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My name is Kim Moodey author of the website This is Write and each week I bring you some of my favorite personal articles in hopes of creating contagious activism.

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A captivating conversation with Tessa Korkowski on the topics of depression and suicide. Having lost her brother to suicide at a young age, Tessa shares with us the tools she used to get through her suffering of depression, anxiety, resentment and forgiveness. A powerful episode that touches on the stigmatization regarding mental health and how to find help if you or a loved one is dealing with depression and/or thoughts of suicide.

May 30

29 min 41 sec

Episode 45 discusses the importance of our ego and how to discover our deeper unwanted emotions. When we can work effortlessly with our ego, we can take control of our emotions and become the version of ourselves we strive to become.

Mar 6

10 min 2 sec

Back in Paris, I sit with my younger self in hopes of regaining the courage and ambition that I once had in order to stay on track with all of life's possibilities. Episode 45 touches upon the concept of reconnecting with our past and how that connection propels us towards our future self. Having the opportunity of guiding a younger version of myself, what advice do I give in return?

Dec 2020

15 min 43 sec

I had the opportunity to interview C.M. Mcguire, the author of the new young adult novel Ironspark, where we dive deep into an array of conversations.

Nov 2020

15 min 54 sec

Neil Middleton and I discuss societal pressures on dating, the meaning of marriage and having children. We take a deeper dive into what it means to 'feel our feelings' and Neil shares the 5-5-5 rule regarding mental health.

Nov 2020

16 min 44 sec

The battle for affordable and accessible contraception for women in the US is ongoing and the wages are higher than ever. With the upcoming US election, there has never been a better time to thoroughly look into the values of each political party. If Republicans really cared about the economy like they say they do - then they would recognize the importance of family planning.

Oct 2020

19 min 48 sec

Are you confident when buying laxatives at your neighborhood drug store?

Sep 2020

4 min 42 sec

How do we simultaneously embrace love and fear? With bravery. To love is to be brave. To free ourselves from vulnerabilities is one of the most substantial ways we move closer to a life full of love. Let us not have fear.

Jul 2020

6 min 57 sec

What does it mean to use sensible manipulation? Does manipulation always have negative implications? If the answer is no, then when can we, as humans, use manipulation to benefit society as a whole?

Jun 2020

13 min

How do we get to a higher state of enlightenment? First, by learning as much about ourselves as possible. It’s difficult allocating where our triggers spawn from in the first place but what’s even more difficult is how to control actions once triggers arise.

Jun 2020

14 min 8 sec

In this episode I speak with Lauren Freedman host of the podcast Uninvisible Pod. We discuss why women's anatomy is ignored within medical research and the detriments of systemic bias that haunts the United States.


May 2020

25 min 54 sec

What does Feminism mean and how can we fight for women's rights within a society saturated in male dominance?


Apr 2020

18 min 46 sec

Dealing with anxiety as a tool and not an enemy. Anxiety explained and healthy responses within navigating our lives living with anxiety.

Apr 2020

8 min 54 sec

Episode 33 discusses birth control options for women and the acceptance we must have for those deciding not to have their own children.

Apr 2020

13 min 37 sec

The concept that entropy is the way humans experience time. What happens to life when time reverses and we experience negentropy? How would we live our lives differently? This idea is told through the eyes of a young woman and her experiences growing up. Would you seek revenge if you could go back in time?

Mar 2020

31 min 36 sec

How does our perspective throughout life dictate the actions we take when unexpected circumstances present themselves within life?

Feb 2020

9 min 24 sec

An eye opening interview with FashionAtomy's Rami Bayaa discussing the detriments of depression and finding ways of combatting thoughts of hopelessness.

Feb 2020

15 min 11 sec

In this episode I discuss my concerns for the societal conditioning put onto us from the entertainment industry and how we can better navigate ourselves from the perils of tropes.

Dec 2019

13 min 29 sec

A conversation between characters about finding comfort and acceptance behind vulnerability. What does it take to love and to be loved?

Dec 2019

11 min 48 sec

Staying cognizant in the power of being a global consumer. Let us educate ourselves to the products we are buying and curious about buying. Our dollar makes a difference in this world. Never forget that.

Nov 2019

9 min 32 sec

Mental health is so important. Let us remove the negative stigma that society has attached to depression so that we can feel empowered while tackling emotional distraught with confidence, assurance and grace.

Nov 2019

10 min 31 sec

When will our souls come to rest? A better question to ask ourselves - Do we ever truly want our souls to rest? Thoughts? Leave a comment on my website at thisiswrite.com. That's WRITE. I’d love to hear from you. New perspectives are always welcome!

