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A podcast that explores education, learning and growth. They explore the notion that everyone is an educator and learning happens all the time.

Each week they tackle a new topic, and have guests on their show to share what education and learning means to them.

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Let's start with an apology for the short hiatus. Firstly we chose not to air an episode we recorded. Listen in to find out more! Secondly, Life has been quite hectic.  But here we are!  This week we chat about the challenges in our world and how it is time to ramp up and double down in these current times. Traditionally this is a time that Australi starts to slow down. However, this is a year where doubling down will help reap benefits while others will only start to gain momentum early next year.  The fellas chat about the excuses coming out of lockdown had led to zero behaviour change. This can be linked to people losing their 'why'.  For more updates and to subscribe head to - Facebook Instagram Youtube

Dec 5

36 min 29 sec

Gines, Matt and Ben get together again for an Out Of Class edition episode.  This week the fellas talk about the flow of their days, in terms of if they are morning people or late nights type of people. Interesting chat about productivity, optimism, and general mindset.  Ben shares the need to catch every sunrise and how it fuels him for the day. He is catching nearly every sunrise in the week and 3 to 4 of them are outdoors. Gines shares the morning sense of peace before everyone else is up. Where everything seems to a little bit slower and quieter.  Matt talks about his friendly skateboarder demeanour, where he will strike a conversation with anybody anywhere. He sees it as an opportunity to have a connection with another human. It is a playful character that he brings on and suggests for people to try.  Gines chats about the analogy of trying to strike connection and they are not hitting the ball back. Are they not hitting the ball back or did they miss it?  Ask the question,lean in and be genuinely curious and listen to the answer to strike the connection. The fact we noticed each other can go a long way and giving your smile to someone else. The acknowledgment can mean a lot. Especially in a time of isolation and loneliness.  For more updates and to subscribe head to - Facebook Instagram Youtube

Oct 28

56 min 17 sec

Gines is joined by guest Niro Dayalan in this week's episode Niro is was once upon a time a CIO and led a corporate lifestyle, however realised that was not a match for him. Currently, Niro is a business owner, Freedom coach, Life strategist, speaker, and cousin to Gines. They chat about how Niro's company, Unkonventional came about and how the name says it all. Niro shares his story of how his own life followed an unconventional path at every turn even from a young age. At a turning point, he realised it is not about fitting  into a conventional life but rather to belong.  Gines explores the question of even when people are unhappy in their current situation most people choose not to do anything about it. The fact is that we are used to it.  Niro explains his teaching of dharma. Dharma in transcript means fingerprint of the soul. Dharma is about getting in alignment. Niro chat to us about getting into alignment. Step one -  being done with the current life experience, step two - is learning and personal development, step three - discovering your identity and do the character work, Step 4 - is while you are doing the character work you discover your gifts. Finally leads to the step five - learning why we are here and what we are here to do.  they also talk about the cost of decisions, not only cost of something now, but the cost of it in a week, a month, a few years from now and what does that really mean. A little 1% change now, can change your trajectory.  Niro is launching Unkonventional University that will be launching soon. Unkonventioal University is a personal development program that works on things that really matter.  "It is only those you can see the invisible, can do what seems impossible." To connect with Niro  Instagram Facebook LinkedIn  For more updates and to subscribe head to - Facebook Instagram Youtube

Oct 19

56 min 55 sec

Matt, Gines and Ben get back together this week for another Out Of Class chat. They chat about segregation with age. At school, there is clear boundaries. They chat about, when you get older the gap between ages reduces. The separation gets less when that transition happens to adulthood. This happens quicker when you are swimming with adults. Much like learning a new skill or upskilling. You get better when you are surrounded by people around you.    Matt shares when he was younger he thought he knew everything. The typical 18-year-old bravado, then a switch occurred. Ben explores is it an age thing or is it a defining moment.  Ben talks about the time he fell out of the palm tree. Until then he felt unstoppable, where the world revolved around him. It was a saga in getting Ben to hospital in Fiji. Post fall and crushing his heel, it was a dark time. There was an identity shift as the recovery took longer than expected. The moment realising that he was not in control was devasting.  Gines chats about his defining moment being two fold, when his brother died in a car accident when he was 14. That experience made him grow up quite fast and realise that tomorrow is not a given. Coupled with chasing a degree for the money then realising there is another way to do life here.  The fellas chat about buying into a narrative. Clinical psychologists say that this needs to be driven by fear and a sense of unease in their world. Secondly, there needs to be a lack of connection to purpose. When you take lack of meaning plus fear is the perfect storm for a stronger narrative. As people, we are needing some sort of certainty to hold on to.  Currently, in our world, there are Drifters, Plodders and Decision-makers. We all can choose which one we want to be. But not choosing you are also choosing. For more updates and to subscribe head to - Facebook Instagram Youtube

