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After an unfortunate loss of an entire episode (that still makes my heart hurt saying) we are back with a beer-drinking creature feature that was surprisingly well received by the cast. The big news that was supposed to land last month is the we've joined the Give Me Back My Podcast Network and are excited to see where this takes the show. Please go visit and like the network as well as Give Me Back My Action Movies, Give Me Back My Horror Movies and The Monster Movie Stompdown. Pretty soon all the shows will be in on feed for easy downloading. Keep an eye on the network page because there's a bunch of talk behind the curtain about several new shows starting up in the near future. The Vampriotoothus is nightmare fuel. Good luck sleeping. Believe you me when I saw the burying dead whales is a MUCH better way to take care of a beached whale. Featured Beers: Magners Irish CiderSullivan's Maltings Red Ale Six-Pack Rating: Dave: 2 beersKathleen: 3 beersTroy: 2 beersPete: 2 beers

Nov 15

1 hr 28 min

I've given the Pick Six Movie Podcast some friendly ribbing recently for "mining" GBBMN for content since Howard the Duck, Grizzly, The Swarm and Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas were all covered by GBBMN first. Well now I have egg on my face as the Last Boy Scout was recently covered by our friends with and equally ridiculous show anagram, Give Me Back My Action Movies. While I'm certain Kathleen did not know GMBMAMs had already covered this month's film I still feel the need to admit my hypocrisy. Swallowing an ice cube is not something Troy recommends. We love when you send us movie suggestions but please avoid sending films that involve poop or the collection of poop. Kathleen will find out where you live and then it's out of my hands. Featured Beer: DuClaw's Regular Beer Heart State Brewing's Ache Orange Creamsicle Sour Six-Pack Rating: Pete, Dave, Kathleen, Troy: 1 beer consensus.

Sep 15

1 hr 31 min

It's been way too long since we've reviewed a kung-fu movie and Dave picked a modern classic. Kung Fu Hustle is an absurd film in the most wonderful way. One of our shortest episodes packs in a lot of laughs in a universally adored film. Yes EVEN Kathleen likes this one. Kathleen's initial description of this evenings first beer is completely incorrect. Cheer Team does NOT taste like tar. Stop it you big cry baby. Pete's a prick and didn't bring anyone a sticker from his beer adventures. WE LOVE YOU FREDDY MERCURY! Beer of the evening. Cheer Team - Three Floyd's Brewing, Munster, Indiana Who Loves Orange Soda? - Tripping Animals Brewery, Doral, Fl Ratings: Kathleen - 1 Dave, Troy and Pete - 0

Aug 14

1 hr 18 min

It's that time of year again...the one month of the year when the cast stops insulting the subpar works of Hollywood and instead they say nice things about the passion projects of up and coming filmmakers! Independent Movie Month! This time, Pete brings us two proper horror films. We start with Colm Donston's Happy Campers. A classic riff on camp councilors that get picked off one by one by a psychotic killer. Watch it free on YouTube! Next, the crew reviews Joe DeMuro's Tales of Dracula. Get your own copy of Tales of Dracula from Amazon. Only $6.98! Support local art! That's a pretty kick-ass Drac! And don't forget to check out the classic "silicone can-covers that look like soda so you can cover your beer cans", but it's not to trick law enforcement! It's just a gag! Promise! The Beers Founders - Mas Agave Clasica Lime Urban Artifact - Keypunch Key Lime Gose Founders - Porter

Aug 1

1 hr 35 min

Oh boy do we have some problems. Our first in-person recording since the world ended and it's like we forgot how to set up the equipment. The audio, much like Pete's jokes, is dodgy at best. Please forgive us but you get what you pay for.

