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Join life and mindset coach Kari Owens of, every week to invest in knowing your soul. Kari teaches soulful and practical ways to move through fear, negative self-talk, and life challenges to live more in alignment and fulfillment with your soul.

In these weekly episodes, you will learn mindset techniques, heart-opening stories from Kari and inspiring interviews from thought leaders and experts who have transformed their own lives through soul discovery. The Soul Power podcast will guide you into knowing your soul, empowering your true self, and helping you make mindset shifts to change the way you feel about yourself and your life.

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There’s a key aspect to personal development that determines whether what you learn and become more aware to turns into action in your life. In this episode, Kari talks about the importance of integration in your self-development journey and how you can begin to add it into your life today. Find the Sacred Self Journal at Connect with Kari

Jun 21

18 min 57 sec

If setting boundaries is a challenge for you in relationships or with yourself, this episode is for you. Kari shares how shifting your mindset around boundaries will help you set, hold, and honor them for yourself. She dives into self-trust and why it is fundamental to setting personal boundaries. This episode gives you direct action and tools to begin setting boundaries with a new perspective and understanding. Find more from Kari on and

Jun 7

20 min 23 sec

In this episode, Kari discusses how your environment plays a role in your actions, how you feel about yourself, and ultimately your beliefs. This crucial connection either supports you in being yourself, or constantly feeling weighted down and unable to express who you really are. This episode will give you thoughtful questions and action steps that you can take today. Follow Kari Get the Beliefs Breakthrough Course at

May 24

19 min 46 sec

In this episode, Kari walks through three ways to counteract limiting beliefs, the importance that self-talk and beliefs play a role in our lives, and how to take immediate action on them today. Free Beliefs Worksheet Get the Beliefs Breakthrough Course

May 17

13 min 35 sec

Feeling stuck or meh? This episode will help you ask yourself the right questions to get to heart of what is keeping you stuck or feeling like life is lackluster. This is like a mini journaling workshop from Kari! Find more from Kari Get the Beliefs Breakthrough Course to break free from limiting beliefs holding you back and keeping you feeling stuck.

May 3

5 min 30 sec

What we tell ourselves determines what we believe. That’s why your self-talk is crucial to your mindset and your beliefs. Your beliefs (limiting or not) are directly supported by what you’re saying to yourself. In this episode, Kari breaks down the connection, helps you understand how your brain works with self-talk, and what to do to have self-talk that’s supportive of who you want to be and how you want to live. Want to stop limiting beliefs from holding you back? The Beliefs Breakthrough Course is here, join at Find Kari

Apr 26

20 min 33 sec

Why is that we hold ourselves back often from what we want most? In this episode, Kari is walking through some of the most common limiting beliefs she sees, and ones she has experienced herself. Getting to know what beliefs are limiting is the first step in being able to move beyond them and closer to a deeper satisfaction with life. If you're ready to dive into moving beyond your limiting beliefs head to Find more from Kari

Apr 19

27 min 44 sec

In this episode, Kari interviews Randi Love on healing trauma to become your whole self, through connecting to your body, your inner resources, and using the Focusing technique. This incredible interview gives insight on how we can all move forward from things that keep us stuck or hold us back from fully embracing all that life has to give us. Randi Love is a Certified Focusing Therapist and a co-teacher of Focusing at the Seattle Focusing Institute. Find more from her at Connect with Kari at or

Apr 12

37 min 13 sec

What you believe to be true dictates your reality. You may not even realize how what you believe is either supporting the life you want to have or limiting you from getting what your soul desires most. In this episode, Kari goes through in detail why it's important to understand your beliefs and how shaping them can completely change how you take action in your life. Download your free Change Your Beliefs Worksheet at Connect with Kari

Apr 5

25 min 8 sec

In this episode, Kari discusses the important role your beliefs play in how you see yourself and how others see you. She goes in depth on the intersection between how you see yourself and how you're able to connect to the world around you and create the life you desire. Download the Changing Your Beliefs Worksheet: Connect with Kari on

