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On Feb. 12, Hubei health authorities announced an additional 14,840 cases of the coronavirus. It marks the largest single-day rise since the epidemic began and is almost 10 times the number of added cases from the day before. Health authorities said the spike was due to the inclusion of “clinically diagnosed cases” in Hubei. Others suspect the true reason is because of a recent change in top leadership in Hubei province and Wuhan city, as these two Xi Jinping appointees seek to avoid taking responsibility for their predecessors’ incompetence and concealment of the epidemic. To decode these events, Zooming In did a thorough case study of one of China’s most popular media outlet’s coverage of the coronavirus epidemic. We also did a preliminary calculation of the infected population and death toll in Wuhan based on an exclusive investigation by the Epoch Media Group into one of Wuhan’s funeral homes. From there, we will explore the truth of the epidemic, how Chinese leadership view it, their plan going forward and most importantly, what it means for you if the epidemic in China is 10 times worse than reported.  Subscribe for updates: http://bit.ly/SimoneGao

Feb 17

41 min

#China says the#China #epidemic is calming down, but is it really so? Stephen K Bannon, host of #WarRoomPandemic sat down with me to discuss the most critical aspects of this pandemic: What’s the truth in China? Why did the Chinese government still refuse to let the American experts in? Could the virus be made in a lab? Why does the Chinese Communist Leadership rush #biosafety legislation? Could America see generic drug shortages if the epidemic prolongs?

Feb 26

52 min

Amidst the coronavirus epidemic, I sat down with RosemaryGibson, author of China RX: exposing the risks of America’s dependence on China for medicine.We discussed how this dependence happened; what danger it would bring to the American public if the coronavirus epidemic continues for an extensive period of time; and if such dominance in medicine could be weaponized by the Chinese government after all? 

Feb 27

28 min

PeggyHuang, deputy attorney general of California sat down with Zooming In host Simone Gao to discuss criminal justice, sanctuary state, health care, public education, student loans solutions and more. She is running for congress in District45 in California.

Mar 4

40 min

At CPAC2020, GordonChang told Zooming In host Simone Gao that it seems like the WHO has been bought by the Chinese Communist Party because their narrative corresponds to President Xi's urge to push Chinese people back to work. As the situation proves to be much more severe than the SARS outbreak, the Chinese economy will take long-term hit, coupled with the moving out of supply chains even before the epidemic. In light of CPAC2020's "America vs Socialism" theme, we discussed how coronavirus might have an impact on the US-China trade relations, how it will hurt the Chinese Communist Party's reputational state, whether China can fulfill its commitment to the phase1 deal, and ultimately, how the epidemic has exposed weaknesses in the US-China link.

Mar 5

20 min

Since the coronavirus outbreak began, questions, speculation, and doubt have surrounded the Chinese Communist Party’s, or CCP’s, handling of the situation. Now the virus has spread to much of the planet. But what happened and is happening in China is still of paramount importance because unless we know the truth of the epidemic, the origin and real identity of this virus, we won’t be able to deal with it properly. And we won’t be able to prevent it from coming back. So in this episode of Zooming In, we ask the following questions: Can we trust the #WorldHealthOrganization’s findings in China? Who is the real PatientZero? And how safe are the laboratories in Wuhan?

Mar 10

28 min

President Trump is ready to invoke Defense Production Act to expand production of vital hospital equipment. What’s the impact of that? The stock market tanked after a one-day bounce. Are we going to see another 2008?

Mar 19

20 min

Special episode 1: Why does U.K. Resist Lockdown? Are We Headed for a Recession? Does China’s Blame Tactic Work?

Mar 19

27 min

Special episode 2: When would the drive-through test be fully functional? Could China have a Second Outbreak and if so what would that mean to the world?

Mar 20

20 min

New York has more than three times Coronavirus cases as many as any other states. Governor Cuomo said the enemy is on the horizon approaching very quickly but defenses are not in place. President Trump sent two hospital ships to NY. Trump said if we would have known it earlier we could have stopped the virus right at where it came from China.

Mar 20

20 min

Two Drugs Allowed By FDA for "compassionate use" to treat the coronavirus. What are they and how do they work? Should the virus be called a CCP virus? Simone Gao discusses these questions with Dr. Sean Lin, former lab director of the viral disease branch, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. 

Mar 21

20 min

At CPAC2020, K. T. McFarland, former deputy national security advisor under Gen. Michael Flynn, told Zooming In host Simone Gao that the world is reassessing China because of the coronavirus pandemic. She believes the U.S. government should take a leadership role in encouraging and directing the American tech sectors to develop the next generation of communication technology. 

Mar 23

20 min

At CPAC 2020, Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union discussed the following subjects with Simone. Is socialism an existential threat to America today? Why is socialism immoral? Is there a subjective moral order or an objective moral order in the world?

