Is It Halloween Yet?

Ghostess Spencer

Join your Ghostess and sometimes a guest as we go thru the week's horror news, have quick movie reviews and ask the question, Is It halloween yet?

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Movie Trailer ( ( Release Dates ( Video Games Tomb Raider: Horror Game ( Happy's Humble Burger Shack ( The Dark Pictures Anthology Season One Finale. ( Doom Eternal 6.66 update ( SMT V Day one DLC ( RE X Fortnite ( Phasmophobia Update ( A Quite Place Game ( TV News HBO Hellraiser Serise talk ( ( Movie News Halloween Ends Lindsay Wallace returns. ( ( MotherAndroid ( Slient Night ( Curfew for Paramount Players ( ( Hocus Pocus 2 ( The Last survivor ( New Line Cinema returns ( Unwelcome ( Lords of Misrule ( Prisoner of Ghostland ( Final Destionation Reboot gets writers ( Evil Dead Rise has finished filming ( The Trench was a secret Black Manta film ( Agnes ( Wolfman gets a director. ( Planet Of The Dead in production ( The Northman release date ( Blood Mother ( ( Mr Harringns Phone ( Blu-Ray Releases The Kindred ( Candyman ( Extra ( ( NECA ( Monster High Gremlins entry ( Feature Film Links (

Oct 30

32 min 58 sec

Movie Trailer ( Video Games Doom II becomes a Beat em Up. ( Bokah Studio shows concept art for new untitled game ( You Can Play Doom On Twitter. ( Bramble: The Mountain King ( Squid Game: The Game? ( Elden Ring Delayed ( ( Salt and Sacrifice Epic Games Store Exclusive. ( Capcom has resident evil announce ments. ( TV News Master of the Universe: Revelation ( Elvira on the Goldburgs ( Fall Of The House Of Usher- Preview ( Jason Blum Talks about Upgrade ( Lin Shaye to Star in Ellen ( Horror Noire Anthology release date. ( Ridley Scott Ailen serise. ( Chucky is killing the audence number. ( Y the last man not renewed ( ( Banquet for hungry Ghost series. ( Movie News Project Wolf Hunting ( Ghostbuster Afterlife setting the table for an expanded world. ( Lovely, Dark and Deep Casting ( Horror Movie written by a bot. ( Radio Silence says Scream trailer is full of misdirects. ( Blumhouse talks shop ( ( V/H/S 94 is the largest opening on shudder. ( M Night Shamalans next film. ( DGG hits at directing the next three film ( ( Happy Death Day Not over? ( Munster's Sneak Peak ( PG Psycho Goreman sequel?? ( Great White to Shudder ( Exquisite Corpse headed to north america. ( The Feast heads to theaters ( ( Blu-Ray Releases ( ( Extra ( ( ( ( ( ( ( Special Report NFT Dead By Daylight -NFT WTF are NFTs ( DBD tweets ( ( ( ( Articles around it. ( ( The Saw one Links For Featured Film ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Oct 22

37 min 22 sec

Movie Trailer ( Release Dates Video Games Choo Choo Charlie is nightmare fuel ( Maiden of black water give us more lore. ( Swansong reveals final playable character. ( Wanted:dead ( Corpse Party headed to switch ( Residentvania ( mainstream games get spooky ( ( The Alien Cube ( Elden Ring ( House of Ashes Trailer ( Stubbs the zombie free on epic next week. ( ( TV News Fall of the house of usher ( Agatha Harkness gets her own show ( Sabrina finally is coming to riverdale. ( Movie News Pennywise: The Story of IT ( Pizzagate Massacre ( The Black Phone date moves back ( The Passenger ( ( The Boston Strangler film ( Venom Box Office ( Blade release date ( Dark Harvest News ( The Visitor ( Hotel Transylvania ( Paranormal Activity Next Of Kin Trailer ( In Search of Darkness 3 ( Boy Kills World ( Pinhead Casting ( It's a Scream Baby! ( Blu-Ray Releases Extra Elvira figure ( Reebok ghostbusters ( Hocus Pocus Shakes ( Ghostbuster Funko ( Haunted Vodka? (