Jul 9

1 hr 40 min

In which Kathleen desperately tries to find us another May holiday to celebratePete attempts to guess at the meaning of Japanese wordsDave's cat lodges several complaintsLuchadors' Goddaughters are turned into 'babesicles'We find ourselves with a wide range of opinions on the movie:Troy - 1 beerPete - 1 beerDave - 3 beersKathleen - 4 beers Featured Beers Great Lakes Mexican Lager with Lime Against the Grain Retitled Pils Did we lie? ... Ain't she gorgeous!?! ...and to finally let you all in on the song that Kathleen sings each episode:

May 20

1 hr 26 min

Grizzly is a bonkers Jaws rip-off that wasn't as horrible as you might think it would be. My guess is that Pete's entertaining 6-minute synopsis may have softened the casts view. The cast throws up a little in their collective mouths after reminiscing about our poor choices of college beers. "Anything Ice. blech" - Troy Dave introduces the world to the game, "Fizz-Ball" and Pete introduces the world to the game, "Six Degrees to Godzilla." Kathleen is starting a Kickstarter to bring back the old-timey phrase, "Up Yours!" Question of the show: Is Dave a cannibal? If not than how does he know what people taste like? The second beer we sampled gave the entire cast a case of unexpected sound effects. Featured Beers:- In lieu of having Schlitz we tried Stroh's.- Sour Monkey from Victory Brewing (ooh!) 6-Pack Rating:Dave - 1Troy - 3Kathleen - 3Pete - 2

Apr 15

1 hr 38 min

Join the Good Beer Bad Movie Night podcast as we slog through Johnny Mnemonic, Dave's horrible birthday pick! On a somewhat related note, Dave may no longer be allowed to choose movies. Highlights from Episode 47 This movie may be the final evidence that Dave in fact hates the rest of the cast.Johnny Mnemonic may be the best Keanu Reeves performance since Bram Stoker's Dracula. (WE LOVE YOU, KEANU!)Accurate predictions of 2021 from a movie released in 1995:People wearing masks because of a pandemicOver proliferation of technology affecting people psychologically, yet we can't do without it.Corporations run everythingKeanu Reeves, Henry Rollins and Ice T are still awesomeNot so accurate predictions:Using virtual reality goggles and haptic gloves to navigate the internet like Tron (though Dave's still holding out hope)We'll still be using pay phones, VCRs, and calling cardsCybernetically enhanced preachers moonlighting as contract killersKeanu has a sophisticated neural implant that holds up to 320GB of data. Today a USB flash drive of comparable size would cost about $15 to $30. Beers of the episode: Skull SplitterArctic Panzer Wolf Six Pack Rating: Troy: 4Kathleen: 4Pete: 4Dave: 2

Apr 10

1 hr 11 min

Join the gang for a film filled with blood fountains and gratuitous 80s references. Thanks to Superfan Tim Lee for suggesting this one.You know them and you love them but we finally introduce two NEW members of the GBBMN team, Mitch and Murry! They certainly had a lot to say about this movie.Our friend Tim Minneci of the Dig Me Out Podcast helped us out with a musical game. If you love hair bands make sure to go check out his podcast. It ROCKS!Kathleen was thrilled to have Collective Arts Brewing's Raspberry Sour to help numb her eyeballs while talking about the film.Pete found a beer that takes the name of one of GBBMN's original bumps. Mills Brewing Orange Whip.Troy issues a challenge to the listeners in what will surely end up biting us all in the ass.Next month: Dave picks Johnny Mnemonic for his birthday? Why do you hate us so, Dave? Six-Pack RatingTroy: 0Kathleen: 4Dave: 2Pete: 0

Feb 14

1 hr 37 min

Join the GBBMN team for dumb ass jokes and binge drinking at BEERFEST! Send us suggestions for American Drinking Songs. The cast is still somewhat ashamed that they could not come up with better examples than "Sweet Caroline" and "Piano Man". I mean seriously...Troy treats us to the most annoying 6-minute penalty of all timePete schools the crew on skunky German bier loreDave ruminates on his life choices as we discuss drinking games.Kathleen continues to be annoyed that we're foisting this upon her each month Beers Prarie Artisian AlesSpaten Six Pack Ratings Troy - 2Kathleen - 5Dave - 2Pete -2