Oct 11

1 hr 3 min

This week Gines is joined by international guest, Erik Allen. Erik Allen was raised in a broken home, battled addictions, jailed at 18, bankrupt at 21 only to turn everything around.  Erik is 16+ years sober, is a husband and father, podcaster, speaker, & now helping up and coming MMA fighters & entrepreneurs get known and noticed online. Gines and Erik talk about Erik’s journey growing up, his challenges with drugs and alcohol and how he used them as a coping mechanism. They explore the notion that the majority of society, when they are down and out, it is hard to ‘see’ opportunity. They are not open to it and often say, “It is different for me…” People get stuck in their cycles. This is strongly determined by who you surround yourself by. They are either going to pull you down and stay comfortable or make you level up. The level of comfortability is attractive to the majority of people. To break the cycle is to get uncomfortable. Success happens by stretching yourself and getting out of your comfort zone. Today’s society is showing a very entitled comfortable mentality. Erik talks about the power of consistency and putting in the work, day in and day out. As this consistency is the building blocks that not only builds success, it builds character. Where to find and connect with Erik Facebook -  Instagram Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Website For more updates and to subscribe head to - Facebook Instagram Youtube

Sep 30

44 min 40 sec

Out of class is a new segment of the Life Long Learner podcast. Out of class is the informal conversation between Gines, Matt, and Ben. The fellas this week chat about what is going on in their worlds at the moment. Matt chats about making the most of the recent great weather and putting physical activity and freedom as a number one priority. They explore the notion of systems in business and life to free up the time to give more freedom. Ben talks about the challenges in ‘getting it right’ and why we make things way more complicated than it needs to be. Especially nutrition, eating has become super complicated. They asked what did, ‘they used to do in the old day…?’ Is there are a part of the ego coming out to solve a complicated problem. Often the answer is simple. Simplicity can distill many things for us to be able to digest. However, in today’s society simple is not sexy. Specialists know more and more about less and less until the ultimate specialist everything about nothing. Currently, Australia is currently getting pulled apart. We are forced to take sides at the moment. Unfortunately, mateship is being tested in the process. Now more than ever human connection is needed in the world. Mateship needs to be alive. Reach out to someone today and see how they are doing. Things we mentioned on the show: Lewis Howes - School of Greatness - Rob Drydek Book -Exercised: The Science of Physical Activity, Rest and Health For more updates and to subscribe head to - Facebook Instagram Youtube

Sep 20

50 min 39 sec

Gines is joined by John Engelander, the founder and CEO of Planet Earth Cleaning, out of the box thinker, a piano player, a mountain bike rider, and an avid storyteller. Planet Earth is a cleaning company with a difference. Planet Earth CLeaning is the Australia's first Eco-Friendly commercial cleaning company. John shares the inception story of Planet Earth, when he stepped in to do some cleaning and realised the toxicity of the chemicals that were used. An important lesson he learned ‘owning the brand,’ coupled with know where the market is. Passion is one thing, but couple that with where there is a market for it. If there is no market for it, then it may not be sustainable. Gines and John explore why the sustainability movement is louder than ever, and why some companies are adopting this for multiple reasons. The current culture of consumerism and ‘keeping up with Jones’ “Swap out,” swap things that don’t make it matter. “Things that matter most should not be at the mercy of things that matter least.” This thought-provoking episode will make you think about what matters and maybe swapping behaviours that may better serve you. You can get contact with John via For more updates and to subscribe head to -

Sep 7

50 min 37 sec

Gines and Matt chat about being in lockdown 6.0. This year feels slightly different from last year as it has been lockdown on lockdown off. They chat about how they are doing with it individually. Gines chats about the lockdown building resilience and agility due to the necessity. As a leader, it the constant on and off lockdowns forces you to be quick to be able to take advantage of the market. Gines mentions that his races have been cancelled due to the lockdowns, and how he is struggling to keep motivated to train even there is no certainty the next race will happen. Also, they chat about being a leader in this time, that they need transparency and unfaltering hope. It is important to acknowledge where you are at and do it well. But that pity party does not have to last. Like episode 7 - Pandemic Mindset, it is important how you choose to use your time at the moment. It is like standing in the rain and pretending it is not raining. You have to acknowledge it is raining. The longer you try and change the rain, the heavier the storm gets. You need to find ways to enjoy the glimmers and parts of being in the rain, as the rain is not changing Currently, there is so much value in finding ‘your thing’ and experimenting what brings you joy. Remember to play, as play brings joy and play for the sake of play. There is so much we can learn from children to purely just enjoy what we currently have. For more updates and to subscribe head to -

