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Patti welcomes special guest, Kevin Reilly to the show.  Kevin is a former Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker and Special Teams Captain who was diagnosed with a devastating cancer that ended his professional football career and almost took his life.  Kevin shares his story of unimaginable pain and the struggle of recovery that led to his true purpose in life.  At a time when Americans are struggling with rising inflation and economic concern, Patti acknowledges that this message of faith, hope and perseverance will help put everything in perspective.  

Nov 19

33 min 29 sec

Patti meets with her Chief Planning Officer, Eric Fuhrman, to unravel the intricacies of Biden’s New Tax proposal, the Build Back Better Plan.  It seems that while a lot of items are being “negotiated” off the proposal, there is a handful of line items that should be causing concern for many Americans – and not just the top-tier wealthy Americans.  Time is running out to take advantage of some “must-do’s” in financial planning and estate planning before the end of the year.  Patti and Eric give detailed solutions to take advantage of some key opportunities still available to save on taxes and help preserve capital.

Nov 5

52 min 13 sec

Patti meets once again with her Chief Planning Officer, Eric Fuhrman, to sift through all the Plans and regulations of Medicare.  Open enrollment for 2022 starts October 15th and ends on December 7, 2021.  Each Plan offered in Medicare has different coverages and it’s important that consumers are aware of the inclusions and limitations associated with each.  Patti and Eric carefully dissect the nuances of each Plan, while also reminding the listener of dates in the timeline to be aware of.  Also discussed are key considerations if a spouse is still employed and has other healthcare coverage.

Oct 22

34 min 42 sec

This episode is next in the podcast series, #AskPattiBrennan - a series of episodes in which Patti answers one of her listener’s frequently asked questions.  These podcasts are shorter in length and address one FAQ or RAQ (a rarely asked, but should be asked, question).  There are many reasons people choose to move to another state.  The hot real estate market of 2021 may have accelerated the issue for many considering retirement or job change.  Before making this decision, there are several issues to consider – many involving serious potential tax consequences.  Patti guides the listener through a checklist of important items to keep in mind before making the big move, to better understand the rules when establishing state residency to fight potential tax audits.

Oct 8

10 min 8 sec

Patti welcomes Dr. Jason Karlawish, co-director of the Penn Memory Center, and author of “The Problem of Alzheimer’s – How Science, Culture, and Politics Turned a Rare Disease into a Crisis and What We Can Do About It”.  They define the difference between mild cognitive impairment, dementia, and Alzheimer’s and address the stigma associated with this disease.  America is one of the few western global democracies that has not formulated a national healthcare plan to cover the rising costs associated with caring for individuals suffering from this disease.  Dr. Karlawish identifies the signs to look for in diagnosing this disease and reveals how recent biomedical breakthroughs can spur our healthcare system from failing these patients to saving them.

Sep 24

53 min 32 sec

This episode is next in the podcast series, #AskPattiBrennan - a series of episodes in which Patti answers one of her listener’s frequently asked questions.  These podcasts are shorter in length and address one FAQ or RAQ (a rarely asked, but should be asked, question.)  In this episode, Patti addresses another important question asked by her clients.  “I have a child/grandchild with special needs, what resources are out there that can assist me in providing and maintaining a good quality of life for him/her?”  Patti identifies some great state and federal programs, as well as key estate planning opportunities that should be taken advantage of.  She also offers other solutions to questions regarding the adoption of children with special needs.   

Sep 10

12 min 56 sec

Patti meets with her Chief Planning Officer, Eric Fuhrman, to discuss concerns most Americans have right now regarding rising inflation. To understand the relationship between our economic imbalance and inflation, they first define the two concepts and then give a global historical perspective. Is history repeating itself in relation to the economic crisis we faced with inflation during the 1970’s or is this transitory, short-term inflation? What do the pandemic and global economic shutdowns for 2020 have to do with the rise in inflation we are now seeing? Patti and Eric delve into what is happening and why. As consumers, Americans should be aware of how long the economic recovery might take and what goods and services are affected more than others. As investors, Patti offers some suggestions on what steps should be taken during this time.