Jan 17

1 hr 30 min

Another year another holiday movie. This year makes me long for Grumpy Cat's return.Seriously, there's an Ice Cream truck in this movie and the writers weren't able to get Clint Howard to drive it just ONCE? Missed opportunity. I've done the listeners a favor and added a direct link to Troy's new favorite past-time; Zardoz Cosplay Images.From one of our favorite out of state breweries we try Three Floyd's Alpha Klaus.And from a local favorite we try Land Grant's Sweater Vibes.Six-Pack RatingTroy: 3Kathleen: 4Dave: 4Pete: 4

Dec 2020

1 hr 45 min

Highlights from episode 43. How boring is this movie? Troy will let you know.Dave shared his uncanny knowledge of the Backstreet Boys and other 80s boy bands.Troy wishes the GBBMN listener movie poll would go away. Send up feedback whether or not it should stop or continue. Reminiscing about Pat Dailey always triggers Kathleen to start singing.Our first beer we try is Narragansett Beer which is the beer featured in Jaws. #crushitlikequint Second beer of the night paid tribute to the latest Bill and Ted film, Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Stellar. Thanks to our friends at Perfect Pour for finding this rare beverage. Six-Pack Rating: Troy - 6 Pete - 5 Dave - 4 Kathleen - 3

Nov 2020

1 hr 43 min

The month of October lands us another birthday month and Troy has chosen (sorta) Freaked! in celebration of the latest Bill and Ted release.To the surprise of a few cast members, both Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan are in this film.Sweet Water Brewery 420 Strain Pale Ale was a big hit with everyone. The Mad Tree S'More Gratitude was received with mixed reviews.The outtakes went a bit off the rails.Friends of the cast featured promos.Corrupted YouthFrigay the 13thFreaked rating:Kathleen, Dave and Pete: 4 BeersTroy: 3 Beers

Oct 2020

1 hr 23 min

Join the hep cats of GBBMN as we groove to this far out movie! Don't listen to what the squares say, it's totally dynamite! Highlights of the episode: Find out that Troy doesn't know what state Baltimore is located in...moron!Learn all about the God-awful snacking habits of Pete's extended family. (now THAT'S horror!)Just watch this video of Piccolo Pupa singing the song "Skateboard". That kind of gives you an idea of what you're in for with this movie. Sorry. Discover why Pete wants to bring a flashlight into the bathroom next time he pees!Oh yeah, and we watch the movie that killed the Beach Blanket Bingo franchise!And Quinn O'Hara IS actually seriously hot. Beers Sour Me Unicorn Farts - DuClaw Brewing Co.Tides Sour Ale - North High Brewing

Sep 2020

2 hr 1 min

Highlights from episode 40. This month the "fans" got to select a film for our viewing displeasure. Don't feel too bad though, all of the selections were turds. This one probably let us down the most. Don't miss the outtakes for something special.Dave does a great Karen Carpenter. Who knew the a Jelly Bean Martini could make Kathleen so freaking mad?Beers enjoyed: White Magick of the Sun from Voodoo BreweryFog Cutter Double IPA from Lost Coast Brewery

Aug 2020

1 hr 32 min

It's the most shocking episode of GBBMN ever, as the crew review not one. Not TWO! BUT THREE short films for our Independence Month show...which all culminates in a surprising confession from Kathleen. Highlights from Episode 39 The first short we discuss, a cartoon made by friend of the show Mark Bailey, is called It Came From The East River It is a multiple award winner. Not a phrase you will usually associate with films reviewed by GBBMN.The next short, CandyLand, is also by a friend of the show, this time a brother of the son of a cousin of Pete (or something like that) made a student film that actually turned out pretty damned good.The THIRD short, Howl From Beyond The Fog, started as a Kickstarter campaign.Good Beer Bad Movie Night actually appears in the credits of HFBTF! (Please don't hold that against them)Dave recalls fond memories of adults giving him alcohol at the ripe old age of three. It explains a lot.Pete needs to learn new descriptors, because we will ALWAYS laugh at "pillowy mouth-feel" Beers of the episode Lake Erie Love - Catawba Island BrewingLiliko'i Kepolo - Avery Brewing Company

