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Are you ready to make the shift to a peoplefirst business? Join Adam Greenberg, CEO of MakeShift, and other industry thought leaders on their journey to discover what organizations need to create happier teams.

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Today we’re going to talk about resilience. We as people, as businesses, as societies, and as countries have demonstrated a great deal of resilience over the last 22 months, even when it felt like we were up schitt's creek… we managed to continue to move forward, together.  As CEO of MakeShift, a web and mobile cloud-based employee scheduling app, I have witnessed this firsthand. I am incredibly proud of how the MakeShift team stepped up to help businesses like Alberta Health Services, La Senza, Best Western, Air France, and many more improve their employee scheduling experience during the pandemic to help our essential workers on the frontlines. I am a big believer in the idea that companies that give their employees the flexibility to work schedules that fit their lives improve employee morale and make work fun. But, how else can we make work more fun? As businesses face a massive labour shortage and a worsening war for talent, how do businesses create a culture that improves recruitment and retention and can stand up to these new challenges? My last guest, retired Navy Seal Commander and best-selling author of the Attributes, Rich Diviney, gave me the answer I was looking for. Do you know how the Navy Seals bond and build an everlasting culture of trust and camaraderie? They do it with humour. Yes, the Navy Seals get through some of the toughest challenges anyone could ever face with a dash of humour.  Now, humour in the workplace is tricky. And anyone that knows me, knows I am no expert. So, I decided to find someone who is… Today, I am incredibly excited to welcome Emmy Award-winning writer and producer of the very popular Canadian show Schitt's Creek, Michael Short on my podcast. Ready to make the shift to a culture that keeps employees coming back? Let’s go! Connect: Look for @makeshiftapp and follow us on Li, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Have feedback to share or want to be a guest? Reach out to Adam Greenberg at

Oct 15

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The world is going through a monumental change and every single day a new headline points us to a new challenge we need to overcome. As an optimist. I believe in the collective power of people working together as a team to solve the problems facing our businesses, our communities, and our global societies.  But, sometimes we need someone to look to. Someone to guide us. Someone who understands what it means to operate in the most difficult and challenging of environments and to come out the other side as proof that it can be done.  Today, I couldn’t be more excited to welcome that someone – (Rich Diviney )as my guest. Rich is a former Navy Seal Commander.  When I look for an example of a team, this is the kind of team that always comes to mind. The kind of teams that have to operate together based on trust and optimal performance because it could literally mean the difference between life or death - or perhaps even worse than death. Rich completed more than twenty overseas deployments – 11 of which were to Iraq and Afghanistan. He guided specialized operational teams to train their brains to perform faster, longer and better in all environments. Since his retirement a few years ago he has trained over 5000 businesses, athletic and military leaders from the world’s best-known organizations. Rich is also the author of the book (‘The Attributes’ )which does an excellent job of helping his readers understand what makes people tick so to speak and how to uncover these attributes in all of us, whether it’s sports, business, health and science, government or even your everyday relationships. More recently, Rich helped kick off (MakeShift’s) first all-company meeting in Calgary! It was an incredible experience and our team learned so much. On a personal note, and in full transparency, Rich is going to be joining me and the (Leaders2Inspire) team in Mexico in November to facilitate optimal performance workshops for participants at the Leaders2inspire retreat. But today, Rich is here to help us all maximize our potential. Are you ready to Make the Shift? Let’s go! About Rich Diviney: Rich draws upon 20+ years of experience as a Navy SEAL Officer where he completed more than 13 overseas deployments – 11 of which were to Iraq and Afghanistan. Through his career, he has achieved multiple leadership positions – to include the Commanding Officer of a Navy SEAL Command. Since retirement in early 2017, Rich has worked as a speaker, facilitator, and consultant with the (Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute) and (Simon Sinek Inc). Connect: Look for @makeshiftapp and follow us on Li, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Have feedback to share or want to be a guest? Reach out to Adam Greenberg at If you’d like to connect with Rich or buy his book, visit ( Resources: (The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance) (Leaders2Inspire - High Performance Corporate Retreats)

Sep 15

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Corporations are facing a measurable mind shift. A movement. One that is generating a massive flood of resignations as employees demand more from their workplaces. Expectations are growing around the role business plays in social and environmental issues. It’s no longer simply about a paycheck. It’s about fulfillment and feeling like you are making a difference in the world. Imagine a world where corporations are a force for good. Where businesses play a critical role in creating purpose for their workforce, in improving lives, and driving lasting change. Where people feel inspired to learn, to help, to grow. A world that puts PeopleFirstTM. Join Adam Greenberg and guest Stephen Shedletzky as they discuss the immense opportunity corporations have to lead a transformation in our global society. About Stephen Shedletzky: Stephen imagines a world where the vast majority of people wake up inspired, feel safe wherever they are, and end the day fulfilled by the work they do. He believes leaders are the ones who can best advance this vision, so he helps to guide and support leaders who intend to put their people and purpose first. Feeling stifled on his own corporate track, he was struck by Simon Sinek’s message. Stephen was the fourth person to join Sinek's team in 2011 to co-host the Start With Why podcast and answer fan email. Over the years, he has taken on the roles of Chief of Staff, Lead Igniter & Head of Brand Experience, Training & Development. He has led a global team of speakers and facilitators, helping to ensure the team's culture, products, partnerships, and communications authentically reflect the organization's most deeply held values and beliefs. Stephen has also led hundreds of his own keynote presentations, workshops and team, and leadership development programs.  With the right mix of passion, experience, and professionalism, Stephen narrated the audiobook for the 2017 best-seller Find Your Why. He also co-hosted & produced the Start With Why Podcast, with over 900,000 downloads in more than 180 countries. Stephen graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business with a focus in leadership, communication, and strategy. Connect: Look for @makeshiftapp and follow us on Li, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Have feedback to share or want to be a guest? Reach out to Adam Greenberg at If you’d like to connect with Stephen you can find him on Li, Twitter, or Instagram: @shedinspires Resources Referenced: (Frederic Laloux's Reinventing Organizations ) (Primed to Perform: How to Build the Highest Performing Cultures Through the Science of Total Motivation)

Aug 15

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The hybrid workplace… is it the best of both worlds? Your employees want it, your organization benefits from it, and the environment is better for it, yet 68% of businesses have no detailed plan in place. Do you have your post-pandemic plan? Join Adam and Angelique Slagle, SVP & Head of SuccessFactors North America, as they discuss what the post-pandemic workplace will look like and share a roadmap for the hybrid workplace. Look for @makeshiftapp and follow us on Li, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Have feedback to share or want to be a guest? Reach out to Adam Greenberg at If you’d like to connect with Angelique you can find her on Li or follow her on Twitter: @angeliquemedley Don't forget to check out Angelique's new show on Li: (Experiences Unfiltered with Angelique Slagle )

Jul 15

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Hi, I'm Adam Greenberg, CEO of MakeShift and host of the new podcast Make the Shift... to what you might ask? Well to being a people-first business... Because people first businesses create happy employees... and happier employees drive growth! Join me and my guests, CEOs, business leaders, movers and shakers in the HR space as we peel back the layers on what it truly means to be a people-first business and how your business can become one too. It's going to be a bit of a fireside chat, a type of master class, and certainly loads of fun. We're going to kick things off on July 15 with Angelique Slagle, SVP & Head of SuccessFactors North America to discuss the hybrid workplace and help you build your post-pandemic plan. From there every month we'll discuss things like corporate social transformation, finding purpose, and building a workplace that gets us all excited for Mondays. So subscribe now and let's make the shift together

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