Aug 24

41 min 38 sec

Relationships, value-based pricing and the value of flexibility Joel Cranshaw, lawyer by trade, father, partner, entrepreneur, serial joint venturer, founder of Clearpoint Enterprises - which is made up of, Mode Law, Clearpoint Ventures and Clearpoint Legal. Joel and Gines and chat about the value of turning the traditional in-house counsel model on its head to make it more accessible to smaller businesses. They chat about the underfunded startup industry here in Australia and the interesting work they do. How an interview from Startup Smart led Clearpoint to be the leading startup law firm on google. Joel and Gines dive into the role that relationships play. Joel shares that in England it was easy and when he moved to Australia it was harder at the start. As an in-house lawyer work comes to you, compared to starting a business, you have to put yourself out there and establish multiple relationships. Joel chats about the culture of his organisation. Culture is a key factor that he looks at when he hires, “are they a fit?”. Traditionally the lawyers wear a badge of honour that describes working endless hours. This has led to the legal profession having many mental health problems. They go into that when the firm or career may be going well other areas of their lives suffer, health, well being, family. They ponder, when is enough, enough? They dive into the notion that today’s society classifies ‘busy’ as ‘sexy’. Also the difference between value based pricing and time based pricing for professional services. If the output is the same? What is the difference between how long it took them to get there? If you are committed to make people lives better, you have to do the hard yards and you may not make a lot of money at the start At times too much support, is too much and does not let people learn for themselves. Which is a balance that you play as you develop people. To get in touch with Joel Cranshaw head to... Joel's LinkedIn Clearpoint Enterprises Clearpoint Legal Clearpoint Ventures Mode Law For more updates and to subscribe head to -

Aug 8

42 min 55 sec

This is part 2 of the 6 Human Needs Episode. If you missed part 1, check out episode 43.  Matt and Gines recapped how they filled their needs over the last week, Certainty, Uncertainty, Love/Connection, and Significance. In this episode, they go over the last 2 human needs, Growth and Contribution. These two needs do not necessarily need to get met. However, you are either choosing to meet them or choosing not to meet them. Contribution is the human need of giving, donating, coaching, mentoring, helping out. The need is based on giving back. This podcast was born from contribution. It was born on the essence to share the conversation to give back value to our listeners. Growth is the need for learning, growing, and evolving. The need to know more, to be humble. The growth need at times goes hand in hand with taking ego out of it. Matt chat about the beginner mindset that he holds with surfing, and that even with a depth of experience, he sees that he is still learning every time he gets in the water. Growth goes hand in hand with curiosity, curious to know more, to stretch, to challenge the status quo. They explore that there is a mystical dance associated with both of these needs. That when they are both fulfilled truly, they give back 10 fold. “How do I want to contribute to the world? What do you have to offer?” For more updates and to subscribe head to -

Jul 25

45 min 37 sec

In this episode we catch up with Chris Christofi from Reventon. Chris is a father of 4, founder and CEO of Reventon - full-service financial services firm, Vinnie's CEO sleepout Ambassador - face of the campaign this year,  author, speaker, found of Reventon Snooker academy and a whole lot more.  He raised $112,000 for Vinnie's CEO sleepout this year.  Chris and Gines dive into a range of topics from when Chris faced struggle early in his career and having to shift his mindset and build the foundation back again brick by brick.  They talked about society's relationship to money and different risk appetites with partners and business partners. They explore the choice and the cost of not doing something. This is stemmed from fear and they do not want to be uncomfortable.  They also talked about giving comes back 10 fold, and as leaders, it is our duty to give. They also talk about the mindset of abundance, of the mindset of having enough. Where you can give, the importance to give, and being grateful for what you have.  Finally, they touch on why it is important to be selective on who you hang around with. Your inner circle and your belief are super important and it will determine where you may end up.  "Hang around good people and your thoughts are super powerful." Ways to connect with Chris Chris's book Your Path to Wealth: Brick by Brick - Reventon - LinkedIn - For more updates and to subscribe head to -