Jul 2020

1 hr 22 min

The cast reviews the winner of last month's poll: Country Strong, starring Gwynneth Paltrow, Tim McGraw, eighton Meester, and Garrett Hedlund. On a related note, we may not be doing any more polls, as it's clear our listeners are cruel, cruel monsters. Highlights from Episode 37 Did you know Kathleen hates Gwynneth Paltrow? Everyone in the main cast sings except Tim McGraw, who is the only professional singer. In a movie about country music.The movie is darker and much more melodramatic than the cast is accustomed to. Well, darker anyway.One of the main characters is named Beau Hutton. Get it? Bow Hunting? Sigh.Is it possible to discuss Gwynneth Paltrow without mentioning candles, steaming, or stones in relation to lady parts?Invoking George Carlin, Dave brings up whether dressing in a cowboy hat and boots is a costume akin to wearing a viking outfit. Beers of the episode Heartlandia by Wolf's Ridge Brewing Co.Boomsauce by Lord Hobo Brewing Co. Six Pack Rating Pete: 6Troy: 3Dave: 4Kathleen: 4

Jul 2020

1 hr 14 min

Highlights from Episode 37 For our May episode we watch another lucha libre movie, this time featuring the celebrated Mil Mascaras.Pete attempts to introduce the episode in Spanish. On a possibly related note, apologies to any Spanish speaking listeners. It's nice to watch a movie that's unironically cheesy. Terrible, but nice.Dave's cat celebrated the cast's first remote recording by jumping from a shelf directly onto his balls.The cast discusses the wildly popular (in Mexico) lucha libre culture and its relationship to superheroes.Pete ambushes Kathleen with a "Comic book hero or Luchador" quiz. She does quite well, despite her annoyance. Beers of the episode Otra Vez by Sierra NevadaCerveza Con Limón by New Holland Brewing Six Pack Rating Pete: 2Kathleen: 3Troy: 2Dave: 2

May 2020

1 hr 17 min

Highlights from Episode 36: This movie was so much dumb fun. Mostly dumb.We are joined by Donna who, being a Jeremy Renner fan, actually saw this movie in the theater. We all appreciate the high production quality of the movie, use of awesome production design, practical effects, creature design, and on-location shoots, which is why we were puzzled by the choice to make the witch's gingerbread house look like a giant candy butthole. Dave spends a little too much time talking about historical context for a movie that features head-stomping trolls and an automatic crossbow.Evidently the moral of the original Grimm's Hansel and Gretel story is "Don't trust your parents because they'll feed you to a cannibal in the woods."We somehow suspend disbelief enough to allow for a collapsible spring-loaded shotgun shooting bullets that split into smaller bullets, but not enough to allow for the use of insulin shots 80 years before it was used medically.The movie's ending implies the possibility of a sequel. With the ending of the current Avenger's arc, Jeremy Renner's availability might be open...? Do we want this? Beers The cast enjoyed a few tasty beverages. Pete's earnest attempt to describe one beer goes sideways, as apparently he can't say "billowing in your mouth, coating everything" without us giggling like idiots.Whiffle Whitbier from Rheingeist Brewery: ABV: 5.0%, IBUs: 6Cover Crop from North High Brewing: ABV: 4.5%, IBUs: 14 Six Pack Rating Pete: 3Kathleen: 3Troy: 2Donna: 0Dave: 1