Mar 22

21 min 52 sec

Ever finish an activity like scrolling social media to find you now have no motivation to do the next thing on your list? In this episode, Kari walks you through how different actions or activities either take away or give you energy. Understanding this will help you in better predicting your needs and actually taking the proper action to take care of yourself. This tool is simple, but hugely impactful.   Get more from Kari at or on

Mar 15

16 min 58 sec

Ever started a new habit only to give up on it a few weeks in? You're not alone. In this episode, Kari breaks down 4 crucial elements to implementing a new habit in your life and talks about some of the reasons why habits don't stick. She addresses self-sabotage and offers specific actions to becoming consistent with your habits and understanding yourself even more because of them. Connect with Kari at or at

Mar 8

29 min 7 sec

Join Kari Owens in this episode where she shares her own experience with the Marie Kondo method and minimalism and how your environment impacts how you feel. Through this episode you will see the connection between your physical belongings and your mindset, and how to take action to help you curate the life you truly want. Find more from Kari at or at

Mar 1

21 min 57 sec

In this episode, Kari brings on Functional Nutrition Coach and RN Christina Tidwell to talk about how rest is deeply transformative to our overall health and mental well-being. In this episode you will uncover some of your own personal blocks to rest, why you may resist or find resting to be difficult to do, and why it's so vital that you begin to take your rest seriously. Find more from Kari at or Connect with Christina at

Feb 22

30 min 59 sec

Self-compassion is the driver for understanding and loving yourself. It can often be the most intimidating and difficult to to practice. That's why Kari helps guide you on some simple and practical ways to begin practicing self-compassion in your life, to help you begin working on this vital skill on your journey to towards a better relationship with yourself. If you want to know the key to self-acceptance, this is a must listen episode. Apply to work with Kari and find more from her on Instagram

Feb 15

14 min 29 sec

Having a beginner's mindset is one of your biggest assets, both in your growth and in your outcomes. In this episode, Kari explains how this will help transform your self-develop, physical fitness, or relationships. Vulnerably sharing her own experience and experience as a coach, Kari discusses just how pivotal a beginner's mindset can be in your approach your goals. Get more from Kari at or come say hi on Instagram

Feb 8

26 min 1 sec

In this episode, Kari takes you through ten major benefits you get when you prioritize and invest in personal growth. Whether you're looking to have better health, lower stress levels, or better relationships, the value of personal growth in your life is priceless. Learn more about coaching with Kari Follow Kari on Instagram

Feb 1

37 min 9 sec

In this episode, Kari walks you through how you may be setting yourself up for failure when you set goals for the new year. Through this episode, you’ll learn why this happens, how to change and set goals that will work for you, and how you can liberate yourself from resolutions if it’s not what serves you. This and much more on the episode on how to actually make sustainable change in your life, goals or not. Apply for the High Touch Group Coaching program at or find more from Kari at

Jan 18

31 min 24 sec

With the New Year brings opportunity to take the time to deeply consider where you want your energy and attention to go over the next 365 days. In this episode, Kari discusses the importance of intentions, but also what really leads to setting intentions, which is the ability to listen to yourself. With her guidance and questions, this episode can help you set your New Year into alignment with what you truly want to create. Enrollment is opening for the High Touch Group Coaching, apply for coaching with Kari at Connect with Kari

Jan 11

16 min 11 sec

With a new year can come new energy, but what really matters as you enter a new year is what you decide to make of it. Your mindset is what matters most, both when reflecting back on 2020 and in intentionally creating your 2021. What will be different this year? Kari walks you through how your mindset will impact 2021 more than anything. If you're ready for the new year, this episode is for you. Work with Kari by applying at or send her a message on

Dec 2020

16 min 25 sec

Are you happy? This may be a question you get asked or ask yourself and it might not be serving you. In this episode, life and mindset Coach Kari Owens explores how measuring your happiness may actually be making you less happy, and how there’s a key component missing from the equation. If you’ve ever asked this question, this episode is for you. If you’re struggling with feeling unhappy, this episode will bring in so much perspective. Find more from Kari at or @karisfullsoul on Instagram

Dec 2020

17 min 54 sec

What if the path to self-acceptance was through knowing your inner child? This is the question that Kari explores through this episode, sharing her experiences personally and with clients on how connecting with your inner child is not only powerful in healing past traumas but instrumental in fostering self-acceptance. Feeling truly whole is a feeling you can have, and your inner child may hold the key. Find more from Kari on or @karisfullsoul on Instagram.