Jul 15

44 min 8 sec

During this  2 part episode, Matt and Gines talk about the 6 human needs. Love and connection, Significance, Uncertainty, Certainty, Growth(part 2), and Contribution (part2).  These human needs play out in our worlds in some shape or form.  The first four are presently getting fulfilled either by a conscious deliberate decision or by an unintentional decision. Also, there are 2 ways to fulfill these needs. Firstly, is a resourceful way, most times resource way is sustainable. However, the other side is an unresourceful way to fulfill these needs, which can prove to unsustainable.  They chat about how these come up in their worlds and how most people who are unaware of these, how it will turn up. Taking stock of how you fill these needs is an interesting exercise.  For more updates and to subscribe head to -

Jul 6

37 min 14 sec

This week Gines chats to Richard Lee. Richard is a banker and lawyer by trade, he had led over 180 IPO's (which is highest in Australia), founder of Fenix - a music platform set to de-centralise the system, so artists can monetise their art form directly and currently CEO of a nicotine-based vape company. Richard talked about the adjustment of the pace of Australia, compared to the fast-paced in Asia. They chat about how doing business and 'coming into work,' has changed all over the world. It is not because they are scared, it is because they can put the washing on, work a maybe a 6 hour day, and be in trackies all day. They explore the notion of society norms changing and potentially moving away from face to face. There is so much value in human connection, yet the value of having global teams and not having to travel as much also plays a part in it. They touch on, building business relationships will change with more and more zoom and virtual meetings being easier and convenient than face to face. Richard is a fan of disruption. Disruption is very, Richard shares his insight on what can lead to a successful disruption. The beautiful thing about disruption and innovation is that it will eventually happen by someone or another.  Richard leaves us with the thought, of taking stock and do it often.  You can connect with Richard via - For more updates and to subscribe head to -

Jun 20

36 min 35 sec

The fellas this week are in lockdown 4.0 in Melbourne, Victoria. Breathing... Breathing is the first and last thing we do on this planet. It also something that we all tend to take for granted. It’s something that just happens unconsciously. Matt and Gines chat about the value of doing it intentionally. Scheduling in deliberate and conscious breathwork and how it can change the way we think, feel, and behave. Also how intentional breathwork can influence unconscious breathing retraining us to breath correctly through our noses and out our mouths. The science is clear breathwork can reduce stress, reduce illness boost the immune system, and have dramatic positive effects on our circulatory, cardiovascular and nervous system, overall performance, and wellbeing and it is addictive, resulting in a natural high! So join the boys and discover one of the greatest tools we all have at our disposal. Breathing is the essence of life. Breath deeply, live fully. The book Matt mentions, Think Like A Monk - Jay Chetty - Wim Hoff Youtube Video - 

Jun 11

36 min 2 sec

This week we had a guest on our podcast, Brad Smith, owner and founder of Braaap Motorcycles, Husband, Dad, 2x Australian young entrepreneur of the year, 4x Australian specialised retail business of the year, author, speaker, kiteboarder and all-round good human.  During this fireside chat (more like a chat at a noisy cafe, sorry listeners!) We chat about different era's of Brad's life, all of them very different from each other however similar strategies to get through them.  Gines and Brad chat about, scaling fast, to having a multi-store monster, to challenge, to belief and faith,  to love and joy to repositioning his business.  They talk about after challenge, building a business that is in order so people can flourish is super important and that is the responsibility of the leader. Also the importance of being clear of what can be shit list, as in growth you do not have time for everything. We dive into one's purpose, faith, god and the value of rest and peace. This is an epic conversation that will definitely lead to part 2 down the track, please tune for plenty of gold nuggets.  Braaap Motorcycles For more updates and to subscribe head to -

May 28

1 hr 3 min

Today Gines and Matt are joined by Ryan Doughty, the owner of the award-winning Summit adventure park. Ryan shares his incredible story and together the three of them unpack the lessons Ryan has learned from the past 15 years of building successful businesses, powerful teams, and a large loving family. During this playful and passionate interview, It becomes quite clear that whatever good things Ryan has built have also built him. Ryan explains that after many years and many mistakes, relationships are the most important part of any success story and that he now makes a conscious effort to ensure that growth isn’t at the expense of relationships. Ryan openly discusses some of his regrets over the years and helps us to stay focused on what’s truly important. So tune in and uncover some key ingredients that will enable you to successfully building anything in your life, whether it’s a business, relationships, teams, or a more supportive mindset. “Success is not just about what you accomplish in life but what you inspire others to do! “ For more updates and to subscribe head to -