Oct 13

26 min 16 sec

Release Dates Nightmare Alley* ( Video Games Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo delayed until 2022 on console 8* ( Dying Light 2 new tech footage at games com* ( Night Is Coming * ( Little Nightmares 2 enhanced edition* ( Outlast Trials ( Chernoble release pushed back * ( Vampire the masquerade* ( Death Cathedral* ( New Dark Pictures anthology* ( Spookware* ( Netflix launches game service with stranger things games* ( Blasphemous 2* ( Dolmen gameplay* ( Stubs the zombie rebel without a pulse* ( Elden Ring Preview * ( Horror Puzzle Game Dying* ( Dead Space Early look* ( Japanese Survival Horror Shadow Corridor heading to Switch* ( Alan Wake Remaster for fall release* ( Dead by Daylight* ( ( In Sound Mind* ( Bloodwash* ( Darkest Dungon 2* ( Resident Evil 9?* ( Death's Gambit * ( BloodRayne 1&2 headed to Consoles Later This Fall* ( Castlevania Advance Collection* ( V rising* ( Horror Story: Hallowseed Early Access final release date* ( Bayonetta 3 announced for 2022* ( TV News Yellowjackets trailer * ( AMC+ Series Firebite* ( Apple TV+ horror series in works* ( Gremlin series also to air on HBO MAX. * ( Jordan Peele inks 2 year TV deal with Universal * ( Cabinet of Curiosities* ( Dexter New Blood* ( Discovery+* ( Disney+ Muppets Haunted Mansion* ( ( Let The Right Ones In series on showtime* ( Invasion Apple TV +* ( I know what you did last summer trailera* ( Killer Camp Reality Series returns in october* ( Hellbound* ( Movie News Shudder To Deliver Christmas Movies * ( Bill Moseley lead Chastise * ( ( Witches Of Easwick * ( Salems Lot remake* ( ( ( ( ( ( ( Home invation movie see for me picked up by Ifc * ( Netflix aquirers Texas Chainsaw * ( New Paranormal activity to P+* ( First look at Night Teeth* ( Ghostbusters afterlife moved* ( Antlers * ( Antlers World Premere * ( Rob Zombie's Halloween* ( Halloween Kills day and date Peacock* ( ( Slumber Party Massacre* ( Slient Night Starring Keira Knightly comes to AMC+* ( malignant will be first R Rated Horror movie in china * ( Stream Starring Danielle harris and Jeffrey Combs* ( MK universe?* ( rating for paranormal Activity Next of Kin.* ( The Purge lives? * ( Alone With You picked up by dark star* ( Black Friday First Look/Bruce Campbell Christmas Hallmark Movie* ( ( ( Flesh Starring Danielle harris * ( New Lost Boys comes to big screen * ( ( Candyman Tops 70million and is tops the charts of steaming charts* ( Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Part 2 * ( Cary Fukunaga won't shut up about HIS It adaptation* ( The Munsters update* ( Scream 1-3 editor back behind the camera * The Black Phone Creepy Mask.* ( Crypt TV girl in the woods* ( The Exorcism of God* ( Slumber Party massacre* ( The Sandman first look* ( Scientific study 30 scariest horror moivies* ( The Seed Acquired * ( Peacock Adds 20 Monster Movies * ( Horror Icons new home on Peacock* ( AMC Fear Fest* ( Netflix Streaming in October! * ( Huluween* ( SYFY Halloween ( Criterion Channel October lineup ( Amazon's Now Screaming Amazon Prime's Horror collection ( Harland Manor coming to tubi ( Friday 13th Case Settled (for Now) ( ( Blu-Ray Releases All The Haunts Be Ours^ ( The Hills Have Eyes* ( Phantom Mall* ( Dead and Loving it* ( Krampus* ( ( Halloween Update* ( The Green Knight * ( WNUF Halloween Special* ( Last Matinee* ( Prisoners of Ghostland* ( The Night House* ( Rob Zombie 31* ( Old * ( Giallo Essentials* ( Evil Dead Groovey Collection* ( Nasty Habits* ( Extra Halloween Horror Nights Orlando themed food * ( John Carpenter halloween comic * ( Halloween Kills Figure * ( Xenomorph figure * ( Winchester Mystery House * ( NECA Chucky and Tiffany ( NECA Pennywise ( Beetlejuice the musical returns in 2022 ( Bulid-A-Bear ( ( Real Life Conjuring house for sale ( The Houses October Built Haunt directory ( Horror Movie Museum (

Oct 8

42 min 10 sec

Amanda The Jedi's Review of Don't Breathe 2: Release Dates Video Games TV News Movie News BluRay Release Extra