Apr 2020

1 hr 17 min

A movie with Robbie Coltrane, Liam Neeson, and a golden, five-pointed, razor-tipped boomerang of awesomeness still managed to suck. Highlights from Episode 35: Dave not only monumentally flubs the synopsis, but manages to go 41 seconds over the allotted six minute time limit. Consequently he was forced to sing a rather undignified song, much to the delight of Pete and Troy. Due to losing his voice during some kind of boating mishap, Pete is unable to speak above a hoarse whisper, much to the relief disappointment of the rest of the cast. Dave attempts to kill the rest of the cast with high-octane beers acquired from our friends at Perfect Pour Craft Beer & Beverage: Banshee and the Beast by Clown Shoes: 10.25% ABV Double-oaked Bogbeast by Rheingeist: 12.7% ABV So far the best description of Krull is “Where Star Wars and Lord of the Rings had a baby.” Fond childhood memories do not a good movie make, as Dave discovered much to his disappointment. We’re promised awesome magical flying razor boomerang fighting. The payoff is… disappointing. Moral of the story: If you’re prone to getting into bad situations, a cyclops friend will help you until he’s slowly crushed by a stone door. Six pack rating: Troy: 2 Pete: 5 Dave: 1 Kathleen: 3

Mar 2020

1 hr 19 min

Highlights from Episode 34: This movie would have been a lot more fun if we were either six years old or kind of drunk. Well, we’re not six so drunk it is! The cast enjoyed three beers from Mantra Artisan Ales, courtesy of our friend Rod Barnett from NaschyCast and the Bloody Pit:Amour Rouge: a Flanders-style sour red ale at 6.2% ABV (stupid sexy Flanders...)Nouveau: a Belgian-style dubbel ale at 7.5% ABVJapa: a Milk chai stout at 5.1% ABV. The bottle says "drink this beer fresh," which we did not. (Sorry, Rod.)An American live-action movie adaptation of the Japanese anime/comic title The Guyver: Biobooster Armor, we suspect the filmmakers understood neither original material nor American audiences. Or they didn't care, and just wanted to use this crappy film as a vehicle to showcase their (admittedly impressive) creature effects.Despite appearing prominently on the movie poster, Mark Hamill does not play The Guyver. If you can't trust a movie poster of alive-action adaptation of an animated feature based on a comic book, what can you trust?Kathleen recalls the good old college days when she used to hang out with a bunch of ridiculous boys. Evidently times have not changed.All situations are improved by shouting "GUYVER! BIO BOOSTER ARMOR!" randomly and without warning.Dave went through a phase in college when he would shout everything he was doing as though it were an anime-style special attack.We geek out briefly at the appearance of horror movie stars Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), David Gale, and Jeffrey Combs (both from The Reanimator).Jimmie Walker appears as one of the villains. Hey, Jimmie's gotta eat too.This movie begins somewhat ominously dark, then ends as full-on Looney Tunes.Did we need monster boobs?Six Pack Ratings:Kathleen: 3Troy: 3Pete: 3Dave: 3

Feb 2020

1 hr 42 min

Highlights from Episode 33: Special Guest Host and historian Jen cheerfully returns to torment us with this wretched cinematic outrage.To anaesthetize ourselves, Jen also provided two very strong beer selections:Double D Double IPA from Fordham & Dominion, weighing in at a muscular 9% ABVWhiskey Rebellion from Warped Wing Brewing Company, at a memory-clouding 11% ABV.Pete is absolutely thrilled with this month’s movie selection. Kathleen however, may struggle to speak to Jen in a civil tone for a while.Released the same year, this movie clearly hoped to capitalize on the marketing campaign behind Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)Jen offers her historical expertise, helpfully pointing out a few historical inaccuracies. You know, in case we doubted the veracity of Roosevelt storming the beach at Normandy in a rocket-launching wheelchair to fight polio-spreading Nazi werewolves.We were unable to confirm whether Winston Churchill referred to the Irish as “potato fuckers,” if Mussolini was planning to open a chain of Olive Gardens, or if James Roosevelt shat in a flower vase after his father won the 1932 presidential election.We did learn James Roosevelt may not have actually taken a celebratory shit in a flower vase upon his father’s 1932 presidential victory. (It was this scene when Kathleen began levitating on pure rage at having to watch the movie.)Kathleen’s notes consisted of variations on “I hate this fucking movie” over and over again.Is it historically respectable to refer to George Washington as G-Dubs?Jen, who hates the taste of alcohol, agrees to sample a beer. It goes about as well as expected.Speaking of alcohol, high ABV beers + rage drinking = Kathleen hilarity.Did you know there’s an academic conference dedicated to popular culture where professors and grad students gather and dork out? We didn’t! Please visit the The Popular Culture Association website for more details! Six Pack Ratings: Jen: 0 Troy: 5 Pete: 1 Kathleen: 5 Dave: 5

