The Dressage Radio Show

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The world's premier and longest running podcast about the elegant world of dressage and the official podcast of the United States Dressage Federation (USDF). Hosted by two Grand Prix riders the Dressage Radio Show is a training-based show laced with exciting interviews, book reviews and news from the world of dressage.

  1. 1.
    639: Qualifying for Regional Championships, the Art of Selling Horses, and a Trainer Tip
  2. 2.
    638: Convention with Ross Creech, Nancy Later's Webinar, Plus Lauren Chumley and a Trainer Tip from Your Hosts
  3. 3.
    637: Training Tips and Listener Questions, Classic Revisit
  4. 4.
    Western Dressage 636: 20 Tips for a Better Multi-Day Show
  5. 5.
    635: Erin Paul on Grand Prix Rescue Horse Kelso, Lauren Sprieser Returns, and a Horse Show Photographer Trainer Tip
  6. 6.
    634: Young Rider Gold Medallist Christian Simonson, HRN Auditor Book Review, Wendy Murdoch And A Talk About Noseband Tightness.
  7. 7.
    633: USDF Episode with US Team Rider Nick Wagman, Champion Junior Riders Kylee and Lexi Kment, Their Coach Mom Jami Kment, Plus a Great Trainer Tip
  8. 8.
    Western Dressage 632: Kristen Whittaker on Training and Showing
  1. 9.
    631: Olympic Silver Medal Winners, Wendy Murdoch and an Awesome Trainer Tip
  2. 10.
    630: The Dressage Radio Show Heads to the Olympics!
  3. 11.
    629: North American Youth Championships, Plus a Trainer Tip from Para-Olympian Rebecca Hart
  4. 12.
    Western Dressage 628: Virtual Riding Lesson and Shoulder Awareness
  5. 13.
    627: Equine Education, Wendy Murdoch, and a Trainer Tip on Horse Showing
  6. 14.
    626: The Dressage Foundation and North American Youth Championship Rider Rose Keller
  7. 15.
    625: Charlotte's Exciting Update, Flying Changes with Jessica Gaston, a Book Review, and Lindsay Kellock's Trainer Tip
  8. 16.
    624: USDF Show with Lacy Jinks on Nationals, Canadian Team Rider Lindsay Kellock, Thoughts on Horse Retirement and a Trainer Tip form Alice Tarjan
  9. 17.
    622: Para Dressage, US Olympic Selection Trials, Wendy Murdoch on Product Development, and a Trainer Tip from Our Hosts
  10. 18.
    621: Promoting Small Business with Zoe Moumoutjis, Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu on the Challenges of Competing in 2020, and a Trainer Tip from Jennifer Williams
  11. 19.
    620: USDF Show with Jennifer Williams on the US Olympic Selection Trials, Riding Later in Life, Horse Show Etiquette, and a Tip from Our Hosts
  12. 20.
    Western Dressage 619: Achieving Your Nonspecific Riding Goals
  13. 21.
    618: Karen Isberg on Horse Diets, Arabian and Arab Warmblood Training, Equine Stability, and a Trainer Tip
  14. 22.
    617: Professional Mother and Daughter Riders Evi and Tanya Strasser, Anna Buffini On Her Successful Season and a Great Fitness Trainer Tip
  15. 23.
    616: USDF Episode with Senior Education Coordinator Isabella Baker, Young Professional Rider Madeleine Perry, Book Club Author John Haime and a Tip from Our Hosts
  16. 24.
    Western Dressage 615: Level of Training, How Horses Think and Win a Saddle!
  17. 25.
    614: Dressage Coach Hilary Moore-Hebert, Wendy Murdoch, a Book Review from Auditor Averie, and a Tip from Our Hosts
  18. 26.
    613: Grand Prix Riders Jan and Ben Ebeling, Freestyle Thoughts from Judge Dolly Hannon and a Trainer Tip
