Captain Hippo Pleases The Cube

Captain Hippo

The year? Now. The time? The future. Comedy group Captain Hippo has become entombed inside of a psychedelic cube. The cube wants one thing… content. Sometimes, the cube picks a topic and demands a performance. If the group makes the cube happy, they are rewarded with cheeseburgers. If they fail, they will be turned into skeletons. One thing is for sure: in order to survive, Captain Hippo must… PLEASE THE CUBE.

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The premiere episode has arrived! Comedy group Captain Hippo (Michael Antonucci, Daniel Spenser, Andrew Ford, Steve Levine) have been entombed in a psychedelic cube and to avoid being turned into skeletons (by the cube, naturally) they must improvise the perfect comedy content! In this episode the cube wants content about "PAINT" and boy do these boys deliver. Meet the Paint Brothers, paint a picture with Robert Pfife, hear a PSA from KISS, hear some Museum announcements, enjoy a training video about painting lines on the highway and don't forget the lovable Drink & Draw class. Laughs galore until there's no more. Tell your friends. Check out more from Captain Hippo on their website: with us on social media or whatever:Twitter - -


Oct 31

29 min 52 sec