Aug 27

55 min 49 sec

In America today, there are 31 million small businesses.  These small businesses represent over 99% of all companies nationwide!  Many of them fight month to month to remain profitable without the threat of a global pandemic.  What was the difference between the companies that made it through 2020 and those that did not?  In this episode, Patti interviews four different consumers in different demographics to discover their favorite small businesses they chose to support and she learns a few “secrets” as to how these businesses were able to survive – and thrive – through the pandemic.  The key to small business success may be the same key to success for major corporations as well!

Aug 13

25 min 12 sec

This is the “wrap up” episode of last year’s Covid – 19 series entitled Covid and Courage.  Patti concludes the series with an emphasis on our nation’s recovery.  She addresses the recoveries of small businesses and the importance of knowing your corporate culture.  Smart leaders have pivoted to be sensitive to the needs of their employees and their respective family situations.  She shares her perspective as a CEO, and a consumer, with Gregg Stebben, a nationally renowned radio host, author, and journalist who has interviewed Presidents, Senators, and professional athletes.     

Jul 30

25 min 52 sec

This episode is next in the podcast series, #AskPattiBrennan - a series of episodes in which Patti answers one of her listener’s frequently asked questions. These podcasts are shorter in length and address one FAQ or RAQ (a rarely asked, but should be asked, question). In this episode, Patti addresses one of the most frequently asked questions by her clients…My son/daughter is getting married, “What issues should we discuss with them to better prepare them to be financially secure?” There are many financial pitfalls that can be avoided – whether it’s a first marriage or a second, Patti reveals the very important topics that must be discussed and the decisions that should be made to remain financially secure.

Jul 16

9 min 10 sec

This episode is next in the new podcast series, #AskPattiBrennan - a series of episodes in which Patti answers one of her listener’s frequently asked questions. These podcasts are shorter in length and address one FAQ or RAQ (Rarely asked, but should be asked, question). In this episode, Patti addresses the first issue of how to come up with a down payment and what, specifically, the lenders are looking at. She also warns against big mistakes that buyers make and how they can be protected from them. This is a must listen podcast for anyone looking to jump into the hot real estate market right now by buying their first home or a vacation property.

Jul 2

11 min 32 sec

The latest large proposal of the Biden administration is The American Families Plan.  The debates in creating this large tax plan are huge, everchanging and cross party lines.  Patti meets with Bill Cass, the Director of Wealth Management for Putnam Investments to discuss the implications of the proposal as it looks now in the summer of 2021.  They discuss the tax law changes that will most likely get passed later this year, as well as the proposed changes that are rumored to be eliminated from the final proposal of the bill before it is passed.  Patti and Bill share how high net worth individuals, corporations and anyone with an estate plan that involves gifting and Trusts will learn a few surprises that may come with the President’s new tax proposal.

Jun 18

41 min 10 sec

This episode is next in the new podcast series, #AskPattiBrennan - a series of episodes in which Patti answers one of her listener’s frequently asked questions.  These podcasts are shorter in length and address one FAQ or RAQ (Rarely asked, but should be asked, question).  As graduation season is upon us, this timely episode offers three specific things to do for recent college grads.  These tips from the Barron’s Hall of Fame Advisor and Forbes Best in State Advisor are the same advice that Patti gave her own kids when starting their careers.  Listen today and share these valuable strategies with all the college graduates you know!  

Jun 4

6 min 46 sec

Newly recognized by Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry as the 2021 Executive of the Year, Michael Duncan shares his experience as Chester County Penn Medicine Hospital’s CEO during the COVID pandemic. Patti and Michael discuss the multitude of challenges that he faced during the worst global pandemic in our lifetime. From PPE shortages to fragile employee morale to issues of social injustice, his leadership was tested at every turn. Who inspired this CEO through the worst of it? What were the lessons learned and taught? Patti asks the tough questions and learns a lot of what was happening behind the scenes during this tumultuous year. In part two of a two-part series, this episode is one of heartache but also one of hope and the fortitude of the human spirit.