Jan 2020

1 hr 47 min

Highlights from Episode 32: We're joined by a few special guestsDonna returns for the third holiday season in a row, continuing her tradition of avoiding us the other 11 months of the year.Katie, our resident Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movie expert, explains the general themes and common tropes of the genre. None of this however explains why she likes these movies. Troy and Kathleen's daughter Millie, in her exciting podcast debut, provides her adorable and impossibly energetic review. Instead of beer, the cast enjoys warm seasonal drinks with mulled beer and wassail. Actually both had beer in them, so I guess we did have beer. Whatever, I'm tired.The tradition of singing Christmas carols in exchange for booze should be much more popular-- like Halloween with booze.Aubrey Plaza as the voice of Grumpy Cat is perfect.If Grumpy Cat says her own movie is terrible, is it still allowed to be terrible? The movie is stiff with meta-jokes, which is fortunate as Troy never meta-joke he didn't like! (groan)No discussion of mall elf culture is complete without at least one reference to David Sedaris' Holidays on Ice.Grumpy Cat (AKA Tardar Sauce) is so stinking cute. We may have rated the movie higher if it was just 87 minutes of her sleeping. Speaking of ratings:Donna: 3Katie: 4Kathleen: 3Troy: 2Pete: 3Dave: 2

Dec 2019

1 hr 36 min

Highlights from Episode 31: One may accurately determine the amount of gratuitous female nudity a movie contains based upon Kathleen's level of annoyance. For example, Kathleen said the word "stupid" no fewer than 8 times within the first two minutes.Pete needs ten minutes to give the six minute synopsis, so either Pete can't count or we need to rename the six minute synopsis.We sample some wonderful (and much needed) beers from our generous friends at Wolf's Ridge Brewing, including:Snow Cone Extra Pale AleDaybreak Coffee Vanilla Cream AleThis movie was to be the second part of a Tales from the Crypt movie trilogy, and was apparently bad enough to more or less end the franchise.If you feel like there aren't enough movies featuring a scene where a guy gets darts thrown at his dick, boy do we have good news for you!We determined the Crypt Keeper was the king of punny dad jokes before dad jokes were a thing.Did I mention Kathleen was annoyed with this movie?Who knew that a Dennis Miller/Erika Eleniak/Angie Everhart vehicle wouldn't do well?Pete watched a documentary about the production of Bordello of Blood. Also, apparently there's a documentary about Bordello of Blood.We all share a surprisingly fond appreciation for Corey Feldman. The cast likely set a new record for mentions of the word "boobs" and its variants.As there are Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans among the cast, we inevitably discuss vampire lore. This movie's adherence to said lore is... spotty.Perhaps some of the best exploding vampire scenes since From Dusk Till Dawn.We almost try to make an argument that the movie is empowering to women but can't do it with a straight face.Frequency of the word "penis" and it's variants (wang, dong, etc) is directly proportional to the amount of alcohol consumed.Six Pack Ratings:Kathleen: 5Troy: 3Pete: 3Dave: 3Seriously guys, Kathleen was very annoyed with this movie.

Nov 2019

1 hr 47 min

Highlights from Episode 30: Whelp. It's Troy's Birthday month, so this is HIS fault. And now everyone else hates him.Dr. Seuss should maybe stick with the books.German words should always be shouted.Beers this month were supplied to us by the Forbidden Root brewery out of Chicago, who will soon be opening a restaurant and brewery in Columbus. Not only did that totally rule, but now we're expecting other breweries to step it up! (where are you at, CBC?! You gonna let these Chicagoans show you how it's done??!)It's amazing how little we actually talk about the movie considering we ramble on for almost 2 hours.We drink a beer called Snoochie Boochies and freaking love it.We bring in an actual piano teacher to defend her profession against this movie who teaches us all about ninja musicals.Troy is sick during the recording, so enjoy listening to him try and keep from hocking into the mic for 2 hours.Six Pack Ratings:Jodi: 6Kathleen: 5Pete: 5Dave: 5Troy: 5