Jul 2019

5 min 31 sec

This episode was originally written for the video on the homepage of my website on thisiswrite.com. That's WRITE. Have a watch and make sure the volume is all the way up as you click 'Play.'

Mar 2019

2 min 4 sec

Trying to be the best all the time can be exhausting. What value do you find for yourself in accepting all of who you are? Enjoy the person you are today. Perhaps that’s what the birds are chirping all along?

Mar 2019

5 min 44 sec

What is the science behind our thoughts and moods? We are in control of our thoughts more than we may realize.

Feb 2019

8 min 52 sec

I've coined 'The Flail' as a behavioral phenomenon within my generations' dating life. Why are men so scared of commitment and what do we have to do, as women dating in today's society, to navigate this occurrence?

Feb 2019

15 min 32 sec

Dominique and I share espresso with each other and discuss one of the most important questions a person can ask themselves within this life.

Jan 2019

9 min 8 sec

Do you know what it feels like to truly love yourself? That’s definitely a difficult question to answer. If there is one thing I can confidently admit out loud it’s that it takes a very long time to get to this point in life. But if there is anything worth pursuing within this life, it would be to live for this feeling and realization.

Jan 2019

9 min 4 sec

How have the words from others shaped who we are as adult? If there’s one unifying trait that we can share as people it’s that we’ve all been victim of scrutiny. When you fall, will you get back up to keep running? I hope so.

Dec 2018

9 min 58 sec

Solitude. Loneliness. Purpose. Hope. Within our inner darkness what is it that we need in order to find the inner light?

Nov 2018

7 min 26 sec

Which traveling soul are you? Do you take the road that's already been paved ahead of you or do you take the road less travelled, carving out your path through the wild?

Oct 2018

19 min 23 sec

Our humanity is dependent on consumerism. Corporations are what keep our societies alive but it's us, the consumer, that has the power to build the kind of world that we want to live through our purchases. Shop Fair Trade.

Sep 2018

17 min 32 sec

This episode discusses marriage in Western culture, particularly American culture, and what the main reason is behind the need to be married by a certain age.

Sep 2018

14 min 24 sec

In the Now brings light to the idea of living in the present and allowing ourselves to stop and enjoy what our lives currently have to offer. What can we learn and how can we move forward into our future if we fully embrace all there is within our present?

Sep 2018

13 min 46 sec

In this episode I want to open the dialogue about domestic abuse and toxic relationships. Domestic violence touches more people's lives than we are aware and we need to talk about it.

Sep 2018

12 min 2 sec

The Hermit Crab Wakes talks about the value of human connection and finding the balance between social interactions and a peaceful mind. I go into depth behind the relationships that I've found within my past roommates and how what they taught me has made my life better than it ever could've been without them.

Aug 2018

10 min 55 sec

This episode I speak about the value of authenticity and being true to oneself, how selfishness should be seen as a virtue and the reasons as to why people often become confused and less authentic as life progresses.

Aug 2018

9 min 22 sec

I discuss eternal love and how it guides us throughout our lives.

Aug 2018

7 min 19 sec

This episode I discuss the idea of being completely on your own. True independence - Does that really exist? What happens when we let love guide us and we allow others' into our life?

Aug 2018

15 min 56 sec

This episode discusses the importance of education for young girls. The UN has declared that the famine crises has potential of taking nearly 20 million lives if we don't act now. I believe there is a correlation between this crisis and the lack of education especially a lack of education for young girls.

Jul 2018

11 min 33 sec

This episode I discuss an exercise that allows us to look inward and grow to our greatest potential. I dare you to try it.

Jul 2018

8 min 38 sec

In this episode I discuss the hardship women are burdened with in regards to finding accessible contraception in the United States. Why is the United States so hesitant to granting these basic human rights to women? Let's discuss.

Jul 2018

9 min 14 sec

We may have heard the term Fair Trade. But what does it really mean? In this episode we get to meet Kimiri and understand the importance of Fair Trade companies.

Jul 2018

14 min 26 sec

It seems as though we wear a mask on the outside in hopes of showing our most desired traits from the inside. But who we really are on the inside is what is most fascinating and cannot be told from our mask entirely. The Masks We Wear highlights that we all wear masks in hopes of what we dream of becoming on the outside.

Jul 2018

6 min 24 sec

This week I discuss how it's finally time to transition from a patriarchal society. If this is a new thought to you, I dare you to have a listen.

Jun 2018

14 min 26 sec

Welcome to Write. My name is Kim Moodey author of the website This is Write and each week I bring you some of my favorite personal articles in hopes of creating contagious activism. Whether it social commentary or letters from the heart that make us stronger each new day - We must allow ourselves to dream big for the life we want to live and for the world we want to live in.

Jun 2018

6 min 51 sec