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A podcast about learning theory, mental models, and investing. Pulling from different people and life paths through interviews and essays to explore different ways of looking at the

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A short essay about mental models and how they influence every aspect of our lives from our education, to how we invest, to how we play music.Subscribe to the newsletter at newsletter.joshterryplays.comAnd find out what else I'm up to at

Apr 24

13 min 7 sec

Josh Bobrowsky is a very successful entrepreneur, investor, and content creator. This is a conversation where we explore some of his life and what made it possible for him to do what he does.Find him on YouTube at: episode is sponsored by me, subscribe at newsletter.joshterryplays.comFind out what else I'm up to at

Jun 2

53 min 21 sec

Max Klymenko, the owner and creative director of klym&co, an agency that specializes in helping organizations create impactful short-form see what I'm working on go to

Jun 17

1 hr 19 min

A conversation with Steven Mckie on blockchain technology and the future of the internet. see what I'm currently up to go to

Jun 17

2 hr

A conversation with JP Baric, founder and CEO of The Mining Store and Aurum Capital Ventures, and creator of the Digital Gold Podcast, about bitcoin mining and the future of money. to to see what I'm up to.

Jun 17

1 hr 18 min

A conversation with William Beteet about comedy, philosophy, stage fright, positive selfishness, the future of the creator economy, and more. more of my work go to

Jun 17

1 hr 37 min

A conversation with Jay Alderton about stepping into discomfort, cold exposure, creating on social media, and achieving big things. to to see what else I'm working on.

Jun 17

1 hr 32 min

Simon Squibb is the creator of the Purposeful Project. He helps entrepreneurs for free and his mission is to help ten million people start and grow a business.Website

Jul 3

59 min 18 sec

A conversation with Mike Flynn.Mike's Twitter's YouTube to keep tabs with everything I'm up to go to

Jul 17

1 hr 37 min

Brandon Quittem becomes a tree, Josh Terry considers getting very high, and we talk about psychedelics, adapting worldviews, and the incredible adaptability of the bitcoin network.Please check out Brandon's incredible bitcoin

Jul 24

1 hr 19 min

Shayne Mullen, VP of business development and partnerships at BlockFi talks about the company, and about different types of debt.Up to $250 signup bonus with BlockFi. I use them. I think they're great.

Aug 4

40 min 6 sec

David Perry and I sit down to talk about corporate sales.Buy David's book:〈=en&scene=bio_url& go to for what I'm up to.

Aug 12

1 hr 13 min

Max waxes eloquently on bitcoin and talks about fixing the world by choosing to play a different game. Josh considers buying more bitcoin.Max's Twitter Pill Podcast

Aug 17

1 hr 16 min

Kojo Sarfo tells Josh Terry his story of transitioning into the content creation world and they chat about mental health.Find more about Kojo Sarfo here. out more about me

Aug 23

1 hr 24 min

Shawn Baker tells his story about becoming a carnivore and helping an extremely large community of people experiment with diet and find new ways to approach health.Check out his company and community (formerly meatRX, recently renamed) to to check out more of my stuff.

Aug 25

1 hr 21 min

Baron Ryan talks about his philosophy on life and how he portrays it as existential chuckles on TikTok.Socials:Learn more about Baron Ryan onInstagram: americanbaronTikTok: americanbaronSign up for Baron's Short Story Collection here: out more about me

Sep 14

1 hr 17 min

Byron Dempsey shares his experience on how he built a network through embracing life and what it gives you.Learn more about Byron on his socials.Instagram: byron__dempseyTikTok: byrondempseyListen to Byron's podcast here. a free copy of the introduction of Byron's book here: more about me

Sep 17

1 hr 21 min

Dan Matha talks about his early struggles in life and how he overcame it, survived, and prevailed.Learn more about Dan Matha here:Instagram - dan_mathaTwitter - @TheDanMathaYoutube - Dan MathaTikTok - danmatha to Dan Matha's podcast here: more about me

Sep 26

1 hr 12 min

Kyla Scanlon talks about her passion for learning and educating all things finance through social media.Learn more about Kyla Scanlon here:Twitter - @kylascanTikTok - @kylascan / - kyla.substack.comLearn more about me

Oct 19

1 hr 4 min

Ariana Thacker shares her journey of founding the one of the most connected Venture Capital funds on LinkedIn.Learn more about Ariana Thacker here:LinkedIn - Ariana Desiree ThackerLearn more about me

Oct 22

1 hr 17 min

Jordan talks about the looking ahead of the curve and democratizing technology on the way to building smart cities.Learn more about Jordan Sun here:LinkedIn - - more about me

Oct 27

1 hr 13 min

Adam shares his extensive experience and understanding on how the human brain works in the context of social interaction, and talks about how experiences at a young age can shape our beliefs and behaviors as adults.Learn more about Adam here:Twitter - @TheBrometheusWebsite - adamlanesmith.comInstagram - adamlanesmithbooksLearn more about me

Nov 3

1 hr 40 min

Robert and Josh talk about how history has been shaped by our pursuit of truth, and how difficult things become when that pursuit of truth is interfered with. And how digital technology, philosophy, economics, morality, physics, and simple practicality all combine to create the most compelling money to have ever existed, Bitcoin.Learn more about Robert here:Twitter: @Breedlove22Podcast: learn more about what I've been up to go

Nov 9

1 hr 19 min