Dec 2020

25 min 38 sec

What if your self-care wasn't just another thing on your list of things to get done? Imagine if your self-care didn't take a lot of time, but instead nourished you consistently throughout the day. In this episode, Kari interviews Christina Tidwell Functional Nutrition Coach and RN, on how micro-dosing self-care is key to increased wellbeing and sustainable health. Find more from Kari at or @karisfullsoul on Instagram. Connect with Christina at

Dec 2020

30 min 1 sec

The relationship with yourself is one that allows you to create a life that fills your soul. When we know ourselves, we can create and manifest from our true desires. Learning to build a relationship to yourself is one of the most important things in developing self-love. Kari shares how to begin doing this with journaling through the Sacred Self Journal. Find the Sacred Self Journal and get 15% off with code THANKFUL through Monday Nov 30th. Go to Find more from Kari @karisfullsoul on Instagram.

Nov 2020

13 min 50 sec

Embracing the energy of gratitude will change how you see everything in your life. Kari explores what it means to live through gratitude and how it can transform how you feel about your life, to live a more fulfilled and heart-centered life when you're coming from an energetic state of gratitude. This is the mindset shift to adopt to feel more satisfied, happy, and truly begin to see your world differently. To find more from Kari go to or come say to her on Instagram @karisfullsoul

Nov 2020

17 min 6 sec

Curious what it means to connect to your inner child? Join Kari as she breaks down what it means to connect to this inner part of yourself and how it can transform the relationship to yourself. She gives you actionable ways to actually connect to your inner child and begin the process of both thinking of and seeing yourself with more compassion as a result. Find more from Kari at or @karisfullsoul on Instagram.

Nov 2020

15 min 36 sec

Why is it that it can be so hard to let go of things that we know make us suffer or take our energy? In this episode, Kari explores how letting go of things we cannot control, relationships, and even physical objects can reduce our suffering experience and make our lives more full and freeing. If you experience the feeling of wanting to control or feeling out of control, this is the episode to listen to! Find more from Kari at or @karisfullsoul on Instagram.

Nov 2020

21 min 27 sec

Start this week by releasing what you cannot control. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by life, by circumstances, by media that it feels so intense in our own world experience. This meditation is here to help you create the safe space to release what you cannot control, to put down what feels overwhelming, and to create distance from what is creating anxiety in your life right now. Let yourself release what you no longer need to control. Find more from Kari or @karisfullsoul on Instagram.

Nov 2020

13 min 31 sec

In this episode, Kari shares one thing that leads to greater self-acceptance. Allowing yourself to change requires a growth mindset and a willingness to embrace yourself at all intersections of your life. Kari shares her personal experience with how this has helped her in her own journey, and how she has seen it transform the lives of her clients. Giving yourself permission to change opens the door to self-love. Find more from Kari on or @karisfullsoul on Instagram.

Oct 2020

16 min 18 sec

In this episode Kari explores how learning to receive transforms what you experience in your life. She shares personal stories from her own life transitions on how she stepped more into receiving so she can fully embrace all that she desires. This episode is for you if you’re challenged by compliments, resistant to good things happening, and not fully bought-in that things can come easy! Find more from Kari at or @karisfullsoul on Instagram.

Oct 2020

18 min 23 sec

2020 has been full of challenges, so how do you stay connected to your joy? In this episode, Kari interviews Shannon Kaiser, International Speaker, Coach, and Best Selling Author on how in a year like this one we can stay present with ourselves and still have soul-connected joy. This episode dives deep into exploring how to come out of depression, release fear, and be more connected to yourself and everything around you. You can find more from Shannon Kaiser at or @shannonkaiserwrites on Instagram. To connect with Kari, head to or @karisfullsoul on Instagram

