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Join Jen to discover conversations, topics, and discussions about life, yoga practice and individual yoga journey, to spark conversations in your mind and hopefully inspire you to be the better version of yourself.

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Will Duprey is an international yoga educator known for effortlessly combining classical theory and storytelling with contemporary yoga methods. He is a contributing writer, columnist and speaks about yoga regularly. As a dedicated practitioner of pranayama and meditation for over 30 years, Will’s expertise is in offering original energetic theory and modern, attainable methods of yoga education and practice. This is recording of the LIVE Podcast session via IG Live. Join Jen & Will to go deeper into the meaning of yoga.  @willduprey  --- Send in a voice message:

May 2020

59 min 35 sec

Building a Sustainable Yoga practice is important to promote structural integrity and prevent wear and tear as well as injuries. Incorporate Diversity into movement, Frequency of movement, knowing your joint and range of motion as well as including recovery and support in your practice is important to keep your practice lifelong. Join Aaron Wik & Jen as they discuss further into this topic. --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 2020

41 min 12 sec

Adell Bridges is a globally recognized yogi known for encouraging people to explore their mindsets as much as their bodies. As a former gymnast, she first found yoga at the recommendation of a physical therapist to deal with past injuries. What began as a physical practice turned into a lifestyle that provided balance and healing for her body and mind. Recently having recovered from ankle surgery, join Adell and Jen in a conversation on rest and recovery to aid your practice to be stronger.  --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 2020

23 min 9 sec

An avid yoga practitioner since 2008, Lora is a eRYT 500H Yoga Alliance certified Vinyasa/Hatha/Power Yoga teacher. A grade school teacher for 14 years, sharing the practice came naturally for her when she decided to venture into teaching yoga. This year, she advanced her practice into teacher Inside Flow workshops. Gracefully moving from one posture to another, the focus on the movement between the postures allows the body to feel the rhythm of the music through the aspect of storytelling.  Lora's classes and workshops are both in and out of Malaysia (Yoga One That I Want & Under the light in Malaysia, and Yoga Playroom and Holiday Gym Davao in Philippines) and are always something to look forward to as she has a unique ability to infuse her challenging and playful sessions with yoga philosophy, articulate cues, and heartfelt humor. She aims for personal transformation leading each student to discover and celebrate their own creative power through yoga. --- Send in a voice message:

Dec 2019

52 min 39 sec

Malaysia’s adored yogi and mumpreneur reveal how yoga is more than handstands and inversions – it is much more than that.  Join Jen and Ninie as they uncover some of the differences or perhaps, the subtler meaning of the practice from how it was practiced many years ago vs now.  --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 2019

17 min 39 sec

Born in Honolulu Hawaii, and raised in San Francisco, California, Siu Lim is a woman far away from home, but completely comfortable in her own skin. A Chinese-American, here's conversation with Siu Lim on how you can use Pilates to balance your yoga practice to gain more strength in your fitness.  --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 2019

19 min 39 sec

With all the incidents happening in Hong Kong at the time of posting, Erika Hilary Lee shares how to put yourself in a higher priority by taking care of your own health and emotions through yoga therapy.  --- Send in a voice message:

Sep 2019

15 min 9 sec

Nikita sharing her passion of yoga and conscious living especially in a busy city, like Hong Kong. She believes yoga thrives from connection and building community to expand the practice of yoga.  --- Send in a voice message:

Sep 2019

13 min 55 sec

Hiro Landazuri is a yoga teacher and photographer with a background in medicine.  He first connected with yoga 17 years ago and is a true believer of Emotional and Body Intelligence which links to functional movement. Join Jen and Hiro into uncovering how comfort zones may not be where we want to be, if we want to grow.  --- Send in a voice message:

Aug 2019

18 min 13 sec

True yoga is all about giving.   In this episode, discover more about Jen's journey in her practice and what inspires her to start Yoga Daily. Yoga Daily is created with the intention to share, give, teach, mentor and hopefully inspire and empower all of us to be the better version of ourselves.  --- Send in a voice message:

Aug 2019

7 min 37 sec