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Crime World, with Nicola Tallant, is a weekly Irish podcast about criminals, drugs and the sins of the underworld. Discussing the real stories, and the real people, behind the grisly headlines.

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She was a fraudster who almost bankrupted the tight-knit company she worked for, and with the £1.9million she stole from Northern Mouldings Limited she lived a lifestyle akin to a Hollywood superstar. When Julie McBrien, also known as Julie Hogg, was eventually caught she spent years convincing a court that she shouldn’t be named in the media despite her litany of crimes and the eye-watering money she spent on fashion, beauty, jewellery and holidays. But tenacious court reporter Tanya Fowles believed McBrien, who once faked a cancer diagnosis to spend days off work in a luxurious spa, should not be granted anonymity and today tells Nicola Tallant about her own quest for justice to identify her as the thief who almost brought down a family firm.

Dec 9

27 min 6 sec

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell in New York is finally underway after years of allegations about her relationship with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and claims that she helped him procure young girls for sex. It has been a sensational fall from grace for the daughter of disgraced newspaper guru Robert Maxwell, who led a life of privilege that few could imagine. In the dock at a US District Court in Manhattan, Maxwell is pleading innocence to charges relating to the sexual abuse of four young girls. Nicola Tallant talks to journalist Brad Hunter, the National Crime Columnist for the Toronto Sun, who has been writing about the story of Epstein and Maxwell for years and who is now covering the court case. He describes the evidence heard so far, the appearance of a prison-weary Maxwell, and his own views on why she is a figure who has garnered little sympathy from the public.

Dec 7

24 min 6 sec

They spent years in the prison system for a string of offences linked to their chronic addiction problems, but today James Leonard and Timmy Long are podcast sensations and their show 'The Two Norries' has been hailed for tackling issues of mental health, addiction and social issues surrounding crime. In recent months James and Timmy have been recording a ground-breaking series of interviews with serving prisoners and now they tell Nicola Tallant what it is like to be back behind bars. Is prison the holiday camp that many believe it to be? And are recent photographs and videos taken on smuggled smartphones within Irish jails a true reflection of what it is like to be locked up.

Dec 4

50 min 23 sec

New legislation which introduces the tagging of sex offenders will now deal with the complex issues of releasing rapists and child abusers back into the communities. But does the newly-passed Sex Offenders Amendment Bill go far enough when it comes to protecting the public from dangerous predators. Nicola Tallant talks to journalist Eamon Dillon about the new laws and what they will mean for those completing their sentences. We also look at some of the heinous crimes of the 120 sex offenders who will be released from prison by the end of this year.

Dec 2

32 min 8 sec

Veteran criminal Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch has been given permission to take a High Court challenge against the jurisdiction of the Special Criminal Court to hear his trial for the murder of David Byrne at the Regency Hotel in Dublin five years ago. He claims that the decision to try him before the non-jury court is a ‘significant curtailment of his rights’. A similar challenge is also being taken by former Sinn Fein Councillor Jonathan Dowdall, who is also facing trial for the murder of Byrne But what are these challenges and what is the background to the existence of the court. Nicola Tallant is joined by Sunday World deputy editor Niall Donald to discuss the actions against the long established court, which has investigated countless gangland crime cases in recent years.

Nov 30

25 min 54 sec

When killer Joe O’Reilly bludgeoned his wife Rachel to death at their home in the Naul, Co Dublin, in October 2004 he thought he’d get away with murder. But years after he was convicted to a life sentence for his horrific crime, nobody could have expected that the former advertising executive - who is yet again to be the subject of a new documentary to be screened on RTE - would continue to fascinate the public So what is it about Ordinary Joe and his plot to kill seventeen years ago that is rarely far from the headlines? Why do people still want answers to his awful crime? Nicola Tallant talks to journalist Jenny Friel, whose book 'The Suspect' is the definitive account of murder in the Naul. She tells me about her extraordinary meetings with the killer as he protested his innocence, the gruesome murder tours he took her on in his home and how his tall tales and desire for recognition eventually backfired on him in spectacular fashion.