Oct 2019

1 hr 49 min

Highlights from Episode 28: Joel Schumacher's feature film debut and not a single batsuit nipple in sight.Spaghetti Arms: the psychological phenomenon of confusing two people that share the same first name (e.g., Patrick Stewart vs Patrick Swayze, Christopher Walken vs Christopher Lloyd, etc).Kathleen needs ten minutes to give the six minute synopsis. We sample some fun beers from Streetside Brewery out of Cincinnati:Bert Got Dum: A raspberry lemon wedding cake milkshake IPA with the lemon drop hop. Also, "wedding cake milkshake lemon drop hop" sounds like a complicated 1950s dance craze. F*** It We'll do it Lime: a key lime pie gose. (Goose? Goes? Goze? Gooze?)Shockingly nobody hated this movie!We all agree Lily Tomlin is a national treasure.This movie has a great many layers of symbolism and social commentary on unregulated chemical manufacturing, rampant consumerism, irresponsible marketing, gender roles in patriarchal society, and the concept of mental load. Also, we may have been drinking.Dave learns not every clam chowder joke is funny.Nobody likes when Pete (or anyone) says "creamy mouthfeel."Equally gross is a character's suggestion of having "an open mind and an open mouth."We discuss whether sex works when one partner is 8 inches tall and the other is Charles Grodin. The phrase "hugging a telephone pole" is used, and no one is happy about it.Replacing Troy's regular coffee with Folger's Flavor Crystals may end very poorly.When it comes to what's going on in her kitchen, Kathleen is a clueless 1950s husband.Kathleen learns Bulgogi is a real thing.The theme song for the fictional product "Galaxy Glue" is a hateful, hateful ear worm.Six pack ratings:Kathleen: 2Troy: 1Pete: 2Dave: 2

Sep 2019

2 hr

Highlights from Episode 28: Once again, our listeners chose this horrible movie for us via online poll. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...The cast tries to avoid talking about the movie by discussing more pleasant topics, like what happens to your poop after eating beets.Our awesome friends at GBBMN Australia managed to provide us with wonderful beer from Kaiju Brewing that definitely did not involve illegally transporting beer across state and international borders or smuggling things in rectums.Troy attempts an Australian accent. Troy should not attempt an Australian accent.We learn all critical reviews of The Avengers (1998) fall embarrassingly short of the actual viewing experience.Can you pronounce the word "herbaceous?" Pete can't! Seriously, the movie sucked so bad we did everything we could to keep from talking about it. Watching The Avengers (1998) is analogous to trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle except 25% of the pieces are missingthe picture on the box is different than the puzzlesomeone is stabbing you.Eddie Izzard is criminally underutilized in this film.We may be drunk by the end.Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, then send us your address to get a sticker! Ratings:Kathleen: 5Troy: 6Pete: 5Dave: 5

Aug 2019

1 hr 26 min

We celebrate Independence day by featuring an independent film maker, Joshua Kennedy.Huge props to Hoof Hearted Brewing for going above and beyond to get use our frosty adult beverages.This episode we sampled Hoof Hearted's Musk of the Minotaur and Skittley Bittley Bop.Pete previewed one of the home brews he's bringing to G-Fest in July; The Daiweizen.Troy and Dave can't resist the David Lee Roth impersonations. For better or for worse. Mostly for worse.Pete came up with a new dessert called Banana's Alaska. Beer is fun. After the six-pack rating, listen for details about the DVD giveaway . got some listener feedback from down under! Check out our Australian sister cast's latest episode on Soundcloud.

Jul 2019

1 hr 29 min

No spoiler / Spoiler review. We'll let you know when to tune out if you want to remain spoiler free.Recorded live and (mostly) unedited on the patio of our friends at Endeavor Brewing.

