmations can backfire appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Nov 2015

19 min 26 sec

The hero's journey is the classic tale often told through movies and stories going back to The Odyssey by Homer and many modern versions. It's appeal is that it represents our journey to create peace and happiness within our self and our own mind. The post #45: The Hero’s journey appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Apr 2013

1 hr 10 min

What does resistance look like and how do you navigate around it to make changes in your self? Jamie is one of the most persistent people at doing personal change work that I know. She also resists change, happiness and unconditional love more than just about anyone I know. The post #44: Persistence and resistance appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

May 2012

1 hr 9 min

Attempts to develop confidence often fail because they revolve around projecting a positive self image or achieving success. Unfortunately these two things don't eliminate other beliefs causing feelings of insecurity. The post #43: Overcoming insecurity and develop confidence appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Apr 2012

30 min 27 sec

To effectively change the thoughts and beliefs we beat our self up with it is important to look at the problem differently. That's what I do in this episode on what specifically happens when you are "beating yourself up". The post #42: Stop beating your self up appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Feb 2012

29 min 25 sec

This simple meditation lets anyone begin to enter into a state of mindfulness using a very common sense practical approach. What our mind construes as a deeply mystical thing like meditation doesn't have to be so esoteric. The post #41: Meditation for beginners appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Jan 2012

38 min 3 sec

Understanding how your mind creates emotional reactions is key to making personal change. This understanding of the mind is done through mindfulness, also know as Self Awareness. The post #40: Self awareness and mindfulness appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Dec 2011

33 min 9 sec

A belief begins as a conceptual idea in our mind. Then our imagination turns it into something like a dream, or virtual reality. A belief, particularly a false belief, has the capacity to create an illusion in our imagination that seems like reality. The post #39: What is a belief? appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Nov 2011

36 min 29 sec

David served in the Army and National Guard. After responding to the World Trade Center and Afghanistan he came home and discovered that his emotional reactions were out of control and inappropriate. In this interview he shares how the Self Mastery course has helped him. The post #38: Self Mastery Course results interview appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

May 2011

41 min 53 sec

Even the basic building blocks of language such as words can be distorted and made confusing by how the mind alters their meaning when we are not aware. The post #37: Confusion about love, compassion, hope, integrity and loyalty appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Apr 2011

26 min 58 sec

I don't think we should just manage our anger. I believe in eliminating anger. Trying to control triggers, circumstances, and other people so we don't become angry is too much work. The post #36: Anger management appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Mar 2011

38 min 31 sec

At the core of sexual performance anxiety are fear of failure, rejection from our partner and self rejection. These expressions take place in our mind and affect our emotions. The post #35: Sexual performance anxiety appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Feb 2011

36 min 59 sec

Carolyn comes to a seven day intensive and discovers what it is like to shed fear based self judgments from her childhood and embrace the experience of unconditional love. It's no longer an intellectual idea that she reads about in books. It is a tangible way of living life that is now a very real possibility for her life. The post #34: Spiritual journey interview appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Aug 2010

28 min 22 sec

Careful observation reveals that  ideas, thoughts, and beliefs behave as if they are alive in the mind. When ideas grow and link together with other ideas they become big stories and can have multiple points of view and tangents. The post #33: Inception and the life of an idea in the mind appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Aug 2010

33 min 58 sec

Sometimes it helps to take a step back and have a sense of humor about the process of overcoming fears, identifying and changing core beliefs. The post #32: The most important thing for your happiness appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Jun 2010

38 min 38 sec

An interview with Miguel Ruiz about his book that is written with his son Jose Ruiz. We also talk about how the belief system creates a virtual reality, how we distort love, how to use doubt to question your beliefs and other things. The post #31: Miguel Ruiz and The Fifth Agreement appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

May 2010

54 min 9 sec

I interviewed Joe who used the Self Mastery course to overcome his anger and anxiety reactions. He’s started to be aware that some of his emotional reactions are completely gone. The post #30: Overcoming anger using the Self Mastery program appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Mar 2010

46 min 26 sec

Faith is more than a set of beliefs there is no evidence for or a doctrine of religious beliefs. Faith is a force. It is an aspect of your personal will power that you can use in various ways. The post #29: Faith: the power behind your beliefs appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Feb 2010

26 min 31 sec

Waking up to the unconscious beliefs in your mind is an uncomfortable and disconcerting realization. In this episode I outline what is happening so you can keep the process in a larger perspective. The post #28: Conscious awakening appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Jan 2010

51 min 11 sec

Applying reasoning skills to overcoming fears is an uphill battle. That's because the emotions we feel push us against accepting truthful reasoning. That's because our fictional, or false beliefs often make us feel better emotionally. The post #27: Reasoning your way out of fear appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Jul 2009

40 min 12 sec

There is a structure of beliefs that support the fear of what others think of you. When you dismantle these beliefs, your fear dissipates, as well as the internal dialog that it drives. In this podcast I guide you through some of the resistance you will probably find when you attempt to overcome your fears. The post #26: Overcoming fear of what others think of you appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Jun 2009

41 min 26 sec

David started the Self Mastery Course because of emotions and behaviors for jealousy, anger and controlling in relationships. It was difficult to see himself having this problem because David's belief system masked and justified his behavior as "helping people". In his mind he was serving and helping people. The post #25: Overcoming controlling behavior of jealousy and anger appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Apr 2009

43 min 59 sec

I cover how to use awareness to break free of fearful resistance to taking action. Jut for fun I also get into understanding origins of the financial crisis. The problem with bubbles, financial, romantic, or otherwise, is that they originate in the mind as illusions. The post #24: Fear and origins of the financial crisis appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

Feb 2009

29 min 22 sec