Mar 24

9 min

President Trump is considering easing social distancing after the 15 days in an attempt to save the economy. Is this the right approach? Can lives and economy be saved at the same time? Secretary Pompeo said in a State Department press briefing that regarding the CCP’s early cover up, America will take after-actions when time is right. What does that mean?

Mar 26

19 min

Can lives and the economy be saved at the same time? Steve Bannon told Zooming In host Simone Gao that we need to smash the curve while infusing cash into the system to carry business over. Half measures won’t work. Opening up country will cause big problems.

Mar 27

31 min

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for the CCP virus or the covid-19 and is self-isolating at home. Meanwhile the United States is quickly becoming the new epicenter of the global outbreak, that is, if we trust the numbers from China. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said the curve in New York is looking to apex in 21 days while New hot spots are emerging in other cities such as Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans. In Washington, congress just passed the $2 trillion emergency relief package.

Mar 31

16 min

The US now has the most confirmed cases of the CCP virus in the world, more than 139,700 cases and more than 2,400 deaths. New York State alone has more than 1,000 deaths. Italy's death toll is now the highest in the world with over 10,000 by now. President Trump extended social distancing guidelines to April 30. US Treasury Secretary says Americans could expect stimulus checks to arrive in three weeks. We all know the U.S. has not yet reached the peak of this pandemic. And its numbers have already surpassed the Chinese official numbers by a large margin. China locked down Wuhan on Jan. 24, before that, they did nothing. The first case in China could appear in November. Could China really have a much smaller outbreak than the U.S.?

Apr 1

1 min

Data analysis by USA Today found that, two weeks after the US first entered into community transmission on March 3, America’s trajectory is trending towards Italy’s, where circumstances are dire. The way the situation has developed since then further supported the prediction. Will America become a second Italy, or even worse? Can lives and the economy be saved at the same time? What about one of the countries that most successfully contained the outbreak? What did Taiwan do to keep the CCP virus in check?

Apr 6

17 min

At CPAC 2020, Sean Spicer, former White House Press Secretary and White House Communications Director under President Donald Trump told Simone what it was like to work with the president. He said with Trump, what you see is what you get, you always know where you stand with the president. He also said President Trump believes he could influence Xi Jinping by being a friend with him. 

Apr 6

8 min

Both America and the world have been reliant on China’s numbers for establishing models for the pandemic. But just how reliable are these numbers? Caixin wrote on multiple days, trucks delivered 2,500 urns to a government-run funeral home. There are 8 funeral homes in Wuhan. However, the total official death toll in Wuhan is only 2500. What would the U.S. have done differently if we knew the true picture of the pandemic? Now that the U.S. is deep in the throes of grappling with the pandemic, the communist regime has started a political offensive, laced with propaganda displacing blame and aggrandizing itself. Will it succeed once again? What does the world need to know about the extent to which the CCP has covered up the disaster? And what is the dire result for those who believe in it? 

Apr 17

27 min

Before the outbreak began, the global supply chain discussion was purely about economics. Four months into the outbreak, the same discussion now points to only one thing: Does the supply chain dependence pose a national security threat? If China cuts its supply today, in how long would the US be unable to buy generic drugs from its stores? Rare earth is another vulnerability in the US supply chain. Is it easy for China to weaponize such monopoly? How did the rest of the manufacturing move to China, and most important of all, what does the mastermind behind all this intend to achieve? In this episode of Zooming In, we explore these questions.

Apr 26

27 min

In this debut episode of Zooming In Glance, a new format that we are trying out, we will focus on the Chinese Communist Party’s, or CCP’s, intentional cover-up. The CCP’s under-reporting and delays of information has caused the current worldwide outbreak. In this program, we break down the series of critical events and government actions leading up to the global outbreak. 

Apr 27

8 min

Where is the U.S. at the curve right now? How would testing make a difference? Will China have a resurgence? Simone discussed these questions with Eric Feigl Ding, Visiting Scientist in the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.He is also the Chief Health Economist for Microclinic International. 

Apr 28

22 min

In a sense, the pandemic is a world war. In the European war zone, a sort of Winston Churchill is needed, one who sees what’s really at stake at this time, and is able to act courageously and single mindedly to defeat the enemy in both the short- and long- term. Besides the virus itself, the pandemic is a warning, a wake up call about Communist China. If it failed to wake up the Europeans, I am afraid that what would really do a long-term disservice to Europe would not have been the armies of the Nazi party, but the money of the Communist regime. Mingling with the Communist Party has not only plunged us into this physical and financial plight, but also corrupted humanity to its core.

May 2

12 min

First, Chinese state media attacked Mike Pompeo. Then, it ran a hit piece on Steve Bannon. Why do they target Bannon now? It is reported that Bannon met with a defected scientist from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Is it true? Will Beijing face a Tiananmen-like backlash over the outbreak? At this critical moment in time, Simone Gao had this discussion with the host of War Room pandemic, Steve Bannon.

May 7

40 min

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