May 21

25 min 56 sec

As a Board Member of Chester County Hospital for several years prior to Michael Duncan’s arrival, Patti was familiar with the financials of the Hospital. Within a year of Michael’s appointment to Hospital CEO, he was laying out a $300 million expansion proposal for the future of Chester County’s beloved independent hospital. Patti and Michael discuss the challenges his leadership faced, how he overcame them, and led them through the biggest expansion and future acquisition of the Hospital by Penn Medicine. Recognized by Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry as the 2021 Executive of the Year, learn how Michael’s leadership has now turned Chester County Penn Medicine Hospital into the #1 community-based hospital in Pennsylvania – according to Newsweek magazine. This is part one of a two-part series.

May 7

24 min 53 sec

In the first episode of the new #AskPattiBrennan podcast series, Patti answers one of her listener's frequently asked questions. This series of podcasts will be shorter in length and will address one FAQ or RAQ (Rarely asked, but should be asked, question.) In today's episode, Patti cuts through all the confusion regarding how long certain documents should be kept and when is a good time to shred them. There are three timeframes to keep in mind and each one is specific to certain documents. Listen today to get your answers!

Apr 23

15 min 29 sec

Patti meets with her Chief Planning Officer, Eric Fuhrman, to discuss the recent fiscal stimulus packages and the effect they have on the nation’s output gap. To understand the relationship between the two, they first define the concepts and then give a historical perspective. Many Americans are asking the question, “Why does the government spend huge sums of money during economic crises?” Patti and Eric answer this question and delve into the nuances of how the government determines exactly how much to spend. They also explain why this practice has been so effective for our economy – contrary to some public reaction that may be heightened when discussing figures of this magnitude.

Apr 9

37 min 39 sec

In part two of this two-part episode, Patti continues her conversation with Sarah Bratton Hughes, the Head of Sustainability at North America for Schroders.  They delve deeper into how governments can influence investor and consumer behavior by imposing new laws and tax policies.  With recent Presidential actions, the United States is positioning itself in a leadership role and will most likely influence a significant increase in global climate action.  Various industries and markets around the world are evaluating everything from their labor practices to their environmental impacts, to make sure strong governance is in place that will result in more positive environmental or social policies.  Investors are looking to maximize long-term returns by understanding which industries and markets are compliant or moving towards sustainable practices.

Mar 26

29 min 13 sec

There has been a shift in thinking when it comes to socially responsible investing – and it’s not only an important issue with millennials! In today’s episode, Patti is joined by Sarah Bratton Hughes, the Head of Sustainability at North America for Shroders. Sarah defines the three categories of sustainable investing and explains what changes she is seeing in the global markets as a result of investors and corporations looking to make socially responsible decisions. As nations around the world shift to clean energy and technologies, institutional investors and asset managers are answering the new demand for these investment products. In the first of a two-part series, Patti and Sarah identify the opportunities now available to maximize returns on these investments and also the environmental benefits that come as a result.

Mar 12

23 min 1 sec

America is two months into a new year and one month into a new Presidency.   Many ideas were proposed during the campaign and some have already been put in action.  Patti and her Chief Investment Officer, Brad Everett, focus on three specific areas that will be instrumental in determining our nation’s economic recovery.  The expediency of the COVID vaccine rollout plays a major role in a “return to normalcy”.  It affects the unemployment rate, the need for additional stimulus and the survival of small businesses.  From estate planning opportunities and tax saving strategies to inflation – Patti and Brad discuss the implications that all of these have on financial planning and the success of portfolio performance.

Feb 26

44 min 22 sec

In part two of a two-part series with Liz Young, CFA and Director of Market Strategy at BNY Mellon Investment Management, Patti questions what the next 900 days look like for the markets – both nationally and globally.  Liz, a frequent CNBC Contributor, shares her economic outlook and reveals some important principles investors should be considering.  As the strength of the US dollar weakens, there are specific strategies that Patti and Liz discuss as paramount to portfolio success.  There is also a new young class of investors that will be making an impact on the markets.  Listen and learn how the political environment impacts their decisions as well as the regulations that could result.  There will be shifts in leadership of companies, corporation communication and corporate spending.  It’s time to pay attention and Patti explains why!