Jun 2019

53 min 15 sec

The cast was fortunate to have Christopher Page sit in as a guest host. Check out his podcasts Time Shifters and Orphaned Entertainment.Christopher brought along two beers from the Cincinnati brewery Fibonacci .Kathleen does a fine job with the synopsis especially since it the first time she's seen a Godzilla movie.

Jun 2019

1 hr 55 min

Highlights from Episode 25 It's May and that means we get to watch a Mexican Monster Movie, much to Kathleen's chagrin. In this episode we try Left Hand Brewery's Good Juju Pete also whipped out a beer he's been cellering since 2013 to share with the cast. New Holland Brewery's El Mole Ocho.The words "Trunk Monkey" were used.For the first time, a film was a unanimous 4 beer rating.

May 2019

1 hr 31 min

Highlights from Episode 24 We had an amazing time recording at Endeavor Brewing in Grandview, Ohio. The sound suffered due to the activity in the busy brewery but the conversation around the beers and the film were fantastic.General Manager Sean Schultz joined the cast and walked us through the history of the brewery and two delicious beers; Altura Latin Lager and Garten Gose.Troy and Pete serenaded the cast with a musical surprise. Here's the cover Devo recorded. Who did it better?This may be our highest rated film: Kathleen 2Dave 2Troy 1Pete 1

Apr 2019

1 hr 36 min

Highlights from Episode 23.1 Our first remote interview with graphical artist, award winning animator and Bad Movie aficionado; Mark Bailey.View his cartoons including the award winning "It Came from the East River" at also the New York City Giant Monster Attack MapMark didn't want me to forget to mention Derek M. Koch at Monster Kid Radio and his upcoming podcast Plan 9 by 9 Podcast.New information for Troy and Pete to geek out is the legend of Allen Smithee.For those interested in learning more about The Ohio University Halloween party can jump down this rabbit hole. May God have mercy on your soul.

Mar 2019

45 min 12 sec

Highlights from Episode 23: Featured Breweries: Listermann Brewing Company in Cincinnati, OhioWarped Wing Brewing Company in Dayton, OhioA Good Beer Bad Movie Night first: Our listeners chose this horrible movie for us via online poll. On a related note, our listeners are apparently sadists.The cast discovers great selections and knowledgeable staff at Perfect Pour Craft Beer and Beverage in Dublin, Ohio.Dave discovers a voice changing app for his phone to much dramatic effect. Kathleen brought a bottle opener/bottle cap gun. Naturally Pete immediately shoots Troy in the eye.Fifteen year old Molly Ringwald's voice is enough to throw Kathleen into a rage.How gross is having an android sex robot?Are there really people in the world who can't tell the difference between Ernie Hudson and Billy Dee Williams? You decide!Porters at 11.5% alcohol by volume = nearly six minutes of outtakes.Ratings:Kathleen: 5Troy: 4Pete: 4Dave: 4

Mar 2019

1 hr 30 min

Highlights from Episode 22 Featured Brewery: Somewhere in Particular Brewery   from Columbus, Ohio Pete is very proud of his unique ending to the six minute synopsis. The AMAZING growler that Kathleen got Troy for Christmas can be found here.  It's a perfect gift for a craft beer drinker. Correct me if I'm wrong but comedies are supposed to be funny. The cast continues to blame Pete for being exposed to these films and Pete reminds them that they signed up for this. Since Kathleen refuses to use it, I'll use #whiskypoop here in the show notes. Dave's Jeff Goldblum impersonation is on par with his Christopher Walker. We have a sister cast down under!  Check out Good Beer Bad Movie Pod on facebook.  They do things a lot differently than we do and just posted their first episode on Soundcloud.  Both casts agree that we need to make road trips to each others backyard. Clearly the ENTIRE cast is unaware of how time works because by the time you hear this the poll for Dave's birthday movie will be over. Kathleen couldn't wrap her brain around the concept of a shower beer.  Looks like Kathleen needs to catch up with the rest of us. Shower Beer Holder Ratings: Kathleen: 4 Pete: 4 Troy: 2 Dave: 3

Feb 2019

1 hr 39 min