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In the November 2021 episode of the Solar Media Podcast, brought to you in collaboration with Solar Energy UK, we ask if the Glasgow Climate Pact is ambitious enough for the renewables industry, explore the various goings on at the summit and ponder where the solar, energy storage and clean tech sectors go from here. Elsewhere, Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe detail yet another frantic month in the US for renewables policy, and Liam speaks to a trio of renewables stakeholders about their key takeaways from COP26.

Nov 22

1 hr 2 min

The crucial COP26 conference begins later this week and negotiations will take place against a backdrop of uncertainty and volatility in the renewables supply chain. This episode of the Solar Media Podcast, brought to you in collaboration with Solar Energy UK, explores how things stand entering a pivotal two weeks for the renewables industry, and indeed the world in general. We also hear exclusively from three solar industry professionals about what they’re seeing from the sector at the moment, right the way through from sourcing and uptake of solar to procurement and supply chain issues. We also hear exactly what worldwide governments can do to help truly stimulate a much-needed solar revolution.

Oct 25

1 hr 10 min

The US solar policy landscape is shifting at breakneck speed, with new incentives and trade tariffs promising to alter the shape of the industry for the coming decade. Luckily Andy Colthorpe and Liam Stoker are here to decipher the changes in the September 2021 episode of the Solar Media Podcast. There’s also talk of an increasing flow of investment and M&A deals in the energy storage space and the power market volatility disrupting much of Europe.

Sep 20

1 hr 2 min

It may be the height of summer but there’s no respite for the Solar Media Podcast, the new episode of which is packed full of insight as the US begins its clampdown on solar imports. With news of solar module shipments being seized at US border, Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe reflect on the difficult balancing act US President Joe Biden must strike between enforcing the withhold and release order – and a host of other prospective policies impacting on trade relations with China – and the need to support the deployment of solar PV in the country. There’s also discussion on the huge growth figures posted by the US and UK energy storage industries and the ongoing case for long-duration energy storage technologies.

Aug 19

56 min 56 sec

The July 2021 episode of the Solar Media Podcast, sponsored by Honeywell, includes discussion around the US government's efforts to tackle alleged forced labour practices within the solar supply chain, detailing everything you need to know about the US withhold and release order, recent moves in the Senate and the most likely impacts on solar manufacturing. Meanwhile, Andy Colthorpe explores the ever-growing amount of interest and investment in long-duration energy storage technologies and Liam Stoker takes a look at recent reports which highlight how the clean energy transition simply isn't happening fast enough. 

Jul 16

1 hr 4 min

This month's episode of the Solar Media Podcast, sponsored by Honeywell, features discussion around the rise of new solar technologies and the drivers behind the n-type revolution. We review the latest products to be unveiled at this month’s SNEC exhibition in Shanghai and reflect on recent news regarding the materials supply chain as the industry plots a course for TOPCon, heterojunction and beyond. Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe also take a look at new projections for solar installations in the US – just in time for the difficult fire season – and how energy storage continues to proliferate in both the US and a slew of new markets.

Jun 16

1 hr

Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe are back for another episode of the Solar Media podcast, and the cleantech materials crisis is showing no signs of abating. We discuss the ramifications across the energy sector, reveal while the US energy storage market is like the wild west, and talk exclusively to Honeywell’s Erin Ergin about the prospects for energy storage globally.

May 17

1 hr 5 min

Solar Media’s Liam Stoker, Andy Colthorpe and Jules Scully profile the continued rise of long-duration energy storage in this episode of the Solar Media Podcast, sponsored by Honeywell, with a definitive look at the technology, policy and use-cases driving interest in long-duration energy storage. Meanwhile Liam, Andy and Jules also explore what Asia can teach the rest of the world about floating solar, we learn of a threat to solar’s growth in Vietnam and discover what Elon Musk’s up to now.

Apr 12

1 hr 4 min

It's March 2021 and we're back for another episode of the Solar Media Podcast, sponsored by Honeywell. This month we're reflecting on the lessons that can be learned from Texas' winter storm, ranging from renewables to the utilities' response to it, and we also take a look at the huge in-tray awaiting new US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. Elsewhere, Liam Stoker takes a look at what's driving solar panel prices upwards, and Andy Colthorpe explores the rise of SPACs - or Special-purpose Acquisition Companies - and how they could drive change in the energy sector. 

