By Pamela Bardhi

In this podcast you’ll be inspired as you hear real stories, hustle and journeys of people who have overcome challenges to succeed against all odds as an underdog. Your host Pamela Bardhi will pull back the curtains to reveal how you too can overcome ANY obstacle to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

  1. 1.
    Title: From Broke Real Estate Agent to Viral Real Estate Social Media King, Eric Simon Shares His Entrepreneurial Journey Full of Humor, Resilience & Triumph
  2. 2.
    From High School Dropout to United States Marine, Coach & International Keynote Speaker, Tony Taylor Shares His Transformational Journey of Resilience & Rising to Leadership
  3. 3.
    From Juvenile Probation to 7 Figure Serial Entrepreneur, Sales Coach & Author, Anthony Eisenman Shares His Transformational Journey of Becoming an Iconic Entrepreneur & How to Dominate Sales in Any Industry to Rise to the Top
  4. 4.
    From a Christmas Light Install Company Startup in High School to 7 Figure Serial Entrepreneur & World Renowned Business Coach, Dom Rubino Shares His Unique Journey of Entrepreneurship & Building Empires
  5. 5.
    From Welfare to Wealth, Chrysta Shares Her Unstoppable Journey of Becoming an International Keynote Speaker, Author of Beautiful Badass & Fearless Leader
  6. 6.
    From A Dollar to His Name to Thriving Through Trauma, Kofi Thompson Shares His Inspirational Underdog Journey of Perseverance, Faith & Finding Life Purpose
  7. 7.
    From Trading Stocks in 6th Grade to Expert Financial Planner & World-Class Life Coach, Misty Lynch Shares Her Remarkable Modern Money Secrets of Going From Scarcity Mindset to Abundance in Every Area of Life
  8. 8.
    From Work Exploitation & Comedian to Ph.D, Author & International Expert in Cyber Security, Gerald Shares His Unique Life Journey in Pursuit of His Passion
  1. 9.
    From Dying & Coming Back to Life to Iconic Emmy- Nominated TV & Event Director, Bill Dolan Shares His Powerful Story of Finding His True Life Purpose & Brand Soul of Spirit Media
  2. 10.
    From Cocaine Addiction to International Speaker, Body Language Expert & World-Class Coach, Holley Shares her Transformational Story of Living from Pain to True Life Purpose
  3. 11.
    From Humble Beginnings on a Small Canadian Farm Near Montréal to Impacting over 100 Million Lives, Rock Thomas Shares His Story of Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire Devoting His Life to Helping Others Unleash Financial Freedom and Fulfillment
  4. 12.
    From Journalist to Wall Street to $200m Venture Capitalist & Investor, Codie Sanchez Shares Her Inspiring Story of Becoming a Contrarian Thinker & Maximizing Cash Flow
  5. 13.
    From Humble Beginnings Facing Adversity to International Entrepreneur, Author and Coach, Cornell Thomas Shares His Story of How the Power of Positivity Transformed His Life
  6. 14.
    From Chronic Pain to No Boundaries & Boxing Champion, Stephanie Moniuk Shares Her Transformational Story of Battling Crippling Emotions to Crushing Life and Conquering Fear
  7. 15.
    From a Small Dream to 50 Countries Streamed, Thousands of Downloads, 100 Journeys Later, Welcome to the 100th Episode Special Hosted By Pamela Bardhi
  8. 16.
    From Secret Alcoholic to Sobriety, Gary Miles Reveals His Unique Journey of Struggling with Addiction to Becoming a Successful Attorney Dedicated to a Life of Service
  9. 17.
    From 2X Cancer Survivor to CEO of the COC & Motivatonal Speaker, Mary Jenkins Shares her Heartwarming & Inspirational Underdog Story of Conquering Cancer & Building An International Nonprofit Dedicated to Cancer Patients from Her Hospital Bed.
  10. 18.
    From Government 9-5 to 7 Figure Purpose, TedX Speaker & America's Millennial Expert, Gabrielle Shares her Remarkable Journey of How She Stopped Waiting for Permission & Found Her Purpose.
  11. 19.
    From Childhood Trauma & Abuse to World Renowned Global Psychic Medium, Author & Spiritual Teacher, Soul Architect Jessenia Shares her Jawdropping Story of Transformation Into the Spirit & Healing World.
  12. 20.
    From Chronic Disease to One of the Top Speakers in Europe, Professor & Best Selling Author, Paul McGee Shares His Unique Journey The SUMO Way
  13. 21.
    From 250k in Debt to Multiple 7 Figures in Real Life Trading, Jerremy Newsome Shares His Unique Journey of Purpose and Using Money As a Force For Good to Empower the Planet
  14. 22.
    From 9/11 Widow to Finding The Light In 9/11, Lisa Luckett Shares Her Remarkable Story of Trauma Being Healed By Love