Nov 27

48 min 29 sec

It was planned as the Kinahan Mafia’s trophy kill, with only Daniel Kinahan and Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh's most trusted circle of lieutenants privy to the plans. But, in an incredible turn of events, the 2017 plot to assassinate Hutch target James ‘Mago’ Gately at his Newry apartment became the undoing of the most powerful crime gang in Ireland. Last week, criminal Douglas Glynn became the fifth man convicted in relation to the foiled plot to kill and Nicola Tallant chats with Sunday World Deputy Editor Niall Donald about the seminal moment in the State’s fight against the powerful Kinahan mob.

Nov 25

27 min 55 sec

Ireland’s mobile phone data retention systems are under the spotlight and European legal experts have warned they may have breached the law. Now, killer Graham Dwyer is eying up a favourable appeal to his conviction for the murder of Elaine O’Hara. But will the jailed architect who groomed his vulnerable victim through BDSM actually walk free. Nicola Tallant talks to barrister Ronan Lupton about the complex technicalities that could determine Dwyer’s fate.

Nov 23

46 min 12 sec

He was the one-time billionaire and the pride of his native Cavan, where a generation of workers shared the spoils of his success. Businessman Sean Quinn was said to have built an empire on a mountain but always remembered his humble beginnings and was at his happiest sharing lunch with factory workers and playing cards with old pals. So, what has it been like to watch the fall of the Mighty Quinn amid the horror of the kidnap and torture of his former executive Kevin Lunney? Who is the man with two faces and what do his one time supporters think of him now? Nicola Tallant talks to Sunday Independent reporter Rodney Edwards, who has covered the Quinn story for over a decade as a local who grew up under the legend of the business giant. He tells me how a generation of workers who once backed Quinn have now moved on from the businessman's dreams of a return to power.

Nov 19

44 min 15 sec

A vision for a new police force in Northern Ireland 20 years after Chris Patten’s ground-breaking report identified a need for a 50-50 recruitment policy for Catholics and Protestants has failed to live up to expectations. Last year, of the 193 new recruits just 24 per cent were Catholic, blamed in no small part to dissident republicans deliberately targeting officers and their families from working class nationalist communities. Nicola Tallant talks to Allison Morris of the Belfast Telegraph about plans for a new recruitment drive to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the PSNI and the continued efforts to create a more inclusive force.

Nov 18

36 min 3 sec

He was a towering Ulster rugby star who won four caps for Ireland in the mid 1990s and went on to forge a political career as an ultra-conservative unionist. After his death on October 28 in a motorcycle crash in County Antrim, political pals and friends from the Orange Order were amongst those to pay tribute to Davy Tweed, describing him as a giant of a man and a ‘larger than life character’. But in recent weeks Sunday World journalist Hugh Jordan has uncovered the truth about the real Tweed and his secret life as a predatory paedophile who terrorised his family and sexually abused his daughters. Nicola Tallant is joined by Hugh along with three of Tweed’s courageous daughters, Amanda, Catherine and Victoria, who have waived their right to anonymity to speak out about the monster behind the legend.

Nov 16

1 hr 6 min

When Irish heiress Marianne ‘Mair’ Smyth walked in the door of Jonathan Walton’s LA apartment neither of them could have guessed what lay ahead. For reality TV maker Jonathan, Mair came across charming, successful and well connected and he was quickly drawn into her world where she was forever on the brink of inheriting a vast fortune from Ireland. But Mair was no lady and instead she tricked him out of money with her tall tales and tangled web of lies. But what Mair Smyth didn’t realise was that Jonathan wasn’t like the countless other victims she had defrauded and instead he would become a thorn in her side. Today the producer of a hit podcast series tells me the amazing story of Mair Smyth and how he turned the tables on the Queen of the Con.When Irish heiress Marianne ‘Mair’ Smyth walked in the door of Jonathan Walton’s LA apartment neither of them could have guessed what lay ahead. For reality TV maker Jonathan, Mair came across charming, successful and well connected and he was quickly drawn into her world where she was forever on the brink of inheriting a vast fortune from Ireland. But Mair was no lady and instead she tricked him out of money with her tall tales and tangled web of lies. But what Mair Smyth didn’t realise was that Jonathan wasn’t like the countless other victims she had defrauded and instead he would become a thorn in her side. Today the producer of a hit podcast series tells me the amazing story of Mair Smyth and how he turned the tables on the Queen of the Con.