May 6

29 min 45 sec

This week Gines and Matt talk about being uncomfortable.  They explore the value of being uncomfortable and the value of putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations. They share the most recent uncomfortable situations and what they have learned from them. There is plenty of benefits of playing outside your comfort zone. Let's not try and kid ourselves our comfort zone is nice, it is warm, it is snuggly it is...comfortable. When we stretch ourselves a little, things on the edges or maybe completely outside our comfort zone, we are open, we grow, we learn, and it usually leads to great things.  Nothing extraordinary came from playing within one's comfort zone. Also there nothing wrong with wanting to be ordinary, that is okay. However, if you want to be extraordinary you are going to have to push yourself outside your comfort zone.  For more updates and to subscribe head to - 

Apr 27

31 min 33 sec

This week Gines and Matt chat about the value of learning. They discuss why we as humans naturally love learning and how curiosity can play a major role in motivating us as adults. They touch on what may happen if we stop learning and just go through the motions, they theorize why some stop questioning things or striving to develop themselves and what effect that has on the human spirit. We can choose to learn from everything that happens for us, however that is a choice, that many do not choose.  Life never stops teaching so why stop learning. Tune in for the reminder you need to kick start your personal development and growth. For more updates and to subscribe head  to -

Mar 31

26 min 21 sec

We have all been there, Sunday afternoon rolls around and the heavyweight seems to sink in, Monday is coming! We have this connotation about Monday's being dreadful, heavy, non-joy provoking kinda day. This happens when we come back from holidays too...Why is that? Gines and Matt chat about why they love their Monday. They heard from they friends family and colleagues, 'oh it is easy for you.' you see all have a choice on how we look at Mondays. If we like it or not, Mondays are coming and they are going to continue to come.  They chat about how you can set up your Monday mornings for a series of green lights.  Life is too short to not like Mondays. It doesn't have to be always sunshine and rainbows, but what is the overall feeling of Mondays? We can choose what our Monday look mornings look like.  "The storm is coming if we like it or not, you can stay inside and whinge about it, or learn to dance in the ran." For more updates and to subscribe head  to -

Mar 7

21 min 52 sec

This week Gines and Matt chat about Intuition. They discuss the power of intuition and how it can take you from A to Z without having to go through all the other letters of the alphabet. They discuss how for many of us we have never been taught how to activate this super power, in many cases we live in a world that shouts hard work and if you can’t see it it isn’t real. Most of us have been brought up to believe in the 5 senses. What about our 6 sense, intuition? Can it be developed like a muscle? Why do we struggle to discern the voice of intuition and that of self doubt and what can we do to remedy this??? So join the boys as they unpack this super power and give you ideas to help  develop and trust your intuition. “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albeit Einstein. For more updates head to -

Feb 24

31 min 40 sec

This week Gines and Matt chat about Discipline. They explore their definition of discipline, the shapes of discipline, and the feelings associated with the discipline.  Discipline is turning up regardless of how you feel plus the consistency during the hard times. They talk about the difference between stubbornness and discipline. Both will get shit done. Discipline is deliberate, while stubborn is driven by emotions.  Why does stubbornness have a negative connotation?  They also chat about ways to cultivate discipline. The small steps stack together to create the wins to reinforce discipline.  What is something that you can cultivate more discipline in your life this week?  Green Lights By Matthew McConaughey -


Feb 15

29 min 36 sec

2020 has come and gone and now its in the rear-view. Join Gines and Matt as they catch up and chat about what they learnt, what they want to experience more of this year and what they want to take with them into 2021.  They the lesson they learned from 2020, the realisations and the ah-ha moments.  For more updates head to -                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Feb 2

20 min 52 sec

Tune in to hear Gines and Matt send off 2020 and wish you the happiest of New Years. This is the time of year to reflect on what was a dramatic year and look back at some of the lessons out of it and celebrate the wins. They share their thoughts on the importance of the reflection process and make recommendations for time to dream big and let those thoughts and feelings simmer as you completely connect with where you are. There is so much value in the recovery and they suggest taking some time to enjoy life. To smell the roses and be grateful for all the wins. The new year is here so dream big and let go of the ‘how’ for the holiday period. Enjoy where you are and enjoy the end of 2020 in the spirit of how you want 2021 to be. See you in 2021. For more updates head to -

