Concrete Injection Made Easy

By Mateusz Furs

Tune in to the Concrete Injection Made Easy podcast, where your host Mateusz Furs shares his experience on injection technology and helps you get ahead of the curve with your business. Discover how to pick and adjust the right resin or pump to the job to get the best, watertight seal on cracks and expansion joints…and expand your customer base. Since 2010, Mateusz has worked in the concrete repair industry both as a product manager and as an owner-operator of contracting company in Warsaw, Poland. In 2017, he started a blog on injection technologies and water tightening solutions like curtains, horizontal and vertical insulation, selection of suitable grouts, pumps, and packers. In the podcast and on his blog, he talks about the injection technology in concrete, masonry, walls of concrete blocks, and stone as well as techniques for stopping groundwater outflow. He also dives into the principles of destruction by moisture and salts—and what can be done to prevent it. He shares his experience of soil stabilization, lifting concrete and making resin diaphragms in the ground, so that you can apply the same techniques in your business. It's a mix of solo shows and interviews from Mateusz, you're not going to want to miss. Hit subscribe and take your injection business to new heights.

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