Nov 13

54 min 31 sec

He was the violent enforcer of Slieve Rusheen who operated with impunity for more than eight years terrorising ‘traitors’ who turned on the mighty Sean Quinn. His death from a massive heart attack as UK cops raided his Derbyshire hideaway two years ago played out like the final dramatic scenes of a John B Keane play. But the end for 'Dublin Jimmy', aka Cyril McGuinness, only marked the beginning of an armageddon for his tribe and this week three hired help were convicted in the Special Criminal Court of the kidnap and torture of company executive Kevin Lunney. Today, I’m talking to Sunday World Deputy Editor, Niall Donald, about about the late 'Dublin Jimmy' and where he found the mercenaries to carry one of the most shocking incidents in Irish criminal history.

Nov 10

38 min 35 sec

A Kinahan mob prison party to celebrate the birthday of a dangerous criminal is held behind bars in an Irish jail. An inmate uses his smart phone to upload a video where suspected hitman Trevor Byrne jokes with a Limerick criminal about high powered weapons and Later he poses with pals giving the thumbs up to the camera and in his cell where he shows off his muscle. But are the jailhouse antics serious cause for concern or are they simply a face saving exercise for embattled lags. Today I’m talking to journalist Eamon Dillon about contraband, convicts and the pressure on the Irish Prison Service.

Nov 9

38 min 36 sec

It was the greatest social housing disaster in Ireland’s history - one which promised new beginnings for countless tenement families but instead became ground zero for the heroin epidemic. When the State ordered the demolition of Ballymun’s seven towers to make way for new housing it hoped to wipe away the mistakes of the past, but one of the country’s most promising film-makers was there to document the end of that era. In the 16 years since photographer Ross McDonnell was first invited into the blocks on a Halloween night with a camera slung round his neck, the Dubliner has won an Emmy, been shortlisted for the world’s most prestigious photography award and made a highly-acclaimed series about Mexican drug cartels, Honduran people smugglers and even Afghan beekeepers. But, Ballymun has always remained in his heart and now his new book, 'Joyrider', features the images he captured in those last days of the towers. He tells Nicola Tallant about the friends he made in the chaotic concrete jungle where he found warmth, hope and an unbreakable spirit. And he describes the invaluable life lessons he was thought on the landings of Ireland’s most notorious housing project.

Nov 6

40 min 47 sec

He was the gangland fixer known as 'The Coach' and for decades he tried to play the criminal underworld, police and the media. Criminal John Traynor dreamed of wealth and women when he joined the ranks of Martin ‘The General’ Cahill's armed robbery gang, but he would later turn on his old boss in favour of the new order under John Gilligan. Traynor believed himself to be a master manipulator, but in the end he wasn’t quite as clever as he believed and spent his last years living in a dingy flat in a washed-up English seaside town before dying in a hospice far from home. Nicola Tallant chats with Sunday World Deputy Editor Niall Donald about the life and crimes of the one that got away and the sorry end of the once powerful Coach.

Nov 3

37 min 7 sec

It was a sensational blow to organised crime - and when Australia’s Federal Police joined forces with the FBI to create a phone network to infiltrate drug gangs, the fallout shocked both police and politicians. An Aussie cartel with tentacles deep into the airline and freight industry, along with border agents on the books of the gang, have been an eye-opener to the power of the criminal networks and to the wealth. Nicola Tallant chats with multi-award winning investigative journalist Nick McKenzie of the Sydney Morning Herald about the kingpin at the top of Australia’s underworld, about the high prices for cocaine fuelling a criminal goldrush and about the extent of organised crime networks previously unknown.

Nov 2

18 min 26 sec

He was the boy who never came home – the teenager whose innocent face has haunted generations of Irish parents. Now, the disappearance of schoolboy Philip Cairns 35 years ago is the subject of a new book which firmly turns the attention on a paedophile DJ and his peculiar underground bunker buried in a field in west Dublin. Nicola Tallant talks to journalist and author Emma McMemamy, who has forensically examined the missing person files and spoken to retired investigators who have spent decades looking for answers. She details the strange appearance of Philip’s schoolbag days after he vanished, the false leads pursued in the case, the witness who placed child abuser Eamon Cooke at the centre of the probe and the forensic expert who believes gardai need to search his secret lair.