Dec 2020

21 min 30 sec

It is a festive time of year. Let the celebrating begin. This week Matt and Gines chat about the benefits and the need to celebrate. Celebrating does not happen enough in today's world. Often secluded to Hallmark specific days of the year. Birthday. Christmas. Mother’s Day. Father day. Valentine’s Day. It can seem very clinical and lifeless. What about the daily celebrations, for all the things in our life. What about celebrating the our relationships. our body, our mind and most importantly the daily wins. Why do the problems take up all our attention when the celebration is the fuel in the tank? The boys challenge each other and you,  to put more fuel in your tank celebrate the daily wins and all that you already have. Keep striving but don’t forget the grateful heart. The more you celebrate in your life, the more there is to celebrate. Life should not only be live but celebrated. Not sure which one ;) you choose

Dec 2020

31 min 12 sec

This week Gines and Matt talk about Learning from Change. Charles Darwin  says it best, It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. The boys explore the idea that everything is constantly changing around us. They discuss how to create certainty within uncertainty and talk about how we as human beings are made to evolve. Sometimes it isn’t obvious that our resistance to change is what is actually causing us pain and suffering not the change itself. This week Gines and Matt encourage you next time you feel the pressure to look for the change that will move you into the flow of things and try letting go of the things you can’t control. Change is inevitable sometimes you just get to role with it! For more updates head to -

Dec 2020

29 min 28 sec

According to the dictionary Hope is defined by - "a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen." Hope is something to look forward too. Also hope is a mindset, that can be influenced by changing perspectives. So often our hope is dictated by our surroundings, our environment, imagine cultivating hope regardless of what is happening around you. Imagine finding peace in the midst of chaos. Gines and Matt chat about the difference between Faith and Hope. Faith seems to be about belief. A belief system associated with yourself, someone, a group, something larger than you. When we hear that word so many of use reject the entire concept of faith due to all the stigma associated with religion. Is it possible that we have confused religion with faith!? Is that why we don’t trust it? Hope is a little less of a leap, it can be seen associated with a tangible outcome.... this is easier for us to grasp... and is less tainted by history. In our society we have learnt if you can’t see it it isn’t there, hope you can see, its the light at the end of the tunnel and however far off it is if we can see the light we can draw courage from it! Hope and faith are very closely intertwined and connected. Both are important and are present everywhere in many different forms. Our over all well being and happiness seems to be tied to our relationship with one or both of these. Hope and Faith. So check in, how is your relationship with Hope and Faith... for many of us we have lost faith for many reasons... that’s ok maybe fall back on hope... and over time don’t be surprised if Hope teaches you faith... not in the tradition religious sense, faith in you, faith in humanity, faith in the universe, a knowing it’s all going to be ok, that you are right where you are meant to be! For more updates head to -

Nov 2020

28 min 1 sec

This week Matt interviews Gines! Most of the time when people find out what distances Gines runs, their response is 'Wow, you can run,' while he simply replies, 'Yeah you can say I like to run.'  During the chat the fellas explore what Gines has learned from running , why he does it and keeps bringing him back for me each time. They talk about being curious in finding out what the body is capable of and diving down a rabbit hole of running. Running has taught Gines first hand that the body is stronger than the  mind initial thinks and when you can master your mind you can train your mind to be stronger than your body. This is where a form of resilience is born. The resilience that is needed to push through a tough point in an ultra marathon has taught Gines to face day to day challenges with a higher amount of ease. We learn that running is not just running, the mental side is very strong in the sport.  Gines also talks about his tribe. The difference between a 'cheer squad' and a 'commit squad.' The ability in the knowing what  you need in a difficult situation, before the situation occurs. Plus there explore difference in what you need versus what you want. "All it is, is one foot in front of another." For more updates head to -

Oct 2020

50 min 26 sec

This week we chat about learning from courage. What is courage? How do we use it? When is it needed?  Courage can be to speak up, to step up, to stand up for the underdog and or yourself. However, it also take courage to be quiet, listen and show compassion. Current society it is very common for there to be a lack of courage, because it is uncomfortable at times. Humans are wired to take the path of least resistance and less painful, however it may not serve you long term.  We explore the notion of courage takes audacity and will propel you forward in numerous ways. We talk about tangible strategies to take away and use to show and play with courage.  If you liked this episode, let us know! Leave us a review, send us a message, say hello!  For more updates head to -