Oct 2020

49 min 50 sec

Join Kari in this episode as she shares the most important lessons that life has taught her so far. These lessons are ones that you can take action on in your life to truly change how your life feels and how you see yourself. Life is such a gift, and these lessons will not only remind you of that but help you turn back towards yourself to let go of the external pressure the world often puts on us.   Find more from Kari at or on Instagram @karisfullsoul

Oct 2020

30 min 27 sec

Join Kari Owens, Life & Mindset Coach as she dives into exploring self-acceptance as being the catalyst for change. Once you step more fully into accepting yourself and the parts of you that may feel harder to look at, the more at peace you are, the greater capacity you have to change things in your life. When we resist parts of ourself we ultimately resist things in our life as a whole. We feel unworthy, undeserving, or unqualified. When compassion and self-acceptance exist in us, we realize that we don't have to be perfect in order to feel self-love. And that self-love is what will allow us the power to change other things that we previously resisted.   Find more from Kari at and @karisfullsoul on Instagram.

Sep 2020

20 min 37 sec

In this episode Kari shares how the world "should" is one word to remove from your vocabulary to instantly raise your vibration and begin to build more self-acceptance. You'll hear how this one word impacts you subconsciously and keeps you stuck in the cycle of never feeling enough. It's time to break that cycle.   Find more from Kari at or @karisfullsoul on Instagram.

Sep 2020

14 min 4 sec

Knowing your values means you have the power to create and invest in your own happiness. In this episode Life + Mindset Coach Kari Owens breaks down why knowing and honoring your values is key to building a life you love and living in alignment with yourself. This is your road-map to happiness, if you’re not clear on your values yet, this is a must-listen.   Find more from Kari at or on Instagram @karisfullsoul

Sep 2020

12 min 37 sec

Find your self-sabotage getting in the way of what you want most in your life? In this episode, Kari delves into what self-sabotage really is, how to move through it, and why it doesn't have to control you. Take a step back to see the full picture to understand your self-sabotage and come to a place of understanding within yourself. If your self-sabotage is holding you back, this episode is for you.   Find more from Kari at or @karisfullsoul on Instagram.

Aug 2020

22 min 26 sec

In this episode, Kari breaks down what self-sabotage is and how you can change the way you look at it in order to better understand and support yourself in getting what you truly want. If you've struggled with self-sabotage or feel like you have to use will power to achieve what you want most, this episode is for you. Learn how to go from destructive self-sabotage to self-support.   To go deeper with Kari in private coaching visit

Aug 2020

22 min 12 sec

Join Life & Mindset Coach Kari Owens as she breaks down the importance of being able to change the story of what you believe is true with mindset shifts. This episode will give you some concrete tools for mindset shifts to move through anxious thoughts, fear, doubt, and judgment to help you break free from negative thought cycles and empower you to change the story.   To to get more from Kari connect with her on Instagram @karisfullsoul or on contact her on her site

Aug 2020

21 min 31 sec

2020 has been a wild year so far, and maybe you’ve questioned where to put your attention when everything feels overwhelming. In this episode, Kari shares about her three top things to focus on right now for your own personal growth and mindset during challenging times. Kari dives into why these are so crucial for any time, but why she herself is focusing on these right now. This episode will help center you on a path of where to put your focus and energy to help you feel grounded in any season.   To to get more from Kari connect with her on Instagram @karisfullsoul or on contact her on her site

Aug 2020

17 min 49 sec

In this episode, Kari Owens Life & Mindset Coach breaks where your intuition comes from, what it is, and how you can connect to it more. She dives deep into the intricacies of intuition to help you understand its root and groundedness is a part of you and not just coincidence. You’ll discover a deeper understanding and value of your own intuition after listening to this episode.    To to get more from Kari connect with her on Instagram @karisfullsoul or on contact her on her site  

Aug 2020

31 min 47 sec

Join Kari Owens Life & Mindset Coach on this episode where she’s talking all about her favorite topic, negative self-talk. She’s breaking down some of the misconceptions around negative self-talk, showing you, you don’t have to feel even worse about yourself for having it. She’s walking you step by step on how to begin to transform how you speak to yourself and go from negative self-talk to self-support.    To work with Kari apply for coaching at or connect with her on Instagram @karisfullsoul.