Mar 15

1 hr 5 min

The February 2021 episode of the Solar Media Podcast reflects on recent market forecasts and asks just how much solar could be deployed in 2021 against a backdrop of gigawatt-scale supply contracts and national auctions. Meanwhile, Andy explores how utility-scale battery storage systems just keep getting bigger on the back of a recently-announced 1.2GW battery earmarked for Australia. There's also discussion around how grid services contracts continue to mature and why battery storage was frozen out of Spain's recent renewables auction. 

Feb 10

1 hr 3 min

The Solar Media Podcast returns for a new season to mark the new year. In this first episode of 2021, sponsored by SKE Engineering, Andy Colthorpe and Liam Stoker cast their gazes at the horizon and profile what the immediate future holds for the solar and storage industries.  Up for discussion are the world's largest battery storage system which is now switched on and operational in California, as well as just what drove surging growth in Vietnam's solar sector towards the end of 2020, a push which saw more than 6GW of solar installed in just over one month.  Meanwhile, we also look at yet further additions in both solar manufacturing capacity and renewable energy auctions in Europe slated for 2020, and explore what the repercussions might be as investment in solar and storage, and more specifically the companies in those respective sectors, accelerates further.

Jan 12

1 hr 2 min

In this final episode of the Solar Media Podcast for 2020, Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe reflect on what’s been a tumultuous year by assessing some of the most impactful stories. There’s also a look back on some of the lighter developments in 2020, and Liam and Andy provide their predictions for what the next 12 months may have in store. The Solar Media Podcast will be back in January for an entirely new season, but Andy, Liam and the rest of the Solar Media editorial team wish all of our listeners a happy holidays and a prosperous new year.

Dec 2020

56 min 58 sec

November 2020's episode of the Solar Media Podcast starts, perhaps predictably, with the fallout from the US Election. At the time of recording (Friday 6 November) the result wasn't quite yet certain, but there's still ample discussion about what a Biden Administration will do for the climate. Meanwhile, we also digest the latest cost projections of solar and energy storage from Lazard, look at why the IEA is correct to label solar as the "new king of electricity" and explore what the future holds for energy storage. 

Nov 2020

55 min 34 sec

In this episode of the Solar Media Podcast, Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe take a deep dive into what Elon & Co. presented at Tesla’s Big Battery Day, assess what the recent spate of solar manufacturing expansion announcements mean for the sector, and discuss the current state of energy politics.

Oct 2020

52 min 52 sec

Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe return for the August 2020 episode of the Solar Media podcast, reflecting on the biggest news stories from the global solar and energy storage ecosystems. Up for discussion this month are California's ongoing heatwave and its impact on energy demand and storage, why looming volatility in the cost of polysilicon should be on everyone's radar, and what we should be taking from the increasing costs of managing grids worldwide. 

Aug 2020

1 hr 7 min

Solar Media's Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe return for the July 2020 episode of the Solar Media Podcast, starting with a rundown of the 500W+ module race that is shaping the next era of solar PV technologies. Elsewhere we uncover the policy decisions driving a green recovery in markets such as the US, India and the UK, and we learn what's driving recent moves within the energy storage market.  If you've enjoyed listening to this or indeed any other episode, then please rate, like and subscribe!

Jul 2020

1 hr 8 min

Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe return for the June 2020 episode of the Solar Media Podcast, discussing first and foremost the previous month's activity in the US solar and storage markets. Also profiled in this episode are how the UK's grid is now greener than expected amidst lockdown, how behind-the-meter technologies are evolving and adapting, and the push for a European solar and storage manufacturing hub.  If you've enjoyed listening to this or indeed any other episode, then please rate, like and subscribe!

Jun 2020

1 hr 4 min

In this special episode of the Solar Media Podcast, Liam Stoker is joined by Jo Wilkinson, Jose Rojo and Molly Lempriere to review all of the industry-leading insight and discussion that took place during the Large-scale Solar Digital Summit. We learned how the solar industry has responded to and moved beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, while also provide a deep dive on what hurdles remain for large-scale solar development. We also talk technology trends, ranging right the way through from bifacial panels to trackers and innovative design approaches, and pinpoint the key drivers behind markets including Iberia, Italy, the UK and Ireland. 

May 2020

39 min 51 sec

In this special episode of the Solar Media podcast, Andy Colthorpe, Liam Stoker and Alice Grundy re-cap the critical insight offered during the Energy Storage Digital Summit, held between 11 - 15 May 2020. A wide variety of topics were discussed throughout the online event, including the potential for long duration energy storage technologies, revenue stacking and the critical issue of fire safety. Andy, Liam and Alice run through those topics, detailing the key takeaways from the event's most popular and thought-provoking sessions. 