Aug 31

25 min 54 sec

EPISODE 12 Movie News Shutter acquires Hellbender * Fantastic Fest Returns * Blackual is back * Halloween Kills Novelization * The Green Knight stream at home * I know what you did last summer photos and premiere date * LAST STORY REMEMBER TO PUT THIS LAST!!!! ! 13 Fanboy Video Game news Fatal Frame Series continuing depends on black maiden* Japanese Horror Adventure Last Light * Evil Dead: The Game release date * \SPEK.TAKL\ * Dead Space * Blu-Ray Releases Censor * Phantasm 1&2 * 3 from hell steelbook * Scream details * Deadly Friend * Killer Friend * TOY RELEASES Halloween Kills Myers Mask * Black Christmas sweater* Monster High Beetlejuice and Lydia * My Bloody Valentine * Dept 56 elevra, munster Addams family and ghostbusters* TRAILER Midnight Mass Clickbate Extra Halloween News HHN Orlando icons *

Aug 13

27 min 34 sec

☐ Misery comes to 4k blu ray ☐ James Wan’s Malignant is announce ☐ Haunting of Bly Manor Comes to blu ray in time for halloween ☐ Limited edition steenbok for F13 8 film blu ray coming int October ☐ Tormented Souls coming to PS4 and Xbox One ☐ Neill Blomkamp ☐ FANTASIA 2021 Takashi Miike’s new film ☐ Halloween Ends will be more contained then Halloween Kills ☐ Weekly World News is getting into the movies with Zombie Wedding ☐ The Silence of the lambs 4K Ultra ☐ Jordan Peele New movie teased NOPE ☐ The Exorcist HHN ☐ Dead Space Remake- ☐ Exorcist will be a seguel ☐ Zack Snyder develops army of the dead sequel ☐ AHS Double Feature Teaser Trailer ☐ Fatal Frame get’s release date and Koei Techmo renews trademark ☐ Back 4 Blood Open Beta trailer ☐ Dollhouse comes to switch ☐ Brand New Cherry Flavor trailer and 13th launch date ☐ Underworld coming to Blu-Ray 4k ☐ Tony Todd heard in. New Candyman TV Spot ☐ Purge DVD Release ☐ Monsters coming to DVD in October ☐ Scream Directors teasing Easter eggs ☐ Demented 13 come to bluray ☐ Kate Trailer ☐ Scream 4k Blu-Ray ☐ Overlook finds new home after HBO Max passes

Aug 11

17 min 22 sec

You can follow the Ghostess at Twitter ( instagram ( You can follow the show at Twitter ( instagram (www.instagram/ahalloweenclub) youtube ( This week's story links. Fear Street 1978 filmed at same camp as Jason lives * Stay Out Of The Attic Gets VOD and home release * Halloween Horror Nights Maze Reaveals * Spirit Halloween New product reveal * Rob Zombie teases more monster * Resident Evil Re:Verse delayed until 2022* 12 Foot Skeleton is back * First Images and Footage from Chucky! * Dr Strange VERY SCARY * Fear Street Vinyl* FX Celebrates AHSS launch with pop up bakery * Rick And Jerry summon Cenobites * Brand New Cherry Flavor Series at Netflix * Julia Ducournau won the Palme d’Or * Leigh Janiak hopes to make Fearstreet MCU like * Escape Room Tournament of champions box office Leigh Janiak directing the Staircase for HBO Max* Final Girl Support Group at HBO Mac

Jul 21

24 min 32 sec

Resident Evil Village Sales numbers Lovecraft Country not picked up for second season. Next Entry in The Dark Picture Anthology Trademark Filed Forever Purge box office Lovecraft Country Second Season ideas Michelle Yeoh Cast in Witcher blood origin Addams Family 2 Trailer Are You Afraid of The Dark DVD Elvira’s Haunted Hills Blu-Ray 4K Ultra HD release of halloween 1-5 Alone in the dark to blu-ray Universal 2022 movies will be streaming at peacock shortly after theater Zack Snyder directing Rebel Moon for Netflix Army of Thieves coming to Netflix this fall Prano Bailey- Bond Next movie MADiSON trailer Guillemo del toro new movie rated R American Horror Stories teaser introduces the cast Scream Relaunch 100% finished Creepy Bitches book released Don’t Breathe 2 Poster arrives Lovecraft Country nominated for 18 Emmys Comic-con at home horror panels announced AHSS full trailer HHS the haunting of hill house scare zone announcement The thing Ultra HD in September Animated Horror Movie Chad Michael Murry is Ted Bundy (again) in American Boogeyman Evil Dead Celebrate’s 40 years Quiet Place two heads to Blu-ray and 4k Ultra this month on paramount + now The Munsters sneak peek Alice Darling Cast released Watch Friday the 13th: The New Blood at it’s actual filing location this October Evil Dead Rise clues from Bruce Campbell ☐ Comic Con At Home Panel to be first place to see Chucky series trailer

