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In this episode, we interact with Dr KS Anandaram from the 1963-64 batch of mechanical engineering who  is currently the  Senior Director of ISBR Business School. Join Mohammed Rayan Sailani from 4th year computer science engineering as he discovers life at IIT Bombay, the experience of working in multiple premier core companies, how MARVEL( The college's brand new R&D lab) was conceptualized and so much more! 

Nov 5

26 min 42 sec

In this episode, we interact with Satish Seetharam from the 1989 batch of electronics engineering who is currently the managing director of MAN Truck & Bus India. Join Mohammed Rayan Sailani from 3rd year computer science engineering as he discovers the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Satish's transformation from a manager to a leader and the nuances of international collaboration.

Sep 12

34 min 33 sec

In this episode, we interact with Harsha Shedbalkar from the 2001 batch of mechanical engineering who is currently a product marketing manager at Intel in Sacramento, California. Join Vakesan M from 3rd year mechanical engineering as he discovers Harsha's journey, his people centric job profile and the cutting edge technology that his team works on at Intel.

Aug 22

19 min 12 sec

Our guest for this episode is Spoorthy Raman from the Batch of 2009, CSE. Today a science journalist, Spoorthy talks about being driven by the need to bridge the gap between latest resources to the common man. Join our host Prajwal K P as we talk to her about her journey from UVCE to everywhere else, and take a page out of this journalist’s book, quite literally!

Jul 14

30 min 51 sec

In part 2 of the podcast, our guest Arvind Bhat talks about the highs and lows of his life, and what helped him get through everything. He talks about the importance of setting goals, being punctual, handling stress and maintaining connections with people amidst a busy schedule. Join the host Adrian P Isaac in listening to some serious insight, and get inspired right away! Find Part 1 of the podcast here.

Jun 29

21 min 43 sec

This episode of UVCE Chronicles features a beloved alumnus who is not only celebrated by UVCE, but also by the whole city, state, and even the country. The esteemed International Badminton player, Arvind Bhat, talks about his sport journey, with host Adrian P Isaac from 2nd year ECE. Arvind Bhat graduated from UVCE in 2002 and went on to make the nation proud multiple times.  Listen to the part 1 of this episode, and find out what made him choose an unconventional career path, what drove him in tough times and whether it was all worth the Shot. Take a page out of his book as he dispenses advice to students who take sports seriously. Don't forget to catch up with Part 2!

Jun 16

22 min 27 sec

IMPETUS 21.0 is happening on 5th and 6th of June and right now, it's time to take you down the exciting memory lane of "Retro Rewind: The Past That Never Was" and understand how IMPETUS was conducted and organized before the pandemic. Our guests are: Prasanth Ganesh Rao, Chairperson, 2008 - 09 and Vidhya K Pai, Chairperson, 2014 - 15.

Jun 4

15 min 8 sec

In this episode our guest is Yogesha K Suresh from the batch of 2011 CSE, who also has a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence. Listen to him talk about pursuing higher education in Germany: what to do, what not to, what one must keep in mind and so much more! 

May 14

26 min 56 sec

Our guest Bharath Hegde from the batch of ISE 2015 is currently pursuing his masters in Data Science. In this episode, he gives some insight to pursuing higher education abroad. Listen to him answer your questions from his own personal experience, learn how to keep up with the ocean of knowledge! 

Apr 25

13 min 40 sec

The newest episode of this podcast focuses on entrepreneurship. Mr. Bhaktha Keshavachar from the batch of 1989. Listen to him talk about his journey from KR Circle to co-founding Ezetap! 

Apr 8

18 min 11 sec

Listen to Srikanth Munipalli talk about the women of UVCE and their achievements. Take a page out of their books and get inspired!

Mar 28

16 min 54 sec

In the first part of the fifth episode, listen to Srikanth Munipalli talk about the heritage of UVCE! From his experiences in this college to the stories of notable alumni, everything is here!

Mar 23

15 min 21 sec

Listen to Mr. L Ravi from the batch of 1976 EEE. Find out how many of the firsts in KPTCL came to be implemented, see how things have changed between then and now!

Dec 2020

15 min 52 sec

A pioneer in the technological field, Mrs. Thyagarajan talks about the challenges one is likely to face. Listen to the full episode to get an insight to her experience in UVCE and henceforth!

Oct 2020

18 min 53 sec

The pilot episode of UVCE Chronicles - tales from decades ago to months ago, tales of people who went on to pursue their calling, tales of people who gave back to the college!  In this episode, learn more about Vision UVCE, Sampada and other initiatives by some of our alumni groups.

Sep 2020

16 min 12 sec

What is it like to serve the Indian Air Force? What makes one employable? Listen to this episode to get a tasteful idea of both!

Sep 2020

15 min 45 sec