Jul 2020

26 min 31 sec

In this episode, Kari breaks down the deeper truths about self-care and self-love. She identifies how they’re connecting, how you can practice and deepen your own self-love, and why they are so important for feeling in alignment with our souls and living a life that fully supports us.   Find Kari on Instagram @karisfullsoul or  

Jul 2020

24 min 28 sec

Becoming more of yourself and changing into who you want to be isn’t as complicated as it can often feel. Join Life and Mindset coach Kari Owens in this episode where she breaks down 5 mindset shifts she believes are key to adopt for lasting change. These 5 shifts will have profound impacts on your life as soon as you choose that it’s possible for you to change and that you’re worthy of it. Get ready to grow even more into owning who you are with these five mindset shifts from Kari.   Connect with Kari at

Jul 2020

27 min 32 sec

Ever felt lost, disconnected, or unsatisfied with your life? Inner peace may sound foreign if you’re in that place now and wondering how you can cultivate feeling deep inner contentment. It may even sound unattainable, but it’s not. Join Kari Owens, life and mindset coach, in this episode where she talks about why knowing yourself is so crucial to ending inner turmoil and living more in alignment with yourself. You can find inner peace and satisfaction in your soul.   Connect with Kari and her coaching work at

Jul 2020

23 min 53 sec

In this episode Kari Owens, life and mindset coach, breaks down her steps to getting clients from lost and confused to empowered and grounded confidence. Understand what is needed for feeling truly empowered within yourself, the difference between what society tells you confidence is and what your true confidence is. You’ll finish this episode with a clear understanding of what supports you in feeling confident and truly empowered in who you are.     To work with Kari following her proven method, apply to work with her at  or send her a Direct Message on Instagram

Jun 2020

23 min 30 sec

The number one way to make any change starts with what you’re telling yourself. In this episode, life and mindset coach Kari Owens dives into how our inner dialogue is impacted by what we believe and how we can actually shift the story. The narrative and the stories we create determine how we show up. By looking at these and seeking to understand where they come from, we can actually decide if they are true, and shift them to be more in support of who you really are and how you want to show up in the world. If you’re ready to shift your inner narrative connect with Kari on or on Instagram

Jun 2020

33 min 20 sec

Ready to grow, expand and evolve? Join life coach Kari Owens as she breaks down some of the many signs that indicate you’re stepping into a season of self-transformation. Learn to pinpoint what is keeping you stuck instead of boldly moving forward into change and be able see the signs in your life that it’s time to evolve and open yourself to true transformation. Sometimes we will ask more from our lives, and sometimes life will ask more of us. This episode is all about paying attention and listening to those signs that it’s time to step into something new.   If you’re ready to step into your season of self-transformation with guidance, connect with Kari on or on Instagram

Jun 2020

33 min 43 sec

Ever felt like you weren’t living the life you’re meant to, or that life itself isn’t as satisfying as you’d like it to be? In this episode Kari breaks down the why’s behind those feelings and how they ultimately connect back to importance of discovering who you are. She dives into the difference between finding yourself and creating yourself, and where the two intersect. She shares some of her own personal journey to discovering who you are the empowerment she’s seen from clients who go through the journey.   If you’re ready to get past some of the surface talk and deeper into understanding the importance knowing yourself will have on your life, this episode is made for you. You’re going to see and learn just how connected knowing yourself is to everything in your life.    For more resources and support visit   To find out more about the Sacred Self Journal visit

Jun 2020

18 min 40 sec

The more you’re in connection with yourself, the greater life can be. In episode 0, join Kari Owens, life and mindset coach, as she talks all about what to expect from the Soul Power Podcast, dives into her own personal journey to self-empowerment, ending her negative self-talk, and what led her to doing her work as a coach today.    In her story, she shares how listening to her intuition brought the shift and ultimate change she needed to take back her life and start living from a place of self-love. If you’re in a place where you feel lost, not like your true self or seeking guidance on how to accept yourself, this podcast is the one for you.

Jun 2020

23 min 40 sec

Sneak peak of the Soul Power Podcast! Join life coach Kari Owens as you discover how to shift your mindset, transform your life and become in alignment with your soul.

May 2020

1 min 8 sec