Jul 14

28 min 46 sec

Show Notes AHS Poster MORE AHSS POSTER * 1 Minute Trailer of AHSS Double Feature Promo * Sarah Paulson Didn’t Like Roenoke WB moves Dune Last Night in Soho Moves Anya Taylor Joe - Witch career ender Junji Ito Adut Swim Adapation Junji Ito The Lighthouse Get your Child’s Play marathons in early. Chainsaw Man Jaws on the water Spielberg blocking jaws reboot* Mental Heath And Horror Documentary Halloween Horror Nights

Jul 6

30 min 52 sec

Jun 1

24 min 32 sec

The Curse of Humpty Dumpty [] Netflix Summer Trailer gives us our first look at Fear Street trilogy. [] Friday the 13th final patch [] Snapper: Documentary on Man Eatting turtle movie [] Resident Evil Re:Verse - Pushed to Summer will not make May 7th date with Village. [] Universal Studios Orlando sells 1,000 dollar statue of Blue from Jussaic world. [] Adam Wingard in talks to direct another MonsterVerse movie. [] Scott Derrickson’s new horror movie The Black Phone Gets a release date. [] Upcoming satanic club horror movie Baphoment [] Footage and Images from Neill Blomkamp’s new horror movie Demonic [] Five Nights at Freddy’s Creator releases free game to apologize for Security Breach Delay. [] Megan Fox’s Till death planned for summer release. [] Forever Purge takes place after the Purge is Abolished. [] Mike Flanagan Netflix series gets an official companion book. Midnight mass The art of Horror [] More images from Dev Patel lead. The Green Knight [] The Production Company Behind the Witcher bring us World of Darkness TV and Movies [] Chloe Zhao Teases Upcomming Dracula project. [] Drake’s horror movie Spiral to Star Selena Gomez. [] Dario Argento’s Second film gets 4K Ultra HD release [] Irish Movie Caveate comes to shutter [] Diablo Cody writing Lady Killer adaptation with Blake Lively attached [Diablo Cody Writing Comic Book Adaptation ‘Lady Killer’ With Blake Lively Attached to Star] Season 4 of Stranger Things get’s a teaser trailer. [“Eleven, Are You Listening?”: Watch the New Teaser Trailer for “Stranger Things” Season 4! [Video]] Upcoming Horror Movies in May

May 10

27 min 2 sec

Crying On Main Street: SEA episode Netflix Cleans up a Serial Killers Mess in Fatma [] Scream Factory Blu-Ray Announcements [] Showtime Anthology Series Cinema Toast will decontextualize public domain films [] Disneyland shows off haunted mansion refurb [] Zack Snyder’s Army of The Dead Trailer [] Slumber Party Massacre Remake From Banana splits director [] Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story is coming to Apple TV+ in June [] The Seance’s trailer drops from The Guest and Your Next Writer Simon Barrett [] New Scream Has Multiple Scripts and Endings! [] Classic Elvira comics being re-released. [] House of The Dead Remake, Oxenfree 2 coming to Nintendo Switch. [] Mike Flanagan Directing Adaptation of Christopher Pike’s First Adult Horror novel The Season of Passage. [] Texas Chainsaw Massacre gets an R rating. [] Resident Evil is coming to Dead By Daylight [] Rob Zombie’s The Munsters could be a Peacock exclusive. [] Mad max Fury road prequel Furosa: will start filming next may starring Anya Taylor Joy [] Saint Maud is coming May 13th to Amazon Prime and Hulu. [] Ted Bundy movie coming from elijai wood’s specktravision starring wood and Luke Kerby. The Conjuring The Devil Made Me Do it Rated R Lockdown Hauntings is a serial killer movie that has everyones’s favorite Klingon and Candyman Tony Todd. [] Bad Hair Director Justin Simien is making a new haunted mansion movie! [] Adam Wingard is inspired by It’s so bad it’s classic Horror movie Jason X for one of Kong’s Kills. [] []

Apr 28

24 min 50 sec

Godzilla Vs Kong smashes the box office [] The Unholy is #2 [] Goodnight Mommy remake [] A24 secret slasher [] One hour photo director New horror movie [] Chucky series news. [] 4K Ultra release of Saw in May [] Dracula season 4 [] Minnie Schedeen Demon of Brownsville road [] Saw X in production [] Final purge movie coming July 4th [] Resident Evil- [] Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead trailer out on Tuesday []

Apr 12

27 min 26 sec

Spiral From The Book Of Saw Moves Up to May 21 [] American Horror Story Season 10 News [] [] Aquaman Horror Spin-Off The Trench Canceled [] Steven Yeun in talks for Jordan Peel Movie [] Welcome To Raccoon City synopsis [] Godzilla Vs Kong exceeds box office expectations []

Apr 5

28 min 10 sec