  19. 27.
    612: Cindi Wylie on Becoming a USDF FEI Level Certified Instructor, Sabine Schut-Kery's Story, and a Trainer Tip from Bill McMullin
  20. 28.
    Western Dressage 611: Test Updates, WDAA Updates and Training to the Test
  21. 29.
    610: Newly USDF Certified Instructor Bill McMullin, Reese's Current Assistant Sarah Turri and a Tip from Our Hosts
  22. 30.
    609: Melissa Allen on Facebook Dressage Tips, Wendy Murdoch on Riding Safari, USDF Instructor Jennifer Truett, and a Trainer Tip from Olivia LaGoy-Weltz
  23. 31.
    608: Scnobia Stewart from Black Reins Magazine, Tracey Mitchell on Life Coaching, World Cup Finals, and a Trainer Tip
  24. 32.
    607: USDF Episode with Senior Competitions Coordinator Cristen Brown, Riding Young Horses with Angela Jackson, JJ Tate Talks Team Tate Academy and a Tip from Natasha Altoff
  25. 33.
    Western Dressage 606: Western Dressage: A conversation with Lynn Palm
  26. 34.
    605: FEI Veterinarian Dr. Richard Mitchell, Wendy Murdoch, Amateur Spotlight with Liz Messaglia and Tips on being Resilient, by ProStride
  27. 35.
    604: Author Beth Baumert on Her New Book, Cassandra Hummert Talks Yoga, and Our Hosts with a Trainer Tip Presented by ProStride
  28. 36.
    603: USDF Episode with Rules Expert Janine Malone, Para Riders Charlotte Merle-Smith and Andie Sue Roth by ProStride
  29. 37.
    Western Dressage 602: Correct Salute and Improved Centerlines by ProStride
  30. 38.
    601: Junior Riding Teacher Brook Irving-Martz, Online Educator Natasha Altoff, a Book Review, Plus a Trainer Tip from Kristi Wysocki by Pro-Stride
  31. 39.
    600: Our Chosen Nominators for the Virtual Lesson Give Away Mandy Collier and Joanne Irish, Wendy Murdoch and a Great Tip from Our Hosts
  32. 40.
    599: Mary Phelps on Jane Savoie, The Dressage Riders Journal Author, Ruth Hogan-Poulsen, Kristi Wysocki on Horse Conformation and a Trainer Tip from Cassandra Hummert-Johnson
  33. 41.
    Western Dressage 598: Voices from the WDAA World Show by ProStride
  34. 42.
    597: Prostride Success Stories with Dr. Steve Latimer, Amateur Spotlight Segment with Dr. Catherine Donworth, Grand Prix with Patty Mayer and a Trainer Tip from our Hosts
  35. 43.
    596: USDF Convention Wrap with President Lisa Gorretta, New Innovations at USDF with Ross Creech, Wendy Murdoch and a Trainer Tip from our Hosts
  36. 44.
    595: Lauren Sprieser Talks Horse Purchasing, Pre-Purchase with Dr. Laura Stokes Greene, The Holiday Gift Guide and a Trainer Tip from Dominique Lein
  37. 45.
    Western Dressage 594: Gaited Horses in Western Dressage by ProStride
  38. 46.
    593: Dressage Enthusiast Carol Cohen, Back Pain with Dr. Laura Stokes-Greene and Trainer Tips from our Hosts and Patrick Tigchelaar
  39. 47.
    592: Elyse Hart on Recovery from Addiction, Music and Dressage with Julia Magsam, Wendy Murdoch with Patrick Tigchelaar and a Trainer Tip from Nicole Harrington
  40. 48.
    591: USDF Membership Director Melissa Schoedlbauer, Nicole Harrington on Remote Lessons and a Trainer Tip from our Hosts
  41. 49.
    Western Dressage 590: WDAA by the Thousands and What Level Should You be Showing by ProStride
  42. 50.
    589: Dr. Laura Stokes-Green Talks Osteoarthritis in Dressage Horses, Grand Prix Competitor Sarah Lockman on Riding Corners, and a Trainer Tip from Bridgid Browne by Pro-Stride

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