Oct 30

53 min 9 sec

It’s been described as the biggest blow against the Colombian drug cartels since the famous takedown of Pablo Escobar in the 1990s. Seven years since he was declared an enemy of the state and the boss of the so-called Gulf Cartel, notorious kingpin Dario Antonio Usaga, aka 'Otoniel', was finally captured last week in his jungle hideout. But who is the 50-year-old crime lord who has been flooding the US with drugs and what effect will his arrest have on the world’s biggest cocaine producer. Nicola Tallant talks to journalist and author Toby Muse about the billionaire warlord with a penchant for young girls, his rise to the top of Colombia’s drug ladder, his use of black magic rituals to protect his shipments and his bleak future in a US jail.

Oct 28

31 min 53 sec

He was the notorious drug dealer who introduced heroin to his hometown of Ballymena, County Antrim. And after a lifetime of staying one step ahead of the law 61-year-old Noel Johnston made a final and fatal mistake when he mistook PSNI officers for a hit squad he believed had come to kill him - plunging 50ft to his death from a block of flats. Nicola Tallant is joined by journalist Hugh Jordan to discuss the life and extraordinary end of a notorious drug baron who made headlines right to the bitter end.

Oct 26

24 min 7 sec

A journalist shot dead on the street. A criminal lawyer assassinated on the doorstep of his Amsterdam home and the brother of a state witness gunned down as a reminder of the penalty for breaking the underworld's sacred code of 'Omerta'. Now, Narco terrorism in the Netherlands has reached even greater heights with its PrIme Minister under 24-hour protection and the suspect behind these shocking murders found to have been planning a dramatic escape from the country’s highest security prison. So what next for a nation under siege and is criminal Ridouan Taghi Europe’s very own Pablo Escobar? Nicola Tallant talks to journalist Saskia Belleman of De Telegraaf about the street dealer turned mob boss behind a remarkable series of events that have shook the very foundations of Dutch society. She reveals the hitmen hired to kill famous journalist Peter R De Vries, the secret jailhouse meetings between Taghi and a lawyer now under investigation and about a country questioning it’s ability to fight the monster of organised crime.

Oct 23

27 min 40 sec

He is due to face kidnap charges later this year in the UK and has been a central and violent figure in the Drogheda feud - but it seems gang boss Cornelius Price is unlikely to ever face up to his crimes. Price, whose gang are suspected of a number of murders including that of William Maughan and his pregnant girlfriend Anna Varslavane, is currently in critical condition in hospital after being struck down by a terminal illness. Months short of his 40th birthday, Price has left a bloody mark on Ireland’s underworld and today I’m talking to Irish Independent journalist Ken Foy about the terrifying past of one of the most-notorious gangland figures in modern criminal history. We discuss the Co Meath compound where Price lived surrounded by his underlings, his role in the escalating violence in Drogheda which culminated in the brutal murder of teenager Keane Mulready Woods and the day he celebrated the death of rival mobster Robbie Lawlor by toasting his demise.

Oct 21

30 min 5 sec

He is a gangland heavyweight serving time for drugs and weapon offences and was once named in court as the triggerman in the murder of mob boss Martin 'Marlo' Hyland. But inmate Johnny Mangan is on the run after escaping from the low security Loughan House prison where he had been moved after a parole board deemed him low risk. In a huge embarrassment for the Irish Prison Service, it has emerged that Mangan was using a mobile phone in his cell to make threats to a Dublin family in the run-up to his escape, claiming he was owed money for drugs. Nicola Tallant chats with journalist Eamon Dillon about the extraordinary series of events that has turned a focus on gangland criminals being housed in open jails where they can come and go as they please and left the shocking question of where is Johnny Mangan?

Oct 20

29 min 12 sec

It’s been 20 years since Sunday World journalist Martin O’Hagan was murdered on a Lurgan pavement as he walked home from a pub with his wife Marie. Known affectionately as Marty by his colleagues in the Belfast newsroom and an adored dad of three, he was just 51 when he became the only journalist to die as a result of The Troubles. His killing remains unsolved, but is believed to have been carried out by a team of LVF assassins acting on the dying wish of their twisted leader Billy Wright. But what was it like to lose a colleague and friend and how hard was it to continue working in a newsroom with an empty desk. Nicola Tallant talks to Sunday World reporter Richard Sullivan about the terrible night when a journalist became front page news, the reality of working in a warzone and the fading hopes of justice for Marty.