  15. 23.
    From Startup in Software to 14 Businesses, Matt DeLong Shares His Unique Story of Entrepreneurial Sacrifice & Leading Purpose Through Real Life Trading
  16. 24.
    From Growing Up In Hong Kong to Serial 7 Figure Entrepreneur, Joe Lau Shares His Remarkable Journey of Success & Purpose of Enhancing Quality of Life
  17. 25.
    From Top Corporate Attorney in NYC to Forbes List CEO of Empowering Girls Around the World through Etre, Illana Shares Her Inspiring Story of Determination and Shattering Glass Ceilings
  18. 26.
    From Escaping The Fate of Death to Celebrity Wealth Attorney in Manhattan by 24, Natalie Shares her Gold Success Recipe
  19. 27.
    From Moving Out at 17 & Hitting Rock Bottom to Military Special Ops & International Cyber Security Expert, Jax Shares The Ultimate Underdog Story of “Failures” & Unstoppable Resilience.
  20. 28.
    From Real Estate Kingpin to Federal Prison, Mike Shares His Wisdom & Unique Journey of Rebuilding an Empire
  21. 29.
    From Engineering to Dance to Global Advocacy Leader, Pooja Shares Her Remarkable Life Journey As a Letter of Love
  22. 30.
    From First Gen & Real Estate Family Business to Mission of Changing 8 Billion Lives, Liza Shares Her Remarkable Journey of Spirituality, Loss, Growth & Awakening
  23. 31.
    From Two Different Backgrounds & Experiences, Special Hosts of Done with Adulting Podcast, Asia & Jareed Share Their Insightful Stories and Mission of Shattering Societal Expectations of "Adulting."
  24. 32.
    From a Small Village in Ghana Reading from Lanterns to Harvard and CEO of International Education Company, Edacme, Mac Shares His Remarkable Underdog Story of Rising from the Bottom
  25. 33.
    From a Near Death Adventure Experience to a Spiritual Awakening Towards His Life Purpose, Doug Shares His Unique Journey of Becoming a Master of Hypnosis
  26. 34.
    From Ground Up Entrepreneur to COO, Athlete & Thyroid Cancer Warrior, Julia Shares Her Inspiring Story of Shattering Glass Ceilings and Determination
  27. 35.
    From Corporate America to Top Business Strategy Coach & Podcast Host, Michelle Shares her Journey of Resiliency and Going Against the Status Quo
  28. 36.
    From People Pleaser to Business Reiki Master, Sensei, Healer, International Author and Speaker, Sensei Victoria Shares Her Transformative Journey
  29. 37.
    From the Spitting Llama Bookstore in Bolivia to over 94 Multifamily Units, Dave Holman Shares His Unique Journey of Becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor
  30. 38.
    From Columbian Roots to International Student Accidentally Transformed to a 7 Figure Serial Entrepreneur From Her Kitchen Table, Clara Shares Her Unique Journey to Entrepreneurship
  31. 39.
    Bridging the Connection Between Health Care & Real Estate, Catherine Shares Her Remarkable Story of Becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor With Purpose
  32. 40.
    From Rock Bottom to 7 Figure Entrepreneur Breaking Barriers in the Construction Field as a Young Woman, Greta Shares her Inspiring Rootless Journey.
  33. 41.
    From Rock Bottom to World-Renowned Holistic Entrepreneur & Healer, Marisa Reveals Her Unique Journey to the Spirit World & Becoming a Lightworker
  34. 42.
    From Selling Ice to Emmy Award Winning Producer & Multi Million Dollar Deals with Sharks, Brandon Shares His Inspiring Story of Rising to the Top
  35. 43.
    From Magic Tricks to a Billion Dollars in New York Skyline Real Estate Development, Ken Van Liew Shares His Remarkable Journey
  36. 44.
    From Rock Bottom & Rejection from 1231 Jobs to World-Class Coach, Author & Gender Gap Expert, Olivia Jaras Shares her Underdog Story
  37. 45.
    From Professional Musician to Creative On Purpose, Scott Perry Shares His Remarkable Journey of Moving Onward
  38. 46.
    From Growing Up in the Civil Rights Movement to Legendary CNN Camera Man Meeting Historic Icons, Reggie Selma Shares his Remarkable Journey
  39. 47.
    Discovering What Matters: A Journey to Feminist Entrepreneurship with Samantha Karlin
  40. 48.
    From High School Dropout to 7 Figure Sales Sorceress, Bella Verita Shares Her Rockstar Journey of How to Get From Hello to Yes
  41. 49.
    From High School “Failure” to Redefining Education Standards, Dr. Stacey Shares Her Inspiring Journey
  42. 50.
    From Full Time Nurse to Dynamic Entrepreneur and Wellness Coach, Coach Tee Shares Her Unique Journey

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