Let‘s Speak Life with Linora

By Linora Low

Hi there, my name is Linora. I‘m just a simple girl hailing from Malaysia and I usually tell people that I talk for a living. I‘ve been in the public speaking and entertainment scene for most of my life. I‘ve been a radio announcer for 6 years, the Master of Ceremonies (EMCEE) for a number of shows and events ranging from entertainment, fitness, sports, beauty, fashion and technology. As I mentioned, talking I believe is my gift and I‘ve met so many wonderful people where we got to share with each other a number of life experiences be it work, relationships, faith, family, love, house hacks. The list goes on. So welcome to my new show called Let‘s Speak Life, where I hope to share bite size conversations that will be either educational, informative, funny or thought provoking for you.

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