Feb 12

27 min 52 sec

As we begin the first year in a new decade, investors and economists alike are busy with their forecasts.  Patti recently had the pleasure of sitting with Liz Young, CFA and Director of Market Strategy at BNY Mellon Investment Management.  Liz, a frequent CNBC Contributor, shares her economic outlook for the next 90 days both nationally and globally.  In the first of two recorded episodes with Liz, Patti asks what investors should be focused on in the short term.  They identify the key trends to look for in a recovery as well as caution what industries will still struggle.  This may be the episode to pay attention to if you are an investor that might have pulled back a bit in 2020 with all the uncertainty of the markets and the election.

Jan 29

18 min 38 sec

Budgets, like diets, don’t often work! They are restrictive and not always designed to let you live your best life. Patti and her Chief Planning Officer, Eric Fuhrman, discuss some easy, less constrictive ways to save money and allocate it in a way that might help the listener reach their goals faster than ever imagined.

Jan 15

34 min 18 sec

One of the big surprises in the last quarter of 2020 was the housing market boom! The unintended result of major metropolitan areas in lockdown and millions of Americans now working from home has been home sales that are off the charts. One of the biggest drivers in this uptick of renters leaving cities to become first-time homebuyers in the suburbs are millennials. No longer can a one-bedroom serve as both an office and a residence, and the amenities of living in a city in lockdown have long been taken away. Older generations are also seeing a unique opportunity to sell while the market is hot instead of waiting until retirement. In today’s episode, Patti sits down with the Main Line’s top realtor, Lone Spillard, of Compass Realty. They discuss the trends that are now happening in the real estate market as a result of the pandemic and the opportunities for home buyers and sellers alike. Thinking of buying or selling your home? Even if you’re not, this episode may change your mind!

Jan 1

31 min 43 sec

As 2020 begins to wind down, are we going to look back on this year as a year to remember or a year to forget? The pandemic has certainly created significant hardship and loss for so many, yet there have also been some inspiring revelations. Patti is concluding her series this year with her special guest and friend, radio host Gregg Stebben. They discuss lessons they have learned this year because of the pandemic – both professionally and personally. Listen to find out how to lock in these lessons and move forward into 2021 with renewed hope and optimism for our future – as well as our finances!

Dec 2020

27 min 50 sec

There are more millionaires in America today than ever before. At one time, becoming a millionaire may have only been attained by the highly educated or successful corporate officers – now it can be attainable by anyone with the right plan and the right tools to get them there. In today’s episode, Patti sits down once again with renowned journalist and radio host, Gregg Stebben. Gregg confesses that while he has always been financially responsible in his life, he was not taking financial responsibility. But because of the pandemic shutdowns, an opportunity arose that he saw happening across America…people became more mindful where their money was going and how it was being spent. Patti shared the secrets of gaining financial freedom with some very simple tools that are available. Listen to find out how using these tools, automates your spending behavior, and when applied over time, the opportunity arises to become an automatic millionaire.

Dec 2020

32 min 29 sec

Now that the most contested Presidential election in history is almost over…. now what?  The markets seem to be holding steady and the housing economy is still booming.  There has been much political commentary from both sides as to what is going to happen to the economy in 2021 and beyond, under a new President.  Is there really much to worry about?  America has a strong, supportive Federal Reserve and history proves that election outcomes rarely drive long term market and economic activity.  In today’s special episode, Patti has a candid conversation with her Chief Investment Officer, Brad Everett.  They put politics aside to reveal what they believe will happen in the markets as a result of this month’s election.

Nov 2020

36 min 33 sec

For the past eight months, families, as well as business owners, have been problem-solving; trying to think creatively and not reactively, to the many issues that have arisen as a result of the pandemic and quarantine mandates. Corporations have relied on new technologies as never before. The medical profession has jumped head-on into telemedicine – something insurance companies have long fought. Families are faced with educational struggles for their children and have had to adapt to homeschooling. Yet, through all these problems, solutions have resulted. Once again, Patti sits down with nationally renowned radio host, Gregg Stebben, to discuss these “pandemic opportunities” as well as the effects they will have on Americans well after the Presidential election.