May 2020

48 min 38 sec

Solar Media’s Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe discuss the continuing effects of COVID-19 on worldwide power markets, reflecting on IEA forecasts for historic energy demand lows and what they mean for renewables. There’s also talk of what new forecasts for record low LCOEs mean for solar and utilities, the advancement of energy storage and another difficult week for the PR teams of Elon Musk and Michael Moore.

May 2020

1 hr 5 min

Solar Media’s Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe record this month’s episode from their respective lockdowns, analysing what the spread of COVID-19 has meant for the global clean energy economy and, crucially, how renewables are responding. Also up for discussion in this episode are the ramifications of power demand fluctuations and the soaring importance of flexibility over capacity.

Apr 2020

59 min 14 sec

Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe return for the February 2020 episode of the podcast, with Andy reporting from the show floor of PV Expo in Tokyo. Up for discussion in this episode is the clean energy economy’s response to coronavirus, how preparations are underway for November’s COP26 summit, the emergence of cutting edge solar technology and a much-vaunted return of solar to the UK’s CfD mechanism.

Mar 2020

1 hr 14 min

Andy Colthorpe and Liam Stoker are back reviewing the pivotal clean energy headlines from around the globe. Liam reports back from the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi where the future of the Middle East’s power grid was up for debate before the discussion moves on to Australia’s bush fires, the nation’s relationship with coal and what ‘Scotty from marketing’ might be able to learn from Germany.


Jan 2020

55 min 55 sec

Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe take a look back at 2019, re-capping some of the biggest stories in energy storage while also predicting what the key trends for the energy transition in 2020 may be. 

Dec 2019

39 min 12 sec

Solar Media's Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe take a look at the rapidly increasing solar and storage commitments from some of energy's biggest names, discuss the rise and rise of long-duration storage and try and provide some sense to the UK's general election. 

Dec 2019

54 min 11 sec

Solar Media's Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe are back for episode three of the Solar Media Podcast, discussing what's necessary for economies to reach net zero status - and, crucially, when that can be reached - while also taking a look at the recent spate of technology partnerships in the power sector. Meanwhile, Andy looks back at what's been a bumper month for energy storage developments worldwide. 

Oct 2019

55 min 22 sec

Energy Storage News editor Andy Colthorpe reports back from Solar Power International 2019 in Salt Lake City, Solar Media's editor in chief Liam Stoker discusses what's next for nuclear after EDF's latest Hinkley Point C update, and the two reflect on an important week for the climate crisis as Greta Thunberg inspires global protests, as well as the ire of a handful of detractors.

Oct 2019

1 hr 6 min

Energy Storage News editor Andy Colthorpe and Current± editor Liam Stoker discuss the headlines, causes and remedies for the blackouts which affected more than one million consumers in the UK in early August, and take a look at the latest episode to befall Elon Musk and Tesla. 

Aug 2019

44 min 34 sec

Here's the extended audio version of our recent interview with Lior Handelsman, founder and VP for product and marketing strategy, talking for the first time in depth about the forthcoming launch of a battery system under the SolarEdge brand.  Lior spoke with Andy Colthorpe,' editor, about how solar and storage can be competitive with fossil fuels, how SolarEdge is maintaining its own competitive advantage as well as some exclusive inside info on the company's forthcoming residential battery energy storage systems. The strategy behind the takeover of high power NMC battery maker Kokam and establishing a giga-supply chain, why NMC and not LFP and why, after a few years of caution, SolarEdge is now "all in" on energy storage. You may have seen the edited video version on the YouTube channel already, this is the 21-minute full chat, which goes more in-depth on the role of data in energy networks, which markets are moving quicker than you might expect to in adopting solar-plus-storage and the dual dynamics of cost reduction and value optimisation.  This interview feature follows on from our look at SolarEdge's '24 hour solar story' at the show, an AR experience demonstrating the power of distributed resources, a similar look at Hanwha Q CELLS' complete all-in-one home storage and energy supply package, which you can see on the E-S.n YouTube channel, as well as the Solar Media Editors' chat where UK editor Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe from E-S.n discussed what they'd seen around the show this year (Episode 1 of this podcast series).  

Aug 2019

21 min 25 sec

Current± & editors' Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe met up halfway through this year's Intersolar Europe / ees Europe to talk about what they'd seen and heard, and what we expect to see shaping the future of energy to come.  In the middle of 2019, with the clock ticking in the climate race, we try and make sense of a world in which renewable energy just means 'business as usual'. 

Jul 2019

14 min 53 sec