Oct 16

31 min

Convicted drug dealer Graham ‘The Wig’ Whelan is facing jail after pleading guilty to a number of offences relating to his arrest at a luxury Dublin hotel, when he was caught with cash in his pocket and an expensive watch on his arm by undercover officers investigating drug crime. While the offences may seem small for criminal as significant Whelan, they have placed the spotlight on his fall from the lofty heights as a senior member of one of Ireland’s most-ruthless crime gangs. Nicola Tallant talks with Sunday World Deputy Editor Niall Donald about the life and crimes of Graham 'The Wig' Whelan. They discuss the infamous Holiday Inn Hotel drug bust that started a war, the tough-man image that helped him rise through the ranks of gangland and the lonely future he faces after multiple tragedies visited his life.

Oct 15

27 min 20 sec

They are the first people in Ireland to be convicted of human trafficking for a prostitution ring and now Alicia Edosa and Edith Enoghaghase are finding out for themselves what it feels like to be trapped after receiving jail terms of over five years. But an extraordinary story lies behind the headlines of a Midlands sex ring and the madams who ran it, a story that stretches all the way back to slave markets in Nigeria and the practice of voodoo. Nicola Tallant chats to journalist Eamon Dillon about the human sex slaves working in Irish prostitution and the profits made from putting them to work.

Oct 14

39 min 26 sec

A FORMER FBI agent working with the family of missing Annie McCarrick has said that a Spanish serial killer arrived in Dublin as a stowaway on a boat 48 hours before the American student vanished - but slipped the net once gardai were called. Kenneth Strange, who is working as a liaison for Nancy McCarrick, Annie’s mum, has just visited Ireland to retrace the last known movements of Antonio Angles, who is believed to have stowed away on the 'City of Plymouth' boat from Lisbon. Angles is to be the subject of a new Spanish documentary and investigators have confirmed that he was on the boat when it docked in Dublin at around 2.45am on March 23, 1993. five days after setting out on its journey. When Gardai were called by the ship’s captain to remove the unwelcome passenger he disappeared never to be seen again. Nicola Tallant chats with former FBI agent Kenneth Strange about the developments in the case and the pain the McCarrick family have endured over the years.

Oct 9

50 min 22 sec

It’s the 37-year murder mystery that has haunted Ireland and remains the biggest policing scandal in modern history. A dead baby washes up on a Kerry beach with 28 stab wounds and a fractured spine, a Garda murder squad is dispatched to find answers but a local woman is hounded for the brutal slaying while the real killer walks free. Now, a DNA sample taken from the exhumed remains of ‘Baby John’ has offered fresh hopes that science could finally solve the cold case that has baffled the nation. Nicola Tallant talks with Irish Independent journalist Ralph Riegel about the extraordinary story of Baby John.

Oct 7

26 min 21 sec

It was a charity set up to respond to Dublin’s homeless crises and to provide food and shelter to the most vulnerable. But now the Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) group is in chaos with allegations of sexual assault and rape against founder Anthony Flynn, who died by suicide on August 18 as gardai investigated the claims of two men. Since then, two more homeless men have come forward to make complaints to police about attacks they claim they were subjected to, while threats have been levelled at the alleged victims and the former chairman of the charity. Nicola Tallant talks to Sunday World Deputy editor Niall Donald about the fallout of the horrific rape claims which have divided a community and brought into question the vetting processes around those who volunteer to work with the homeless.

Oct 6

27 min 49 sec

The news reports from Afghanistan are becoming more concerning by the day as Taliban militants return to their own rule of law with barbaric punishments, revenge killings and the persecution of women and minorities. The images of the terrifying warlords with their high-powered weapons and fanatical beliefs may seem like a world away from modern Ireland, but how will their reign affect us all and where did such a violent and repressive system of beliefs emerge from? Nicola Tallant chats to Dr Tom Clonan, security analysist and retired Irish army officer, who is an expert on the middle east. He describes crime and punishment under the brutal Taliban system of justice, what life is like under the veil for the women of Afghanistan and what has motivated tens of thousands of young men to join the ranks of the most repressive regime known in civilised society.