Nov 2020

26 min 59 sec

For the past seven months, local, state, and national governments – as well as other governments around the world – have been in crisis management mode.  Decisions have been made according to the best scientific data available at the time to ensure public health and safety.  Many people have been making some life-altering decisions during the quarantine as well.  Decisions affecting their financial futures and well as their personal futures.  Once again, Patti sits down with nationally renowned radio host, Gregg Stebben, to discuss some life-changing decisions that clients, friends, and family are making during this pandemic.  Tune in to hear the “upside” of this pandemic – does it and can it pertain to you?

Oct 2020

29 min 23 sec

The rising debt in our great country is almost $26 trillion!  News noise will try and create fear in Americans because fear is a powerful motivator.  Aren’t there negative implications for our families with numbers like these?  The answer is simply, NO!  To understand why, one also needs to understand the basics of accounting – assets and balance sheets.  In today’s episode, I am continuing my conversation with my Chief Planning Officer, Eric Fuhrman.  We define the relationship of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government and offer some historical perspective with examples every listener can understand.  Tune in to find out that this relationship is not as complicated as one might imagine.  With the presidential debates coming in the next few weeks, this is the perfect time to learn and understand what these numbers really mean and how they affect our economic health and future.

Oct 2020

54 min 29 sec

The government deficit is at an all time high and yet the markets remain strong. The economy is starting to bounce back after the pandemic stopped progress in its tracks for the past 6 months.  So, what do the government debt numbers really mean?  Are we stealing from future generations to solve today’s problems?  Patti sits down with her Chief Planning Officer, Eric Fuhrman, to break down the very complicated concepts of deficit spending and the Federal Reserve into terms listeners can understand more fully.  They discuss the two primary sectors in the economy – public and private and how mounting debt affects each.  With the presidential debates coming in the next few weeks, this is the perfect time to learn and understand what these numbers really mean and how they affect our economic health and future.

Sep 2020

58 min 29 sec

If authorities knocked on your door and gave you only 30 minutes to evacuate – what would you take? Today's episode is a special rebroadcast of one of our most popular episodes. With wildfires raging on the west coast and a very busy hurricane season already well underway threatening the east coast, our attention once again goes to the horror of these disasters. "Life or Death Emergency Preparedness - What to Grab?" shares valuable lifesaving information that we all should be aware of. About this episode: In this wide-ranging discussion, Patti talks with some of her top employees at Key Financial about their plans for handling a Life or Death situation, whether it's a natural disaster or civil unrest. Eric Fuhrman, Jenifer Meehan, Michael Brennan, and former Army Ranger, Kristopher Thompson all join Patti and share their insights on the items that they would grab first. They also detail some of the things they would do to survive a crisis that could last for several days or even several weeks. Do you know what a LifeStraw is? Tune in to find out because the information contained in this podcast could literally save your life!

Sep 2020

26 min 49 sec

Today’s episode is the highly anticipated follow-up to THE Biggest Retirement Mistake that people make. Patti continues her conversation with one of Key Financials’ Portfolio Managers, Sam Baez, and they discuss asset allocations that work best for their clients. They break down successful asset allocation strategies and explain why they are successful. Portfolio management during bear markets and bull markets require different approaches to make sure your portfolio can keep up with inflation and be protected for the rest of your life. Listen today to find out what strategies will keep your portfolio performing at its best!

Aug 2020

24 min 32 sec

The economic response to the COVID pandemic has not been the same as how the global markets are responding. In today’s episode, Patti dissects the difference between the markets and the economies with her Chief Investment Officer, Brad Everett. How can it be that the S & P is just below an all-time high right now, despite the pandemic? What are the best strategies and moves to make with portfolios right now? It might not be what you think! Patti and Brad discuss the important principles that are protecting portfolios despite the pandemic, as well as identifying the one thing investors should absolutely NOT be doing right now!