Oct 2020

41 min 59 sec

This week we have a special guest and dear friend all the way from Canada, Mr. Marc Cooper. Marc is a very talented established individual, he is an epic camp director of camp Tamarack, Director and founder of Wowmentum, leadership guru, artist, costume extraordinaire, loving husband and dad and all round great guy! We dive into leaderships styles to hiring practices, the value in cheering on the under dog and everything in between. The value of unorthodox leadership and the transferable nature of camp culture into any other organisation.  Marc is an unique person and that is one of his many super powers. We ask Marc to share about diving into finding his authentic self and why he thinks at times in today's society it is a hard thing to do. Marc's end note, "Never play leap frog with a unicorn."  Where to find Marc? For more updates head to -

Oct 2020

50 min 1 sec

This episode is a ripper! We should have been talking for hours, don't worry we didn't We chat about EGO, all things that go with the ego. Can the ego serve us? Is it all bad? When can the ego help us? We chat about the times when ego is misrepresented and when it can aid with your situations you may face. We mention the notion of the beginner mindset. how that mindset does not lead with the ego, instead it leads with curiosity.  Very interesting episode, tune in to find out more.  For more updates head to - 

Sep 2020

31 min 40 sec

Matt and Gines have a great chat about principles. What role they play in day to day life, what are they? How they differ to values? They chat about how principles is tightly tied to character and can the substance that one stands for. However, they question what is the cost of your principle being carried out? Meaning is it worth being Happy or Right? What happens when two different principles collide?  Listen in for an insight conversation about principles! For more updates head to -

Sep 2020

32 min 24 sec

This week we chat about the notion of learning from teachers and educators. How the traditional sense of them are in schools and institutions. However, before school who did you learn from? Most likely your primary care giver and from yourself. We explore the notion about what is we looked at everyone as a teacher. What would that look like? If you took every interaction you had from colleagues, to friends to family to the person serving you at the petrol station as a learning moment. It is important to note that we must be ready and open to learn. If you are not then there is no learning going to happen. We challenge you to start looking at interaction and see how you can learn from that person and the situation.  For more updates head to -

Sep 2020

28 min 50 sec

We chat about the power in what you can learn from being alone. There is so much you can learn from being with yourself. Currently we have a lot of time to spend by ourselves or with our immediate household. Right now we all have a choice how we want to spend this time. Our world has lot of distractions, those distractions have been somewhat taken away, are you finding yourself looking for those distractions? on your phone, mind numbing hours in front of Netflix? Or you choosing to do something you always wanted to learn or enjoy the book you hav been thinking about for a while?  "The funny thing is when you start feeling happy by alone, that's when people decide to be with you" We mention the book Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle - For more updates head to -

Aug 2020

29 min 35 sec

Now more than ever encouragement is needed. There is a lot of doom and gloom in the media and all round us, especially with recent lock downs. Encouragement is so powerful and can be the much needed pick me up for someone. At tunes encouragement is coupled with feedback which definitely has it's place, however, encouragement on it own is even more powerful. Matt and Gines chat about difference of genuine and non genuine encouragement. There is also an importance to be open to encouragement, as if you don't let it in you will receive the benefit from it all. For more updates head to -

Aug 2020

27 min 56 sec

This week we chat about introverts and extroverts. To explore how certain aspects of society have been set up to benefit the extrovert. The traditional education system caters very much for the extrovert. Gines and Matt talk about the benefit of knowing which one you are. By knowing this it will help you decipher what you need to recharge and also what takes energy from you. In stems from last week's chat about knowing yourself.  Both introvert a and extroverts are very powerful in their own right. We are in interesting times right that the world has turned a little introverted with Covid-19 restrictions and how this plays a role in taking energy from the extroverts that want to be around people, however, it gives to the introverts. We reference the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain - For more updates head to -

Jul 2020

29 min 26 sec

The value of truly knowing your self is under estimated. Gines and Matt chat about how it all starts with knowing yourself. The notion of knowing yourself is forever evolving. We explore the problem society faces when they get stuck with a particular identity and then find it hard to evolve as that identity does not serve them anymore. It is important to know yourself and what you need first. By doing this, you will be better for it in all areas of your life. You must fill your cup first before you fill up others. Matt refers to Bear Grylls Book - Mud, Sweat, Tears - To keep up to date with what is going on with Life Long Learner check out -

Jul 2020

28 min 13 sec

This week Gines and Matt chat about the value of having time off from your normal routine. Matt calls in from Bryon Bay and Gines just having some time off they share their experiences. They chat about the value in switching off to fill you bucket, the notion of ‘busy’ and why society relates it to success. Take the time to to slow down in order to speed up. For more updates head to -