Oct 2

52 min 14 sec

Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch is back in an Irish prison for the first time in nearly 40 years after he was flown on a military jet into Baldonnel Aerodrome from Spain on foot of an extradition warrant. His appearance in the Special Criminal Court, where he was charged with the murder of David Byrne at the Regency Hotel in February 2016, was brief but dramatic and today I’m talking to Sunday World deputy editor Niall Donald about the homecoming of The Monk. We discuss the appearance of the 58-year-old in the dock, the book of evidence containing the State’s case against him and the 2022 trial date for Hutch.

Sep 30

30 min 2 sec

It’s a murder mystery that has divided America, pitted armchair sleuths against seasoned detectives and turned a spotlight on how the media treats victims of crime. The case of 22-year-old tragic blogger Gabby Petito and her fiancé Brian Laundrie, who went missing weeks after returning home alone from their camper van road trip, has turned both into the internet sensations they dreamed of becoming - but at the ultimate price. Nicola Tallant chats with senior news reporter Natalie Musumeci from, who has been covering the extraordinary case which has captivated audiences worldwide. She tells me about the lonely camp site where Gabby’s remains were found, the croc-infested Florida swamp where Laundrie’s parents claim he was last headed and the debate raging across the US about why their story is news.

Sep 29

26 min 47 sec

He has lost in his bid to halt extradition attempts in a Spanish court and now Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch must come home to Ireland and finally face the music. Six years since a hit team staged a dramatic assassination attempt on Daniel Kinahan and six months since a European warrant was issued for his arrest, the veteran criminal will soon stand in the dock of the Special Criminal Court where he will face murder charges. So what will the 'the Monk' do next or has he simply put all his chips on black? Today, I’m talking to Sunday World Deputy Editor, Niall Donald, about the criminal 'godfather' and where his story may end.

Sep 28

23 min 24 sec

The tag ‘Bandit Country’ was long used for what was once described as lawless ‘South Armagh’. But times have changed and now the towns situated along the border region of Ireland want to put the dark days of the past behind them and be recognised as thriving modern communities. So how do we move forward while recognising the potentially incendiary political and constitutional proposals to police regions that straddle Garda Siochana and PSNI territories. Belfast Telegraph crime correspondent Allison Morris chats with Nicola Tallant about the possible pitfalls and discusses policing in South Armagh, the crime gangs who are gaining from politics and the controversy of cross border ‘hot pursuit’.

Sep 25

42 min 55 sec

A French court has convicted a gang of eight men including four members of the Rathkeale Rovers Organised Crime group for trafficking rhino horn and ivory between Europe and Asia. But while sentences have been handed down, the Irish traders remain at large and are likely living under aliases, as environmentalist groups urge gardai to track the fugitives down. So what are criminals doing with rhino horns and elephant tusks and how did the Rathkeale Rovers see a multi-million euro opportunity in an underground criminal enterprise? Nicola Tallant chats to journalist and author Eamon Dillon, who is an expert on the globe-trotting criminal gang. He tells of the museum heists, ancient medicinal cures and the business savvy traders who are always ahead of the game.

Sep 24

26 min 9 sec

In life they formed a prolific burglary gang that terrorised the country and made use of the motorway system as a getaway route. Criminals Graham Taylor, Karl Freeman and Dean Maguire died together last July in a horror road crash when the car they were travelling in collided head-on with a lorry as they drove down the wrong side of the N7. But what is the legacy of the trio and has there been any significant effects on crime figures in the areas they targeted in recent weeks. Nicola Tallant talks to Irish independent crime correspondent Ken Foy about the life and times of the three notorious mobsters and the plummeting burglary rates since their death.

Sep 22

24 min 33 sec

He suffered a brutal death at the hands of his wife and her former FBI agent dad, but the path to justice for Jason Corbett’s family has been far from clear. Found guilty by a North Carolina court of second degree murder, Molly and Tom Martens were originally sent to jail but had their convictions overturned by an Appeals Court before the Supreme Court subsequently agreed that the trial had been unfair. Now, the pair will be tried again and the events around Jason’s death will be played out once more in a courtroom. But what actually happened on the night he died and just what did the father and daughter admit in the hours after the Irishman’s death? Investigative journalist Lynne Kelleher’s chats with Nicola Tallant about the 911 call that alerted authorities to the Limerick man's brutal death, they dissect the police interviews with Tom and Molly and examine the toxicology results, autopsy findings and bloody crime scene reports.