Aug 2020

47 min 1 sec

Most people do not start thinking about retirement until they are in their late 40’s or early 50’s.  That is a costly mistake!  In this episode, Patti reveals one simple action done in your 20’s that will amass almost $800k by retirement.  She strategizes with Maddie McTigue, a Portfolio Manager at Key Financial about the importance of certain actions done consistently after graduation from college that make all the difference in an investment portfolio by the time one is set to retire.  At a time when most millennials are starting new jobs, have student loan debt and not thinking about a retirement plan at all, Patti offers a winning strategy that is surprisingly simple to implement.

Jul 2020

17 min 55 sec

Although there are many mistakes made during retirement that are sure to derail your financial plan and the growth of your portfolio – there is ONE mistake that people continuously make as they are looking at their retirement horizon. In today’s episode, Patti sits down with Sam Baez, a portfolio manager at Key Financial and they reveal what that mistake is and the strategies that top advisors are doing on behalf of their clients, so this doesn’t happen to them.

Jul 2020

20 min 36 sec

Earlier this year, Patti was asked by Barron’s to present to top industry professionals from around the world at the Barron’s Australian Summit.  Although this episode was recorded just before COVID – 19 shut down America and the world, the message is still relevant.  In a discussion with her Chief Operating Officer, Vince Kailis, Patti is asked to reveal her key takeaways from some of the brightest minds in science and technology today.  They brainstorm how these innovations can be applied to increase the financial advisory client experience today, as well as how these revolutionary ideas can change the look of retirement forever.

Jul 2020

36 min 3 sec

In this special edition series of the Covid – 19 discussion entitled Covid and Courage, Patti addresses the questions plaguing parents and students all over our nation. Will colleges and universities be open for business in the Fall? Or will students be enrolled in online programs for another semester? If that is the case, will tuition costs be adjusted? Gregg Stebben, a nationally renowned radio host, author, and journalist who has interviewed Presidents, Senators and professional athletes, returns to discuss the questions that students and parents alike, might be asking right now.

Jun 2020

35 min 49 sec

In this special edition series of the Covid – 19 discussion entitled Covid and Courage, Patti addresses the reality that so many in our nation are experiencing right now.  What does your retirement picture look like now if you just retired – amidst a global pandemic?  Gregg Stebben, a nationally renowned radio host, author, and journalist who has interviewed Presidents, Senators and professional athletes, returns to ask Patti the questions that all new retirees might be asking right now.  Listen to find out Patti’s answers and solutions – they might surprise you! 

Jun 2020

50 min 3 sec

Dr. Quincy Krosby is not only a Chief Market Strategist for Prudential, she has also served our nation as a US diplomat, worked with the Assistant Secretary of Commerce and the US State Department.  With a PhD from the London School of Economics, she is more than qualified to discuss the current economic volatility and how the global central banking systems are reacting to COVID-19.  Her expertise gives unique insight to answer Patti’s questions about what is happening in our own country from supply chain disruptions to the high unemployment rate consequences that may or may not stay with us for months to come.

May 2020

1 hr

In today’s episode, I have a most thought-provoking conversation with Alex Dryden who is a Global Market Strategist with JP Morgan.  Alex shares his expertise and insight in explaining what he believes is happening right now in the markets that will undoubtedly affect not only future market activity, but future investor and consumer behavior as well.  This is a climate of global economic change and uncertainty, but there are certain strategies that financial advisors should be taking on behalf of their clients right now to help protect and grow portfolios. Listen now to make sure you are on the right path to navigate these tumultuous times!

May 2020

32 min 56 sec

April is Financial Literacy Month and today, perhaps more than ever, Patti is urging her listeners to be financially aware. In this podcast, she stresses the importance of teaching financial literacy to our children, starting at an early age. She is joined by fellow CFP, Mac Gardner. Mac is the author of “The Four Money Bears” and “Motivate Your Money”. Mac shares his research findings teaching children and young adults about the four things that you can do with money and talks about the app that is being developed to empower our young people with greater financial awareness.

