The Pookout Hangout!

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Clipped down audio versions of the all new Pookout Hangout video-casts. Pook shares a drink with ska/punk friends, bandmates and label signings to talk tour stories, battle scars and everything old and new in the world of ska!

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IN THIS EPISODE: We celebrate the tenth anniversary of ‘Salt the Lands’ by Beat the Red Light as the Vinyl Reissue hits the Pookout Records shelves! Pook chats to his bandmates Eddie, G, Tim, Rob & Bill about life in BTRL, defecating in a mobile home and what it’s like to get groped by a pensioner… Welcome to Episode Two of the Pookcast!!

Oct 28

37 min 34 sec

IN THIS EPISODE: Pook hooks up with Jake & Bobble from Roshambo, sinks two bottles of wine and has to be rescued by Bones... Welcome to the first Pookout Hangout!!

Oct 19

39 min 41 sec