Sep 18

1 hr 8 min

They are two of Ireland’s most-dangerous offenders but both have just walked free from jail and are now living amongst communities. Celyn Eadon stabbed his mother to death and racked up 15 unprovoked assaults while behind bar, where he was treated in the National Violence Reduction Unit at the Midlands Prison. While Anthony Quigley has repeatedly attacked women and has been diagnosed with having a brain injury. Last week, he returned to his native Mitchelstown in Cork where locals live in fear of him. Nicola Tallant chats with Sunday World journalist Eamon Dillon about the dangerous criminals, the risk they pose to society and how the State can best handle people at the extreme end of personality disorders.

Sep 16

30 min 51 sec

It was once a city under siege where ruthless gangs and one notorious family ruled with fear and intimidation. But a massive crackdown on crime, followed by an injection of €300 million in regeneration funds restored Limerick’s reputation as a cosmopolitan modern city. But like everywhere else, an underworld of crime still exists and last week more than 400 gardai and military personnel staged a series of raids targeting the most significant crime groups in the city. So who are the gangs and where does the balance of power in gangland lie? Today, I’m talking to Sunday world Deputy Editor, Niall Donald, about the gangs of Limerick, 10 bloody years of mayhem and the slick business approach of the new order.

Sep 14

32 min 45 sec

He’s the art detective who hunts stolen masterpieces and who re-unites works of art with their rightful owners years after they have been looted. From lost works by artists like Picasso or Warhol to flash designer watches worth more than €100,000, Chris Marinello of Art Recovery International has brought home more than half a billion dollars worth of missing goods over his three decades in the business. Today, he tells me about his incredible career negotiating with a heady mix of rogue collectors, Nazi thieves and organised criminals looking to wash their dirty money. We talk daring heists, missing classics and the hunt for James Bond’s Aston Martin.

Sep 11

47 min 28 sec

A UN report released earlier this summer estimates that thousands of ISIS fighters have poured into Afghanistan where Taliban rule may once again provide a breeding ground for extremism. Already a suicide bombing at Kabul airport has raised fears that the terror group is set to make a frightening comeback. But should we be more concerned about the events in New Zealand last week where a lone wolf ISIS-inspired attacker struck in a supermarket and armed with a knife lashed out at innocent shoppers injuring six, some critically? Today, I’m talking to crime reporter Jared Savage of the New Zealand Herald about the events at the Lynn Mall shopping centre. He tells me about refugee, Ahamaed Samsudeen, who was radicalised in an armchair in his adopted country and who used New Zealand’s inadequate terrorist laws and media suppression orders to his favour.

Sep 10

30 min 40 sec

The seizure of 20 tonnes of cocaine on board the MSC Gayane at the Packer Marine Terminal in Philadelphia two years ago remains the largest in US customs history. This month, the eight and final crew member from the boat was sentenced for his role in the operation which planned to land €1 billion worth of coke into Europe. Behind the scenes lie Balkan drug traffickers linked to the Irish Kinahan organisation and a story of narco trafficking on the high seas that reads like a Hollywood movie. Today, I’m talking to my colleague, Eamon Dillon, about the incredible tale of the Swiss-owned ship, the daring smuggle that went wrong and the ripple effects of the seizure of the record breaking cocaine haul.

Sep 8

27 min 46 sec

State witness Joseph O’Callaghan gave up his name and his old life when he gave evidence against gangland killers Brian Kenny and Thomas Hinchon. Following their conviction for the murder of Jonathan O’Reilly, he was given a new identity by An Garda Siochana and moved away never to be heard from again. Dubbed a ‘rat’ after breaking the sacred underworld code of ‘Omerta’ Joey 'The Lips' and his family were spurned by those who once knew him and considered a common criminal who’d saved his own skin. But the truth couldn’t have been further from the perception and today what really happened to Joey is told in a bestselling book 'The Witness' and in a podcast The Witness In His Own Words which has stormed the charts. So what has it been like for Joey to finally have his story heard and how does he feel about Kenny’s imminent release?