Jul 2020

34 min 2 sec

Unfortunately Matt could not join us this week :( So we had a special guest on. Join me as I have a chat with Dr. Ben Carvosso. Ben is a leading health practitioner who has plenty of experience building multiple practices. He is also Australia’s leading business mindset coach, that specialises in owners, entrepreneurs and organisation chiefs. Ben and I chat about an array of topics. We bounce from the importance of your tribe and the people that you hang around with. The importance of having a group that uplift you and challenge you at the same time. We both share the understanding of the word ‘balance’ and why it may not be the healthiest thing for people to strive for. Also touch on a few coaching principles. Crazy songs kids are singing at school in these crazy times! Ben mentions that it is important to distinguish between a useful interaction and an interesting interaction. You get to choose. Hopefully this podcast will be a useful interaction. I thoroughly enjoyed this chat, hope you do too. Here are some of the links to a few items we mention in the podcast. Where to find Dr. Ben Carvosso - His book - Life Ceo - Thrive Boardroom - To keep up to date with us, as always head to;

Jul 2020

49 min 19 sec

This week we chat about the challenge of consistency. Consistency is hard and it takes commitment and dedication. To be consistent is the basis of everything. It takes small consistent incremental steps to lead to something great. We chat about why it is so hard and certain strategies that can help with consistency. What is something you would like to bring more consistency to?  For more updates:

Jun 2020

23 min 50 sec

Excuses... we all have them, no matter how old we are, where we are or what we do.  Excuses come up all the time. Gines and Matt chat about how easy it is for start to justify excuses, which then makes them your perception of the situation, which then makes it your reality. Excuses come in all shapes and sizes, they chat about the cycle your mind takes to reinforce them. Also your circle that may enable your excuses or call them out. We all have them, the question is when they come knocking how do you answer the door?  For more updates:

Jun 2020

23 min 28 sec

This week Gines and Matt ponder about what the education going to be like post Covid-19. In Victoria, schools went back full swing albeit some restrictions. They chat about the need for human connection and how now society norms are changing and how that may or may not impact our education system. The week is a candid thought provoking conversation.  For more updates:

Jun 2020

25 min 2 sec

This week Matt and Gines have a chat about friendship. We can learn a lot from our friends. We chat about the different types and groups of friends you may have and how all of them may serve a different purpose in your life. For more updates:

Jun 2020

21 min 15 sec

This week we chat about all things Communication. Talking and Listening, the importance of both of them. Matt and Gines explore aspects of their personal and professional lives and dive into the how communication touches everything. Communication is an art form that everyone is continuing to learn to get back at and evolve. Communication is truly something that everyone is a Life Long Learner of. For more updates:

May 2020

28 min 16 sec

Episode 11 is all about Community. Currently our sense of community and has changed for most of us. Matt and Gines chat about the value of community, where did we fill our bucket for community and how do we fill it now. They pose an interesting question of where will be community go from here. Will it remain disconnected or will it come back stronger.  For more updates:

May 2020

27 min 18 sec

This week we chat about Gratitude. Gratitude has been a recent buzz word and bunch of gratitude journals have come to the market. But what really is gratitude? Gines and Matt talk about the appreciation of things in your life and how it can change your view on everything.

Apr 2020

24 min 45 sec

We are currently in unprecedented crazy times of Covid-19 worldwide. This week Matt and Gines chat about the choice you have to in the way you think. This is a time where the world is potentially giving your forced time to reflect to develop yourself. You have an important choice to make. Stay tune for updates at

Mar 2020

19 min 15 sec

Yes we are back again! This time we have a chat about goals, time of year and naysayers. We also chat about being the in the arena, the importance of it, the importance of who you really listen.

Mar 2020

19 min 56 sec

Episode 7 - We are back! This week we talk about letting go or holding on, re-aligning your priorities and what is important to you. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on next episode and other gold nuggets!

Sep 2019

18 min 24 sec

After a bit of a hiatus Gines and Matt are back. This week they explore the notion of Simple Vs Easy. How are these two things confused and often forgotten as we all over complicate things and fail to see the simplicity. Follow us on Facebook

Oct 2018

33 min 56 sec

This episode Gines and Matt have a chat over a beer talking about, How you can learn from Fear. They talk about what is fearful for them and the misconception that today's society has over Fear. Why is Fear seen as bad? Can you learn from fear? What is you flavour of fear? F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real Matt and Gines are running a weekend event called FEARLESS June 15-17. For more details check out: Follow us on Facebook

May 2018

41 min 13 sec