Common Threads

By commonthreads

A podcast about style that doesn’t sacrifice sustainability, from ethical fashion writer Ruth MacGilp and stylist Alice Cruickshank. We believe that fashion should respect both people and the planet, and we want to explore all the ways we can build a better industry, and talk to the people helping us get there. Let’s change the fashion game, one conversation at a time.

  1. 1.
    EP. 28 Who Made My Fabric? Fashion Revolution Week 2021
  2. 2.
    EP. 27 How to Start an Ethical Fashion Brand with Lora Gene
  3. 3.
    EP. 26 Loved Clothes Last with Orsola de Castro
  4. 4.
    EP. 25 Transforming Textile Waste with Zero Waste Design Online
  5. 5.
    EP. 24 Mending a Broken System: The Power of Clothes Repair
  6. 6.
    EP. 23 Speaking truth to power with Bel Jacobs
  7. 7.
    EP. 22 True or False? Let's Bust Some Ethical Fashion Myths!
  8. 8.
    EP. 21 Sustainability, but Make it Sparkle with Uzma Bozai

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