Apr 2020

31 min 1 sec

This is part two of a special edition series of the Covid – 19 Pandemic discussion with Gregg Stebben, a nationally renowned radio host, author, and journalist who has interviewed Presidents, Senators and professional athletes.  In this episode, Gregg drills down his questions to Patti asking specifically if she believes our nation is headed into a Depression because of the current pandemic.  Her answer and reasons for her answer may surprise you; tune in to find out why!

Apr 2020

34 min 29 sec

This is part one of a special edition series with Gregg Stebben, a nationally renowned radio host, author, and journalist who has interviewed Presidents, Senators and professional athletes. Gregg asks Patti the hard questions regarding the global pandemic the world is now facing. Covid – 19 is not just a health threat; it is turning the world economy upside down and threatening the safety of our loved ones. Patti’s professional background as an intensive care ICU nurse, coupled with being CEO of a nationally ranked wealth management firm, provides a unique perspective on the ramifications of this deadly virus.

Apr 2020

41 min 25 sec

At the release of this episode, America has entered its first bear market in over a decade.  Investors all over the country are watching the market volatility and choosing their next moves very carefully – hopefully under the guidance of a seasoned financial advisor.  But at the same time, life continues to go on and college seniors are set to start graduating in a month and high school seniors have their eyes set on starting their collegiate adventure in the Fall.  An overarching fact over all of this is, as many of our college seniors graduate, they will be entering into the reality of paying back loans that have now totaled $1.6 TRILLION in the U.S.  In part one of a two-part series, Patti sits down with Peter Sims, the President of PayForEd, a software company that specializes in developing strategies for setting up and paying back student loan debt.  They discuss how the student loan crisis got to this point and what steps students and their parents should be taking now to minimize their risk.

Mar 2020

27 min 3 sec

As of the taping of this episode, the market was down 17% and the Coronavirus has put a scare into almost everyone! What will the impact of a 20% drop in oil prices have on world economies? Patti addresses these very hot topics with her Chief Investment Officer, Brad Everett. They discuss the cause and effect of this week’s market reaction and how investors should be making decisions on their portfolios. History will reveal some answers, but investors will still need to take a hard look at some opportunities that are now arising. Patti and Brad explain what those are and what the proper course of action should be.

Mar 2020

27 min 17 sec

There is a new bill that has been proposed by our nation’s lawmakers that could possibly create the social security reform that Americans have been waiting for. Patti dissects the pros and cons of this bill with her Chief Planning Officer, Eric Fuhrman. They identify the unique tax optimization strategies that all Americans can benefit from, as well as explaining the nuances of the bill that need to be understood for specific age demographics. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to save money on taxes or earn more in benefits received, if this bill is passed!

Feb 2020

39 min 9 sec

Sterling Shea, Global Head of Wealth Management for Barron’s and Dow Jones, continues his discussion with Patti regarding the industry trends he is seeing. What differentiates the nation’s Top Advisors from others? What is the client experience that is to be expected in today’s market? Is the economy heading towards the bear market everyone seems to be talking about and if so, how does he see Top Advisors navigating these waters for their clients? In part two of the two-part series, Patti and Sterling break down the industry trends that he is seeing and what investors should be looking for in 2020.

Feb 2020

30 min 32 sec

With another year under our belt and a new decade beginning, Patti sits with her Chief Investment Officer, Brad Everett, CFA and reviews some of the key market events from 2019 as they look forward to 2020. What should investors be most concerned about and are we headed for a market downturn? Are other global economies leading indicators in what can happen here in the US? Patti and Brad break it all down in their forecast for the new decade!

Jan 2020

28 min 8 sec

Patti welcomes Estate Planning Attorney, Bob Cohen, a partner with Riley Riper Hollin & Colagreco to discuss his best recommendations for clients looking for estate planning assistance. Bob will explain which documents are key in protecting your assets for your loved ones – whether you have millions of dollars or not! Listen now to learn about the benefits of living in Pennsylvania and working with professionals that understand the state and federal tax liabilities involved in estate planning.

Jan 2020

27 min 48 sec