Sep 3

44 min 23 sec

He once enjoyed a lifestyle fit for a Sultan in Dubai but now Daniel Kinahan is running scared in his desert bolthole as his €2 million per month mafia wage bill threatens to overwhelm him and turn his own against him. Cash flow problems, the arrest of his arch enemy, Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch, deep within the Spanish territory he once controlled and his increased anxiety that he can trust just one last lieutenant are chipping away at the head of the Kinahan Organised Crime Gang. This week, I’m talking with Sunday World Deputy Editor, Niall Donald, about the extraordinary rise of Daniel Kinahan and about his paranoid final days of freedom as the authorities move in.

Sep 1

29 min 44 sec

For countless young men and women living with addiction each day is a chaotic tapestry of crime, drug taking and violence. The well-worn paths to prison and rehab often fail to change the course of their lives and instead lead them straight back to the communities and gangs where the spiral continues. But change can happen and hope is never lost. On this episode of Crime World, Nicola Tallant talks to two former criminals who once stood in the shadows of death but have lived to tell the tale. The extraordinary lives of James Leonard and Timmy Long are stories of sadness, anger and resilience against all the odds. They recall how childhood traumas led them on a dangerous path into criminality and chaos until a moment of clarity brought them back from the brink. Now, on their own journeys of recovery, the duo, who co-host the Two Norries podcast, have made it their mission to turn back to the darkness and offer a helping hand to those still struggling to get out alive.

Aug 28

1 hr 14 min

Considered one of Italy’s most dangerous fugitives, suspected of being a boss of the Camorra mafia and the one-time owner of two stolen Van Gogh masterpieces, Raffaele Imperiale is now counting the cost of his life of crime. Arrested earlier this month in Dubai, he is facing hefty charges back in Italy and a lengthy prison sentence for his role at the very top of organised crime. But Imperiale is no ordinary mafia Don. Documents from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in the U.S. suggest that he was part of a European cocaine super cartel which included, amongst others, the Kinahan mafia. Nicola Tallant chats with Sunday World deputy editor Niall Donald about what his capture means for the takedown of the European narcos and how it leaves Daniel Kinahan as one of the last men standing in Dubai.

Aug 25

24 min 26 sec

Puppy farming has become a multi-million euro business, and thanks to the huge demand in the UK, Ireland has become a major player in the market. But much of the trade is based on deceit and maximising profit, which comes at the expense of the animals and their new owners. It can be a callous, cruel trade. Here, Eamon Dillon talks to Ian Briggs, chief inspector of the RSPCA's special operations unit in the UK. He reveals how the illegal market in puppies is worth millions every year and why it is attracting serious criminal gangs. Working closely with his counterparts here in Ireland, his unit has intercepted many smuggled dogs but he fears it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Aug 21

32 min 24 sec

His arrest is the latest chapter in the extraordinary saga of Gerry 'the Monk' Hutch, regarded as one of Ireland’s most wily criminals. In prison in Madrid following his dramatic arrest on the Costa Del Sol, the Dubliner appears to be finally losing his battle for freedom. But after six years in hiding and four months as a fugitive what will The Monk do next? Nicola Tallant chats with Sunday World deputy Editor Niall Donald about the details of his dramatic capture, his plans to fight back and the rise and fall of one of Ireland's most infamous gangsters.

Aug 17

22 min 2 sec

HE was the ‘geek’ who ended up in prison after becoming a college drug dealer - but now Niko Vorobyov has made it his mission to get to the heart of the global narcotics scene. Reformed dope dealer Niko’s journey takes him to Mexico, where he meets the family drug lord ‘El Chapo’; an off-duty cop with an opium habit in Tehran; and the brother of arch-narco Pablo Escobar in Colombia. At the bottom rung of the illegal business, Niko tells Eamon Dillon how he made fast cash selling ecstasy and marijuana to his fellow college students — until he was caught red-handed.

Aug 14

40 min 30 sec

He’s 30 years covering tales of murder and once began his day being briefed on the nightly body count of New York city, where he knocked on doors and fronted-up killers on the tough daily beat. But tabloid man Brad Hunter says that despite covering hundreds of stories there have always been those that stayed with him - and decades into a career in murder he says that there are many victims he can’t forget. Hunter tells Nicola Tallant about a career in the fast lane of crime journalism and about the stories that have made it into his new book Cold Blooded murder. From religious zealots living secret double lives to seemingly normal couples who plot to kill, they discuss money, sex and crime from a shocking collection of killers and psychopaths who have marked his lengthy career.

Aug 7

46 min 26 sec