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By Kevin C. Pride

The #1 Rated Business Talk Show is a mix of fun and informative interviews. Hosted by Kevin C. Pride, we sit down with today's industry leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, and celebs. We cover the latest news in the Atlanta area and provide insight into the business community of Atlanta. New Podcast Every Friday! Join my text community: text Radio to 833-602-8284 or email us @ txt msg. data rates apply.

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    The #1 Rated Business Show returns with special guest, Jennifer Farmer, Dr. Sabrinah Dorce, Yolanda Neal and Iwi Fresh founder Yolanda Owens
  2. 2.
    #1 Rated Business Show with special guest, Marc Parham, Business Development Expert, Renzie Richardson, CEO, BHFL Group, and The "Money Man," Lonnie Saboor.
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    #1 Rated Business Show returns this week with special guest, Mark Collier, Business Consultant with UGA, Marvin Wilson, the Funding CEO and John Moye, ABJ Political Commentator
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    The #1 Rated Business Show returns with Charlene Fitzpatrick with ULGATL, SBDC Cares Act Program for business. Networking coach Ray Abrams from Urban Atlanta will be giving us tips on how to network
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    The #1 Rated Business Show returns with Sabrina McKenzie, Bravo Star and Author, John Moye, Policy Director for Urban League, and Rice Awards CEO, C. Chandon Carter.
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    The #1 Rated Business Show returns this week with film and tv star, Darrin Henson, Rock Bass Legend LA Sno, Celebrity Media TV CEO, John Williams
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    The #1 Rated Business Show returns with special guest Patrice Laird-Walker from Atlanta Public Schools, Bobby Akumah with Dare 2 Dream, and Author, Neshamah Crosby-Jones.
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    The #1 Rated Business Show returns with National Influencer Chris Roy, Injury Attorney Nicole Thomas, and Best Selling Author Venessa Abram
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    #1 Rated Business Show returns with Super Deal Strategist, Davinci Barcelo. Sonji Monroe from Speaking Pieces and Marcia Ridley head of the Spalding Co. Elections
  2. 10.
    #1 Rated Business Show returns with an Election Special SOS Brad Raffensperger, Mayor Angelyne Butler, State. Rep. Roger Bruce.
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    #1 Rated Business Show returns Fashion Activist Jerry Buckner and our favorite chiropractors Aligned 4 Life Wellness
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    #1 Rated Business Show returns with Special Guest Celebrity Credit Guru, James Hunt, Nakechi Taifa, and Viginia Holland Davis.
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    #1 Rated Business Show returns with another great Episode. Today we sit down Pastor Michael Mcbride, Dr. Cynthia Harper, and The First Family of Fitness - Darryl and Jackie Madison
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    #1 Rated Business Show sits down with Hilda Abbot, Keedar Whittle, and Dr. Priscilla Hubbard
  7. 15.
    The #1 Rated Business Show is back with Nigel Walwyn of Ou Oui Premium Liqeur, Robin King, and the one and only Palmer Williams for Tyler Perry's House of Payne
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    #1 Rated Business Show discusses the “New Digital Church,” Guest, Sabrina McKenzie, Melvin Green, & Christina Bronner. We also interview Valencia Stovall, candidate for US Senate.
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    #1 Rated Business Show returns with Hillard D. Simpson, Tina Bridges, and Lorenzo Gordon. We are also doing our part to help you pay your bills. Listen Now
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    #1 Rated Business Show returns with special guest Dr. Evan Brody, Dr. Joseph Fowler, Dr. Brandon Williams and America’s #1 Leadership Expert, Terry Budget.
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    Getting to the money, with Stan Kemp, Javares Banks, and Zann Maxie, great episode about finance and how to build wealth
  12. 20.
    8 year old CEO Treandos Thornton from T&N Bowties, Ken Rye Marketing founder and CEO of Hot Ice Entertainment Ken Rye, and Co Founder for Xperienc on Demand Domonique Mitchell
  13. 21.
    Relationships, tonight we sit down with special guest author Erica Strong, relationship experts Kelly and Ned Vandiver and Hawwah Nofeeyah. We are discussing relationships in the new normal.
  14. 22.
    Bishop Dedric Avery stops in and talks kingdom theology, comedian Mike Bend tells us about the entertainment business, and Taos Wynn from Millennial Civil Rights
  15. 23.
    State House Representative Derrick Jackson, ATL Hottest Awards founder Bryant K Marshall, Parlour owner, Alphonzo Cross. What a great show!
  16. 24.
    A call for peace, Kevin offers a 3 point plan to end police brutality. Kevin also sits down with Former Falcon, Ovie Mughelli, author Anissa Blair, and XOD producer Abdul Chestnutt
  17. 25.
    It's my Birthday and I have a special wish for you, also special Guest Dawn Anderson, Aaron Phillips, Orrin Hudson, and the one and only Christopher "Play" Martin
  18. 26.
    Sixx John from Empire, Jose Marquez with Tech Latino, Tandelyn Daniel with Georgia Hospitality & Food Service network, and Dr. Eric Merriweather
  19. 27.
    Dr. Jamal Bryant of New Birth discusses Covid testing, Robin Reeves, C Chandon Carter, and Rashatta Daugett from Xperenc on Demand
  20. 28.
    Georgia COVID 19 Update. We talk with Dr. Frank Jones, President of AMA, State Rep Roger Bruce, and BHFL President Renzie Richardson
  21. 29.
    We are discussing Corona Virus with Dr. Mark, Self Care with Dr. RJ Verwayne and we interview Sharon Gary-Dill.
  22. 30.
    Jimmy King from Bruno Mars and The International Shopping Experience Also RIP Kobe #24 Forever
  23. 31.
    We sit down with Fine Line Aesthetics owner, Julie Douron and President of Sunray Corp, Sunny Shivram
  24. 32.
    Senator Donzella James, Kathy Hood, and Jasmine Rockmore, we also pay homage to Kobe Bryant
  25. 33.
    We sit down with WNBA Superstar Renee Montgomery and Fair Count's Ed Reed
  26. 34.
    Atlanta Medical Association
  27. 35.
    The End of a decade and Opportunity Zones
  28. 36.
    Ms. Universe winner & Are you really a certified life coach? & Investing in New Construction
  29. 37.
    Discussing Cyber Monday, Being Gender Fluid and lots more
  30. 38.
    Medical Marijuana, TI and the Hymen Comment, The New Atlanta
  31. 39.
    ABJ Radio with Special Guest Che Brown, Lisa Nicole Cloud, and Jasmine Lewis discussing Entrepreneurship
  32. 40.
    ABJ Radio with Kevin C. Pride today we are talking Leadership
  33. 41.
    The Premiere of the Atlanta Business Journal Radio
  34. 42.
    Man vs Woman: How To Make It To The Top Without Compromise
  35. 43.
    The Art of Being a Leader
  36. 44.
    What it means to to be a woman in business
  37. 45.
    Is God an Entrepreneur?
  38. 46.
    Get Branded, with Special Guest Tim Wright from The Wright Man for the Job
  39. 47.
    How to brand yourself...
  40. 48.
    How to build a successful event!
  41. 49.
    Where do I advertise?
  42. 50.
    Websites, Hip Hop and Why Atlanta Influences Everything

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